16 May 2018 00:26:09
Fascinating MNF with G. Nev and Pep Guardiola absolutely loved getting an insight into the mind of our great adversary.

Forget the beautiful free flowing football or tactics the single most important factor I took away from that program was Pep said his players had to be humble and they had to run. They all play for each other and they all run. Nobody is good enough to think that the other players will do their work for them. If they don't run they don't play, they come and sit on the bench next to me.

I've always been a big advocate that the best teams always work the hardest. The best teams have desire and intensity to their game and understand that victory never comes without blood, sweat and tears. Pep used the word humble which I think is a brilliant word. If you can't even outwork the best teams then what chance do you have?

This is an area where I feel we've been sorely lacking since Fergi retired. We've lost our hunger, our desire, our commitment. How many times have we just let the game dangerously drift towards full time? How many times have we witnessed our team come sprinting out of the blocks, putting the opposition under pressure from minute one? Didn't we almost go a full season without scoring a first half goal under LVG?

We've become a team of entitled brats, players on inflated wages, unprofessional, hiding.

We all wanted the answer about how well Pogba, Martial or Shaw would perform in a Pep team well tonight I think we've got the answer. They'd all be sat next to him on the bench without a significant change in attitude.

This is why Sanchez plays ahead of Martial, why Pogba was dropped in favour of an inexperienced academy graduate and why Shaw can't displace a veteran converted winger from the team. This is why Miki was sold to Arsenal.

Match the opposition for effort and your quality will win the game. Sadly this wasn't the case against Huddersfield, Brighton, Newcastle, WBA to name but a few.

Jose is right there is an attitude problem at our Club and it's holding us back.

1.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 01:21:34
Great Post DLIB, some good points there. Do you think Mourinho can restore the necessary desire and work ethic?

2.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 01:44:55
DLIB great post 👍.

3.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 03:52:00
Yes. Agree with everything you just said. I think Pogba can get there, but he needs to grow up, he could even be a future captain, but not with his current attitude. Or fitness level.

Martial and Shaw, like Miki will not get there.

And for everyone who is angered by that, just watch David Silva, Sterling, Sane, Sanchez, Giggs, Beckham etc etc they know/ knew they had to earn the right to play football. It is the minimum requirement.

4.) 16 May 2018
16 May 2018 05:33:25
DLIB - only one problem with your analysis about why Martial etc were dropped, Pogba has walked back into the team still showing no signs of working hard. Wait until Saturday and see if the hard working McTominay is playing or the 'name' Pogba who strolls through games plays.
Gary Nev summed Pogba up best when he said he plays as if the team is winning 3-0 when in fact the score is 0-0. José may well be right about the attitude at the club but his stellar signing Pogba is one of the worst offenders.
I get fed up with everything being the players fault, how many players have played to their capabilities this season, DeGea, Lukaku possibly. José is paid a vast amount of money to get the players to perform and the weekly dross that we have become accustomed to is as much his fault as the players.
Before we get the usual excuses for José about the poor squad he inherited, assess how all of his signings have performed, why are his players not performing.