11 Jun 2021 17:57:01
Due to the Financial effects from C.V., you would expect the club to be fragile with their transfers this summer.

I think that pursuing Sancho is a bad idea. There is his fee circle £86 million plus his agents extortionate fees plus what ever others fees that maybe involved. I'd imagine the combined fee would perhaps be in the region of £130-£150 million.

After this we will have potentially signed a player with an attitude problem who would prefer to sign for Chelsea. It reeks of the Pogba transfer when he preferred RM or Barcelona than a move to Utd, but only Utd were willing to pay over the odds. Clearly, we haven't learnt from this.

I'd prefer Raphinha, who would be by far the cheaper option, but also a player who not only has proven he can play in the EPL, but also has a better attitude aswell.

Alas, the club appear to be hell bent on name signings, than those who should be bought because they fit the style of play. What our style of play is, that I'm not so sure. Often OGS looks as puzzled as I do when I watch Utd play.

My biggest fear that a DOF who has been appointed from within, will be off similar mould to those that are involved in the day to day running of the club.

I had hoped for some shrewd signings this summer. But the club appear to be focused on glamour signing, popping open the champagne and looking like big ball players in Vegas.

1.) 11 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 19:02:10
This is what I mean when I say the issues at our club go well beyond the manager and they will continue to undermine and destabilise the next manager long after Ole has gone.

Make no mistake the club wouldn't be half as keen on signing Sancho if the fans weren't protesting and #Glazersout wasn't trending.

Sancho much like Pogba smacks of lipservice signing, a big name shirt signing made to keep fans happy as much as to improve the team.

The problem with these signings are that they are rarely sensible. Often paying well over the odds for players no other team would even entertain paying such fees for.

There is a clear pattern with many of our signings falling into one of a couple of categories. They are either a statement signing, often bought for fees no other club would be silly enough to pay, often with the players not really wanting to join United (or at least not their first choice of destination) . Or they are hit and hope signings, potentially good players, but players the club seems to be taking somewhat of a chance that they become top players.

Either way the same issue remains, what was the thinking and planning behind signing them? How do they fit into a sporting vision? How do they fit within the stylistic function of the team?

We have often just spent way more than anyone else would sensibly pay for a player, Pogba, Di Maria, Lukaku, Fred, and probably Sancho.

Or we have signed players opportunistically such as Di Maria or Donny, players who might not have been first choice, players who you scratch your head a little as to where they fit in, but were available and sort of played in the area we were looking for.

It is how the club has spent in excess of 1bn in eight years and if they are lucky 2 or 3 of those players are worth more now than when signed.

I have said previously that this summer although not easy had simple solutions that could have pursued by a competent club.

Swap Pogba with Varane for example would make Pogba happy, Varane might take a little convincing, but it would save face for both United and Real Madrid who wouldn't lose a top player on a free or have to accept a low fee for them. While strengthening their side in an area of clear weakness.

If West Ham want Lingard and Jones then why would a deal for Rice be so difficult or expensive?

The problem is we have too many cooks and not one of them has a recipe to follow.

2.) 11 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 20:39:24
Sancho would not be a panic buy, a galactico signing or lipservice to the fans.

He is simply a player the manager wanted to sign last season in a position we have needed to strengthen desperately for the past decade.

You can definitely argue whether he is the correct player to fill this right wing role but to argue he's a type of signing aforementioned is wide off the mark for me.

All this talk of an attitude problem is overblown imo as it is with pogba, seems like a humble down to earth kid who is just living his dream.

3.) 11 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 21:40:04
I want to make it clear here that I'm not defending the owners or the people actually running the club. However I do sometimes think they have an impossible job, because plenty of fans aren't happy no matter what.

We see reactions like this, criticising the pursuit of a big name high profile signing, for being a statement signing. But look at the way people reacted to suggestions we might be interested in Winks or should have been looking at Buendia, both players who would improve the squad without costing a huge amount.

It seems like no matter who we sign, it will either be an overpriced statement signing or a lack of ambition.

4.) 11 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 22:57:18
You got it Thorn. That is exactly how it is! Enjoy the ride. Role on window closing time!

5.) 11 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 23:29:47
Spot on Thorne, the internet is just full of people moaning about things they have no control over and arguing with strangers when they disagree, real life is actually quite different.

6.) 12 Jun 2021
11 Jun 2021 23:58:57
We’ve needed a quality addition on the right hand side for years. Sancho is that player. He can also play on the Left to ease the burden on Rashford. Quality addition.

The finance team at Utd know their demonetised situation better than us guys. Leave them to do their job.

7.) 12 Jun 2021
12 Jun 2021 05:34:08
Got to agree. Sancho is an awful lot of money. But he is one of the best inEurope in his position-something we desperately need, and also has the very rare ability to get fans off their seats and create a buzz with an end product . hard to put a price on that, and he will be a starter. not a squad player which is what we need quality over quantity.

Moyes thinks Rice is worth over 100 mill, Villa are talking 125 mill plus for Grealish say the tabloids . all sense of value is now just out the window .

Like many have said for 3-4 years -trim the squad and get a few quid in and salaries off the books and it will really take the sting out of purchases . Jones, Mata, matic, perreria, dalot, lingard tuanzebe, one of the keepers . and in next 12-18 months maybe Pogba, Fred, Martial Bailly/ Lindelof.

8.) 12 Jun 2021
12 Jun 2021 11:29:15
Gds2 you have no control over the owners but moan regularly about them. Is that not real life or is that just pretend?

9.) 12 Jun 2021
12 Jun 2021 16:39:24

I don’t really think I moan about the owners that much, I said I understood why people were protesting, that’s about it. Don’t let the facts get in the way of you calling me out again though.