14 Oct 2023 20:34:51
The only way the Glazers leave Old Trafford is in a casket.

Unbelievable greed and ego. They just won't let go.

1.) 14 Oct 2023
14 Oct 2023 21:33:27
It's the only way I now want to see them go.

Nothing will change, season tickets will get sold, merchandise will be purchased and the "Glazer Out" banners will still get hung up with no effect.

The only time fans got a reaction was when they broke into Old Trafford and forced the game to get called off.

It's not nice, and I don't endorse any form of trespass or violence, but the current "peaceful" protests have and will continue to do nothing. Why? Because the Glazers simply don't care.

2.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 02:03:51
I used to look forward to the weekends so that I could watch my team play. For a while there I started to dread them, but these days, I’ve almost stopped caring one way or the other. This shambles of a club is unrecognizable from the one I grew up watching. Now I have the games on in the background, or not at all.

I blame the leeches for their greed, but I also blame Ratcliffe for providing them with a way that they can further line their pockets without having to give up control. I blame us fans too for not speaking loudly enough and continuing to buy matchday tickets and merchandise to support the continuation of this complete and utter rubbishshow.

3.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 03:50:04
SJR is the problem. He's giving the glazers everything and getting nothing. No controlling share. Doesn't have enough money to clear the debt, invest in the infrastructure. He looks an awful lot like a JP Morgan puppet, to keep us in their pockets.

So we are now on a promise that we might have a new controlling owner in 3 years. And maybe in 10 years he will have put together enough funds to buy the whole club. He'll probably bring in a fancy director of football. Probably buy a couple of shiney players.

But we need open heart surgery, and we had an offer on the table to everything we need today.

What is SJR plan? Do his dependents share the same passion for this club, because he will not be around to see us back being successful. Desperate move by a guy who lost put with Chelsea and Barca.

4.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 08:47:35
I am so very disappointed and trust me that is putting my feelings very lightly. I hope Mancman etc are happy now and will enjoy the utter FUBAR situation we now face.
I see the possibility that we head in the direction Leeds went and if this club weren't so important to me I would wish it so just to spite the Glazers and RatMan. We are done!

5.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 08:50:06
Where’s Michael Knighton when you need him…. ?.

6.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 09:03:16
They both proclaim to be lifelong Utd fans

What utter tosh

One has a season ticket for Chelsea for god sake and the other has he ever been to a game

The sheikh if he really wanted the club would of put down the cash would an extra 1 or 2 billion really made any difference to him absolutely not

What happens if Ratcliffe dies before the Glazers are gone as he’s no spring chicken

What an absolute mess

The second worst thing to happen to this great club is the GLAZERS.

{Ed002's Note - Jim R grew up a Manchester United fan.}

7.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 09:56:13
A true Utd fan doesn’t have a season ticket for Chelsea.

8.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 10:00:04
if the SJR 25% deal goes through will be interesting to see if any statement is made about the future plans, we hear nothing usually from Glazers so let's see. Fans saying the protests do no good well things could change there too. presumably SJR will attend games and also has his businesses here in UK which could be disrupted/ attacked etc etc ( not advocating it at all - just saying SJR is putting himself in firing line by being a public figure associated with UTD in UK- completely different from Woodwards position )

SJR has been vocal in the past about the way the club has been run, infastructure/ recruitment etc . I know he is only getting 25% but he must be the worlds biggest hypocrite if he is not getting on board to change things. that's why i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt to see if any concrete future plans are forthcoming - BTW my first choice was the Sheikh as I thought a clean break from the past was the only way forward.

9.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 10:03:22
Everyone needs to chill based on some of Ed's comments and other comments this is a phased buy out of the glazers SJR/ ineos will technically be the largest individual shareholder and I'm sure he would have some contractual guarantees about control and potential investment.

If you look at what ineos have done at other clubs they have been very good at fixing infrastructure issues at the training ground/ stadiums.

It might not be the perfect way we all wanted it to happen but this is the first step to getting rid of the glazers and based on the fact b share are bing bought I imagine the first step to 100% ownership.

10.) 15 Oct 2023
15 Oct 2023 10:22:20
Nice is currently sitting in second place and its a club that has never done anything, so no tradition there. They have invested quite a bit of their own money comparative to the size of the club and seem to have done it differently to what psg has done, currently sitting in 3rd.

Hating SJR with no facts is just an emotional overreaction. wait till we see the details folks.

Malaga was bought in 2010 by a Qatari royal and to this day have done nothing and played in Europe once in the last 14 years.