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19 Jul 2017 17:55:44
I've just read that there's more fantasy football going on at City with the signing of Danilo.

I find it very curious that there was no suggestion we were in for him since in my opinion we need another right back and he is willing to come to Manchester. Plus he was only £26 million!

It could be just that he preferred City or having worked once with our beam of sunshine manager decided never again.

The other possibilities are we have an alternative coming in or simply that Mourinho is happy with the players we have for that position. I noticed Valencia played at right back against Salt Lake and I think TFM got some time there as well. I didn't watch the Galaxy game. Has anyone else played at right back pre-season? Do you think Mourinho is happy to go into the season with those two plus Darmian?

1.) 19 Jul 2017 18:19:44
The fact he has slumped at Real and can't defend might be a reason.

2.) 19 Jul 2017 18:28:38
We can't sign everyone mate. Our targets were Semedo, Fabinho and Aurier. With Danilo plying his trade in Porto for a few years before moving to Madrid, I'm sure Jose knows enough about him and whether he'd suit us, evidently not. It's about getting players in that will suit our system and compliment our other players.

3.) 19 Jul 2017 18:42:23
When dids he work with jose mancman?

4.) 19 Jul 2017 18:53:06
Since the De Gea debarcle last season I can, t see Real Madrid selling us any ground staff never mind any players.
I know we have numerous targets, Perisic, Matic, Fabinho . Jose wanted them on the U. S tour, But you can't make clubs sell their players because we are interested in them.
Still feel a lot of players are not that keen on playing for Jose, It's only because we pay over the odds for players and agent fees, that we get them to sign.
City and pep put in offers for players, and get them.
Long time to go in the market I know, But we don't want to be signing players 24 hrs before season starts, Remember the Fellani deal anyone?

5.) 19 Jul 2017 18:59:26
Players want to play for Mourinho but we are not ready to meet he asking price.

6.) 19 Jul 2017 20:27:28
The United money men have their limits and rightly stick to it. Pep is playing a real life version of Football Manager at the moment and is yet to address the left back position and centre half.

7.) 19 Jul 2017 20:34:14
More to the point why buy a 2nd rb who can't defend for 26 mill after shelling out 55 mill for another rb who can't defend. What about their much vaunted academy if they wanted a bench sitter.

8.) 20 Jul 2017 09:22:13
The best right back to come through their academy is now first choice at Spurs and was sold for £3.5 million.

9.) 20 Jul 2017 13:25:35
Ken, you're right. After I posted I realised I hadn't checked whether his time at Real had co-incided with Mourinho's.

Nonetheless, because none of our wide players are natural wingers, I do think we need overlapping attacking fullbacks and both Walker and Danilo would fit the bill.

If we bring in a true defensive midfielder then I'm not so bothered about how well our fullbacks can defend, as long as they are good going forward.




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11 Feb 2018 11:11:40
Great posts recently from Shappy and then Danny Lancs to fire up some new debates. Thanks very much for taking the time, they are a pleasure to read.

{Eds Note - if you missed it, MancMan wrote an article entitled Revamping the Manchester United midfield.



10 Feb 2018 13:55:47
{Ed's Note - MancMan has posted a new article entitled, Revamping the Manchester United midfield

1.) 10 Feb 2018 14:50:11
Good analysis Manc.
I agree about Fel moving on but not sure if Herrera should head out. I think Herrera needs to get his confidence back and become who he was before. He is being overshadowed atm I feel.
Also be careful about using the b2b word and Jose has a different explanation for that 🤣🤣😂.
Good stuff Manc 👏.

2.) 10 Feb 2018 17:02:18
Id use TFM as a defensive mid in that pool, with McTominay also as an option. Matic an Pogba of course and i'd go for either Jorginho or Weigl.

3.) 10 Feb 2018 17:12:20
Thanks 666, TBH I didn't know I was writing an article; it was just getting some thoughts down on paper.

