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21 Aug 2018 18:06:05
I am in no way supporting this Pogba-Raiola BS and both are completely out of line. I don't care if he is sold.

People say no player is bigger than the club and say that we coped with the loss of Ronaldo so we can cope with losing Pogba.

I agree, no player or manager is bigger than the club. But "we coped" with loss of Ronaldo by lowering our standards and expectations. From winning PL and CL and being a forced to be reckoned with we have been reduced to a club who is targeting top 4.

So yeah, while I agree no player/ agent/ manager should be allowed to hold the club for ransom, we are choosing the definition of "coping" that suits us.

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21 Aug 2018 19:28:07
There’s a big difference in that Ronaldo was winning games for us whereas Pogba is a passenger. I don’t see that losing Pogba particularly weakens us. Too big for his boots, person agent, let’s move him on.

21 Aug 2018 20:41:43
Agree AJH.

What I meant is let's "cope" with loss of Pogba (if that happens) by signing an equal/ good enough replacement instead of lowering our standards.

21 Aug 2018 22:00:59
The bigger issue is we have a player that really has everything to be one of the best in the world.
It would be a shame if we are a club that players like that don't fit .

20 Aug 2018 22:09:37
I was a Mourinho fan thought he was the man with the attitude and tactical nous with the added bonus of being such a respected coach that good players would want to play for him.

Well he did get the players we thought would make a difference pogba, sanchez, lukaku, and ibra being the most high profile but I feel he has not evolved as a manager sticking with his tried and tested methods it doesn't help when the players come out and say the attitude wasn't right that stems from the manager so in my opinion we need a change because with the players we have so much more could be achieved so who for the next boss?

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20 Aug 2018 20:46:33
Gary Neville absolutely brilliant on MNF once again. I Always look forward to his analysis and foresight which is invariably bang on the money.

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20 Aug 2018 21:55:28
Give him the job as head coach!

20 Aug 2018 16:05:20
Sunday has gone. let's move onto the next game.
The media have gone into over drive with Mourinho.
Hes our manager so we should get behind him and show our class as supporters.

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20 Aug 2018 19:00:46
As we did with Moyes and LvG. Actually does anyone have that guy with the plane's number?

20 Aug 2018 18:28:04
I've been one of his supporters but even the biggest Jose fan cannot hide the fact that we are awful to watch.

There is only so long this dross can be watched for much longer.

20 Aug 2018 21:56:19
We are hugely inconsistent and show no signs of getting better.

21 Aug 2018 07:21:26
Just think of the players who have gone during his tenure as well as the present squad - that many premier managers would give their eye teeth for. Result :regression to utter dross. We are a laughing stock!

21 Aug 2018 16:35:36
Haha no we didn't shappy. What happened to LVG. Wasn't there a plan? The toxics ruined it :)

20 Aug 2018 14:18:56
Well, Pogba cut down on the hair styling (pun intended) and also social media antics.

I can see how immediately that improved his gameplay. He was colossus during the game anded us to a win taking charge of the game by the scruff of its neck.

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20 Aug 2018 13:38:45
I've seen so many times posters here saying that this or that was the worst performance they've ever seen from United. If you think yesterday was one of them then just wait for a few days and you'll forget about this one and our team might just give you something else to feel depressed about.
I've always been a Mourinho supporter though I've been critical about him sometimes. There was one thing Mourinho was good at and that was motivating his team and now it seems he's not good at that either.
You can say all you want about our defensive pairing but people on here talk as if Rio and Vidic never conceded any goal during all their years. We can have the best defenders in the world playing for us but if we don't attack, constantly loose ball and put our own defenders under pressure for the whole game then anyone will make mistakes. They didn't have anyone to pass when the opposition was pressing high. No one to relieve the pressure.
Our players seem like they have no idea how to attack. Pogba's definition of attacking are his Hollywood passes to switch the play and try to find players with scooped balls behind the defence. Our players lack the basic understanding of how a build up is done. They have no idea where to be to relieve the pressure off your teammates and keep the momentum going.
People blaming Rashford for I don't know what. He was in situations where he had the ball in the opposition half surrounded by four of their players and no one to pass. Best players in the world won't be able to get out of such situations on their own.
Fred lost the ball so many times but that was because he was always trying to take the ball forward on his own as he didn't have anyone to pass to other than back pass. The potential of Martial will not be fulfilled at this club, that I am pretty sure. The player has a very simple job, to try and beat players and cross. I can name plenty wingers playing in championship who are better at beating a fullback and getting into the box making a cutback or cross. Sanchez is not doing a great job at that either to be honest.
The only good player for me was Shaw. Running the whole 90 minutes to attack and track back as well. He was out of position a couple of times and didn't link up with Martial as much as he should have but he was better than any other player on the pitch.
Watching the game I was only wondering if we had been 3-1 up, would we be pressing them all game or just trying to protect the lead. We have all good players except for Martial (pre potential fulfillment) and Young and they should be performing better but the style of play just doesn't suit anyone and there seems to be a lack of identity within the team. We don't know how to break down defensive teams, don't know how to passes together fast if we are counter attacking and we don't know how to deal with high pressure. The positioning of players for receiving passes is just abysmal. It seems their footballing brain has died and all they seem to remember now is their defensive positions and they're not good at that either.

