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19 Jun 2011 22:12:55
Still not sure that the sanchez deal is done. Fabregas is their no 1 target and they won't want to spend any kitty til that deal is done. They would then need to offload villa to fund the deal of Sanchez and at nearly 30 years old I can't see huge money being paid for him.

Even after all this there is still confirmed interest in Rossi and barca have had a bid rejected!

Also the fact that soriano is prepared to go in the deal means little. He is a B squad player and would be happy to go to ANY epidural team to be involved in first team duties...

Just my thoughts


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19 Jun 2011 22:06:29
hope rodwell doesnt sign not gud enough for united

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19 Jun 2011 21:49:41
Sturridge to Old Trafford? Heard a bit about this doing the rounds.

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19 Jun 2011 21:45:28
According to the bookies we are big favourites to sign rodwell and nasri. Not bad. Anything other than Adam will do. Ronnie wants to come back imo but we could never afford him

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19 Jun 2011 21:35:15
ever increasing talk of a deal for Fellaini involving Wes Brown going to Everton emerging from Merseyside.

Moyes has to sell before he can bring in anymore players and Fellaini and Rodwell could well both be on their way to United.

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19 Jun 2011 21:33:08
Barca have agreed a deal for Sanchez 33m with jonathon soriano goin the other way looks like we are missing out on players now thanks fergie.but I think we should sign shaqiri and javi Martinez in the midfield if fergie is looking to the future wot do u think ed?

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19 Jun 2011 21:32:12
SSN reporting that Jonathan Soriano has confirmed he is ready to move to Udinese as part of the deal that could take Alexis Sanchez to Barcelona.

Looks done and dusted to me...

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19 Jun 2011 21:17:54
Ed, could we get Modric?! {Ed004's Note - Yes if we wanted him}

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19 Jun 2011 21:16:40
caughtoffside says manutd will bid 10 million for adel taarabt

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19 Jun 2011 21:11:51
It has come to light in Spain that Sir Alex has made a bid for Affelay although he was only bought to Barca last season, Sir Alex is ready to pay £9m for his services.

But personally as he can play as a an attacking midfielder or on the wings, I think hes the perfect buy for Man United

Any thoughts Ed? {Ed004's Note - I don't and do not think he will be bought}

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19 Jun 2011 21:10:08
It appears to be that SAF hasnt given up on Steven Defour ready to pay £14m for his talents

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19 Jun 2011 21:07:58
Another transfer rumour coming to light is the cental midfielder who plays for Juventus, Krasic who has been on SAF's radar for a year and a half. The deal is supposedly £14m

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19 Jun 2011 21:07:14

In fact did come from that story. Basically I read it earlier on SSN and dropped him a txt. He gave me a bit of info on the matter. So yes - you are right. Just thought i'd share. That is all.


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19 Jun 2011 21:03:00
England are out although the game is not finished , I just cannot see them scoring.


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19 Jun 2011 21:02:06
i was having a very well overdue visit to the public toilets in salford where none other than martin ferguson pulled up in his car to have a private chat or atleast he thought it was private, as he didnt realise i was curling one out. anyway, the news this week will be that charlie adam will been our 'playmaker' next year!! not so sure i'm happy about this news chaps!! thats all, Jamal.

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19 Jun 2011 20:53:27
berbatov & oshea to ncle, with tiote coming to OT
just berbatovs wages to sort out, info is good trust me

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19 Jun 2011 20:31:40
looks like sanchez is definitely joining barca with barca offering arsenal villa and 5mil for fabregas But will villa go?
this will leave them with 35mil which will be used for sanchez.
Manchester united are looking at n'zogbia and sneijder is definitely still on the cards!


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19 Jun 2011 20:03:45
loads of rumours around the old trafford area that there is a swap deal, carrick for parker, dont know how much of this is true but my dad never lies

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19 Jun 2011 19:58:53
Its being reported in Argentina that SAF has enquired for Angel D Maria and it is likely that SAF is willing to pay £27m along with Berbatov

Any thoughts Ed?

