07 Oct 2021 11:39:49
It’s a bit feisty on here but not everyone fells as strident as some do. I’d like to see Ole replaced but I’m not losing sleep about it and I hope the teams form pick up and we start winning games. If we do, great. If we don’t then hopefully a change will be made sooner rather than later.

I think some people don’t want that to happen because they are so entrenched in their view that Ole has to go. And the debate is betting more black and white by the day. What happened to ‘that’s a good point’ or ‘I hadn’t considered that’?

I was told yesterday that Shaw only got in the PFA team of the year, picked by his fellow pros, because other LBs had crap seasons. Whatever, he was the best LB in the Premier League last year and is now England’s No 1 in that position, but apparently he wouldn’t make it in other teams.

Caolan posted the other day that he was fed up with a lot of the posts on here (I’m paraphrasing) and it got a lot of thumbs ups which suggests the noisy neg heads are not necessarily allowing a balanced or nuanced conversation to take place.

As for Shappy, Shaps mate, I enjoy your posts but it feels like you have to comment on every post, sometimes just leave it mate. The word count is amusing but you’re attracting a lot of criticism, some justified, some not. I know you can look after yourself and you’re a well respected poster but you are tying yourself in knots at the moment mate.

1.) 07 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021 12:32:01
The upvotes don't mean a thing. They only go up in increments of 1 when the page is reloaded by the eds. If you me and 10 other people like your post now, it will only have one thumbs up not 10. And you can upvote your own post.

You're the king of moaning about people moaning. The reason it's feisty on here is because it's the same crap for nearly 3 years now. None of the questions have been answered. In fact I would say if you went back to January or February 2019, you would see posts highlighting issues that are still causing problems within the team.

There are some good threads when not specifically talking about the team but unfortunately it all boils down to the manager 90% of the time.

Some posters have left the site because it's negative. Imagine how some of us feel in regards to watching us fail year after year and the mediocrity being rewarded. How you feel when you see an Ole Out post is how I feel when I see posters praising him.

If the manager was doing a good job, we would not have ammunition to moan. Unfortunately for all United fans, he's a poor manager and until it resolves itself ie, him succeeding in delivering trophies or he's sacked, this will continue everyday on here.

2.) 07 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021 13:07:28
I don't post much myself anymore but I still read the page a couple of times a day. Nyway if someone posts good or bad that's what the page is about. And it's good to read all the different views.
Like most united fans now I'm fed up of ole. But I still get that same buzz when Ronaldo or any other player scores a winning late goal.
I look forward to every game but when u see the manager doing stupid things it gets frustrating.
Ole out and up united.

3.) 07 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021 14:38:20

You kind of proved my point although I promise I'm not looking for an argument here.

Yes I moan about moaning because this site is uber depressing. There's enough crap going on that I come on here for light relief only to be greeted with the same stuff every day, and I don't believe that the vast majority of fans are in line with what we see on here.

So let me get this right, you're telling me that all your posts are simultaneously up ticked but that doesn't show, or in Caolan's case he up ticked his own post 16 times? There's no chance that quite a few people agreed with Caolan then?

You're right that None of the questions have been answered in 2 years, so will more shouty posts get them answered? Nope. Attack Attack Attack posted yesterday, years ago, Fergie days I think but certainly back to Moyes, he was called Nomidfield so that's how long that issue has been festering.

There are very few posts praising Ole, even Shappy has come round to the fact its time for him to go. The reality is though he's here now and probably for the medium term if not until the end of the season. So, i'm just suggesting we find some more interesting, amusing, funny, light hearted things to talk about.

Everyone is free to ignore that and continue to complain, I just think like is too short. Hugs.

4.) 07 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021 14:57:44
Very hard to switch off from something I feel so passionate about and I think there's an easy fix in changing manager. Will it work? That's a different question but until something changes all roadsead to Ole.

As for the upvotes, that's how it works. When the page is refreshed, the most the number will go up is 1. I'm sure it's a decent gauge but it's easily manipulated.

5.) 07 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021 15:24:29

The person who said that about shaw was me, your more than welcome to name me if you like but it won't change the fact what I said was correct shaws best ever season was marginally better than Robertsons worse liverpool season, and around half as good as Robertsons best season i am not wrong the stats prove it

shaw best ever - 10 clean sheets, 5 assists, 1 goal,

Robertson - 19 clean sheets, 11 assists, 0 goal,

Just because a player improves doesn't mean he is the best, yes he starts for England but is there a world class LB who is challenging him nope Englands left back options aren't great players. I did agree that he was the best in the league last season but he wouldn't have been the best with those performances the season before or season before that so my comment still stands up.

