05 May 2021 19:27:27
I’ve been mulling this last week and sadly not reached any sensible conclusions. I think everyone agrees that loading the club with debt, interest payments, and dividend payments has taken huge amounts of revenue out of the club.

But what to do? I’m not sure anything will have an impact. Whether we like it or not the game has changed and it is global with worldwide audiences, this is why the ESL seemed like a good idea to the owners. Give fans in the US and the Far East big games every week, it’s what they want to see. And therein lies the core problem. Some of us grew up with the club, have or had season tickets, it’s been a major part of our lives, but sadly the game has moved on and money has taken over.

I gave up my season ticket a long time ago but I still get to the odd game and I remember seeing the half and half scarves a few years ago and thinking WTF! I’ve also sat in a stand surrounded by tourists from all over the world. It’s great United have a worldwide fan base but the earning potential globally is now so high that the owners are unlikely to pay attention to local protests.

I really don’t see how any protests will work, the only hope is legislation that offers some protection but I’m not clear what this is or how it would work. Like it or not, the Glazers bought the club legally, it belongs to them and they are free to run it how they see fit. I’m guessing they are surprised at all the hoo ha as their approach is not unusual in the US and as ED002 has told us, in the main they take a back seat and let the Board make decisions. Sadly, the Board have been pretty incompetent and our transfer business has been criminally negligent.

Let’s be contentious for a minute. If we had bought well, if we were still winning trophies, would there be such a fuss? I really doubt it. I know some will disagree but if we were winning the League every other year and giving City a run for their money then people would be a lot happier. Look how the Liverpool fans all calmed down once their team started doing it on the pitch.

The Glazers aren’t going anywhere, probably because nobody could afford to buy the club and I don’t see how that changes. The problem is that in most walks of life, if you don’t like something then you can choose to go elsewhere but for football it isn’t that simple.

The reaction to the ESL showed how powerful fans can be, pretty much unanimous condemnation from all supporters, but I don’t think that translates to forcing a change of ownership and as someone else said, be careful what you wish for.

Hey ho, ramble over. I wish they hadn’t bought the club, I wish they hadn’t taken out well over £1Billion in interest repayments, and I wish the club hadn’t appointed Moyes, or LVG, or Mourinho or Ole. Whilst I’d like the Glazers out, the incompetent running of the football side is a way bigger concern to me.

{Ed002's Note - This has been sone to death over and over and there is no point in it all being dragged out again.}

1.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 20:20:52
Thought this was a good post AJH despite Ed2 comments above. Kind of sums it all well. Despite all this the owners, potential investors etc all know we love Utd and will continue to support the team. End of.

{Ed0666's Note - I thought AJH summed up my thoughts sisinctly in his 4th paragraph and if everything posted on here since the whole ESL/protest fiasco that paragraph nailed it for me.
The Glazers are incredulous at vitriol leveled at them from Malcolm ownership to now. They don’t understand why? Because their ideology is give the fans are competitive team and funds. Which they’ve done for the most part of their tenure. If you were winning trophies for the last 8 years who would care if you’re roof leaks and you’re training ground is only the fifth nicest in the premiership.

2.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 21:26:02
Let’s just ignore the protests when we were winning league titles and reaching champions league finals. Let’s just ignore that some supporters created their own Club, let’s just ignore most fans have been protesting for the last 16 years. The truth is there can be no sensible debate from supporters of other Clubs because they are absolutely delighted that the Glazers make us less competitive. Who cares if the roof leaks? Who cares if our training ground is only the 5th best in the league? Man Utd fans care because we want to be the best. I can’t believe what I’ve just read!

3.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 21:38:34
What don't you agree with DLIB? Most fans protesting for 16 years, really? Were there really meaningful protests when we were winning the League?

How about when season ticket prices took us from the cheapest to right up there with the most expensive?

Some fans were protesting but most? I think not.

4.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 21:56:34
Dlib you can't expect everyone to feel the way you do as much as I can't expect everyone to feel the way I do.
All opinions are just that an opinion.
Good on the fans that started their own club they just had enough and did something about it.
Your tolerance is greater than their's.
If some (and as a % its tiny) fans want to protest for 16 years that's up to them. But 16 years is a long time to be protesting without having any effect maybe they should think of another way and work together. The fans are customers as long as they have the customers keeping the tills ticking over they are happy.
I exoect they will throw another 100m plus at it this summer we just have to hope whomever we sign make a big enough difference.

