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22 Apr 2019 19:18:40
More rubbish from players, saying they didn't perform, they weren't up to it etc, etc we heard it all before it should never be heard as they should know they're playing for Manchester United and that alone should be motivation to work hard and give 100% at all times.

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22 Apr 2019 15:41:44
If it is true about mike phelan, then that's another wrong decision made. The club is going backwards. The decisions being made are scandalous.

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22 Apr 2019 14:40:24
Ed001, happy Easter mate, I would like to hear your views on what united need to do, staff, players, recruitment, DoF wise now we know Ole is the man and your opinion on what's going on there atm? Thanks as always.

{Ed001's Note - personally the first thing I would do is replace Ole as he is no more than a cheerleader with no tactical acumen or ability to motivate players at all. It was a huge error to give him the job. The new manager and DoF/Technical Director need to be appointed together, as a pair that work in tandem with a similar idea of how football should be played. Oh and Woodward needs to stay well clear of the football side of things, as he has all the football knowledge as a dried up lump of chewing gum stuck to the pavement.

Staff should be chosen by the manager/DoF together, as they need to be ones that work together.

Recruitment is simple, drop the big stars/second class Galactico idea Woodward is working on and buy players with something to prove. That will allow you to lower the wage bill, as well as creating a team with hunger.

For me the United way is not a playing style as such, it is about creating a team through coaching them into a team of top players, not about buying them ready made. It should be about clever use of the academy and investment in young talent to create a squad that is cohesive and works as a whole together as one. The great teams grow together.}

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22 Apr 2019 17:04:21
Love it ed. Great assessment and one I whole heartedly agree with.

Sadly though, this will not happen. They'll throw another 200m at it and hope it papers over cracks. Give us a couple more prima Donna's and overpaid mediocre players and it will be the same again.

The squad, the structure, the managers, none of it is good enough.

It's a sad time for United and one that will be around for a while I fear.

{Ed001's Note - until Woodward's role is dealt with (imo it should be a role in a completely different company as he is nothing but an anchor weighing down United) it does not really matter much who comes in or goes out.}

22 Apr 2019 17:25:34
Agreed ed. It's been happening for years now.

22 Apr 2019 21:59:31
Looks like that will only happen if the glazers eventually sell.

Woodwards role being dealt with i mean.

22 Apr 2019 13:23:12
Do madrid want pogba? What are they prepared to pay?
If the answer is they do want him and are prepared to pay a small increase on what we paid for him i would opt to sell him assuming he wanted to go.
Im not doubting his talent or his ability i just don't think his heart is in it.
He i'm sure will excel elsewhere and i would wish him well.

{Ed002's Note - This has been dealt with over and over.}

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22 Apr 2019 14:10:52
Sorry ed002 not directed at you.

22 Apr 2019 14:30:19
I would be prepared to take a small hit on what we paid for him to see him move on. He might be our most talented outfield player, but he is a symbol of everything that is wrong with our club at the moment. Move him on and start a rebuild.

{Ed004's Note - tbf if Madrid so badly want Pogba it would probably be in our best interests to try and get Varane involved in any deal. Realistically if we could replace Pogba with Varane and say Saul, it would improve our side. Getting to the stage where I think we should be looking to move him on if hes not 100% committed}

22 Apr 2019 16:32:21
I agree ed004 but do madrid really want him? Have they the stomach for the bs that goes with him.
Do they want pogba as the face of their rebuild?
If so put a deal on the table. I know swaps are rare but i'd take varane in a heartbeat and saul would be an unbelievable signing.

{Ed004's Note - I think Madrid definitely want them, Zidane coming out and praising him (which I think reflects poorly on Madrid) and their whole media team seem to be on a public crusade to get him signed}

22 Apr 2019 17:05:34
Fingers crossed you are right.

What was it Jose called him? A virus?

He's not too far off.

22 Apr 2019 17:16:11
Hope it gets done quickly then ed004.
What do you make of martial ed? Do you think we will ever see the best if him at United?

{Ed004's Note - Im not sure what to make of Martial anymore. He has all the talent in the world but thats pointless if you dont have the work rate to go with it. Hes so lazy on and off the ball. Starting to lose faith in him}

22 Apr 2019 17:46:15
Wow angel its been a few weeks since i read that😂😂😂.

22 Apr 2019 22:03:30
Great opening post ken, i share similar thoughts on pogba, he is an excellent player and i feel he has been let down by the recruitment side in terms of pairing him with equally talented players.

He was never going to have that loyalty and heart for the badge as most modern players don't but he is a top player and will flourish at pastures new.

But i don't think a club even with madrids rebuild will pay an exorbitant fee for him like we did to get him out of juventus.

