08 Oct 2021 10:26:52
I see we have appointed our first director of data science. "The club aim to ramp up the use of analytics and his job will be to assist with transfers and study patterns of play".

Can someone explain to me what this actually means and if it will be beneficial to us moving forward?! I know the use of analytics is polarising in American sports as detractors say it's overused, and basing decisions on numbers doesn't factor in various real world scenarios.

Found the article on the daily mail and I'm not very clued in on the subject so I'll bow to others superior knowledge.

1.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 10:44:26
Many on here think we don't have any patterns of play so maybe this technology will help to answer that one!

Most worrying part of this is why are you reading the Daily Mail?

2.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 11:48:17
Can he play DM, just until the january transfer window, potential job swap with Fred? .

3.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 12:08:31
Mail online…not sure really as it is very sensationalist and depressing currently. Be interesting to see what this role involves and whether it’s useful. Otherwise we will just be paying someone else who contributes little to our success.

4.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 12:14:14
I think it’s more worrying if United did not have a data sciences person till now.

5.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 12:43:48
Great idea. Next time we sign a duff player or manager it won't be any body's fault - just a computer error.

6.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 13:17:47
The computer says No, is a bit different to no value in the market.

7.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 13:44:48
'Some on here don't think we have patterns of play exclamation mark'.
Are you one of those gds2 or do you think we have patterns of play?

8.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 13:57:09
They live amongst us GDS2.

9.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 15:10:18
This is from the United website. "Dominic Jordan, an experienced data scientist with a background in geospatial analytics, will be tasked with improving the way we connect and analyse the vast amounts of data generated across our football operations.

Dominic joins United from Manchester-based N Brown Group, where he led a 30-strong team of data scientists, engineers and analysts optimising the operations of one of the UK’s largest online retailers. Previously, he worked for a US-based world leader in population movement analytics, developing algorithms to help monitor the flow of people and vehicles in transport systems".

10.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 15:50:45
Great another non football expert.

11.) 08 Oct 2021
08 Oct 2021 19:33:32
If you put something in quotation marks at least quote me correctly, I said ‘many’. It was just tongue in cheek Kenneth stop taking everything so seriously, keeping up your record of responding in a derogatory way to one of my posts though, never stop.

I actually think we have a pattern of play and a way of playing, a plan A so to speak, I just don’t think it’s very good.

12.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 00:01:35
GDS2, What is it?

13.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 08:16:21
We have a patten of sorts but its so easy to play against and nullify - we play ddg> maguire> shaw> half way line> across field> matic > awb> forward to halfway line > stumbles > loses it then scrambles back to defend>.

14.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 08:19:42
MancMan, it's the DIY (do it yourself) pattern.

Ole just picks the team and the rest is up to the players?.

15.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 08:36:56
Funkypigeon, Ole is unhappy that you decoded his pattern of play?.

It really looks so intricate with all those arrows in there.

16.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 08:43:57
It’s a 4-2-3-1 formation, the 2 in the middle are meant to do the hard work, win the ball and get it to the front 4, the full backs should provide the width and help out the wingers.

It’s just all too slow with no intensity and despite it not working we seem to be sticking with it.

17.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 09:06:49
That's a formation not patterns of play.
The coding of the team is non evident in any aspect of the game except goal keeping which is special-ist and does not involve our idiots.
If there is a lack of understanding of what patterns of play are then that explains why you might think there is some.

18.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 09:07:14
Sadly the midfield two can’t successfully pass forwards (or sideways for that matter) so the plan breaks down.

19.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 09:50:11
GDS2 surely you are aware that what you explained isn't a pattern of play? Where are the angles, who makes the runs, who presses, who drops back when fullbacks attack, who plays the one twos and where?

20.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 10:59:29
Its not just training the players in patterns of play, but also getting them to identify when those patterns are happening in a game and to react accordingly.

21.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 11:18:56
LPU - lol its so blatant to see and counter against- if i can see it surely any coach should. We can't or don't change mid games which good teams do/ can and are so predictable. Every match we start like this and control for 10-15 mins, the opposition work it out and slow the play down to frustrate when they can and press the next player that we are passing to. Fred can't work it out he must be in the corridor with matic sharing the dunces hat because they still play passes to guys with 2/ 3 players on them.
Every waking day, i progress more and more to the ole out camp as the guy is clueless but, he must take the P**s poor coaches with him.

22.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 11:25:42
Funkypigeon, I agree.

I mean at least bring in better assistants and coaches if you are going to persist with Ole.

We have a outdated Phelan and the rest have little to no experience.

The incompetency from top to bottom is so frustrating.

23.) 09 Oct 2021
09 Oct 2021 11:34:08
Bloody hell I didn’t think I needed to explain my whole post in a Shappy style with 26 paragraphs explaining it all and even if I did some of you would tell me I’m wrong so I’ll leave it there, have a nice day.