02 Jul 2021 21:52:46
Think Italy are easily the strongest remaining team. But the playacting and nonsense sure makes it hard to take their side sometimes.

1.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 22:23:55
I agree spenno I think Italy played really well but I want Spain to beat them because of the time wasting and play acting,
The guy on the floor when the goal went in was pretty embarrassing and it felt like the last twenty mins plus injury time the ball was barely in play .

2.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 22:46:40
I'd be surprised if Italy don't win it to be fair.

They have been by far the best team in the tournament. If they had a top class striker they'd be winning games 4 or 5-0 easily.

Typically defensively solid as you'd expect an Italian team. But they can really play good football. Players like Verratti, Locatelli and Brella in midfield. While they move the ball around so quickly they carve teams open almost at will.

While the gamesmanship is still there which is a slight shame, it does make them the full package.

3.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 02:05:51
Knockout football anything can happen.

4.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 06:23:34
A slight shame? It was utterly pathetic. T

The injured player was down for 4 minutes, there were a lot of subs, the GK wasted a lot of time and the ref only added 5 minutes, when 10 would have been more accurate.

Yes they've played well but they were cynical whiners and time wasters last night.

5.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 07:19:41
It was awful, but I guess they would do anything to go through.

I don't think Spain is any better though, they are pretty much the same when it comes to laying on the ground and time wasting.

If Spinazzola injury is more serious, I think it will make a big impact. England is, perhaps, the best defensive team in the tournament, and taking Spinazzola out of the picture is a big deal.

6.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 08:32:16
It's part of the game, same as holding the ball up in the corner, same as is diving/ going down easily, same as professional fouls, same as defensive tactics, or leaving a bit on a man when you tackle them, etc.

And to honest, every team does it.

Not all teams/ players will play beautiful free flowing football, not all play in the "spirit of the game".

I suppose that's part of what makes football interesting. How a team overcomes the challenges put in front of them.

Ultimately if football wants to go to war with time wasting then the most simple solution is the follow rugby's example and just reduce the game time to 80 minutes, and the clock stops every time the ball goes dead.

However, ultimately teams would then just look to pointless possession, passing the ball amongst the back four to waste time.

7.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 09:13:30
Italy was my pick before a ball was kicked, the best team at the tournament by a mile, passionate, tight knit, deserve to win it. Shame about Spinny having a ruptured achilles tendon, hope they go on and win it for them, massive miss for Italy he will be.
Spain bore me to tears tbh, lucked their way to this point.
England had it easy all along again, be a disgrace if they don't make the final.
Italy v Denmark is the right final for me.

8.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 10:26:31
Italians consider time wasting part of the game; it's called Melina.

9.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 10:27:37
Welsh, the right final will be whoever gets there. Who you wish to get there however is different. If we get to the final it’s because we deserve to. If anyone gets to the final it’s because they deserve to. Your favoured final does not = the right one.

10.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 11:34:32
I think many neutrals will be backing Denmark after what happened with Eriksen.

While something like that can be a catalyst within the group of players to pull them together and fight that little bit harder and push a little bit more. That can be the difference in a tournament like this, and once they get a few results behind them they can get on a roll. Belief at a tournament can completely change a team.

11.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 12:42:12
Chill red whisky, touchy aren't we lol. Imo any post I put.

12.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 13:01:01
Why doesn't England deserve it? Played against Croatia, who came 2nd in WC, against Germany, and against another team that is through to quarter.

13.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 13:02:40
Time wasting would be removed from the game if they just took the time keeping away from the ref and had an independent person stopping the clock like they do in rugby. Everybody knows why and how much time is being added, players can pretend to be injured for 20 minutes if they want, the clock is stopped. Until this happens and refs add the correct time on teams will continue to cheat.

Shappy, holding the ball in the corner in play is legal in the game, pretending to be injured is not, that’s the difference.

14.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 14:00:43
Don’t get me wrong Trololo, would of course prefer to see England win the thing! I think us and Italy have been the strongest so far. We are yet to concede. Just think Italy had a great group stage and have looked strongest overall. But reckon we’ve got another gear yet. Be interesting to see if Gareth rotates mids, both are on yellow cards. Maybe Hendo for Phillips, as underwhelming as that sounds Henderson is a good presence in the team.

15.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 14:12:53
I like the italian team. I know they waste time but they are good at it. The best one was when immobile was injured and they scored. He looked up saw the goal jumped back on his feet had A look at the ref and off he went celebrating. Good team though. They know how to win and see it out.

16.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 14:36:35
I dislike both Spain and Italy for the same reason. Sure, Italy played well, but for me, they just ruin it with moves like Immobile rolling around.
I wasnt cheering for England either Spenno, I had different favourites, but it isn't fair to say England didn't deserve it.

17.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 14:59:57
I hope England win it now. Would always cheer on the nations from these islands. Even the Welsh 😉.