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19 Jun 2011 19:31:54
My source tells me that these rumours relating to Obertan signing for Lille may in fact be the result of Hazard signing for United. Have to wait and see, but my source said a deal may be on the cards....


Not that im doubting you or your "source", i just find it quite funny that your "source" has only just told you about it since the Obertan story was on SSN, coincidence, i think not. Though i hope im wrong as i think Hazard is someone that we need.


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19 Jun 2011 19:27:47
united to sign rodwell and adams by nxt weekend

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19 Jun 2011 19:21:35
My source tells me that these rumours relating to Obertan signing for Lille may in fact be the result of Hazard signing for United. Have to wait and see, but my source said a deal may be on the cards....


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19 Jun 2011 19:06:18
de gea, young, and jones are all done deals..

we are planing a bid for Hazard on 20 million

Nasri is going to stay at Arsenal.

Sneijder can maybe come to the club, but then nani would go in the other direction.

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19 Jun 2011 18:52:56
Ed, , i find the agree, disagree and reply to the post not working in ma cell..please help, , feel cut of from the banter {Ed002's Note - Hold it up higher and it'll work - has to be above your head.}

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19 Jun 2011 18:44:03
Heard a few people saying that they have heard United are planning an opening £25M bid for chance of getting him, chances are Spurs will be asking for stuid money bit like they are for Modric

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19 Jun 2011 18:18:18
Sanchez is not going to happen, neither is nasri. Sneijder is still a possibility! The other deals are already done, young, de gea and jones. With one other midfielder on the cards, which will be rodwell or diarra!

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19 Jun 2011 17:48:38
alex ferguson will soon bid 12 million for kayal of celtic. you heard it here first

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19 Jun 2011 17:44:58
Heard from a certain MUTV person that SAF is looking at Adams as an experienced head to play alongside an unmentioned young star of the future in the midfield for next season.

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19 Jun 2011 17:39:56
Man Utd are now only marginally off even odds to sign Jack Rodwell on - 11/10.

I would be ok with this because he is a good player.
BUT>>> Not the AM or Scholes replacement we need. He is also a barrier to the progression of Tunnicliffe, Pogba and Morrison, especially Tunnicliffe.

Good signing guys?

Believable = yes
Unbelievable = no

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19 Jun 2011 17:11:58
Alex Ferguson likely to step up his interest in Celtic's £10 million-rated Israeli midfielder Beram Kayal. Reports suggest John O'Shea could be used as a makeweight in any deal. {Ed007's Note - £7/8 million and O'Shea and you got a deal :-) we'll half the agents commission}

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19 Jun 2011 16:56:16
A Press conference for Tuesday 5th July at OT has been set up. Time still to be confirmed but pencilled in for 11.30am.

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19 Jun 2011 16:43:20
Just heard that Lyon's Gourcuff is to have a medical at Man U the reported price is £27m

Any thoughts Ed? {Ed012's Note - I hope not! Nasri would be my first choice Frenchman}

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19 Jun 2011 16:43:08
"Wenger is also looking at signing ben drew."

Just saw this at the bottom of a post, very funny!

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19 Jun 2011 16:32:48
If saf wants a team for the future Eden hazard and xherden shaqiri are the two he needs two outstanding players both 19 & 20 .. Hazard is better than Sanchez I personally think anyway any opinions ed {Ed012's Note - I think Hazard would be better value than Sanchez}

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19 Jun 2011 16:30:39
SAF planning to bid for Gotze for £18.6m and if needed he is willing to let Wes Brown go to the German Champions aswell

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19 Jun 2011 15:53:33
United signings:
David Ge Gea
Ashley Young
Samir Nasri
Edin Hazard since Sanchez isn't coming.

Wes Brown (Sunderland)
Darron Gibson (Sunderland)
John O'Shea (Everton)
Dimitar Berbatov (Newcastle)
what do you think ed?

