15 Oct 2021 23:16:56
Awb has had a couple of weeks to get himself sharp again. Maybe most of the personal difficulties and pressure he has been under for the lat 6 months has moved to a better place.
He had and still has huge potential but he has not developed 1 iota over the last 2 years imo. He needs to get better.

1.) 16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021 00:17:21
Because of the coaching! How many players come to us and stall or go backwards! If Awb went to any other top 4 we'll let's face it top 10 club he would of improved players come to us and genuinely go backwards!

2.) 16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021 01:13:32
100% agree that he needs to improve and sometimes you need the right RW to play as a better RB. Hopefully it happens with Sancho playing there with Rashford back at LW now. At Dortmund and at United, I think Sancho shows more maturity and defensive support than many of our other wingers. Let’s see. Tick Tock.

3.) 16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021 08:49:14
I like this FGC.

AWB has not benefited at all from not having a real and refused RW ahead of him. Him and Sancho down the right is an appealing combination for me and once they play together will work very well, much like Shaw and Rashford down the left who have played many times together.

We need set combinations that work - too much chop and change early on for me.

4.) 16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021 08:53:53
AWB is an interesting player. He isn't my ideal kind of full back, but he is much better than many people give him credit for.

He often bares the brunt for a lot of our lackluster attacking play. While he isn't an offensive full back by any stretch of the imagination, it is not his fault that we struggle to move the ball quickly enough through the the transitions. While we often create chances but have poor finishing, again this isn't AWB's fault.

He's a solid 6 out of 10 player every week, he rarely let's us down, he just isn't TAA. He's a steady eddy, that stability is actually a good thing for a defender.

I do feel that our coaching staff may not be working as well with him as we would like. There seems to be little improvement in his offensive output, and he plays the safe option too often. He also has the occasional positioning error, although he often has the pace and the 1v1 ability to correct and overcome these errors. While I feel the coaching staff could maybe do more, we have to appreciate that for a player to improve it takes BOTH good coaching AND hard work and dedication from the player. Is AWB doing enough to improve himself? That isn't a criticism, just a genuine question as to why we don't seem to be seeing much improvement from him.

There is definitely a top level player in him, it's about coaxing it out of him one way or another. While an arm around Shaw's shoulder has got the best out of him, maybe AWB needs a different approach to challenge him to improve. Players are individuals after all and a blanket approach won't work for everyone.

Personally I think it makes more sense to coach him to play as an inverted full back that could free up a midfielder to push further forward. Then get our RW to stay wider to keep the width. While on the other side I'd have Shaw push up high and wide to allow Rashford to drift in.

It's a more nuanced slightly lopsided system which would require a more structured coaching approach.

Symmetrical systems are much easier to understand and to coach, both full backs do the same thing, both wingers do the same thing. Rather than coaching individual roles to individual players. However, making the system to suit the players rather than asking the players to adjust to the system will almost certainly get better performances from the players as they will be playing to their strengths.

5.) 16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021 11:47:05
Nah Shappy, he's pants. Best juzt to sell him and buy a better player.

6.) 16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021 14:55:30
Compare his stats to Walkers, he stacks up quite well against who I would say is a good comparison at city.

TAA played in a Liverpool team that play 3 in CM and ask their full backs to bomb forward. It is also the main focus of his game, so liverpool find a way to accommodate it.

I do think Bissaka is improving going forward. With ronny and cavani in the box I would expect more assists and chances created this year.

7.) 16 Oct 2021
16 Oct 2021 14:57:51
Not for me AWB is not IMO anywhere near a top class full back, too many times out of position, lucky he is good at last ditch tackles because he out of position too many times, top defenders stay on there feet!

Going forward he is just awful

I think no matter who coaches him he won’t get much better then he is now, and that’s not good enough for supposedly top 4 team.

Plus he still got big problems looming over him till at least December I am led to believe.