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22 Apr 2019 20:47:05
Although l am hoping for a win tomorrow night l just want a performance, with heart passion and work rate. It will be interesting to see the team. Hope we don't get the "give them anther chance to show what there made of" team from the Everton game. I'd make plenty of changes maybe even in goals, Dave has been poor recently especially with his distribution.

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21 Apr 2019 20:39:34
Not sure how this will go, but for next season I would like:
? ?

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21 Apr 2019 21:55:05
Yep, I'd take that. Should be a reasonable lump of cash from the outgoing players, keep a couple as squad players and have a fresh first 11 based on the above.

21 Apr 2019 19:52:31
Heartbreaking display today
No heart and all self interest
How did we end up with such s mercenary bunch of players?
We have lost our way - how do we find a way back to a just a group of players who care?
We’ve changed everything since SAF accept Woodward. maybe we need a new CEO or whatever his convoluted title is.

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21 Apr 2019 15:57:58
If the club's highest paid player is sitting on the bench why can't I be paid the same when I'm playing almost every game? Possible thought on some of the players' minds.
We didn't play badly today. We just didn't play. No passion and no heart. From the GK to the strikers. Selection if one thing but even if wrong selection the players can still do well if they step up with passion and pride. I'm at loss for words given a real big disappointment. I can't even say any one of the players played average. All played below par. As somebody said in the chatroom we are in a crisis. Major clearout should be expected.
I would still support OGS since he was appointed (emotion or not) and given a chance. Perhaps this situation would instigate EW to support OGS with a major change. I'd rather we build a young and hungry team over next 2 seasons and clear all the high wage passionless superstars.
Ed002 was right in saying it's not about Jose but some of the players. Jose has left but the disease is still around.
Sad that we have come to this but on the positive side this is a great opportunity to really really rebuild the team.
My blood boils.

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22 Apr 2019 06:39:55
Get over the fact that Sanchez is the most paid player. He would have shown more heart and desire than the like of Martial and Pogba. Mr. Woody did the deal, not Sanchez, not his dogs. It was the banker's decision to give so much money. It's not like Sanchez threatened us at gunpoint.

I'm quite sure had Sanchez played last night he would have at least troubled Coleman somewhat or maybe he would have at least put 1 or 2 decent balls in for Lukaku.

If it were up to me, barring, Lindelof, McTominay, probably Dalot and say Smalling, I'd banish the rest of the squad to the U-19s or even the reserve squad and let them earn their way back or cry their way out of this club.

I think Ole needs to be ruthless now, he needs to build a foundation, take us in the right direction, stop the stupid spending and stop the rot completely.

22 Apr 2019 11:14:08
Maybe we can build the younger team with Sanchez leading? Bench the Pogba, DDG, Martial even Rash? Get the young boys and put Sanchez in?
What more can we lose?

I’d rather be beaten and City win than a bunch of high wage players turning up only when they feel like it. I’d rather watch the young boys chase down the ball than just some senior player jogging in the field. My grandmother runs faster than some of them.

21 Apr 2019 15:52:59
Gary Neville, " I knew there were weeds that need removing, but now I know it's Japanese Knot weed destroying the club" JAmie Carragher " that is the worst United performance since I've worked for Sky" this team is rotten and it will take serious work to change it. Get rid of all the prima Donnas, even if it costs us, and replace with young hungry players who will give their all to play for Man Utd.

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21 Apr 2019 15:50:35
Gary Neville absolutely spot on again, says everything I feel about some of the players and the club atm. Embarrassing today that performance.

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21 Apr 2019 15:43:46
One of the lessons I learnt a long time ago is that an unhappy employee may temporarily be encouraged by a pay raise but, once the initial reaction has worn off, the real cause of the dissatisfaction will re-emerge. There is no amount of money you can throw at the likes of a Martial or a Pogba that will change their relationship to the club.