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21 Aug 2018 14:13:47
I fear the worst may still be to come.

20 Aug 2018 09:18:28
Sarri has been in charge at Chelsea for two competitive matches and already you can see results from the work he's doing on the training ground .
Mourinho is in his third season and I watch us and wonder if he does anything on the training ground, especially in relation to our attacking play.

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20 Aug 2018 10:22:41
In all honesty bilko!, I don't quite see it that way. Chelsea are now putting in the performances they should have been last year. Basically, they are playing for this manager ( for now ), whereas they didn't for their manager last year.
Its a bit like our situation from the point of view that the players are holding all the power and not performing for their manager.

Chelsea are a good side with good players. Morata, for example is in my view a very good footballer. He is not an out and out goalscorer. He will never be prolific, but technically I rate him.

Having said all that, Chelsea look good going forward but very slack at the back. If they carry on like they did against Arsenal they will come unstuck quite quickly.

But let's put things into perspective - can we really judge anyone after two games?

20 Aug 2018 11:21:07

True, It’s only two games and they do need to sort themselves out defensively, but it’s not just a case of playing for the manager .
They’re playing a different system and a different style of football and while there’s work to be done you can see the managers ideas getting across .
And we have good players too, with good technique, most of whom seem to be going backwards.

20 Aug 2018 12:42:07
I get your point bilko, but the point I am trying to get across is this: Are Chelsea better because of Sarri, or are they just the same team that underperformed because they didn't play for Conte last year?
It's all hypothetical, I know. But Chelsea have been through a similar cycle before. Mourinho's first season back at Chelsea they were great and won the league. Then they downed tools for the manager and were terrible the following season. Exactly the same happened with Conte (though they still wouldn't have bettered City last year)

The players now hold all the power, and ultimately the manager will always take the rap.
I think it was Jred (maybe wrong? ) said on the banter page that players play for their manager. This appears to be the case nowadays, but that doesn't make it right.
Players may put in that bit extra for a manager they like - that extra 5 or 10% that might win you trophies. But there SHOULD be a minimum effort that any professional athlete put in - they owe it to the fans and their team mates and themselves. Not to mention their employers.
But these days it is not the case. Look at United yesterday, they weren't lacking the 5 or 10% that a 'good' manager may get out of them. They were playing at 40 or 50% and that is just not good enough.
The whole Jose debate has been done to death so no point starting another one - but any sane person cannot tell me that that performance yesterday was all down to the manager.
I've said it before, but to put all the blame on Jose's head is just giving a free pass to that bunch of overpaid, over rated and underperforming numpties. No heart, no desire and no courage. Quite frankly they were embarrassing yesterday.

20 Aug 2018 05:43:12
A good win for the team and a positive start. Its always sweet to get a win over the Scousers.

Only positive thing yesterday. 😢.

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19 Aug 2018 16:53:29

Do we have a midfield today? And Jesus Mata, what's wrong with you. Also Martial, you need to improve or piss off.

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19 Aug 2018 17:53:17

All of them are a shambles, no teamwork or work ethic off the ball. Pogba is the key to it all. Lethargy, delay, it spreads like a disease.

19 Aug 2018 17:59:07

That was horrendous to say the least I can't put up with much more of this style of fitba its woeful something has to give he needs to change his philosophy or he needs to go.

19 Aug 2018 18:35:02

It was Scholes' fault.

19 Aug 2018 18:39:39

Looked awful like he’s lost the dressing room.

