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13 Jan 2018 13:49:56
Sanchez has a bit of the Tevez about him. Very emotional. He obviously has all the skills, and when he's motivated his intensity and purpose adds a dimension to his game that any team would covet. So what is it that motivates him.

Clearly it's the thought of winning honours, and conversely looking at he seems to be demotivated by his team's mediocrity. So my guess is that:

1) he would only come to United if he thought he would win the EPL and/ or the Champions League in the next couple of years, and

2) if he did come, and it looked like those objectives were not going to be fulfilled, then it would be a disastrous transfer because his negative emotionality would end up leeching into and upsetting the dressing room.

Like for most supporters winning is ultimately more important than style. Arsenal play with style but they don't win the important trophies any more, which doesn't please their supporters and is clearly a demotivation to top players.


1.) 13 Jan 2018 15:39:18
Agreed for sure!

Lucas Moura maybe?

On another note, I mentioned a defender Jorge Mere who was at Espanyol and now at Koln and NOW Barça are after him!

We should have got this guy! Well disappointed!

2.) 13 Jan 2018 16:06:08
Well Ronnie don't mean to be rude but you might have named atleast 200 players by now. It might be difficult for United hierarchy to properly understand which one you want.

3.) 13 Jan 2018 16:34:44
I deserved that! 😂.

4.) 13 Jan 2018 21:09:56
For Sanchez's supposed attitude you can see the same thing happening at Spurs in the next 18 months if they win nothing -Ali, Erikson etc have no real affinity to Spurs as many players don't to their clubs. Sanchez probably looks around and sees nothing there but the odd FA CUp. maybe views us the same . time will tell.



05 Apr 2017 14:41:52
Two woodworks and a good goal disallowed epitomise what has been a most frustrating season. It's giving me ulcers. Virtually every game we've played we have created enough good chances to win the game handily. It's not down to tactics, it's down to finishing. The team in general seems to be suffering from a collective psychological block and somehow or other that problem has to be overcome.

The weight of expectation for players like Shaw, Pogba, Rashford, Martial, and Mhki needs to be lifted so that they are loose enough to begin to play to their potential. At present I'm sure the burden is as unbearable for the players as it is the fans.


1.) 05 Apr 2017 14:57:00
If you hit the post you have missed the target, its not bad luck it's a miss.

2.) 05 Apr 2017 15:11:46
It started since we stopped Dabbing and doing crazy handshakes for winning throw ins and corners! We need to bring them back.

3.) 05 Apr 2017 15:39:39
We've had the third most shots in the league.

No team in Europe have hit the bar/ post more than us. In fact we've hit it 9 more times than any other team.

5 of the 7 goalkeepers to win man of the match in the EPL this season have done so against us.

No team in the EPL has had more shot saved than us.

No team in the EPL has had more shots blocked than us.

It's starting to feel like a voodoo or gypsy curse. Surely we can't continue to be this unlucky.

4.) 05 Apr 2017 15:53:05
It's not bad luck though shappy.

5.) 05 Apr 2017 16:08:40
Strange how top sports men don't have bad luck .
It's all excesses and a bit embarrassing.
"There other gk had a good game "

Ddg been our best player the last 4 year . Luck or poor finishing?

6.) 05 Apr 2017 16:23:36
If it's not luck then what is it?

As for DDG making many saves, he does it every week, that's what makes him world class. Many of the keepers who have won motm against us this season have done so with their best performance in several years. They aren't world class keepers, they just have a strangely world class performance against us. Robles last night had a very good game, yet was awful a couple of days before against Liverpool.

The running joke this season is who is the best keeper in the world? Whoever's​ playing against United this week.

If you were Jose what would you be doing differently to make these chances into goals?

7.) 05 Apr 2017 16:36:20
I'm not Jose that's why he gets paid the big bucks .
Martial Rasford Ibra miki pogba mata I could go on have shown they are good players, have shown they can put the ball in net .

Chelsea where awful last season, poor at the start of the season, conte worked it out tho, and Chelsea and conte haven't been lucky in the same way United haven't been unlucky .
Over a season it works itself out .

Gk are there to make saves, defenders are there to defend you can't complain when the other team play well it sounds pathetic .

8.) 05 Apr 2017 16:37:57
By the way never mind chances, United have been poor the last couple of month as a team.

9.) 05 Apr 2017 16:41:18
Should also say getting the best out of your players is a very if not the most important job of the manager.

