14 May 2021 02:35:16
My question is for Ed14. First of all this is not an attempt to pick any fights. I have read most of your replies/ opinions when it comes to this United team and manager and you are of the view that we are vastly overrated as a team. So my question to you is what changes in your opinion has to be made so we can live up to the hype of being vastly overrated.

{Ed014's Note - I’ve said before what I think you need and that’s a spine at an absolute minimum.

You don’t have a genuine first 11 for me and when you play your 2nd string it shows you have little quality in squad depth either.

Keeper, probably 2 CB’s a DM or 2 a winger and a striker, not with potential but the real deal. The trouble has been you missing out on the best of the best and having to settle for 3rd or 4th best.

You are putting huge pressure on young players and thinking of them as the next big thing already, Henderson a prime example.

Your side is weak mentally with no genuine leader, your star player goes missing in big games and spends most of the time in the big games whining at the ref or lying on the floor screaming.

Your points tally for this season will be very similar to that which Arsenal would achieve when finishing 4th when we would be ridiculed for being so far behind yourselves and here you are hanging on to 2nd place as something to shout about. It’s not, it’s mediocrity.

You are also exactly like Arsenal of old in the constant we only need two more players etc.

I am not impressed with any of your defenders and whilst Shaw has improved, his overall game still isn’t that great, just the runs forward he makes.

Add to all this your board are going to give your manager a shiny new contract, huge mistake.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I wouldn’t take any of your players at Arsenal if I wanted us to win the league and Champions League.

You got roasted by a weakened Liverpool team last night and were fortunate they didn’t score plenty more. This typifies the weak mental attitude at your club.

1.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 09:08:07
Ed 14, you could try to be more wrong but I doubt you'd ever be.

Btw, arsenal was plunged into the depths of your mediocrity WhILE Wenger was in charge. While we are actually in a real rebuilding phase from the ground up. Also, Arsenal didn't have a crushing debt when you guys were on the way down while also raising ticket prices.

And you don't have to worry about taking any of our players because I truly believe, not one player of ours will want to go there either.


{Ed014's Note - 🤦‍♂️ Pointless reply

2.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 09:14:35
97.3% Agee with all of that.

3.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 10:54:14
Sorry Mr Raconteur but your post is typical of a lot of United fans. a lot of whataboutery . We are not rubbish, . we just are nowhere as good as some fans think we are - we are a good 4-5 first team starters away . close to half a team of players short of being a team to fear in Pl and Europe. A 2nd place finish is good, can't take that away but we've been very very poor in games, we ve never played well for 90 minutes and some wins have glossed over what a lot of fans from other teams can see.

4.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 11:19:15
Racounter ahat ground up rebuilding is it might i ask? Training people on how to protest?

5.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 11:25:48
Cannot disagree with ed014 and burrenboy.

6.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 12:15:00
Jeez some folk just can't be helped.

7.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 12:20:14
Burrenboy, Love_united asked ed14 his opinions about the current united team and in my humble opinion, the ed harshly started comparing us with the arsenal team, the decline of which started while Wenger was in charge!

Nowhere did I say that we haven't been poor in some games. What about my whataboutery do you actually disagree with? Did i say anywhere how many players we need? have a read again mate!

I will say again without any equivocation that comparing this united team with the arsenal team is just wrong.

@united addict, oh i don't know, maybe the fact that we have an incomplete squad, infrastructure in need of work, u23's getting relegated, not havin a dof and other countless minor details. if that ain't a rebuild job, i don't know what is?

{Ed014's Note - I was asked about my thoughts on United’s team. I gave my honest opinion.

How on earth is that harshly comparing us as teams from then to now and what has Wenger got to do with it, you’ve declined since Fergie left, but that had no relevance either.

I see you as we were and to a vast degree still are.

8.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 12:38:07
Some of it I agree with but weak mentally? Based on what? Don’t we have the most points coming from behind this season and unbeaten away from home? I’d say that shows a pretty strong mentality.

{Ed014's Note - a continued inability to do it when it really matters, failing to put any pressure on City and like last night, despite what you say about it not mattering just falling apart.

If you have a strong enough mentality that stuff doesn’t happen.

9.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 13:00:37
Have to agree with Ed14 on the points tally, so far Ole has achieved 66 two seasons running and so far 70 this season with two games to go, doesn't seem a lot for the £250million he has spent. On the flip side this is the second highest points total since Sir Alex retired.

10.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 14:48:35
@ED14, I also do agree with what you say about the spine of this Utd time missing and the players required.

I appreciate your opinions and I am most definitely not trying to start anything (not that you insinuated that - but just thought perhaps my tone came across that way, hence the clarification)

I bring up Wenger coz, and I am sure you'd agree, there is a huge difference between a team being coached by a novice manager and a team being helmed by a legend of a coach. Yet that arsenal team continued to decline and the way i see it, this United team is on the way up (admittedly after a couple of turbulent years ) and perhaps i get agitated when people say weak mentality for a team which is 2nd in the league, clearly the second best team this year in the league and in a final. Perhaps i was harsh and if i was i feel apologetic, but mate you cannot compare us to any arsenal team for the last decade in my honest opinion.

