08 Jun 2018 21:00:24
Hi Ed, any news on the future of Sergio Romero?

{Ed001's Note - not at the moment, I would think the World Cup will give him a chance to entice some offers. Though, of course, he might want to wait and see what happens with De Gea….}

1.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 22:19:26
Let me stop you right there, Ed001 :)

2.) 09 Jun 2018
09 Jun 2018 10:02:23
I was hoping they’d sign 👕🎀⚖️🇫🇷☝️✌️.

3.) 10 Jun 2018
10 Jun 2018 16:24:39
Why would the World Cup entice offers for Romero? He is out injured and won't be going.

{Ed001's Note - I never said while he was there did I? The players that are there will mostly be too busy with their country while he has time to sort out his future and drop his name into the mix as a lot of clubs are looking for keepers right now.}