03 May 2022 10:20:04
Proper sendoff, really Lingard?

If you wanted you could have moved your butt off the bench and clapped and moved around gave a lap.
Not getting a game shouldn't restrict in you doing that.

Really really excited and happy to see the back of so many players.

1.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 11:26:22
yep, too busy blaming others - Lingard has barely wanted to play football since he came back from WHU -or at least that's how it looked. Time these guys actually had some respect for the fans and the club never mind themselves.

2.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 11:39:13
If his brother or himself gobbed off to the press or social media like they do today back in Fergie era he’d of been long gone!

That’s what we need at club now, leadership and fear factor! Too many players who are poor let’s be honest are far too big for their boots!

{Ed014's Note - question, do you think Liverpool or City work with a fear factor, isn’t this just harking back so some out dated way of working.

Can you think of any modern day Premier League or even European club that is run with a fear factor.

It’s just an oft repeated load of bollox, like all this crap about getting Roy Keane back on the coaching staff.

3.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 12:19:01
Ed014, I agree you can't run a Football club through fear anymore. City players don't fear Pep and Liverpool players don't fear Klopp.

These players are multimillionaires with brands, and sponsorship deals, a social media following, and several revenue streams. They hold a lot of power, if they want they can pretty much up sticks and move to another club.

The key to controlling the dressing room was never fear, it was respect.

The Liverpool and City players respect Pep and Klopp, they listen to them and I suspect as managers they explain their actions and what the players need to do, both on and off the pitch.

The problem at United is the players have no respect for the revolving position of manager. They have a thought process of "if this guy doesn't like me and play me then we'll get him binned out the door and maybe the next guy will rate me".

Rather than looking at themselves, at WHY the current manager isn't playing them and what they can do to change that situation.

These players will leak stories to the press and throw the manager under the bus. They are like a dog that has learned to bite when it's unhappy. Sadly, once they learn that it's almost impossible to unlearn it or change that behaviour.

It's why we probably have to even clear out some players who on a technical ability are good enough. It's why we need such a monumental rebuild. Too many players who will blame the manager for their poor performances/ not being picked and would rather bite the manager than roll up their sleeves.

We can't afford to leave those players in the squad. They infect the rest and spread that bad behaviour.

Next season we need strict rules for the players to follow, with swift and harsh retribution for breaking those rules.

You leak stuff to the press, you whinge in public, you try and undermine the manager in anyway shape or form and you are out of the squad. Training on your own until you can be packed off elsewhere when the next transfer window opens.

There may need to be a couple of players who are made example of to keep the rest in line and establish the new regime.

{Ed014's Note - that will likely be the key part from the club and ETH, set out what they want and stick to your guns of getting rid as Ole should have done with at least Martial and Pogba.

It’s a job to know how deep the problem is at United and McTominay probably just skimmed the surface with his interview the other week.

4.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 12:19:01
Agreed Ed14, i think most people focus on those off the ball aspects too much when they analyse united because those are aspects of the game they can relate to most easily.

Things like passion, desire and work rate are easy sticks to beat this team with because those are the traits that us as fans would give if we had the opportunity to play.

The reality is more nuanced and i would argue there are more issues at the club from a tactical and technical perspective than there is from a passion or desire point of view.

Also i think Lingard is the most in the right to be miffed with the way he's been treated by the club, had a cracking loan spell at west ham and then was kept at the club for no good reason and has not had any meaningful game time.

Hes certainly more deserving of a send off than Cavani was who has taking the mick out of the club all season.

{Ed014's Note - it’s hard to fathom the problems in honesty, they would seem obvious yet are probably not.

It’s a big reset because otherwise ETH will just be the next head on the chopping block.

5.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 14:51:32
Your wrong Ed, fear factor should be evident in every industry, you should never want to let your boss or your manager down! Let alone go publicly gibbing off about an employer who has paid you extortionate amounts of money! Playing football is the same, and I bet Liverpool and city players are scared of letting klopp and pep down because of the amount of respect they have for them! Never hear a peep from them camps because the fear or respect is there .

{Ed001's Note - it is not fear that does that, fear makes you freeze. You are showing a complete lack of understanding of what works. The reason Liverpool and City do so well is because they don't fear making a mistake, they can play without fear.}

6.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 15:15:08
Chris, it's respect. The Liverpool and City players respect their manager and they respect their club.

They know they will be treated fairly if they are fair themselves.

The managers talk to the players, explain what they need to do to improve and providing they do that they will get their chance.

If the player decides he wants to leave, then there is a way for them to do that the the club won't get in their way.

The problem at United isn't a lack of fear but a lack of respect. However, what we should really be asking is why there is a lack of respect.

Ultimately it's because the club is run like a circus rather than a football club. An arrogance from key decision makers even though they have no proven track record of success. Players being forced to stay, lied to, managers being out of their depth and picking favourites regardless of form. A lack of coaching and direction, managers throwing players under the bus to save their own skin and vice versa.

It's a recipe for disaster, poorly run from top to bottom, amateur decision making, no clear plan or vision, lurching from one mistake to the next, a lack of accountability at all levels, players brand appeal being valued greater than their playing ability or profile.

You take those players at City and Liverpool and you put them in the United team over the past few years and we would be saying the same of them as we do of our own.

7.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 15:46:57
I don't beleive in ruling by fear but I do beleive that players should be afraid of losing their place, losing their career at a club if they don't uphold the values of the club and standards on and off the field and what the manager wants- that's different. That "fear" or respect comes from strong management and being reluctant to let your teammates and the club down, it means something to you.

Thats what's missing throughout the club now. Players aren't afraid of Klopp or Pep, they want to play for him and do right by their teammates and the club- be part of somethign great that they have built collectively.

8.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 17:21:31
Players should play out of love for the club. At least it used to be like that. now they only play for the money, they aren't ashamed if they give a bad performance, if they keep losing, not trying, and so on.

9.) 03 May 2022
03 May 2022 18:19:34
You don't need fear, you need what American Football teams call Alpha Dawgs in the locker (dressing room) . These are the guys who set the standard and tone amongst the team. They have drive, are fierce competitors and demand it from everyone. They will pick up the guys who need it with a quiet word or an arm around then if that's what required. These are the type of guys who don't bemoan when things go against them the strive to overcome them. Lose a goal you believe is unfair, you need someone to say don't matter we just have to score two.

This side doesn't have these, look at our supposed leaders, Bruno whines non stop. Maguire has retreated completely into his shell and looks scared stuff on pitch.

This team last year kept coming back in the second half, this year they have downed tools, they play scared.

Guys like Rashford who doesn't strike me as the Alpha sort seem to have been negatively affected too. I wonder how much of his problems (at least with effort) and of similar players who affected by this.

We need a couple of people to come in with the manager and change things up from the middle of our dressing room. It's not fear though unless it's the will to succeed to dominate to win.