13 Jun 2024 15:48:52
Looking like olise could be off to Chelsea, reports from ornstein today that they are in talks with palace. Disappointing as I really like him and he would be perfect for us. I guess we need to sell first. Though how are Chelsea spending again it's madness they'll be touching 2pm in 2 years at this rate. definitely can't say boehly is stingy.

1.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 15:51:59
Maybe one of our new 'dream team' can pull out an Enciso or Mitoma of our own. Someone no-one's heard of that doesn't blitz whatever our budget is.

2.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 16:07:55
That should have said 2billion not pm ??.

3.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 16:53:47
They don't hang about Chelsea, they just seem to get the deal done without any fuss.

4.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 18:32:25
It's an odd move given that their best player last season (Cole Palmer) plays in the same position as Olise. To be honest if I was a Chelsea fan I'd be pretty annoyed if the club spent big on a player for a position not needed when there are other areas in need of addressing. 55-60m on Olise when they need a CB, a GK, a ST and probably a LB seems like a poor way to run a club to be honest.

It certainly doesn't seem like a logical strategy.

As for United? I'd have two CB's, two midfielders, a ST and probably two full backs as higher priority than RW currently.

Based on the logic that Garnacho has played his best football on the right, we also have Amad whose looked promising, along with Mount and Bruno who can play there effectively. We also probably won't be able to shift Antony either. So we have 5 players who can play there, two of them talented young players who have huge potential and room for improvement.

At CB I'd say we only have Martinez and possibly Kambwala who are good enough, while Varane, Evans and at least one of Lindelof or Maguire are likely to leave. From a sheer numbers perspective we need a couple of CB's, let alone that it was our weakest area of the pitch last season.

In midfield only Mainoo is good enough and he's a kid whose played half a season. Casemiro will likely leave and is declining regardless. Amrabat is only on loan and will return to Italy. Beyond those three we don't have anyone who can play at a high enough level in those deeper midfield positions. So at least two midfielders are needed.

Hojlund is the only striker we have, is a kid and has had a few injury issues (probably from over playing) last season. We need another ST.

AWB is not suited for the style of play we want to play, while Shaw and Malacia have serious question marks over their ability to stay fit. Leaving only Dalot as a good enough and regularly available fullback to cover two positions. I'd argue that we need both a RB and LB before we looked to usurp Garnacho from the RW.

That's 7 players we need more than a RW player like Olise. Given that all the reports are that we have a limited budget and will need to sell to buy, spending 60m on a player who is probably 8th on our list of priorities seems a poor way to run a club.

I get that we don't create enough chances, and he seems like an obvious and easy fix. But we need to build the foundations before we look to get some fancy tiles for the roof.

Personally I think it would be best for Olise to stay at Palace another year. With Glasner looking like a really good appointment for Palace and with them having a pretty good, fairly young side, with excellent recruitment from Dougie Freedman, I don't think Palace is a bad place to play football next season.

Players like Henderson or Johnstone in goal, Andersen and Guehi at CB, Mitchell at LB, Wharton, Cheick Doucoure and Eze in midfield and the form of Mateta up front. Olise would have a really good team to play in. They are probably a RB and a LW away from having a top 10 team that could challenge for a Europa place if they can keep their best players fit. While what Olise needs now is a whole season of football under his belt to dispel those injury prone whispers.

I'm not sure a regular spot on the Chelsea bench is the best place for him. He should stay at Palace next season, have a true breakout campaign where he could get Cole Palmer numbers if he stays fit for the whole season. His goals and assists per 90 record this season is higher than Palmer's. If he manages something similar then he'll have his choice of all the top sides in Europe next summer.

5.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 19:34:09
Palmer will not play on the right if they sign olisse I guess.

6.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 20:07:23
Maybe we could buy Palmer ??.

7.) 13 Jun 2024
13 Jun 2024 20:18:37
Chelsea already met his release clause last year. He opted to give Palace another year with a new contract and clause written in.
Will he do the same again if Chelsea, United or Newcastle come in? I doubt it myself.

8.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 04:18:43
Chelsea have consistently sold fairly well over recent years Tim, they’ll probably raise £150-200m again this summer i'd imagine. Whilst they have a need for players in other positions as mentioned in the thread, they also have a need for HG players especially if Gallagher or Chalobah or both leave and they’re looking to sell Sterling if possible. Signing Olise who’s HG and would arguably be their best RW (Palmer would play AM) does make some sense.

{Ed001's Note - is it sold well or sold lots? Only they seem to always sell the players they should keep and keep the players they should sell in recent years, hence the drop off from being the best team in the league. And they are looking like doing it again by getting rid of Chalobah and Gallagher, while bringing in yet another player they don't need in Olise.}

9.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 08:15:33
Chelsea, the literal manifestation of headless chickens.

10.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 08:59:58
Maybe Madueke leaves, who started lots in that position.

11.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 11:41:07
Ed001, do you mean under Boehly? Maybe Gilmour, RLC and Mount but kinda 50/ 50 imo. RLC had a year left on his contract and had been beset with injuries for most of his time at the club. Mount too had 1 year left and seemingly didn’t want to stay. Other than those 3 I don’t see too many they sold they should have kept. I do think this summer they shouldn’t be selling Maatsen, Gallagher or Chalobah though to be fair.

{Ed001's Note - I was not meaning any of those, I was meaning all those players over the years you had out on loan, that were then sold who could have done a better job than players you had in the team. Gilmour is one of those bad buys you became so prone to in the latter part of Roman's reign as the club tried to prioritise breaking even. Never going to be good enough to hold down a regular spot in a top team but there was going to be a profit to be made selling him.}