09 Jun 2021 17:49:48
Seeing Pogba play for France with Kante behind him really does show how to get the best out of him and I hope that if he stays next season Olly does all he can to get him playing this way.
For me he needs to move further forward next to Bruno in a 433 or to the right in a 442 diamond shape.
As much as we should expect him to play great no matter where he plays I think there is nothing wrong with helping him and the team by playing to his strengths.

{Ed077's Note - Olly who? ;-P}

1.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 18:45:13
Brad the whole France team play a different game to us.
He looks so good at times I agree its frustrating. But the epl is also very different to intl football.
Still I reckon you could play with kante and he would make you look good. 🤣 what a class act he is.

2.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 18:51:31
I think he'd be fine in our current formation if he had a proper DM beside him, as would Donny and McTominey.

Signing someone like Rice really solves some problems in our squad.

Personally though I'm hoping Pogba is the one sold to make room, as I'm a lot more excited to see what Donny and Scot do once they are freed up in that role.

Pogba is undoubtedly the best of our CMs, but he still doesn't seem to really want to be here.

3.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 21:02:43
Thorn be very careful wish for!

4.) 09 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 22:03:07
I think our board should play with our strengths.
Offer Pogba a huge contract and pay him a lot of money and give him 5+1 year contract.
Let him add the drama of beautiful haircuts, defensive mistakes at set pieces and Zidane wants him to make sure there are clubs that want a player or 2 off us.

5.) 10 Jun 2021
09 Jun 2021 17:59:25
Ed077, Ian Holloway affectionately known as "Olly". He is the guy the club have lined up for when they sack Ole Gunnar Solskjear next season if Gareth Southgate isn't available.

{Ed077's Note - wasn't his Blackpool side known for entertaining attacking football??

6.) 10 Jun 2021
10 Jun 2021 06:39:53
The compromises we have to make to just have Pogba in the team isn't worth it. You never know what you get from him irrespective of where he plays.

Sell him and get a proper DM and the squad would be a lot better and balanced.

7.) 10 Jun 2021
10 Jun 2021 13:19:30
I think there are two types of "great" players.

Those that play great when they are surrounded by great players.

Then there are those that drag their teammates up around them to there level of greatness.

Pogba is the former, he looked class at Juventus when he had Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio in midfield with him, with players like Chiellini and Buffon behind him. He also looks class playing for France surrounded by the plethora of top level talent they have.

But at United he struggles to perform consistently to his best because his teammates aren't on his level and he doesn't have the ability to pull them up to it.

Players like Cantona or Keane made those around them better players, Carrick also did this to a lesser extent.

When they play the whole team plays 10% better because they make it easier for everyone else to play. They dictate games, they direct teammates and they make themselves available meaning pressed teammates always have an easy ball out.

We need a couple more players who make those around them play better to bring the team together and make it play greater than the sum of its parts.

Pogba just isn't one of those players, Pogba needs 7 or 8 world class players alongside him to be able to play at his best. Will he get that at United? Probably not.

8.) 10 Jun 2021
10 Jun 2021 15:40:43
Shappy, tired of excuses for Pogba. He simply hasn't matured mentally to live up to his own talent. If as a footballer getting paid millions says he doesn't perform to his best because his teammates are not at his level then it's a shame.