My fear is we will end up taking high priced, high wages older players like bale, kroos or isco off real madrids hands and shoot ourselves in the foot even more.

22 Apr 2019 11:46:20
Good morning guys,

So we leap from one crisis to another without any idea of how to stop this reoccurring nightmare.

We still have no identity or discernible style of play. Some players disrespect the badge knowing there is little recourse. Some players have designs of grandeur that are only matched by their inflated egos and certainly not their playing ability. We have become a circus for the self indulgent and egocentric.

Ole breathed fresh air into this conceited rag tag bunch of mercenaries and for a while freed of another narcissistic tyrant they revelled in the absence of his foreboding presence. Set free and allowed to showcase their "talent" against mostly inferior opposition they soared further swelling their elevated ego's into believing they were capable of producing consistent results. Alas from great dreams we all awake and when faced with sterner opposition they predictably crumbled. This is a team devoid of fight or determination and built on false promises and laissez-faire attitudes. Some refuse to press, have no interest in hard work or winning the ball back, making runs for their team mates and the word sacrifice is an alien concept and naughty little swear word. Their self interest is perpetuated by their greedy agents who whisper in their ear whilst making the same lame excuses. The manager is useless, the team isn't suited to your strengths all the while touting them around Europe and convincing them they deserve more money, more exposure, more success, further massaging their egos and insisting this isn't your problem, your too good, too talented, too valuable to fight. It's far easier to blame the manager, the system, the media than it is to bust your gut for your team mates and the fans. Hard work hurts after all!

We have all fallen for the Glazernomics propaganda machine in believing that 4th place is now somehow acceptable and something to celebrate. It's not! Finishing 4th merely keeps the Club marketable. From a sporting perspective it's irrelevant. It means we are the 4th best team in the EPL. It certainly doesn't represent progress or success. We can still attract the best players we just have to pay them more money (I'm not suggesting this is the correct approach and probably why we find ourselves in this mess) .

In hindsight we should have been deeply suspicious of why Sanchez chose Utd over City or why Pogba "came home"! From a sporting perspective it didn't make sense yet our arrogance convinced us that we are still a big Club.

We now find ourselves saddled with pretentious mercenaries who have no interest in putting in the hard yards merely protecting and proliferating their own self interest. They must all be sold and we must start again.

Our best teams have been built on the vibrancy and innocence of youth, on the principles of hard work and honesty, determination and courage, on hunger and desire yes it's a dream but it's better than this nightmare. Rip it up and start again and rid our Club of this disease. If we're only in the Champions League to make up the numbers then what's the point anyway.

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22 Apr 2019 11:18:34
My simplistic view?
No real progress until Woodward goes.
OR at least removed from every semblance of a football decision.

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22 Apr 2019 09:50:02

Decided to break out into Twitter and would love your guys support : 'The 7 Jersey'.

Would love to get some debate going and some followers!

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22 Apr 2019 15:32:01
Been chatting all afternoon fresh.

22 Apr 2019 07:38:55
Disgraceful. Those calling for Ole to go. Red Man. Seriously. What has Ole done wrong? What could he have done differently? What would Poch have done differently by this point? Nothing.

Ole has had no transfer window. Is no doubt under major pressure to get top four and despite the desire for youth to be blooded that just risks their futures if mixed with these morons. He’s also faced an injury crisis born from asking his players to run more. That speaks volumes about player fitness and also what Ole wants. Work rate. Closing down. We’ve all been chasing that, and now we have a guy that wants that too you want to ditch him. No way!

There is no perfect solution here. Only degrees of getting in right. Ole right now is high up there. We need a manager who has the strength and passion to clear the crap out. Give him a chance. The lack of faith by some here is no more palatable than the display we say yesterday.

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22 Apr 2019 08:01:44
Agreed. I watched the post match conference and you could see ole was so distraught, he was almost in tears. He has a lot more care for Utd than those players combined. Key quote he said. "I'm going to be successful here with or without some of these players". He will get it right. Give him time.

22 Apr 2019 10:05:40
I agree and not sure what’s changed. We had all
Written off this season anyway before Ole joined. Time for some serious squad surgery and more importantantly, move on at least 6 of that squad.

22 Apr 2019 10:58:58
Here here. He has been given the job so let's him have the opportunity. He knows what he has to do i hope he is given the autonomy to do it.

22 Apr 2019 11:08:38

On what basis do we trust the future of Manchester United in the hands of Cardiff’s failed sacked relegation manager?

