05 Apr 2021 10:12:25
So after last night's game the question should be asked, is Dean Henderson our new No.1?

It was originally said that Henderson was told after the Chelsea game that he would play our next 6 games. Brighton being the 6th.

However, DDG came back earlier than expected and was available for both the Leicester game before the international break and the Brighton game.

So did Ole stick with Henderson for those games as he promised them, or has Henderson done enough to suggest he should be first choice.

Henderson has been the cup keeper, so I would expect him to play against Granada this week.

However, if he's named in the starting 11 against Spurs where does that leave DDG?

Rumours that the club are willing to sell him this summer and that's the club's preference, making Henderson our new No.1.

{Ed077's Note - I have a feeling Hendo might have moved ahead of DDG in Ole's books. The next 2games, Granada and Spurs should give a definitive answer.}

1.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 11:47:26
I suspect they might swap roles till the end of the season, giving DDG a chance to sign off at the EL final, if we make it. Then DDG will move back to Spain to be with his family.

{Ed077's Note - lets see what happens. If DDG leaves then we might end up having to bring in 2 GKs in the summer window, seeing that Romero and Lee Grant already look likely heading out.}

2.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 12:20:38
Ed077, I think its a case of one of Henderson or DDG leaving in the summer, I can't see a scenario where both stay next season. Both are too good to sit on the bench. Henderson has shown his ambition to be No.1 and he won't wait any longer, while DDG at 30 won't be happy to sit on the bench.

While both Grant and Romero will be leaving in the summer we will still have Joel Pereira, Nathan Bishop and Matej Kovar (who is highly rated) any of which are capable of being our 3rd choice keeper.

So I think we'd only need a top class second choice keeper who can push Henderson and step in for him when he needs a rest. Ideally someone in their 30's maybe who has some top level experience.

You then go into next season with one of DDG or Henderson as first choice, the new back up keeper as second choice, then ideally Bishop as third choice. With Joel Pereira also possibly leaving and Kovar going out on loan to gain experience.

{Ed077's Note - getting in that 2nd choice GK is going to be hard. The decision to burn our bridges with Romero looks more and more stupid.}

3.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 12:39:23
Ed077, it's a tough one. The Romero decision seems stupid in hindsight but was always a lose/ lose situation. Romero wouldn't be happy being 3rd choice for a season, he is happy to be second choice and play in the cup games.

That would mean either not giving Henderson a chance this season, or just chucking him straight in and moving DDG off last summer keeping Romero as our second choice.

There wasn't a situation where we could have had DDG/ Henderson/ Romero all in the first team squad at the same time and keep all three of them happy. One was always going to be unhappy.

Maybe the only possible solution would be to have sign Romero up to a new contract and loan him out for a season. But then if he had a season of first team football would he then have been happy to come back as second choice?

Like I said, I don't think there was a scenario where we keep all three happy.

{Ed077's Note - could have let him leave either on loan or straight sale. We didnt have to burn our bridges with him. Maybe he would have been hapy to return back to Utd in case one of DDG or DH left. Maybe. Hindsight is always the best sight though.}

4.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 12:30:42
Would Romero stick around if he was to he No2 Ed?

{Ed002's Note - Sergio Romero (G) out of contract with an offer from Inter Miami on the table - may look to stay in England but would not be a starter. Valencia have spoken with his agent about a pre-contract. Not keen on a return to Argentina just yet although Boca are trying to persuade him.}

5.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 15:22:08

Would you stick around after the way the club have treated him?

Forget about the money he is on, the wouldn't sell him and then didn't include in the EPL squad or the EL.

How would you feel about being frozen out?

The club refuses to sell you and you also aren't in their plans or part of any squad. He was re-included from January.

Basically the club doesn't treat players well enough compared to other clubs. It certainly doesn't bode well when it comes to persuading players to come and join the club.

6.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 17:00:58
Depends to be honest. If the club wanted to bring me back and pay me well to sit on the bench, or play League 2 standard football in the U S I’d probably stay at Utd.

7.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 19:31:19
How about Tom Heaton as back up?
HG too.

8.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 20:56:51
How about to apologize to Romero, make De Gea number 1 again and sell Henderson?
At this time the only reason we play Henderson is because he is one of our own. Would we buy him from Sheffield last year if he wasnt ours? Does his performances show us that he is better than De Gea and a top top keeper? Clearly not for me.
He is a gamble, he maybe be good or maybe not. But this can be said for every half decent yound goalkeeper.

9.) 05 Apr 2021
05 Apr 2021 22:54:29
DdG has cost us a number of matches over the last few seasons.

Dean has been statistically superior for Sheff Utd and this season. Let him have a run and see.

HG players are an important facet of squad management and having a HG keeper or two would allow for more options.

I really rate Dave and will be gutted they day he goes but time waits for no man and has he had his time?