The thing about Herrera is that he's had a lot of opportunities and he's never really done the business and definately not consistantly. Sure, he huffs and he puffs but he doesn't ever blow the house down. I love him for his effort but he lacks the quality to be first choice for us and like I said I don't want less than top quality players near the centre of our midfield. For me, it's the one area where you need the absolute best every week, even if the rest of the team is less than perfect.



10 Feb 2018 13:38:57
So, I've been thinking about the new fifa directive that from next season all players can only have their first names and less than four letters on the back of their shirts. We already have Alexis leading the way although the new regulations say this will need to be shortened to just 'Alex'.

In goal we will have Dave and in defence its Tone, Eric, Phil and Luke. Nemo and Paul in the midfield with Tone, Alex, Roma and John up front.

Much easier for commentators and saves the fans money when printing names on shirts which is also good for the environment because it uses less resources.

1.) 10 Feb 2018 14:34:29
Less than four letters will be 3,2 or 1 right. 🤣🤣🤣
Ale, Dav, Ton, Eri.

2.) 10 Feb 2018 20:56:02
How about something really radical and just have numbers?

3.) 11 Feb 2018 12:29:28
Who is lol yaz?



26 Jan 2018 22:58:36
Loving Carrick's new beard. I live in Chorlton and I think it just about meets our hipster standard. Well done Michael, welcome to Chorlton.

1.) 27 Jan 2018 08:13:36
I thought he couldn't grow a beard. But now it looks like Mata has tough competition.

2.) 27 Jan 2018 08:41:44
None of them close to that of the mighty darmian haha.

3.) 27 Jan 2018 12:24:33
Carrick's ability to grow a beard is a bit underrated I feel.

4.) 27 Jan 2018 13:23:34
Hahaha Rave.



10 Nov 2017 08:57:31
I have a question for all of those who seem content with our current situation under Mourinho.

I'm talking to you Shan, DW20, Bolger, Eric79, Dodgy Banter, Mort, Danny Lancs among others.

Are you enjoying it?

1.) 10 Nov 2017 09:40:05
I would class myself as pro-Jose as well Manc Man. And I would agree with you that the current situation is not where I would like us to be but I think you seem to be very short sighted. For the last 4 years we have been utter dross and languishing outside the top 4. Football was atrocious and there looked like no way the club would be able to challenge in the near future. Jose has come in and won two trophies in his first season. Not the trophies we have traditionally been used to winning but a trophy is a trophy. It’s more than Liverpool and spurs have won in the last ten years. We are second in the league and yes I agree the football has been poor the last month or so. But we are set in a decent position to challenge and if we can put together a strong run in the form we were early on then it will be an enjoyable winter period. You make out that the situation is so much worse than it is. Only because city are playing champagne football is the reason why every other manager and fans at the top 6 clubs are unhappy. Whether we like it or not, we are no longer going to dominate the league like we did under Sir Alex. The other teams have all strenghtened in and brought in top managers as well. Our time of domination is over and that’s life. All good things come to an end but that does not mean we won’t challenge or win the league. I think we have to have a bit of perspective which has been lacking from people on this site the last week or so. We are not just going to jump from 6th to first smashing teams left right and centre. But we will challenge and I think we just have to be patient and see how the season pans out. Onto Jose, I am unhappy at these reports of him to PSG because it’s not great for the club having these rumours swirling around. But if he goes he goes. I am a fan but I am sure united will have a huge queue of managers eager to manage us. And if Jose where to leave, he would have left the club in a much better and stronger position than he inherited. And I think that should not be overlooked.

2.) 10 Nov 2017 09:45:50
I'm enjoying it manc. Not haopy with everything but I'm enjoying supporting the team as i always do. If you don't enjoy it them don't watch and come back when the board coach and players do everything you want. You will have a long wait. i'm assuming you have never coached at epl level or played or sat on the board of an epl football club or indeed don't have the qualifications or experience to get any of those roles.
What qualifies you to say they are all doing it wrong?