Tell me what you made of the tactics yesterday? We sat off Everton, it wasn’t just that some players didn’t play. It looked like we have a set way of playing away from home, sit off the opposition, let them come at us and try to use pace on the break. One thing doing it away at Liverpool or City, but at Wolves, at Everton? I believe Ole is a wonderful hero but has been wrongly appointed manager, yet because he is that wonderful hero we can’t criticise or believe he is the wrong choice. What a mess that is.

22 Apr 2019 11:24:56
Mike phelan as technical director, Ole as manager. It's just getting worse.

22 Apr 2019 18:44:31
Red Man.

Firstly ONE job does not define any young manager’s future career. Jeez even murderers get a second chance in society and Ole by metaphorical comparison hasn’t even had one as United manager. He’s guilty of creating some amazing memories already and of giving us hope where none seemed possible.

Cardiff and Ole was a mis-match. Never made for each other. Ole has ideas that were never relevant for Cardiff given their situation - and Ole was far more accustomed to playing and training with world class players who had unquestionably high work ethics. That’s been a problem for Keane and other managers too. It’s also interesting, despite this, that you overlook his success at Molde to aid your argument.

Either way, as with Sir Alex, Ole should surround himself with competent coaches who can help with tactics. Sir Alex left a great deal of coaching and tactics to his assistants. What we need in our manager now is fearless leadership in the dugout and in meetings with the true culprit of this mess Mr. Woodward.

Plus how do YOU actually know what tactics Ole gave the players before Everton? How do you know Mick Phelan wasn’t responsible for them? How do you know the players didn’t just simply not turn up as individuals to the extent that tactics didn’t matter. I didn’t see an issue with tactics, I saw a team from the get-go who looked disinterested, lethargic and quite frankly incompetent. None of that can be attributed to Ole.

I see an Ed criticising Ole’s man management. Why? Based on what evidence? We all mostly agree that player power rules at the moment. Sod man management until we have players who deserve such respect. Then judge him.

It beggars belief how this guy is being treated and I truly believe that some serious humble pie (remember Alan Hansen) is going to be eaten about his future. He will be at United for many years. The grass of Old Trafford runs through his veins, and I truly believe he will be success.

Either way, as an absolute legend, he deserves significantly more respect than he’s getting from parts of the “fan” base.

22 Apr 2019 20:59:45

Ole gets ultimate respect from me as a legend, I was behind that goal when he scored in 99. That doesn’t make him the right manager. I did see an issue with tactics, regardless of the players not trying, we sat off Everton and seemed to want to play on the break. Predictable given recent games, which have seen us soundly beaten a number of times, however, this was Everton, not Barcelona. Lindelof who has been one of our better central defensive players shoved at right back to accommodate Jones and Smalling, Young being the answer to our woes at half time. What changes did he make? Why are the young players not getting any time even on the bench? To me when the games started to matter Ole turned to experience.

If I am wrong and eat humble pie so be it, i hope I am but if I am right as I was with Moyes, plus the club appoints Phelan as TD, I fear the club is heading to an even bigger crisis. The Ed’s are right to point out Oles situation, on what basis has he earned this Gig? You mention evidence, what evidence is there Ole can get it right? 10 games?

21 Apr 2019 23:29:29
I think this squad is broken.
There are players with plenty of talent. There is no doubt about that.
Ole really needs to decide which players he needs to keep and which players he may have to keep and build from there.

I understand the way you think redman and what we are seeing now is players who are not committed to the club or the manager.

Just like they were not committed to the last manager.
I think pogba and ddg have had their heads turned and their eye is off the ball and that sort of thing destroys a dressing room.
Herrera likewise mata too. Valencia rojo and darmian just hanging around its a mess.
Martial is clearly not trying is he unhappy on the left. Matic looks like he has just fallen off a cliff.
Fred is not looking too promising to say the least.
Ole has been handed a poison chalice. Only time will tell if he will be allowed to do his job.

The list ed002 gave was darmian rojo bailly mata herrera valencia plus pogba and ddg want out and sanchez if we can find away.
If that happens and without top 4 i'd say all those exits are a certainty then it leaves us with
Romero henderson pierera.
Dalot young shaw smalling jones tuanzabe.
Matic mctom pierera fred garner
Jessie lukaku rash martial chong gomes greenwood.

Look at every area of what's left and look at how much quality is needed in the summer.
Ole has 1 hell of a job on his hands.

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22 Apr 2019 06:39:30
Good post Ken.
A massive rebuild is required with a DoF to forsee the changes.

22 Apr 2019 00:50:28
What does ole do for wed night?
My starting 11 would be
Dalot lindelof smalling shaw
Jessie pogba chong
Lukaku sanchez.

i would leave Pogba out too for periera.

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