Not only do you not see that as progress but you instead call it a scene of doom which i vehemently disagree with. And come on, Pushing city? strong enough mentality? i'd like to see other teams with so called weak mentalities win like 10 games from losing positions in one of the toughest leagues in the world.

{Ed014's Note - I didn’t take offence at anything you said and my comparison is simply the situation where you are and we were during your years of dominance.

Your points tally is very similar to ours in those years when Wenger insisted the team had strong mentality when clearly they didn’t.

As for coming back from winning positions, what has that achieved, it’s left you in 2nd on a not particularly great points total.

When as I said Arsenal would finish 4th on a similar total United fans would say we were miles off.

The roles are reversed as in you find yourselves on that points total and suddenly that means you are on the up. No logic to it.

The progress is minimal and pretty much down to one person and that’s Bruno.

You need to progress as a whole and what’s so much better in terms of challenge from the appointment of Moyes, you didn’t challenge then and if your honest, your not challenging now no matter where you sit in the league and you were binned out of the UCL just like Arsenal used to be.

11.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 16:46:51
I completely agree with Ed014. This Utd team/ squad is a million miles away from City, Liverpool or Chelsea.

12.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 16:51:26
@ed14 I guess we just have differing views because i completely disagree again.

Points: I care far more about positioning in the table than points. You play against 19 teams over the course of a season and you end up where you do, mostly because how good you are. If one says leicster won because other team were poor, that would be just harsh. You play who you play.

About the reversal of roles, you are missing the context. No one expects this team to be challenging for the honors, heck most of the folks here were adamant we'd be relegated or dwell in the middle and certainly not sitting comfortably-ish on 2nd. Arsenal was a different case with the decline happening for the previous couple of years, again with the same legendary manager who HAD created the invincibles.

ANd while Bruno (much like Cantona so far) and Henry for Arsenal and countless other players for other clubs have done wonders, you neglect the 10 other players who have collectively raised their game, fitness levels and are beginning to look like they might actually win things.

Like Redman has said, I only say what I see, and what i see is a whole lot better than mourinho, lvg and moyes's teams. Where it goes, no one knows but i am far more optimistic (and I know so are so many other fans) than i was a couple years ago.

For that reason, i denounce any comparison between the two teams .

{Ed014's Note - denounce away fella that is totally you’re choice but you are failing to grasp the point here.

Arsenal played some great football, had good results but 70 odd points was never a success.

Mourinho won the Europa league and finished 2nd what are you seeing that you describe as a whole lot better is a mystery.

If you had run City close and were in the final of the Champions League, playing some scintillating football and had a top quality starting 11 with some quality in depth I’d accept “a whole lot better” but you have none of that, absolutely none of it.

You’re deluding yourself if you do mate and I’m not meaning to be rude. 🙂

13.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 18:03:34
ed14 - spot on
me and shappy had this the other day and I maintain that we haven't significantly improved over the last 8 seasons- we have come back this season to win when we've been behind- we should have started brighter
we have got some great away results but we have poor home form. We are where we are because of a catalogue of poor decisions in buying players and appointing coaches that didn't work out for a multitude of reasons. We cannot afford as a club to go backwards as more and more clubs have caught up or over taken us in trophies won, both home and europe as we could enter a phase of not being able to attract the people we need to succeed.

{Ed014's Note - it’s true Funky, whilst you have Liverpool and especially City and Chelsea in a position to attract the best with currently probably the best 3 managers available you will struggle.

City and Chelsea owners know what to do to win and win consistently, Liverpool made the right moves and joined them.

It amazes me that you’re board didn’t go all out to get Nagelsmann to come and compete against the best.

We both seem to be stuck with owners who don’t know their arse from their elbow when it comes to finding success.

14.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 18:53:05
@ed14 with all due respect, its you who is missing the point! I know, irony strikes again.

I have never said that we are the finished article, mourinho did win us the europa league and we did finish 2nd, but boy the footie was dross! still i was happy, but then the next season happened where all the C.V. talk and self destruction started happening. Now look at us! we are about to finish is top 3 in consecutive seasons for the 1st time post SAF. We have young exciting talent coming through and there is actually an air of positivity about which felt like an almost impossible thing just a couple years ago. I don't expect you to see it, as you are not a fan of Man utd and that's fine (and that's your loss ;) i kid)

Lastly, you have said a couple of times that if we were doing this or that and what have you, but no one, and i repeat no one thought or expected that off this current team in this year (which is genuinely like no other in our lifetimes) .

If you are trying to hold this team to an impossible standard (which we can hit once the REBUILD is done i believe, in my opinion) then delusions are a far more pressing issue for you my friend.

{Ed014's Note - have a nice night

15.) 14 May 2021
14 May 2021 20:14:08
and you as well pal!

16.) 15 May 2021
15 May 2021 08:56:41
ed14- city, chelsea and liverpool also have done it by playing really attractive football also . People shout about the billion spent post fergie, but if its spent unwiselyits of no use imo.
As far as I know, OGS still hasn't signed a contract extension and 2 + 2= 5 but could it depend on the EL result?

{Ed014's Note - they have funky and there is no rhyme or reason to why you’re not doing that too.

A vast amount of money has been wasted and at no time have you remotely looked like playing a really decent style of football nor knocking on the door of 90+ points.