05 Apr 2021 10:00:07
With Martial likely out for the rest of the season, along with Rashford's continued niggles and Cavani getting injured every other game, this is a great chance for Greenwood to stake a claim in his preferred position as a striker.

He is already the most natural shooter at the club, and with a bit more about his game this season he could start to make a case for himself.

His goal last night showed great poachers instincts to be in the right place at the right time to nod home.

He was also unlucky with his shot off his weaker right foot that hit the base of the post.

Long term I think Greenwood is our first choice striker, he might now get a chance to prove that he could be ready to play that role now.

{Ed077's Note - really Shappy? "weaker right foot"? Greenwood takes (used to) free kicks and penalties with his right foot. Also if Martial and Rashy are both out for a few weeks then the lack of forward/winger options will become a bit more apparent. Maybe Amad Diallo will get his chance to play bit more regularly?}

1.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 10:19:16
Ed077, Greenwood is left footed, so his right is his weaker foot. He's just so good with his weaker foot it can be hard to tell. It's a great skill to have, especially as a striker as it means defenders don't really have a weaker side to move you on to. Makes him very hard to defend against.

I'm not a huge fan of playing a player out of position just for them to get minutes. It's only so useful, but long term you aren't developing the skills and understanding to play in your best position.

Look at Martial for example, when signed he was clearly better suited to being a striker, he then spends 4 years being played wide left. Now we complain that he doesn't have a strikers movement, or knows how to play a position he hasn't played for years.

We could keep playing Greenwood wide right, but he won't develop the movement and know how to play as a striker unless he's playing as a striker.

{Ed077's Note - Greenwood is as two footed as it comes if you ask me. He doesnt have a weaker foot. A bit like Cazorla.

Conversely Rashford used to play on the right or through the middle in the under age group (or so I was told). He broke into the team as a ST(no.9). Played a season or so mostly as that. Now he is one of the best LWs in the league and looks lot better on the left side than through the middle or right side. Greenwood has done good at RW, and we dont have a standout candidate to play RW if Greenwood is moved to ST role IMO}

2.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 10:46:36
Ed077, That's why I think we need to sign a RW this summer, move Greenwood to the striker role and let Diallo play in rotation with the new RW to ease him into the first team.

Most people's favourite to sign as a striker is Haaland, who is a year older than Greenwood. Would Haaland be the player he is today if he had spent the past 2 season's playing as a winger?

People complain about playing square pegs in round holes, but then would prefer we continue to do that with Greenwood on the right and sign a striker. It makes no sense. Play Greenwood in his best position and sign a top RW, that way we have our best finisher at the club playing as a striker, and we add more creativity lessening the burden on Bruno.

3.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 11:21:33
Greenwood's speciality is that he is two-footed. He took penalties and dead balls with either foot alternately in his youth playing days.

4.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 11:25:18
I wouldn't say Rash is one of the best LWs in the league, vastly overrated for me and offers very little to the team if his off the cuff stuff doesn't come off, just like the team he seems to play in bursts when confident but rarely plays himself into form or offer anything if he's off form, he and Martial continue to frustrate yet Ole sticks with them no matter what regardless.
Now forced let's hope Greenwood, who is our best striker by a mile, plays regularly and cements himself as no1 starter.

5.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 11:50:05
Not sure Greenwood is an out and out striker in the Cavani mold that we are looking for, his strength is running at defenders and shooting from the edge of the box, not playing on the shoulders of defenders.

6.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 12:33:14
Not sure we’re looking forward an out and out striker. Sancho for me now I’m convinced he’d move us up a notch or two and Greenwood and Martial can scrap it out for the CF role.

7.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 12:54:07
Welsh, I think that's a bit harsh. Rashford is probably our second most important player behind Bruno. He's highly rated by many top sides all around the world. He has done well for us this season and last season. The biggest issue he has had is constant injury niggles. His agent said the other day that he hasn't been completely free of injury in 2 years. Whether that's true or not I don't know, but he was playing with a fractured spine for much of last season with pain killing injections, so it sounds about right.

Grim, do we need a striker in the Cavani mould? He was pretty ineffective last night, admittedly it was only one game.

There is this idea that we need a big strong striker up front, but Lukaku was just that and it didn't work out. The EPL is known as being one of the most physically demanding leagues in the world, yet Liverpool play with Firmino up front, City with Aguero, Leicester with Vardy, Chelsea with Werner, Arsenal with Lacazette. Kane at Spurs is hardly a big target man type striker.

Most EPL teams seem to go for a mobile striker over a physical one.

As for Greenwoods strengths I would say standing a player up and going either left or right is Greenwoods biggest strength, along with lethal shot with little to no back lift. Out wide you show him wide and don't let him cut into a shoot position. playing centrally you have no choice but to show him one way or the other, and he has shown he can score either way.

For me and for many others Greenwood plays a lot like RvP, who was the last striker to fire us to a league title. You wouldn't have played RvP on the wing, why play Greenwood there?

8.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 13:31:33
Welsh Devil, Rashford scored 20 goals and provided 10 assists from Left Wing last season. Add to that he missed two months to injury.
There are not many in the world who can do that.

Although he frustrates at times, he often delivers some vital moment in matches. Works his socks off defensively as well.

He has the right attitude to succeed at United and we should stick with him.

My only worry is why is Ole overplaying him after acknowledging that he is injured.