19 Aug 2018 18:58:10

Stevie, I'm not sure Paul Scholes is that bothered to commentate after that pathetic display. Its not even worth the effort.

19 Aug 2018 19:03:26

Gave up after 67 minutes.

If I wanted to be this miserable, I would spend the afternoon with my mother in law.

19 Aug 2018 19:10:36

No it was sanchez's fault.

19 Aug 2018 19:18:41

It was clearly all mourinho's fault.

19 Aug 2018 19:20:06

It was clearly mourinho's fault.

19 Aug 2018 21:38:48

The players were horrific today and not being able to pass a ball or defend is down to them. However this is the third season of this style with many different players so the head coach has to wear it. Playing teams the standard of Leicester and Brighton and our main goal is to contain them should not be tolerated. This is the third season now where our players look like they have no fight and that all stems from our managers style of sitting deep worrying. No confidence in his players to be able to be a better side in an open game, is it any wonder our players look beta before they go out. Any other manager in this league would have us performing better than that, maybe they would not win the odd minor trophy like Jose but when did we care about the Europa league or carabao cup. i'd rather win nothing but compete and be a good watch then win crap trophies playing like a pub side.

19 Aug 2018 20:05:26

Evening guys,

Why have I got a terrible feeling of deja vu? Maybe It's because we've been here before. This is the same team as last year. The same team that lost away games at Brighton, Huddersfield and Newcastle. The same team that lost a League Cup Semi final to Bristol City. The same team that surrendered so disappointedly to Sevilla. The same old team with the same old problems playing exactly the same way. Inconsistent, passive, rubbish.

We are a team devoid of intensity. We sit deep behind the ball, concede possession, let the other team take the initiative and grow in confidence. We allow them into the game, allow them to play balls in behind and put crosses into the box. When in possession we play slow indecisive sideways and backwards passes, everything is done slowly, lethargically. We invite pressure, we encourage tackles, we get the home crowd cheering, we don't lose games we beat ourselves.

The same problems persist. We have not evolved, improved or learned from our mistakes. Today we showed no desire or hunger. Simply out fought and brushed aside by a vastly inferior team who won simply because they wanted it more.

We need a radical re think. Forget about wining titles or cups, let's try putting some pressure on the ball, showing some hunger, desire and playing some good football. We're all knowledgeable, educated supporters, we all know we're a million miles behind City, instead of trying to hang onto their coat tails playing this passive, defensive nonsense let's just focus on playing some decent football so at least we have something to look forward to at the weekend otherwise what are we trying to achieve?

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19 Aug 2018 20:20:51

Lets get a manager who encourages the players and has some passion. Dressing room is obviously flat and players have their heads down. New manager and a noise Old Trafford would swiftly turn our fortunes around.

19 Aug 2018 20:25:39

Very good post DLIB, couldn't have put it better myself.

19 Aug 2018 20:47:32

There seems to be a blame game, is it the managers fault, is it the recruitment or is it the players having a lack of desire or even ability . None of the above have covered themselves in too much glory at the minute .

We have what we have player wise as the buying window is shut so maybe let's look at what we can improve, system and style of play . We are flawed playing 433 the CBS struggle and we have very little width, the same issues surface too many times to keep doing it with the players we have . Time for Jose to try something else with the way we approach games .

19 Aug 2018 21:12:04

I saw someone describe it as analogue football in a digital age.

{Ed025's Note - i like that bilko..

19 Aug 2018 21:17:28

Slate we had the second best defensive record in the league last season .

Our 2 cbs today were awful you could of got a bus between them .

Bulled by there c. f.

No solid base you can't attack even ddg couldn't pull them out the bs.

19 Aug 2018 21:56:07

Fair point jred about the defense it wasn't like it was Messi exposing the defense it was an ageing slow Brighton striker .

I think people have made their mind up about Jones and smalling rightly or wrongly. We are all desperate for new players to do well and sometimes our hopes cloud what we actually see. I can't explain why Bailly and lindelehoff were so bad but today does offer an explination why smalling was picked above them last season if anything similar happens in training .

Ideally I'd like us to change to a team that presses high and controls the ball but it's maybe not the managers preferred way, if we are to drop off I'd change from 433

I like martial but I can't defend him today he did very little but I hope he's not a scapegoat as loads of players were pants, mata as the right hand option just duznt work for me .

19 Aug 2018 22:43:04


Really good post pal I agree.


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