10.) 05 Apr 2017 16:42:58
Well put Shappy.

11.) 05 Apr 2017 20:06:38
I'd stop whining and slagging off my players. Just saying.

12.) 06 Apr 2017 21:11:02
I was trying to be sarcastic shaps! Guess I should put that in brackets lol.

We have been unlucky in many ways but we should also be doing better regardless of 'bad luck'

13.) 08 Apr 2017 09:15:02
Chipping in on the lucky/ unlucky theme.

If you're good enough you make your own luck surely?

What the stats suggest, in my opinion, is that we keep possession and stay compact. But we don't take risks often or quickly enough. And that's reflected in how we play.

Some of that is legacy of the last few years, some is the players and some is the manager.

I'm not a Jose fan, but i do believe he has to be given the time to implement his style. Personally i think if the goals and performances aren't showing through next season then he isn't going to achieve it.



30 Nov 2016 18:23:29
I cannot see us changing the manager under virtually any circumstances other than a complete capitulation. Without that Jose will be given the year. If we win the Europa and finish 8th in the league we will be in the Champions League. (I think we will finish 5th or 6th) . If we were to fire him then finding a new manager will be difficult except, of course, that failure = a big pay off when the contract is cancelled which may be something of a consolation.

A lot of the criticism is unfounded. The team has been playing quite well, just not getting the results. This brings us to Ibra. We all knew from the beginning that his role was a short term stop gap for a year or two while Martial and Rashford mature.

The last 3 years have been pretty dire by our standards, but at least this year the team is playing with attacking intent. Be grateful. At least that's the first of the complaints about LVG satisfied. In my view the anxiety of the fans is feeding into the players, so relax folks. Support the team and the manager and have hope.


1.) 30 Nov 2016 21:59:30
He is staying. Keep this simple.



29 Nov 2015 23:27:16
Another week goes by and the top teams struggle to win. City's scoreline flattered them, with their goals coming as much from errors by Southampton. It really has become a difficult league and our point at Leicester was not bad, all things considered. If Arsenal have Sanchez injured for a while their challenge may well falter, giving Liverpool and Spurs an opening. We have an opportunity to take advantage of what should be some winnable games and go into the new year on top. Will we take it?





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13 Apr 2018 18:56:19
I didn't divorce my wife when she decided to shift allegiances to Arsenal rather than United. Perhaps I should have. In the end I managed to wean her off the game by taking her to OT for a United Arsenal match. It was the one where Rashford scored twice. We were in some very good seats on the half way line. The United supporters next to her behaved so vilely in their language and manner she felt overwhelmed and threatened. It completely destroyed her interest in supporting anyone. I don't think she really understood just how deep the passions run until then. We had also been to the Etihad a few seasons earlier and sat in the Arsenal seats. It was nowhere near as bad.

In another match against West Ham in those same seats at OT a couple of WHU supporters had acquired seats in front of us (not the Mrs. this time) . West Ham scored the winner in the closing seconds (later disallowed for a marginal offside) . The two supporters cheered the goal. The United fans around them started threatening them with violence. It was disgraceful.

. but then was it any better in the 60s when I started going to OT in the days of United Aggro? It's never really been a place for the timid or easily offended.


{Ed001's Note - it was before then in the early days. It was after WW2 that support became more tribal and less friendly.}

1.) 13 Apr 2018 19:45:19
I don't go to games anymore. I'm not scared or intimidated so much as disgusted at the people around me. What about others? Anyone admit to being one of the yobs we're complaining about? Why is it ok in a stadium and not anywhere else?

2.) 13 Apr 2018 20:49:44
I would be guilty of using bad language at a game, now I wouldn't single anyone out or abuse them,
I would be the kind of bloke, play hard at the game, shake hands after.
I'd have no problem having a chat meeting other teams fans after.
In Ireland at the big gaa matches there would be tension, bad language, fierce rivalry, the odd bit of hate and a very odd few belts thrown between fans, but they could be sitting together and walk out of the ground together,
Their wouldn't be any groups waiting for each other.
Now I played hurling and seen plenty of fights and rows on the pitch but we would shake hands after.
Now some refs are good and some are one sided
I watched a programme last year of the all Ireland football final and the ref had a microphone attached and it showed every word said during the game and he was a good fair ref took no messing off the players but he spoke with respect to the players.

3.) 13 Apr 2018 22:42:03
Remember going to my first (and only) GAA game years ago, Leahy. Down v Kerry in Dublin. Asked one of the fellas where I should sit, and he just told me anywhere, there was no segregation. I nearly fell over!