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19 Jun 2011 15:24:34
As always with united being linked with all these big names ferguson will go under the radar and sign rodwell and diarra!

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19 Jun 2011 14:56:03
Barca have the snachez deal on ice if they fail in fabregas and Rossi bids so it's nonsense that he's joining barca we are not outta the race yet SAF doesn give up easily on someone he regards so highly and has been keeping tabs on for two years FACT....

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19 Jun 2011 15:22:13
Cristiano Ronaldo is in the vicinity, a very good source says he doesn't enjoy working with the special one and is wanting to rejoin Sir Alex. GGMU

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19 Jun 2011 15:14:33
Modric will go to Chelsea, almost done.
Berbatov refused to move back to Spurs, and wants to go to Newcastle on loan! {Ed012's Note - Why would we loan him out?}

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19 Jun 2011 14:23:46
Said all along we won't sign sanchez, sneijder etc.

This will be it.
de gea
Another midfielder, not modric, sneijder and all the other big names.

Mark my words this is fact.


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19 Jun 2011 14:18:55
is this a barca page or manchester united ???

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19 Jun 2011 14:16:40
Looks like weve missed out on sanchez, sky have suspended betting on him joining barca and barca have offered villa to city/chelsea to finance the deal, sanchez will just take villas place in the team, berbatov to newcastle? brown to everton? o shea to spurs/villa? gibson to sunderland? nasri will saty with arsenal, modric will either stay with spurs of sign 4 chelsea... just hope we DONT turn our attention to charlie adam.


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19 Jun 2011 13:57:43
A few people have spotted Sneijder in and around The Bellagio in Vegas. He's been having pictures with some people in United shirts, obviously that doesn't mean anything, but they've asked him whether he's going to move to united and he's said "We'll see...probably". Crap source I know but it is something!

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19 Jun 2011 13:39:49
i play football with a lad that is close friends with rio ferdinand and wes brown and according to him united are set to offer around 45 million + berbatov to arsenal for jack wilshire and kieran gibbs. Really cant see this happening but would love it to be true. do you think arsenal could be tempted with a deal like this? {Ed004's Note - Why Kieran Gibbs?}

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19 Jun 2011 13:19:32
Ed - any news on possible Eden Hazard interest? The chance of signing Xherdan Shaqiri sounds great, but i'm worried we'll miss out on Alexis Sanchez now with Villa being offered to Chelsea/City. I think Sanchez initially showed interest in Utd as he didn't want to sit on the bench at Barcelona but do you think if they shift Villa that he'll go there?


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19 Jun 2011 12:58:38
Sid lowe has said on Twitter that Sanchez to Barcelona is a done deal according to reports in Chile.

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19 Jun 2011 12:40:10
sneijder agreed to join united in april, will be announced when transfer window opens in july

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19 Jun 2011 12:37:25
barca's transfer budget is £45 million so how can they buy sanchez for £30 mil and also make contact with arsenal to buy fabregas? maybe sanchez could be heading to manchester

Perhaps Barca aren't telling the truth to supress expectations of clubs who have players they are interested in. You don't really believe any club would come out and give an honest declaration how much they can spend do you?

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19 Jun 2011 12:36:39
they can afford to bye sanchez n fabregas as they have offered villa to city / chelsea

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19 Jun 2011 12:26:49
barca's transfer budget is £45 million so how can they buy sanchez for £30 mil and also make contact with arsenal to buy fabregas? maybe sanchez could be heading to manchester

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19 Jun 2011 12:21:35
News of Brown going to Everton. Fellaini wouldn't be a bad bet coming to us.