3.) 10 Nov 2017 10:02:38
Im enjoying it and ejoying Jose as our manager.

Its not perfect but as the season is at the moment i would have been very happy if this was offered to me last year.

4.) 10 Nov 2017 10:08:50
Current situation? We are second in the league, we have the second best goals for tally in the league, we have the best goals against tally in the league. We are seeing year on year improvement under Mourinho. What current situation? Some fans are just negative, I can see what Ed002 is talking about when referring to ‘toxics’.

5.) 10 Nov 2017 10:18:56
I wouldn't consider myself either pro or anti Mourinho. I respect what he has achieved and consider him to be a top manager, but at the same time I appreciate he has his flaws.

I am Pro-United.

Your question am I enjoying watching us at the moment?

Well that depends on which moment your talking about. In the first few weeks of the season I was very happy, We have suffered a dip recently but there are still moments of joy to be found. When we scored against Spurs last week I wasn't cursing that we scored, I jumped up and cheered.

In every season under every manager you have poor spells, that is the point of a season, it tests your ability to drag yourself through a long and arduous journey. It's a marathon not a sprint. Ask any runner if they enjoy hitting the wall? All will say its the hardest thing they have to get through, but surprisingly once your through it you get a second wind and a rush of joy for having battled through it.

I think a football season is the same thing, you need to battle through the tough times to enjoy the good times.

Clearly something isn't quite right with our manager at the moment. But that shouldn't stop us supporting him and the team. Maybe the best way to get the best out of someone who isn't feeling happy is to put an arm around them and cheer them on, give them a boost, make them feel loved and appreciated. Rather than booing or jeering. Put yourself in that position and ask which method would likely get the best out of you.

6.) 10 Nov 2017 10:22:48
Mancman - Yes I am. In my opinion we've played some good football this season. We've scored goals and in general been relatively entertaining. The injury to Pogba has curtailed this slightly and I expect us to improve
when he returns.

I think for Jose part he's at least attempted to play attacking football. He's persisted with Miki at 10 and is now playing Young at full back which is an attacking option. Moyes was a disaster and under LVG we played more passes in and around our own box than we did in the opposition's!

I accept he's been pragmatic in the big games but I think that's because he's hasn't built a team he's happy with yet. He's still building and only been in the job 18 months. We've already seen signs that he'll play more adventurous stuff when he gets in all the players he wants.

His signings have been good and the likes of Pogba, Matic and Bailly have improved our squad immeasurably. That trio would improve most teams in Europe in my opinion.

My view is Jose is one of the best in the business and when he eventually leaves we'll struggle to replace him and maybe only then will some fans truly appreciate him.

I'm absolutely convinced that given the time and full backing of the board to bring in the players he wants he'll have us fiercely competitive both at home and abroad in the very near future. I think he's doing a really good job and my message to some fans is be very careful what you wish for!

7.) 10 Nov 2017 11:19:33
I am. The reasons have been well listed by the people who replied before me.

8.) 10 Nov 2017 11:42:24
Yes. But not enjoyong the bitching and moaning 😂.

9.) 10 Nov 2017 12:24:50
Manc man good question.

Yes I'm enjoying the fact we are back in what they call "challenging" in a leauge which has had a different champion in the last 8 seasons.

We've got what I think the best team we've had in the last 5 years and look like were back competing for major honours.

It's no longer easy to predict the top 4. We have 6 very good teams all fighting and atm city are playing the best and give them credit they deserve to be out in front.

That's how hard it is to win the title.

I do agree that away from home against the big teams we are under performing.

But overall there's a long way to go I'm pleased with the way we have progressed and and please what Jose has done so far.

We have scored the 2nd most goals and conceded the least. We hard to beat and we won't lose many games.

We are better than last season.

I don't think we would be having this debate if city were not playing as well as they are.

But there you go that's my opinion.