6.) 07 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021 20:10:43
Guys we went through 26 odd years of up and down football more downs than ups.
Club will make a decision when they see fit. Anyone with any football knowledge can see that the football and coaching is not what it should be. This team should be blowing teams away with the attacking talent we have, but we seem to struggle yo score a goal and we concede ground and possession very easily.
However, until there is a clear replacement for Ole, then what is the club supposed to do if they sack him?
Biggest problem the club have is that our two most hated neighbours, have the two best managers in the world, and anyone we appoint, is not going to be of that standard.

7.) 07 Oct 2021
07 Oct 2021 20:26:19
Look on the bright side folks. Bruce might be available soon. Utd through and through and won sod all. That seems to be the requirement doesn’t it?

8.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 06:34:35
"more interesting, amusing, funny" AJH, that's what United have become under Ole right now.

9.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 06:35:02

I am all for a discussion and a debate about different thoughts and opinions etc. Just my issue with the site at the moment is that there is no debate anymore. If you don't like Ole then anyone who does like him is automatically wrong and vice versa as well. Everyone feels like they're against each other, when at the end of the day we all just want our club to be successful.

I have said it many times on here and to many of my mates, the fault lies with those calling the shots on a daily basis at the club. I want us to be successful and entertaining and to basically have the club I grew up watching back. I only lived through glory era's. I haven't seen the relegations or the Sexton era that posters like Ken and Red Man have. So I know it is rich and I sound spoilt. To me Manchester United was about exciting football, bravery on the pitch and of course giving youth a chance. All this was capable from having a structure, we had a chief exec and manager who knew the game inside and out. We had the best coaches in the world, the best scouting systems.

Since 2005 we relied on an absolute genius to keep us relevant, who won trophies after having in my eyes the best side English football has seen be broken up in one transfer window, and replaced with Obertan and Owen. We neglected the academy, the scouting and we chased big names for revenue. We have appointed managers who do not fit what this club stands for, and unfortunately I have to include Ole in that. We have had public fallings out with our chief exec and manager, we sacked a coach hours after winning a trophy, won with by a lad from the Academy that he brought through into the team. That is not how you run a football club, nevermind a club that should have aspirations to be winning every trophy available.

So Ole will get the sack at some stage, that is undeniable and on current form it would be the right call. Yet the club will drag it out, and then do you really think we will get the right man in? Would we have the balls to go and get a world class manager? No we will be after someone who is a free agent, or even worse do some sort of dual managerial deal with the FA for Southgate.

Ole is a problem in the same way Moyes, Van Gaal and Mourinho were. Cracking squad of players that I have no doubt someone could do a fantastic job with, but I have zero confidence in anyone at the football club to make the correct decisions and to quote Gary Neville, go out and get the best in class in through the door.

10.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 07:03:28
Maybe dio, my wider point was we can't seem to celebrate anything at all without a negative spin being put on it. Let's put Robertson aside, what about all the other LBs? 'Im not saying Shaw is the best LB in the world but last year he was the best in the League, bravo. Who knows, when Rashford gets back he might get even better.

11.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 08:21:19
Re the negative spin Tony- agree but tbh we have spent vast sums and have shown little or no improvement in the areas we were previously weak.
Is a 50m AWB any better than valencia/ young was- certainly not going forward.
Is £52 fred any better than fletcher, kagawa- no if you read the posts on here, further on is he any better than herrera, blind, no.
Is martial any better than ihbrahimavic, lukaku. no
and that is part of the problem. we recruit new players to replace older or players just moving on, and don't improve either the position or squad cover.
Its what good teams do our noisy neighbours, pool and countless others. I'm in the north east so you can imagine the crap pouring out at the moment but it will be an interesting watch to see what nufc do with access to funds over the next couple of years. In my opinion the drop off comes from the recruitment and the inner structure of the club and we can't get that anywhere near where it should be.

12.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 11:45:10
AJH I can understand your point about a negative spin as I have said previously he was the best left back in the league last season but we also need to add context and compare our players to the best in the league and Europe because that's where we need to be or should be aiming for I was happy that shaw improved in fact very happy but he still isn't quite there yet in some aspects of his game and he needs to continually improve although he was the best last season most other full backs were out of form last season and if your being honest with your self and again although shaw was the best in the league he wouldn't have got in our previous teams with last seasons performances although decent if it was evra it would have been an average season, same for robertson of liverpool, cancelo of city and so on again i'm not knocking him i just tried to add some perspective yes he was good but not on the level of the elite players in his position when they have average to bad seasons they get shaw stats from last year. And so far it looks like he won't have as good season this season.