04 Oct 2021 18:16:23
Two points:

1.) Can we now add Watford to the list of teams with a better manager than us?

2.) Scott Mctominay can't even get into Scotlands first team in central midfield and has to be shoehorned in as an auxiliary centre half but starts for us every week.

1.) 04 Oct 2021
04 Oct 2021 18:58:29
DSG McTominay is a good player. However I said something similar about Fred… when him and mctominay are squad players, starting maybe 20 games in all comps max then you’ll know we will have a very strong midfield. Whilst they’re first choice, we won’t compete with the absolute best.

2.) 04 Oct 2021
04 Oct 2021 19:00:38
You can add the Scotland manager to the list too dsg. And Big sam and Tony pulis.

3.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 10:34:47

McTominay playing CB for Scotland has less to do with him being shoehorned in and more to do with Scotland's lack of decent options at CB at that time. He's first choice for Scotland and more often than not plays midfield now.