10.) 10 Nov 2017 12:48:16
Valid points made by all I think 👍.

11.) 10 Nov 2017 18:48:39
Manc. I've enjoyed a couple of games. But the rest have been utter rubbish (Liverpool Chelsea Huddersfield both benfica games) . Have they got me on the edge of my seat or jumping up and down for joy at the shear genius of it? No way. We're playing boring predictable football and are being found out away from home against good opposition.

12.) 11 Nov 2017 08:22:56
I enjoyed winning the cup finals and I enjoy the fact I feel happier now we don’t have LVG or Moyes. I have confidence in our coach when I see him in the touch line.

For those calling out for Pep or Poch - they’ve won nothing here, which I am also enjoying.

We’ve had a tough month or so, have a few key injuries, and looking forward to seeing how we go for the remainder of the season.

I don’t love Jose’s moaning, but that’s who he is and we knew that. If he wants to leave in the summer as he hates Manchester life, I just hope we go for the right choice. Who they might be I have no idea.

13.) 11 Nov 2017 15:20:45
All I'll say is this. Compare now to Moyes then ask that question.




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27 Dec 2017 18:11:32
I'm currently near Turin and my friend here who is a Juve fan tells me there are strong rumours he is going to City.



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30 Oct 2017 17:05:12
Maybe not Ed002 but it is a rumours page. You might not like to gossip but have you heard any rumours about why Shaw needs to move on?

{Ed002's Note - or for the gossip - not here.}



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20 Jul 2017 13:25:35
Ken, you're right. After I posted I realised I hadn't checked whether his time at Real had co-incided with Mourinho's.

Nonetheless, because none of our wide players are natural wingers, I do think we need overlapping attacking fullbacks and both Walker and Danilo would fit the bill.

If we bring in a true defensive midfielder then I'm not so bothered about how well our fullbacks can defend, as long as they are good going forward.



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19 Jul 2017 05:06:38
What Shappy said!

Romero is class and I thought so from the his first game at OT.

C'mon Wazza tell us who we can sign who is better. We're waiting!



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17 Jul 2017 22:36:41
I'd buy both Kroos and Matic then sell Fellaini.

That would be a massive upgrade to the squad.




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18 Feb 2018 18:52:48
That's an interesting comment Ed001.

It has never occured to me that officials might have taken a bung.

Am I naive?

{Ed001's Note - probably mate as I am sure there have been lots.}



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18 Feb 2018 14:25:35
VAR is bad bad bad for the game.

I want there to be contraversial and even wrong decisions from time to time. It's part of football and the game is much richer for it.
Think about the history of contentious decisions and how they have added to the lore of the game. Hirst in 66, the hand of god, lampard's goal against Germany. Every week there is contraversy and it's fun.

Most fun in life exists in the grey areas. When everything is cut and dried, black and white, clinical it's boring. Same with football.

{Ed001's Note - but you then have to worry that every bad decision is down to match fixing. How many times has it been alleged but nothing done because without proof of an official taking the money it is impossible to prove decisions are anything but a genuine mistake?}



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16 Feb 2018 23:18:38
Jred, I really hope he proves me wrong. As it is, the best thing would be if Jose can at least set up to get the most out of him.



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16 Feb 2018 21:52:22
Go on then Jred I'll bite and stick my neck out. I don't think Pogba will be a success at Man Utd.

He's got the talent but I don't think he has enough of a footballing brain or enough mettle.

No doubt we will see some great moments from him and he will have the odd really good game.

However, my definition of success for him is consistantly dominating midfield whether in a two, three or on his own against all teams big and small and especially on the big occasions.



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16 Feb 2018 10:21:54
The question isn't Pogba or no one. It's whether we can use the cash to buy better alternatives to build a team with. Midfielders who can play in midfield would be a good start.

I've nothing against Pogba but I'd just like some players who can get on the pitch and do the business without all the BS and the excuses.