14 Apr 2021 17:13:06
Talking of potential centre forwards, a few seasons back there were many here who were keen on Andrea Belotti from Torino, at that time talk was Torino wanted circa 100 mil euros for him.
Seemingly his contract expires summer 2022 and he is not going to sign new deal and Torino will sell this summer, fee of circa 25 mil euros mooted. In his last 100 league games he has scored 43 goals (not including his best season 26 goals in 35 games 2016/ 17) He works very hard every game and leaves it all on the pitch, a good example to set.

1.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 19:07:50
Yeah I like him. Reminds me of Mark Hughes he is a constant firm in defenders side.
There was talk at the time you mention. Jred always spoke highly of him on here but for whatever reason he never moved from a pretty poor side. He has been very loyal.
Good player and could be a real hit.

2.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 20:06:14
Both Ings and Belotti have just 1 year left on their contract.

3.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 20:50:19
Ken, you have am amazing memory.

4.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 21:34:30
Belotti could be an interesting option. Torino is his hometown club, and he wasn't prepared to push for a move, while the other Italian teams didn't have the money it would take to buy him. The only one that did have the cash was Juventus and he wouldn't join Torino's arch rivals.

Could be a solid signing.

5.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 22:49:34
He struggle with the pace. It be Lukaku all over again.

Kane, Haaland, Calvert-Lewin, Andre Silva in that order.

Dream would be either Kane or Haaland but it's going to be near impossible getting either of them. Calvert-Lewin needs another strong year at Everton but a potential future signing. Andre Silva would be the equivalent of buying the best available. Would like to see Cavani stay for another year but I feel he going to Boca end of the season for family reasons.

6.) 14 Apr 2021
14 Apr 2021 23:05:56
Suggested him as I think he could fulfil a lot the requirements, as shappy say's has respect for his club, has a very strong work ethic and is a decent player, probably 12-15 league goals a season. Can't see a problem with holding up Mason with him, both should get plenty of opportunity.
Also, looking at financial aspect if he could be obtained for approx £20 million with a wage of £150,000 per week and associated costs for a 5 year deal you are looking at somewhere like 75/ 80 million.
IF, the cost of Haaland- Raiola saying he is to be the first million a week player, this would equate to 250 million plus 130 million transfer fee and 40 million agent fees. As I say IF these figures are anywhere near correct this would total about 420 million over a 5 year deal, SIX times more than Belotti, NO NO NO don't care how good he may or may not be, he's still just a kid who has performed (albeit at a very high standard) for less than a season in Germany. For that kind of money I would expect him to sh*t wonders and fa*t miracles daily, along with repainting the stadium every month. If ever you wonder what agents do for their money then his certainly knows how to whip up a storm around his latest meal ticket, or should I say banquet.

7.) 15 Apr 2021
15 Apr 2021 01:53:33
Belotti is a decent player and i wouldn't have problem back then to buy him. If i remember correctly it was between him Morata and Lukaku.
He was a very good talent but then he had a bad injury and after that i think drop back a level. He is still decent but i wouldn't touch him, if we are going to buy a stop gap then there are better players out there including Ings.

8.) 15 Apr 2021
15 Apr 2021 10:36:31
If Kane want's out of Spurs at the end of season we have to do everything we can to get him.
Guaranteed 25-30 premiership goals every season, he could really push us on to that next level.

9.) 15 Apr 2021
15 Apr 2021 11:36:42
No guarantees. remember Gary birtles 🙈.

10.) 15 Apr 2021
15 Apr 2021 13:55:00
Very true Ken but i think Kane is on a different level to Birtles.
Kane has hit over 20 goals in all competitions for the last 7 seasons. He is a world class striker, certainly in the top 5 in the world in my opinion.
I think he could be gettable as well if he really pushes for the move himself.