4.) 13 Apr 2018 22:42:22
I love a rugby crowd. Passion without abuse. Same as the players (for the most) .

5.) 13 Apr 2018 22:51:07
Lol 99, the rugby have great passion and respect
Even when the other team is taking a free kick. not a word, silence.

6.) 13 Apr 2018 23:26:21
I think the rugby crowds are amazing at murrayfield, millennium stadium and in Dublin. But twickenham is a posh boys fest. No passion and it’s an old boys club. I found it very tame when I went and I prefer football crowds.

I will admit I get frustrated when I go to old Trafford but I’ve never been one to stand up and hurl abuse at the referee or the opposition players. I’ll boo but that’s as far as I go. It’s embarrassing to see grown men abusing players and then to watch there 5 year old son copying him and doing the finger. I would love to be able to take my kids when I have them to watch a game of football but I’m not sure it’s the example that I would want to set.

7.) 14 Apr 2018 00:15:35
Park I agree with you and other posters that talked about going to games and all that. I have kids myself and no one wants them to see this.
But I have a but, most of us grew up with football violence was a lot worse and if our parents didn't bring us to games where would we be now with football. I'm glad mine bought me to games when I was young,
And for me it made me a bit streetwise to the whole thing,
I took my oldest girl to old Trafford when she was 8 and I told her you will hear bad language and stuff like That, she said ok then after a few games took no notice of it, she has been to other sporting games as well and takes all that comes with it in her stride, Now my second youngest is a bit softer and she doesn't like when things get heated but she still goes to games.
And my youngest is hard as nails and takes no notice what so ever.
I love old Trafford and will always take one of my girls when I go but I really do look out for them when there, don't leave them out of my sight.

8.) 14 Apr 2018 09:28:42
Society has moved on a lot and what was ok 20 years ago isn’t ok now. There is no racist chanting now apart from the odd moron and hooliganism is now very isolated and much less prevalent than it was (it hasn’t gone away) . I also believe that in the next 10 years a lot of players will come out and most fans will just shrug their shoulders and say “so”? There will the odd homophobic idiot as we have seen in rugby but society has moved on and those people will stand out as the bigots they are.

Having said that not everything has got better. People dropping their kids off at school whilst wearing their pyjamas, men waking round town centres and shops with bare chests in summer, t-shirts with offensive words or phrases on them. Swearing is prevalent on the TV, I remember when the f word on T made the front page of the press, not watch Gordon Ramsey and try and count how many times you hear it.

However, in football, some challenges remain. In some big games the hatred you can feel is palpable and if I’m honest a little ridiculous. It’s a game, a sport. Nobody wants to win more than me but I don’t hate opponents. I’m sure a lot of United fans hated Michael Owen and suddenly he’s scoring the winner in the Manchester derby; Liverpool fans loved him but now hate him as he came to play for us. Sheesh people, grow up.

Singing at grounds is fabulous but some songs would get your I arrested if you sang them int he street. Why is this ok? Well it isn’t but nobody has the balls to deal with it. Offensive gestures, fans abusing players, all under the eyes of stewards and sometimes police and nobody bats an eyelid. If the stewards starting ejection people, or noting their seat numbers and writing to them (season ticket holders) then we might see a change. It’s like the standing up issue, the Council threatens to close the ground but yen doesn’t so everyone carries on standing up.

I was at Anfield in ‘92 the day we lost the League, sat in the Liverpool end opposite the Kop (we bought tickets outside from a tout) . It was my first experiment of Anfield and I have never experienced hatred like it. They knew we were United fans but we played badly, lost, we behaved ourselves and left very early before any trouble started. Contrast that to when we went to Coventry where all around the ground you could see United shirts and not a hint of trouble. So it’s something tribal, long held rivalries, or games against your main competitors that brings out the worst in people.

Whatever it is we need to keep the passion but lose the hatred. I don’t really enjoy going anymore, maybe I’ve just got old or maybe I’ve moved on and football hasn’t.

Revolution, that’s what we need.

{Ed001's Note - a lot of football historians believe the problem stems from segregation, and I think they have a point. When Liverpool and Everton were sat together it was nothing like as nasty as it has become now they are segregated. Not sure how we would reverse the process to return to mixing in together and showing respect to others though.}

9.) 14 Apr 2018 09:50:01
I remember reading something once about how in Manchester an Liverpool fans of both clubs would sit together in the derby games. And how when one team was away they'd go watch the one that was home that weekend. can't imagine it now.

