05 Aug 2021 19:00:55
Just out of curiosity, which other team or teams either from lower leagues or from abroad, do posters have a soft spot for?
Mine has always been Fiorentina. I have followed them since the early 90's. I have no idea why, but I just like them and always look out for them on tv.
I also visited Florence once and had a look around the ground.

1.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 19:13:49
Sampdoria for me. Mixture of watching Football Italia when I was a kid and the fact they are my go to save on Football Manager every year since about 2005.

2.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 19:21:46
Yeah it definitely started for me watching Football Italia on channel 4 as a kid.

3.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 19:41:14
It would be Parma for me.

4.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 19:44:05
Preston. My dad did work on the stadium a few years back, kept an eye on them ever since.

5.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 19:52:41
AC Milan for van Basten
Parma for CM97/ 98 team.

6.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 19:57:08
UNAM PUMAS. my wife's university team. Been to a few matches when we have been over there. Great Atmosphere.

7.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 20:15:16
Watching Football Italia in the 90's gave me a soft spot for Juventus, players like Del Piero, Davids, Zizou and Conte, then Nedved, Trezequet, Buffon, Thuram, Salas, Camoranesi, Zambrotta and Chiellini.

I also have a soft spot for Ajax, that is mostly due to their faith in youth and making great players rather than buying them.

8.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 20:18:36
For me abroad is Ajax as them winning the CL in the 90s is one of my first football memories and I find their style of football to be the best to watch. Been a few times tonwatxh them and love the atmosphere in the stadium too.

Lower league is my local team Cambridge United. Not the best by a long shot but evening games with mates are a good crack.

9.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 20:30:49
Ballymena at home. Malaga away. Both play in sky blue and white, and we holiday in Andalucia every year. Me and the young lad try and get in a couple of home games a season.

10.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 20:46:14
Ajax, loved the young UCL winning teams, reizinger, Bogarde, David’s, kluivert etc and also have a soft spot for Parma in serie a. Watched football Italia also and back then they had some great players and were good to watch.

11.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 21:04:58
The only other team is Blackpool for obvious reasons but I couldn’t care less about any other team.

12.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 21:15:18
Salford city for me. Being a Salfordian I’ve been to watch them on many occasions growing up. I still keep a close eye on them but tbh I preferred it a few years ago before the takeover and in the first couple of seasons post take over but now (for me) it’s lost the feeling it used to have.

13.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 21:35:44
Ajax - loved the teams in the 70s, and the kit which is still one of the best ever. Also they had an Irishman as manager back in the day.

14.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 21:36:35
Not ‘lower league’ but West Ham. Was at boarding school (in England) with a guy that was utterly desperate to play for WHU. Our parents were forces and abroad so half term him and I were in a very small minority that were ‘in dorm’. I would be in goal as he fired shot after shot at me shouting “Hurst” blah blah. We had a ‘special’ relationship for a short juvenile period in our lives…. life moves on.

{Ed002's Note - A lot of boys who board have special relationships.}

15.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 22:00:51
Rochdale and AC Milan.

16.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 22:18:34

Surely just because of batistuta? He was class i always look back at older football when we were treated to some great players that were never labelled world class. Nowadays u only have to score a goal in a important game and you world class!

17.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 22:53:38
Like others, I have a soft spot for Parma from watching Football Italia and playing them a lot in football management games over the years. I have a lot of respect for Ajax and Bayern too, just well ran clubs who play good football.

18.) 05 Aug 2021
05 Aug 2021 23:12:28
Born and bred in North Wales so naturally Wrexham are my home club. Was a season ticket holder for many years as a teenager. Exciting times ahead too.

19.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 00:20:36
As a 21 year old boarding school boyo, I can confirm Ed002 is very right about the "special relationships" lol. Supporting Man Utd was probably the reason why I never had traumatic experiences. When I was 11, I shared a dorm with a boy from Manchester who reminds me a lot of Brandon Williams. Skinny but absolutely hard as nails, could fight people twice his size. Saved me from being bullied by a Newcastle supporter by regularly putting him in his place. The beatings helped straighten the kid out and now we're best mates. Can't thank him enough for having my back. Dortmund were my second team for a while, as under Klopp I thought they played the most beautiful football in the world. I always wanted Klopp to be Ferguson's replacement.

20.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 02:20:08

Come on you sky blues. The father in law supports ballymena, lives about a 10 minute walk from the show grounds.

21.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 03:01:04
I think they are talking about a different type of special relationship Slunky 🤣.

22.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 07:38:33
W16wes, yeah Batistuta definitely had a part in it. Rui Costa too.
I remember reading the back pages of a Sunday newspaper when we were linked to a move for Batistuta after Shearer signed for Newcastle. What a signing that would’ve been!

23.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 07:46:43

24.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 09:06:20
We were heavily linked to Batistuta at one time . and Salas.

25.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 11:10:47
Back in the channel 4 football Italia days when the Milan teams were dominating Serie A in the early 90s my favourite team was Juve because they had Baggio, and Vialli. I loved watching Baggio.
Regarding English teams i have always had a soft spot for Aston Villa.

26.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 11:22:30
Fiorentina. That purple kit drew me in as a kid on Football Italia. Batigol did the rest. What a legend. I was fortunate enough to see him shut the Arsenal up at Wembley when he scored THAT goal. My word.

27.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 11:42:25
boyfromburrenway, remember Salas scoring that goal against England. Controlled it on his thigh and smashed it home. I remember us linked with him around about then.

28.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 15:41:35
St. Pauli. Brilliant culture and ethos. Great kit. Mental city. AC/ DC.
There's more to football than kicking a ball around for some clubs.
Celtic has always been a big thing in our house. Always wanted to go Celtic v Rangers match. Not done it yet.

29.) 06 Aug 2021
06 Aug 2021 17:37:31
2toms- yes a great goal. he was red hot for a few seasons.