25 Nov 2021 12:59:36
Is Ken gone away on holiday with ole or what.

1.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 13:20:56
Ken is busy celebrating. He said it would be the happiest day of his life.

2.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 13:46:13
Ken is actually Mike Phelan, he needs to keep his head down for a bit if he is to get the top job ?.

3.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 15:42:24
Leahy. No need to dance on his grave. Just being patient now to see what happens next leahy.
I see lots of comments lots of hype lots of nonsense so just waiting.
The idiot is gone thank God so it will all be sorted in good time.
Let there be no panic.

4.) 25 Nov 2021
25 Nov 2021 16:36:53
And now Rangnick is taken the role and Phelan will no longer be in the running Ken makes his triumphant return.

We know his secret now ?.