10.) 14 Apr 2018 12:16:31
The only punishment that seems to have any sort of effect is points deductions. Particularly if it results in losing a title or relegation for a team.

The only issue is that it punishes the normal fans who don't act like idiots.

11.) 14 Apr 2018 13:15:51
Tony, you, me and Beast should be the next participants on Grumpy Old Men. My frustration at modern-day society has me tearing out what's left of my hair.

12.) 14 Apr 2018 14:02:11
Me too Stevie, and don’t get me started on adhering to all the new rules. I don’t have an ‘ism’ in me but it’s hard keeping up with all the rules about what is ok and isn’t ok.

13.) 14 Apr 2018 22:09:36
In many ways the vile abusive language at matches is just a reflection of how standards of respect and tolerance have fallen in society in general. So called comedians just have to utter the F word to get a laugh. Listen to people speak everyday and F word is commonplace. Robbery and theft is so prevalent that the police don't have the time to investigate properly. There has been a breakdown in dare I say good old fashioned values. This is because families are fragmented. We have a society where kids grow up not knowing who their father is because he is absent. They therefore have no role models or if they do its the wrong type. This is not to slight or offend the amazing efforts of many single parents but it cannot be a coincidence that there are so many problems in our society. I took my kids to a football match at Chelsea. They were 7 and 8 years old. The steward told them to take off their Utd scarves so as not to provoke Chelsea supporters. How perverse is that. Then during the match there was a torrent of four letter words from surrounding Chelsea fans. When I complained that there were kids present we were told to F off. The stewards were not interested when I complained. Contrast that to rugby matches and you see the problem. Football has to encourage fans to mix and it has to enforce a strict policy of no tolerance for foul and abusive language from the fans. It also need s to do more to encourage the next generation of fans. Having mixed family seating areas where young families of both teams supporters sit might be the way to start.

{Ed007's Note - Vote Tory! All these bloody single parents bringing their kids up to swear at football matches! They're probably paying for season tickets off their benefits as well! The filthy B@$tArds!!!!!!


14.) 14 Apr 2018 22:31:41
i think it's a reflection on general society, only in the past 100 years or so because of the influx of immigrants from other countries people are being more progressive and more accepting of people different than themselves (whether it has merits or not is not discussed here), so what you essentially have is a group of people who heavily invest their identities in their local football teams because of a) a lack of education (hooligans don't help in this regard) b) zealous tribalism where you're unaccepting of anything that's considered different than what your club may permit, notice how there is a very stern opposition to foreign fans in the premier league despite them being responsible for the revenue etc? it stemmed from that.



14 Mar 2018 12:04:45
My United friend of 50 years sent me an email this morning asking what I thought of last night.

Firstly, I am astonished by how uninspiring and ineffective Sanchez has been. I had thought his poor form at Arsenal was down to discontent but now I'm not so sure. Maybe he's just lost his edge. In which case the club will now be saddled with his enormous wages, essentially becoming the new Wayne Rooney, for the next 4 years. Or perhaps its the set up he's being asked to operate in.

In general though, I thought we deserved to lose. There seems to be no cohesion in the team at all, and certainly not enough effort and desire. Sevilla looked so much more accomplished with great movement, deft touches, fluidity and width. Our inadequate performance could have been partly down to fatigue having played Liverpool on Saturday, and/ or a complacency/ hubris after the victory, and/ or a poor tactical plan, and/ or our players are simply paid far more than they're worth. But most of all I put it down to our even more turgid performance in the first leg, which set us up to fail last night by ensuring that Mourinho would primarily be playing not to concede a goal. It was very disappointing.

I understand that Mourinho made some comment about how it's nothing new for United to lose at home in the ECL, that he won at OT with both Porto and RM. After a comment like that I would be looking for a new manager.


1.) 14 Mar 2018 12:48:18
Agree about sacking him after those post match comments but will still give him the benefit of the doubt as he had nothing else to be positive about.
This game reminded me of last years europa semi finals where we got away with the same approach had it not been for the ex man city striker.

2.) 14 Mar 2018 12:54:49

As always these things get taken well out of context, he was saying the club isn't screwed just because we lost in the CL, it didn't come across like he was bragging but reading it you would think he banged on about how amazing he was.

There was 10 things worse last night than his post match comments, just got everything wrong.