5.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 22:02:44
We could have been bought by owners who simply took every penny out of the club and never reinvested.

The debt the club accrued when they bought the club will always rankle fans.

They are business men, they won't be too bothered by a protest. The ESL fiasco was always going to bring negative press.

The club will continue to provide them with an income and as such, I can't see them selling for quite some time.

The rescheduled Liverpool fixture might actually cause more harm than good. Lack of rotation may come back to bite Ole. We might see a couple of players succumb to injury. Certainly Rashford and Lindelof will struggle to play in all of the games.

6.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 22:04:22
Remember Beckham coming off the pitch after he played for Milan and the full crowd was green and gold and he picked up the scarf? We had won the league and reached the CL final for the 2 years before that, the stadium was pretty much fully green and gold.

7.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 22:30:34
The Green and Gold campaign was in full swing in 2010. Fans protested at the League Cup final against Aston Villa. Did we not reach Champion League finals in 2008, 2009 and 2011? Did we not win the league in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011? If it was just about trophies why was there an organised and concerted effort to get the Glazers out of the Club in probably one of the most successful few years in our history. There was massive opposition when the Glazers first bought the Club. To suggest the protests are because a few fans are disillusioned with a lack of success in recent years just illustrates complete ignorance and some Utd fans don’t even know their history.

I wasn’t responding to your post but the unbelievable comments made by Ed666 that we wouldn’t care that the Glazers haven’t invested in the stadium for over a decade if we had won a few more trophies. That it doesn’t matter to Utd fans that one of the most famous and iconic sporting arenas in world football has been left to rot and decay or that our training facilities are no longer amongst the best in the premier league never mind Europe and that wouldn’t matter if we’d won a couple more league titles!

There have been sustained protests by a sizeable number of Utd supporters since the first day the Glazers were handed the keys.

{Ed0666's Note - So why does it take the threat of a ESL to make you’re protests vociferous and in you’re face (quite literally)? My thoughts maybe ‘unbelievable’ to you and not the status quo but is my prerogative. I’m not gonna jump on the anti glazer bandwagon and am not pro glazer either in fact I couldn’t give a fuc* what happens to Manchester United. I don’t lose sleep over you’re leaky roof and you’re dilapidated training ground which is only the 5th best in the country. Tough titties only the 5th best wow such hardship. You’ve had ample transfer funds since the glazers took over circa £1.4 billion maybe some of you’re executives should have had the gumption to spend some of this £1.4 billion to fix the leaky roof, update the stadium, bought some new treadmills for the training ground and a lick of paint, like other teams have to do, it’s called budgeting. Imagine what Newcastle fans must be thinking. This is the zenith of entitlement.

8.) 05 May 2021
05 May 2021 23:10:12
I think the glazers should sanction a new green and gold away strip🤣🤣
Booing and wearing nice new scarfs has been an ineffective protest its also been hugely underwhelming and not really noteworthy. But if those that do it believe in their actions leave them at it. As long as its peaceful and if it makes them feel better and feel like they are making a contribution to the club then good on them.
I have to say it wouldn't be my way but each to their own.

9.) 06 May 2021
05 May 2021 23:29:31
Gds2 there is a great video of that on you tube time has tainted your memory as there is very little green and gold on display across the whole stadium.
Here is Beckham quote after the game.
However, the England midfielder - who received a wonderful reception upon his return to Old Trafford - insists he intends to have no say in how the football club is run.

"I am a Manchester United fan and I support the club, I always will, " Beckham said.

"I saw the scarf there and just put it round my neck. It's the old colours. That's all I know. It's nothing to do with me how it's run. That's to do with other people. I support the team. "

Stretford end is where the video was taken from that's probably where the most vocal critics sit and wear the colours from yesteryear perhaps that's why you thought the whole stadium was green and gold if your surrounded by it.
Great reception Beckham got that night. Loved him at united one of my favourite players during his time at the club.

10.) 06 May 2021
05 May 2021 23:37:52
Ed666 - Your entitled to your opinion but at least understand the history. Anti Glazer protests have been happening at Old Trafford since they first acquired the Club in 2005. The ESL has merely ignited the anti Glazer sentiment which has been bubbling under the surface for years. It has nothing to do with a lack of trophies.

