21 Nov 2021 09:50:11
I'd still like Graham Potter as our next manager. Whilst the likes of Ten Haag will be unavailable, Potter has been very impressive. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

However, I expect the club to mess up again and appoint a poor manager again.

1.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 10:26:20
What has Potter won? What is his European record like? Seriously, are we ready to take another risk? I don’t have the answers but we need someone with a track record of some description.

2.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 10:51:44
Do we though? I don’t know how a manager can build a reputation without giving inexperience a chance. Like Nagelsman, obviously had potential. I get we are in a bit of a mess, but the players are there to turn it around, think we need a good tactical coach rather than a guy like Zidane, who won’t want to stay long term and will be off when the France job is up. Always wanted an experienced guy and a good motivational coach. Like a ragnick/ marsch setup. Ideally the full Ajax team set up, but will never happen.

3.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 10:54:26
AJH you mean someone with a track record of winning at the highest level and qble to win trophies

You know like mourinho or van gaal.

4.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 10:56:07
Potter can set up a side with much worse players, play good football and compete against the top sides. I don't think it's much of a risk at all, personally.

5.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 10:58:56
As mentioned in previous posts I don't think it matters who the next manager is - Top class or a an up and coming - unless there is fundamental change at the very top and a start over with a clean state we will be in same managerial position in 2/ 3 years time.

6.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 10:46:17
Well if our long term target is Southgate I’d rather we appointed Potter ? but seriously this interim to permanent or permanent appointment next has to be spot on with a plan.

7.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 11:21:13
We need to go after a young experienced manager who is ready to burst onto the scene and can bring the best out of this squad while playing a attacking brand of football.

I will take anyone who can get the team playing to its full potential and gives us a chance at winning things.

jayo84, right now what really matters is the performances on the pitch especially with a talented squad and we should be looking to take advantage of that in the first place.

If you are looking for a change at the very top it's not happening anytime soon.

8.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 11:44:55
I think Potter is a great manager, literally his only downside is a lack of experience at the highest level.

Great man manager, great motivator, plays entertaining football, develops and improves players, gets a team playing greater than the sum of its parts, knows the EPL.

The problem with hiring a manager who has a proven track record at a top club is that most have ultimately failed at that club and been sacked. Otherwise they won't be available.

Jose won things at top clubs, as has Benitez and Ancelotti. They have also all failed at top clubs and been sacked.

There is no manager who ticks all the boxes that would make everyone happy. There will always be a section of fans unhappy and skeptical of the new manager. No doubt they will be vocal if the new manager has a bad run as well. As fans we are all guilty of enjoying the "I told you so" moment. Ultimately if being right is the most important thing to you then always back a manager to fail. You'll be right eventually 99.5% of the time. Which means you get a lot of "I told you so's".

My only real concern over Potter is whether the structure at the club is best suited to helping him succeed. Big surprise, it isn't. But then I don't think our current structure would be beneficial or even neutral to ANY potential new manager. Whoever comes in will find the structure counter productive to that manager meeting their targets.

So on that basis it seems foolish to ignore Potter as a genuine option, as the only thing holding him back will also hold back all potential candidates. Any success any future manager will have will have to come despite of how the club is run and not because of it. At least until the club is being run like a football club aiming to compete.

Personally my personal favourite would be Hansi Flick, but he's probably not available. Erik Ten Hag is my second choice with Potter third, Pochettino forth and Rodgers fifth.

Zidane would be a poor appointment done out of desperation and a lack of footballing knowledge. Simply because the guy doesn't want it and would need persuading makes him the wrong candidate. We can't complain about mercenary footballers then hire a manager who is only in it for the money.

Southgate I can see the in liking as he is a comfortable choice. But I don't think he is suited to EPL football at the sharp end of the table. His success with England is mostly built on giving team players more of a chance and swerving the Ego's as much as possible. No chance he would have succeeded with the likes of Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard, Rio, Terry, Cole etc in the squad. I don't think Southgate could command the likes of Ronaldo etc. While his football is boring, defensive and negative.

9.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 11:51:11
I'd take a few years of pain if it meant we could see over the initial few years the right things are been put in place with players and a squad all playing for each other while doing it with a quality style of football.

Instant success while obviously is great I would forfeit it if it meant we weren't in this situation again which I fear we will be if we go the quick fix route.

10.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 13:13:27
Arsene Wenger as interim; Pochettino next year.

11.) 21 Nov 2021
21 Nov 2021 13:13:27
Arsene Wenger as interim; Pochettino next year.