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04 Dec 2012 20:49:27
Anyone know how henriquez is getting on for the reserves?


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He is doing well and progressing in to a great player will be seeing more of him over the next few years be sure of it he reminds me a lot like fellow countryman Alexis Sanchez , He is pacey and has got a shot on him if he keeps on developing I believe we have a world class player on our hands


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04 Dec 2012 23:14:52
He isn't by any means a stand out player in the U21 side bu has scored a couple of goals.
Macheda is the preferred striker at he moment and although it looks unlikely he will make It in the first team he is noticeably better than Henriquez.
The boy Wilson in the U18 looks a much better prospect to me at the moment...

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He is nothing at all like sanchez,may become a good player but as yet he is down the pecking order in the ressies,no idea what jesper is on about,he has played maybe 3 games since he signed,but the comparison with sanchez is ridiculous.
Mick the red fireman.

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Im hoping to see him loaned out to Wigan in January. Ed do you know if there was anything in that rumour?


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It has nothing to do with pecking orders, he is being eased in slowly. Moving from Chile to Manchester at 18 is a massive change and the club would like him to settle first before putting too much pressure on the lad.


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04 Dec 2012 20:00:14
does anyone know when kagawa is due back ?

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Will make the bench for Sunday hopefully.


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According to SAF haha. Mind game master.


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04 Dec 2012 19:45:41
Victor Fischer starts against Madrid after 5 goals in 4 games lookin forward to seein him

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04 Dec 2012 17:21:51
Really sad that Vidic wont return against Cluj.I was hoping he could play in this match so that he would be ready for the derby...We need this lad back to sort our defence out a bit.

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Hopefully just having him back in training will kick the other defenders into shape. i do also believe cinstantly changing the goal keeper does not help.

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There's no way he would have been fit and sharp for Sunday.

Mad Hatter

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Vidic is so over rated hes only had 1 good season

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04 Dec 2012 21:46:13
Vidic good for one season?
You must not watch much football.


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I have to agree to a certain extent. Vidic is a bit overrated. You hear so many times that he was/is better than Ferdinand.

But Ferdinand was the best centre back out there in the last 10 years. On the top of his game Ferdinand was untouchable and could do absolutely everything. The complete defender. He cruised through games.

Vidic was a world class defender and one of the best we had at United but he was nowhere near as complete and quality as Ferdinand.

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Come on rio, stop trying to prove you are better than vidic ;)

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04 Dec 2012 15:51:41
who would people prefer, sneijder or strootman in january?

i would prefer strootman, he is the type of player we need, someone who can make a tackle a drive the team forward, sneijder wouldn't be good in a two man midfield IMO.

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Two totally different players that play different positions - not like for like by any means.
Why not both?

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I couldn't see us getting both, where would that leave carrick, cleverley, fletcher, anderson..

we don't need a sneijder type player IMO, we need a player like strootman, who like i said can drive us forward and add that steel to the team.

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Strootman is the midfielder we need. we do not need sneijder anymore as i believe he would be playing in rooneys current position and rooney would be playing in rvp's current position. we dont need attacking midfielders we need box to box players like strootman.

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Why does everyone believe we will buy midfielders since the way we have defended this season and the fact fergie loves to bolster his defence if any area in january could see at least one defender bought in jan, baines ? Hummels ?

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Thumnbs up for Baines though.

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I think PSV will keep Strootman until summer, we will then sign him for 14 or so million. Sneijder will be very obtainable in January, just depends if we are interested or not.


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Definitely strootman.

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04 Dec 2012 15:29:32
Ed, if we were to capture the signing of Sneijder, would you agree that we would strengthen the wide positions with a non first teamer like Ince or Zaha as initially they would not be first team regulars...

Fresh! {Ed007's Note - For personal reasons I am refusing to comment on on any the WS rumours Fresh! I definitely would rather have Ince than Zaha, I think Zaha is being vastly overrated, he has no end product any time I have watched him.}

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Watching Zaha reminds me of the first time I watched Obertan on YouTube in his French league playing days.

Runs fast, clumsy feet & if he's lucky beats a player or two with the ball bouncing off knees or ricocheting off some body part. He's either very skill full one minute or tripping over his feet the next.


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I'm with Ed007 on this - Ince looks a much better player all round.
Zaha very over-rated and crazy money being talked about for him.

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Ince is definitely a more complete and effective player now and i would love to see him at United but i think we would not be bad off if we get Zaha.

He does not have the effetiveness of Zaha in terms of assists and goals but there is a reasons why he is rated so highly by many journalists and managers. He has lots of raw talent. Great pace, dribbling and a certein unpredictability.

So i think Ince is the better player at the moment and would be the safer option but i think Zaha could develop into a better player if he realizes his potential.

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04 Dec 2012 05:40:20
Ed, do you know which of our youngsters are available for loan ? And if so do you think any of them is ready for a lower premier league club? I would say Petrucci and possibly Powell are the ones most likely to cut it.

Mick {Ed002's Note - I don't know what the club are planning about loans in January.}

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Powell is already a member of the first team squad and is going nowhere. Petrucci;s position is completely different,theres no way he will go on loan to a Premiership club because he is'nt good enough , I would think that if a club could be found , he would be allowed to leave on a permanent deal.

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Raffa, how many times have you watched Petrucci? The guy has talent and was out for a long time due to injury, so he should be given time to learn and improve as he would if he had always been fit.


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Raffa have you watched the reserves lately? Last season Petrucci was the best player on the pitch every match. He was he captain and stood head and shoulders above anyone else at that level, even Pogba. When Petrucci doesnt start, the u21s struggle. I thought he was going to get his debut last season and start playing regularly this one. It would be a shame if ferguson doesnt play him and we end up losing yet another talented youngster. Thanks Ed.


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04 Dec 2012 15:32:17
Raffa...... Benitez by any chance?

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I;ve seen virtually every game Petrucci has played since he arrived at the club and he is no better now than when he arrived .This is mainly due to the amount of football he missed when he was out injured .This has happened to many promissing young players over the years and like the others he will probably have to step down a division or so and try and work his way back. He's now going on 22
and younger lads such as Powell (18 ) have overtaken him,sad though it is , there is no sentiment in football and these lads are aware of the risks when they embark on their carreers.

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No sentiment in football? I wish that were true then maybe giggs could've retired with dignity!

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Plese , do me a favour , don't try and compare a young lad who's doing his damnest to make his way in the game with one of the greatest players of his generation and still one of our best players .

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04 Dec 2012 03:51:25
Hey eds,do we stand any chance of signing ince or Zaha?or is ince definetly off to Liverpool and Zaha off to arsenal?any info on strootman signing in the summer?thanks ed002 {Ed002's Note - Manchester United and Liverpool are amongst the clubs interested in Ince but there is no deal for a move just yet. Crystal Palace will look to hold on to Zaha until the summer and if they get promoted perhaps after that too. He was to be allowed to move this past summer at the right price with Sunderland, West Ham and Reading look possible destinations. Liverpool have certainly looked at Zaha in the past but there is strong interest from Arsenal. Game time will no doubt be a factor in the short-term.}

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