3.) 14 Mar 2018 13:30:25
Gds stop defending him, he isn't some guy whose English isn't really good. He knew what he was saying very well. We have reached a stage where a utd manager is basically telling fans that we are used to mediocrity and it isn't his fault. I don't care if he wins the FA cup or not he needs to go.

4.) 14 Mar 2018 13:35:23
Really GDS? To me it came across like he was highlighting his ability to win CL games, and contrasting it to our losses - i. e. Jose ain’t the problem, the club is.

5.) 14 Mar 2018 13:47:20
Must admit I sort of saw it like that too danny .

Why couldn't just say we had a bad day and deservedly got beat is beyond me.

6.) 14 Mar 2018 13:50:52
Yeah, no need to say anything other than it was a bad performance, let the fans down, going to make sure that we improve, etc.

Only reason to bring up his two CL wins at Old Trafford is to stroke his own ego.

7.) 14 Mar 2018 19:39:31
Ah too soon then 😂. I just don’t care about press conferences and think people care too much, I’m more interested in what happened on the pitch which was unacceptable.



14 Mar 2018 00:23:48
This match was lost in the first leg where our performance was dreadful, hoping not to lose, rather than trying to win the game. That set up today's debacle where we had to play with too much caution knowing that any score draw would knock us out.

What was striking was the fluidity of Sevilla's game. Players seemed to know where their team mates were, displaying intricate passing movements and deft touches. Despite a few very good squandered chances that fell to us in the latter stages, they were the better side and overall deserved their victory.

Hopefully we will be in this competition next year, and if we are, then perhaps the manager and players will approach it with a different attitude, assuming that is that our players have as much talent as their ridiculous wages ought to command.




10 Mar 2018 20:15:41
We had one moment of good fortune when Van Dijk missed a great chance at the near post from a corner when the score was 1-0, and we had one moment of bad luck when Bailly contrived to score an o. g, but beyond that we were the ones who created by far the best chances. Had Mata scored when wide open the game could have been a stroll.

Frankly I was quite surprised how easily we shut down the mighty Liverpool offense which everyone knows is the best in the world. All I can say is that our defence must be pretty darned good given how much those guys are hyped by the Liverpool fans and the press.


1.) 10 Mar 2018 20:28:42
Played well today good defensive performance.
But shows how goals make a difference . we had 2 shots on target today 1 a deflection .

2.) 10 Mar 2018 21:34:34
Watched the game without knowing result. This is the type of game Jose is meant for. Got a 2 goal lead and made us very hard to break down, an exceptional defensive performance which was probably necessary. Made Liverpool look very ordinary indeed, which is very impressive considering we hunkered down and prepared for the barrage early on. I'd be very angry as a Liverpool fan at how little they offered going forward.

Good job Rash had his shooting boots on today, good team performance on the whole - I imagine this one gave Jose immense satisfaction and sets us up well for Sevilla.

But still awful attacking as a team, we fortunately were pretty clinical today but this was a defensive masterclass and a valuable 3 points. Exactly the type of thing Ken was talking about the other day, players doing exactly as the manager wanted and it working out. Happy with this against Liverpool, wouldn't be against a team like Brighton though!

3.) 10 Mar 2018 22:52:03
Yeah same amount as at anfield. But there was more attacking intent today which you would exoect at home.

4.) 11 Mar 2018 00:47:36
Yeah beast exactly what i was talking about yesterday and lo and behold those saying i was talking nonsense are praising the exact thing today.
Ill give you one thing beast you are consistent and true to your opinions your no fence sitter mate. 😂😂.



11 Feb 2018 13:42:22
{Ed's Note - shawthing has posted a new article entitled, Complications with a European Super Champions League


1.) 11 Feb 2018 15:08:41
Good post Shaw. I'd love to see a European Super League but I'm just not sure in practice how this would work and the effect it might have on those not involved?

Would it be of benefit to the whole game or just the big clubs involved.

If there was no promotion or relegation it might become pretty stale after a while?




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03 Aug 2017 19:59:22




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23 Jul 2017 20:46:28
He's not worth a penny over £150m.




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20 Jun 2017 13:13:24
Wouldn't surprise me if RM themseves were behind the Ronaldo rumours with the intention of complicating the Morata deal and ultimately getting a better price.




