02 Apr 2022 20:59:50
What a horrid season summed up perfectly by elanga tackling a through on goal Rashford. We are a dull, soft and pretty much useless team and this season is every bit as bad as Moyes's season. To think we were considered challengers for the title makes it even harder to accept, looking on the positive side surely we can't get any worse.

The best thing that could happen now is West Ham and Wolves winning all there matches and we miss out on all European competition and say bye to players out of contract, bring in players Like Garner and Medbri and even Garrancho whilst replacing players like Dalot, Mctominay and Maguire with better quality. It's time for big changes this simply can not go on!

Our star is fading and clubs like City and Liverpool are leaving us in the dust, this seasons a write off but this summer could well be the most important in recent memory. They have no option but to get the right manager in, this must not end in another failure!

1.) 02 Apr 2022
02 Apr 2022 22:03:52
At least this season can’t somehow be painted as a success…it’s happened before where the fa cup or carabao cup saved our season or 4th place. No hiding this time and hopefully some good will come of it.

2.) 02 Apr 2022
02 Apr 2022 22:06:07
We really seem to miss a great finisher. I really miss Greenwood, think he would help a lot (not going into what happened, just saying football wise) .
If we can't get top 4, i'd rather like us missing on other european competitions, but I can't see that happening.
Leicester is never easy, but we had to win this. didn't deserve it though.

3.) 02 Apr 2022
02 Apr 2022 22:36:46
The fact that the only centreforward we had available didn’t even start sums up how desperate things have become. Supposedly it was a choice between Pogba or Rashford in the XI and I would have made the same call based on Rashford’s form. Everyone is completely devoid of any spark atm. They needed to come back after the break with a fire in their belly but were lucky not to lose.

4.) 02 Apr 2022
02 Apr 2022 23:21:11
I think it’s important to remember that this is the team that Ole built.

Up until the start of this season people like Gary Neville were praising Ole for building the club back up, creating an identity and so on. But what we’re left with is a set of players that, above all else, simply don’t fit together.

Our players, aside from a select few, are either average, unmotivated, or in some cases, both. Even the players who could do something for the club have to slot in with mess of transfer mistakes stretching across 4 managers. While a case can be made for Moyes, LVG and Jose not getting the players they wanted, Ole, by all accounts, did. It’s just he had no plan or playing style guiding them.

I’m hoping that whoever the next manager is will press the full reset button. No more trying to build a system around the players. Start with the basics - how the team is expected to play and bring in players suited to this.

5.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 06:53:25
It has become a normal that by December every seaosn you crawl for a rebuild.

6.) 03 Apr 2022
03 Apr 2022 10:34:56
The Ron don don,

Bit my tongue on the first crap message I read, jog on.