I don’t think Utd can be compared to a Club that hasn’t won a major trophy since 1955 and I’m pretty sure there’re not happy with their owner either!

Ken - Your comments as a Utd fan continue to disappoint me but your also entitled to your opinion.

{Ed0666's Note - my friend I respect you’re sentiments although I don’t agree with them. All I’m reading is sheer entitlement and I’m sorry if I can’t see it from you’re perspective. We’re gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. I wish you well on you’re quest for owners that invest into you’re club in a fashion that is acceptable to United fans.

11.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 00:28:38
Fair enough Ed sorry if I went over the top but these things are important to me and it’s not just about the money but also the ambition. Should a Club with one of the largest turnovers in world football have a rusting, decaying stadium and substandard training facilities? Should the Glazers have even been allowed to buy the Club in the first place using a leveraged buy out? Sorry there I go again but I think they are important issues. Anyway thanks got listening I appreciate I’m a broken record, good night!

{Ed0666's Note - listen pal no need to apologize you didn’t do anything wrong. This website is about getting stuff off you’re chest. You vent all you want mate. You’re decaying stadium is some other clubs Shang-ri-la, you’re substandard training ground is some other clubs utopia. You get my point but you and I will never agree because you’re a passionate United fan and I see it objectively. I don’t think either of us are wrong (although you think I am). I wish you luck for the final and I hope Ole wins it for you because he’s much maligned (including by me) but he seems like a very nice guy and always courteous.

12.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 00:46:46
By the way ajh that's the most balanced Post I've seen on here on this topic.
Everybody has their opinion and has to make their own choices. Each individual supports the club their own way ams will all have differing views. Some get embryonic from time to time and different things trigger different people.
I think the vast majority of fans would agree with most of what you say above.
We have heard for some time from ed002 about the amateurish way the club has been run but he has also stated its not the owners making these decisions in the main.
Yes we all hate the amount they take from the club but nobody can complain about the amount of money invested in the team.
We have one of the biggest spends we have the best paid players we have hired badly and spent the money they made available badly both in personnel and you could argue on timing.

13.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 01:04:24
dlib you walked into that. ed666 is right 98 per cent would not care if we were still wining trophys. the argument below about gds giving up his season ticket i see both sides. if he gave it up you would have some ya hoo boy taking selfies and telling his mates he is at old trafford wile eating prawn sandwiches not a real fan. my worry is when i was growing up there were two shirts you sore united and liverpool. now every were i go its city and chealea. kids growing up want winners and sadly we are behind.

14.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 07:16:27
Dlib i can live with your disappointment i'm just as disappointed with yours but we can move on.

15.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 08:25:38
Tbf protests have been around for the entire 16 years on and off, not as ferocious as the other day of course but as DLIB says the ESL has lit a fire under the protests again. I can see both points yes we have spent money and won leagues under the Glazers, spent poorly by people in positions that shouldn't be mind, but we have fallen behind both on and off the pitch, yes our ground is rusting, our training ground is sub par, look at City, Leicester and Spurs now, spend some cash on the infrastructure, develop around Old Trafford, wether its woe is me or not that's what you have to do to keep up with the City's of the world unfortunately and compete, best in class all round. The green and gold campaign was there when we was winning titles under fergie, some may choose not to remember but I'm sure fans of FC United remember well, I've been to a few of their games and yes the club that was created because of the campaigns and anti Glazer that apparently didn't exist until the other day lol. Everyone entitled to their opinion but at least don't demean fans anger over this 16 year period, its not just 1 day last week and Tbh I am disappointed at some that are so apathetic to the ownership, like its OK, we won a league 8 years ago, we don't compete anymore warning signs have been there for a long time under this ownership. I'm also rather amused at the Liverpool perspective, they led everyone into the ESL, fuming so they was, how dare they do this with my Liverpool and now suddenly everything is OK with their owners cz its 'gone away' and united are **** for 1 arrest and minority idiots in the majority peaceful protest.

{Ed001's Note - that's not the Liverpool perspective, that is the ignorant perspective of those who don't understand. This is not going away, they are going to keep trying and trying until they get their way if the fans don't step up and put a stop to it.}

16.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 12:39:03
I was at the game Ken I don’t need a YouTube video 🤦🏼‍♂️.

17.) 06 May 2021
06 May 2021 17:34:40
Its for the folk who weren't at it so they don't buy into your gross exaggeration.