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19 Jun 2011 12:19:39
kelz ur mental mate valenica and park are great players. ur not a manu fan lad. bet u dont even live in manchester. leave our club alone with ur stupid comments. dick


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19 Jun 2011 12:16:32
bit of information for you that indirectly affects us. Barca's main target is fabregas. Thats where they want to spend their transfer budget. In order to sign sanchez as well they need to sell hence the supposed offering of villa who sanchez would replace in the starting line up. That's why he's leaning towards them at the moment. Its a good wage package, for the european champions and guaranteed starts. We can't really match that but it depends on them selling villa. City will bid for him but would he go? Back to arsenal wenger doesn't want to sell unless he gets what he wants. Also he doesn't want to lose nasri in the same window. But nasri wants to see some ambition and may force the issue. But doubt they'd sell to us they'd prefer a foreign club. Wenger is also looking at signing ben drew.

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19 Jun 2011 12:12:53
why would Sanchez choose to play for Barca, and live in that city rather than live in Salford?

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19 Jun 2011 11:57:25
the spanish paper el mundo deportivo report sanchez agreeing to join barca for 28mil after passing a medical tomorrow, apparantlyhe agreed on thursday in chile between himself an reps of barca. the chile coach wanted it sorted out in 3 days from thu so he could get back to chile concentrating on football. another one slipped through the net as usual. lets see who we go for now, adam probably. GREAT !! ED dont you think we are desperate for some decent midfielders. nani is about the only half decent midfielder weve got.


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19 Jun 2011 11:38:04
is it true sanchez goin to barca after openly saying he wanted to jon united

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19 Jun 2011 11:26:32
"Sir Alex Ferguson is keen on Real Madrid's Lassana Diarra as Manchester United look like missing out on Daniele De Rossi and Yann M'Vila."

News of the World


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19 Jun 2011 10:38:25
I'm a Leeds fan overran is coming to Leeds it said in yorkshire post .

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19 Jun 2011 10:00:16
Ed, I take it Young will sign when hes back from his holiday or could they possibly wait until the end of the month and complete Jones, Young and De Gea at the same time?

SK {Ed004's Note - Suppose, they might sign them all at the same time.}

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19 Jun 2011 09:40:35
United looking to make a £25m initial bid for Gareth Bale.


Welsh red devil

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19 Jun 2011 08:45:10
Manchester United will sign:
De Gea (A. Madrid) - 18 mil
Jones (Blackburn) - 16 mil rising to 20 mil
Young (A. Villa) - 20 mil
Sneijder (Inter) - 10 mil + Nani
Shaqiri (Basel) - 15-20 mil

Kuszczak (West Brom) - 5 mil
Brown (A. Villa) - 2 mil
Nani (Inter) - For Sneijder
Berbatov (Dortmund) - 15 mil
Gibson (Sunderland) - 5 mil
Obertan (Ajaccio) - 3 mil
Bebe (Besiktas) - loan
Macheda (Lazio) - loan

Van Der Sar

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19 Jun 2011 08:13:58
David Villa is 29 years old, still commands a transfer fee of about 35-40 million but Dimitar Berbatov is 30 and would fetch 15-18 million at the most........


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19 Jun 2011 08:09:22
ed, something huge is supposed to come out of OT today and you probably don't know what it is but any ideas? {Ed004's Note - None, sorry}

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18 Jun 2011 23:44:38
SAF looking to sign Gotze from Borussia Dortmund for reported £5m + Berbatov Any thoughts Ed? {Ed002's Note - Nope.}

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19 Jun 2011 01:27:03
united to sign 3 players within the nxt 2 wks...young/de gea and shaqiri(15m). united might try a cheeky bid to sign scott parker for 4m

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19 Jun 2011 00:06:25
"20:51:15 Get ready for an announcement any time soon , my sources are from people that work in and around OT in the press department and they tell me something big is going to happen but they don't know what it is but the feelings are major signings , possible takeover or Sir Alex retirement, yes its going to be big news."

Basically took major rumours of late, rolled 'um into one sentence and made a "prediction" out of it.

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18 Jun 2011 23:51:58
Shaqiri and de Rossi to sign for united

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