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08 Jun 2017 20:24:00
Compared to when the Glazers bought the club the interest payments are quite small. At that time our revenue/ turnover was approximately 1/ 3rd of what it is now and debt was twice as much with some high rate of interest loans. £400m net debt is very manageable especially when compared to Forbes recent valuation of the club at almost £3bn. In other words the directors have every reason to be satisfied with the capital structure of the club as it is. Debt elimination will be less important than fulfilment of the overall business plan.




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06 Jun 2017 22:38:53
Sanchez is in his last contract year with Arsenal which puts the power firmly in the hands of the player. The club will want to avoid the risk of losing him for nothing at the end of next season. Will he accept the reported £300k a week to stay where he is and play Europa League football? Given, no doubt, there are other suitors, is there any chance he will want to play in Manchester? Does he like Mourinho? I can see him leaving the Gunners for maybe £400k per week wages but a transfer fee closer to £50m than £80m.





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17 Apr 2018 23:16:22
I find it very hard to believe the club would change plans based on the negativity of some of the fan base. If they really believed in what they were doing, and they had the support of the sponsors, who I am sure they are much more concerned about than the fans, they would have stuck with Van Gaal for another year. He did win the cup after all.

They could have hid behind that. The problem was not the fans but the turgid football. The toxicity of the fans, insofar as it actually existed, was a direct result of the toxic product on the field. And that in turn was as a result of a lack of replacement of top players of equal quality, starting with the sale of Ronaldo. This toxic fan argument is just a defection from the appalling decision making by the OT directors under the Glazers, at least as far as football is concerned.

The facts are clear. There was no adequate planning to replace SAF. There was no planning to replace the likes of Scholes, Giggs, Keane etc etc. Clough and Taylor were extremely good at realising when to unload aging players. We did none of it. We held on until the team was full of players past their prime being paid large amounts of money, and still better than the players picked to replace them.

SAF was apparently going to get rid of Rooney, but a new manager comes in and gives him a ridiculous contract. SAF's brother told someone I met that he knew the team was done when he retired. All this is the result of businessmen who know next to nothing about football, buying into an opportunity through the use of excessive debt, and then coming up short. Who do they blame? The fans. I don't buy it.




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15 Apr 2018 12:13:32
I think that's a bit hard on Pep. Here's what he said.

"If you have now 87 points, five games left, it's because we did outstanding when people said it was a big failure what happened last week. They don't understand absolutely anything about football. The Champions League is seven games, you can win the Champions League but the league is every three days in the same month. I'm sorry but it's much more important what these guys have done the whole season. "

No doubt Real Madrid fans will be delighted if they win the European again, but it will remain questionable whether that will be enough to balance out being 18 points adrift of Barcelona, being behind their Madrid rivals, and having to endure a pretty negative overall league season.

Could it be that Pep's comments are directed more towards his players than at the general public. Despite the loss in the ECL, he is saying how proud he is of his team's stellar achievements during the course of the whole season.


{Ed001's Note - so you agree that going out of the Champions League is not a big failure for a team that was put together for the sole purpose of winning the Champions League? I think Pep is talking out of his backside and trying to cover up what was a failure by talking about a success. They are separate things and should not have been compared like that. Succeeding in the Premier League is not what he was brought to City to do.}



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12 Apr 2018 13:50:54
And if I remember correctly Casemiro should have seen red last year.

The top teams always seem to get beneficial treatment, especially in the eyes of the lesser teams. Nothing new there. Referees were/ are constantly accused of favoring us, or Chelsea, and now Man City. It doesn't need bribery to make it happen.

Be that as it may, I thought last night's decision was correct. 50-50 was the best one can say of it from a Juve point of view.




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11 Apr 2018 23:53:16
There was absolutely no way the defender had any chance of getting that ball without going through the back. It was the only way to prevent the attacker from bringing the ball under control and having the easiest of chances. You personally might be able to sustain an argument for not giving a penalty, but one cannot fault the decision to do so either.

Ronaldo cool as a cucumber. Brilliant header to create the situation, and as good a penalty as you will ever see under intense pressure. It's a good job he wasn't that good at them when we played Chelsea in the final. We might not have had the opportunity to see JT slip and put the winner wide.




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08 Apr 2018 12:43:08
My only criticism of de Gea is that he tends to be slow off his line, forcing defenders to make clearances of balls he could be collecting. This is especially problematic when you have defender like Smalling in front of you, who often seems to panic and get his feet tangled up, turning clearances and throw-ins into corners. Other than that he constantly demonstrates his claim to be the No 1 goalie in the world.