30 Jan 2022 09:48:56
Genuinely angry and sad about Mason Greenwood. Disgusting behaviour. I’ve said multiple times he was prob the only united player in the last year I had any love for, but looks like he’s the worst person of the lot.
Expect him to be immediately out of the squad pending investigation, and dumped completely if/ when proven.
There goes another good thing about supporting United in the current day….

1.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 10:13:37
Another wasted career like Morrison maybe.

2.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 10:14:09
Hope he goes to prison. Disgusting behavior that seems to have been going on for quite some time. I’m sure his future cell mates will return the favor, mind.

3.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 10:39:00
I’m sick and tired of these footballers behaving however they want outside of football and behind closed doors. If the club have any ounce of decency they will rip his contract up today. They also need to support the young girl and ensures she gets the right attention and support.

4.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 10:42:08
I'm 100% with you on all of that ports.

5.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 10:53:54
Pampered beyond belief, told their wonderful all day long, millionaire at 18. This is a formula for disaster.

6.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 11:25:15
Ports, I would love to see this from the club and would support them if they did this. Stand up and do the right thing morally against this horrendous behaviour in our society, stand by the young lady involved. Unfortunately having seen the impact of domestic violence through my sister, the system to dealing with this is slow and not in any way designed to help the victim.

7.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 11:47:23
Totally agree Ports.
It shows how little our club cares about the way players behave.
Greenwood abusing his girlfriend
Lingard going on social media wearing a West ham shirt and telling us he's a prisoner at United (wtf)
Pogba telling us he'll sign a new contract but only if conditions are met!
Honestly, there is nothing I love about our club. Morals have just been dumped.

8.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 12:30:52
If you are trying to equate what greenwood has done and what pogba is doing with his contracts then you need to give your head a wobble because its ridiculous.

Listening to that poor girl on that audio clip was horrific and i hope he is dealt with severely by the justice system.

{Ed077's Note - how can you compare domestic violence/crime to contract disputes/standoffs?

Just how? How?

9.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 13:10:13
Its not just the stance from the club that is important, but also from us the fans.
The response from everyone on here has been unanimous today, the bloody lip photo is particularly horrific.
Any of our players who is found to had perpetrated such an act should not be allowed to stay at our club, regardless of the financial cost to the club, we are better than that and we should make our opinions known to the Management Board.

10.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 13:26:26
Ed077 totally agreed. DSG seriously lad have a chat with yourself.

{Ed077's Note - that wasn't DSG though.

These allegations are way way beyond football, let alone MUFC. We are talking about criminal acts here.

11.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 14:22:20
For too long sportstars have been getting away with this behaviour, look at the NFL and what they get away with.

If guilty, a prison sentence is a must and a ban from ever playing professional football again.

We need however to address the abuse of this, why do players think it is acceptable to behave this way, their sense of entitlement is disgusting.

{Ed0666's Note - why label it as a sporting issue it’s a gender issue? Why do men (and some women) feel that it’s ok to throw hands to resolve a dispute?

12.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 14:57:26
Apologies DSG. Very sorry. Indeed my post was meant to be about Attack Attack Attack. I meant to say "as DSG said".

13.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 15:09:25
I agree with ED here. It's about violence agents others, and in particular male violence against women. This is a only a sporting issue if being a star means getting away with this sort of behavior either because the police or the club do not act, or act favorably towards the perpetrator. Pending the investigation Greenwood should be suspended, but MUFC does not need to go beyond that at this time. The justice system needs to do its job, and hopefully expeditiously. If the allegations are proven (and it most certainly looks like they will be), then hopefully United have a clause written into ts contracts that allows them to be voided in the event of criminal behavior.

14.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 15:26:31
Disgusted, there is no place in society for that behaviour. The police need to be given the time and space to investigate this properly and for the legal process to be concluded.

If true (as looks likely) then I hope our club acts with the proper dignity befitting an institution such as ours and they cancel his contract and bomb him out the club.

15.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 16:30:39
Don, I wasn't condoning or belittling what Greenwood has done. I said that jail will be too good. I hate the idiot for what he's done. More importantly, i cannot imagine what the poor girl has gone through. People like Greenwood don't deserve to live.
I have a daughter and two granddaughters, so, please don't lecture me on values.
My post was implying and having a go at hiding issues and allowing players to misbehave in any way they want. And in the case of Greenwood, his behaviour is worse than anything.
Hope that clears up the misunderstanding and I can assure you that football is nothing to me, but people's wellbeing and this poor girl's welfare should be uppermost in all our thoughts.

16.) 30 Jan 2022
30 Jan 2022 17:47:45
Attack x3 fair enough. I think it's important to draw a separation between criminality and our beliefs of ideal behaviour. I objected to putting Lingard and Pogbas name anywhere near what Greenwood seems to have done. I acknowledge you didn't intend that, and am not questioning your values, but, respectfully, your post was in bad taste.