The big questions still remain. Why is it that with all the money at our disposal we have been unable to find the right manager, players who care for the club and play with pride, a DOF, or indeed establish any identity whatsoever? That has to be something to do with the people who run the club who, in the first 8 years ran it into the ground, milking the cash flow to meet debt requirements, and failing to invest in quality replacements for great players.

The danger is that we have not reached the bottom yet. It is not hard to see us being out of the top 6 next year, and if so, how does that impact the finances and our bloated, difficult to reduce payroll? Do we start making losses? Do some of the sponsorship deals fall away?

We clearly need to clean house on the field, but can we do it effectively with these owners and CEO? I remain convinced that cleaning out the toxic management team is where we have to start.

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21 Apr 2019 15:40:46
1 more loss on Wednesday and it will be our worst run of results since records began.

Let that sink in fellas. Our worst run of results ever.

2 more defeats could see ole resign. I have to say it wouldn't shock me.

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21 Apr 2019 15:50:13
Surely he wouldn’t resign ken?

21 Apr 2019 18:30:24
If he's not given the right resources and power to change this sham of a team I think he wouldn't stay as manager.

21 Apr 2019 15:38:26
I'm not going to lie but it hurts an awful lot watching this absolute disgrace of a performance.
For everyone using this as a stick to beat ole have fun. He deserves a chance and this isn't his team. Funnily enough since the game in Paris these lot haven't played as a team once.

If we look at the squad;
David De Gea. I am bloody speechless at him this season, I get he wants to leave but his performances have been second rate all season.

Paul Pogba- I just wish he would grab a game and show how good he can be. Since ole was made permanent he's gone back to playing for himself, being half arsed and looking like an average player.

Matic- legs have completely gone, can't complete a pass. Doesn't cut out passes or win the ball back, and if he can't do that I don't see his purpose. Doing nothing young James Garner can't.

Martial- loved on here and divides opinion something fierce. What I can say after today is that he is not someone I want in my team when things are going wrong. He gave the ball away in the box at 2-0 and stood still for 10 plus seconds. For the 3rd goal he jogs over and turns his back on the ball, cowardly. Where's the talented, fearless attacker we saw in his first season? He shows up about 8 games a season. The talent is there, but he doesn't care. Is he doing anything Mason Greenwood can't?

Rashford- chat that he's asking for a truckload of money, doesn't look like scoring. Not clinical at all, just hit and hope every time. He needs to improve, but he always gives 100%.

Lukaku- Belgium's Top goalscorer, hardly looks like scoring for us these days. Do we play to his strengths? No. If we aren't going to build a team that plays to his strengths, then we may need to get rid. Today he was awful and was bullied by two average centre halves.

I am only mentioning the individuals who played today btw. We all know the issues with Sanchez etc.

That's over half the starting 11 today who were awful. There's no point in me mentioning the defence, this issues there are extremely easy to spot. But those 6 players are either our "most talented" or "most experienced players". Yet today I saw no effort, no fight, passion or anything which resembled a leader.

At any point did someone get pissed off and demand someone to lift their standards? Did someone make a crunching tackle to try and lift us? No.

Could we say that any of them even played okay? No.

Is ole to blame? Not for me. These players were here when he arrived, and as soon as he's been made permanent they've gone Straight back to heir old habits. Let's give ole a transfer window or two to shape the team the way he wants, and get rid of some of the rubbish in this squad.

I'm getting sick and tired of the same rubbish from these players, it's been the same under every manager since Fergie.

Let's play the kids for the rest of the season, get them some experience. Because I'd much rather watch them than some of the players I've mentioned above.

Please let me know your thoughts guys.


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21 Apr 2019 15:51:26
Spot on caolan. Can’t add anything to this really.

21 Apr 2019 15:34:16
This is not a knee jerk reation as i have been saying it for 3 years.
There is players out there today that should never be allowed to represent the club or the fans ever again.
Sell players who want to leave.
Sell players that don't apply themselves as they should
Sell players that do apply themselves but are crap anyway.
Play academy kids.
We got our club back from Jose as purple wanted
Now we need to take the club back from the same players that don't respect the clubs traditions .

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