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19 Jun 2018 23:45:23
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19 Jun 2018 21:02:05
Football Rumours Charity match (Matt Hawker Cup 2018) - Pre game Interviews

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19 Jun 2018 22:22:38
Used to think everyone (for some reason) who uses the sitewas in their mid and early 20's lol.

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19 Jun 2018 22:27:53
How unfortunate the thumbnail landed on MK scouser :o and not the Carra look-alike.

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19 Jun 2018 22:44:00
Scholes mate I'm only just into my 30s.
Ken's only 28 but he has had a really tough life. Lol.

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19 Jun 2018 22:52:25
He actually looked 23 when Moyes took over Shappy.

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19 Jun 2018 21:41:14
Okay Gentlemen, We have news on the Matt Hawker Cup 2019.

So far, what do we know?
The date will be the 15th of June
And held in Oxfordshire-ish again.

After speaking to all 24 players, they have all told me they would like to play again next year, and due to their monumental effort how can anyone say no?

After seeing the wonderful words and backing on the site, it is clear a lot more people want to join in for 2019, so we have decided to increase squad sizes from 12 to 14, allowing us to have 4 new players.

Quite frankly there is no easy way to choose, so from as of right now we are running a competition.

It is one question you have to answer, by midnight, Friday the 22nd of June.

How many in TOTAL, goals will be scored at the world cup 2018. So yes this includes all goals previous to today, so time to do some homework ;)

The closest 4 will be added into the Matt Hawker cup, the next 4 after that will be placed on the reserve list. It is an honour to Matt and the website that so many people want to get involved and for that i am extremely grateful.

For any ties in the final standings, it will work on closest guess then move down to who submitted their guess first, so you may want to wait till friday after a few more goals, but is it worth the risk?!

Please email me on benjaminallen1991 @ hotmail . co . uk, your username if you have one, contact email address and your guess.

Best of luck!

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19 Jun 2018 22:38:39
Would be great if we could get a few more of the United boys involved. Jred? Red man? Beast? Fancy trying your luck with me Ken and the other United lads who got involved?

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19 Jun 2018 22:54:42
Yer definitely up for it, sounds and looks a great crack. Did you's all stop over and make a night/ weekend of it .

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19 Jun 2018 23:07:46
Good shout shappy, Ken on one team and jred on the other let them mark each other😀😀.

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19 Jun 2018 12:59:54
Do we still hold any interest in Lozano? Could be an option for the right forward role.

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19 Jun 2018 15:27:44
Could do, although he does almost exclusively play on the left.

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19 Jun 2018 17:23:43
Shappy’s right he is primarily a left winger. Really good player and I remember ed saying city had some interest in him.

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{Ed001's Note - and Chelsea do.}

19 Jun 2018 19:17:12
Serious question, why can't alexis sanchez play on the right?

Considering he drops so deep its like he's playing holding midfield it doesn really matter what flank he plays on.

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19 Jun 2018 19:50:40
Good question DSG, he should be playing on the right IMO but not sure why.

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19 Jun 2018 21:09:02
Because he likes to shoot, and he has more opportunity to shoot when cutting onto his good foot.

We knew what we were getting with Sanchez, good player but expects to play in his preferred role.

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Football Rumours Charity Match Review

19 Jun 2018 10:32:50
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Football Rumours Charity Match Review

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19 Jun 2018 11:09:05
Love it. Lol.

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{Ed001's Note - glad you enjoyed Shappy, I thought I was very fair and completely unbiased, even though my team was shamelessly cheated of a fully deserved win.}

19 Jun 2018 11:21:53
Nail on the head ed. top quality stuff. laughing out loud here.

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{Ed001's Note - and I never even mentioned how much you look like Jamie Carragher either. (Yes this time I will resist the opportunity to make any spitting image jokes).}

19 Jun 2018 11:31:50

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{Ed001's Note - sorry ken, you have a future in being a double...}

19 Jun 2018 12:16:16
Good one Ed. A truly unbiased review of the funday. Where can i find a video of the game?

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{Ed001's Note - it will be uploaded to youtube. As soon as I have the link I will post it up for you.}

19 Jun 2018 13:01:06
Thanks Ed! Really looking forward to watching the game. May be someday i will also be a part of it.

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{Ed001's Note - next year hopefully.}

19 Jun 2018 13:37:19
Is there any chance the game could be moved further north Ed001? Or is the current location best for most of the lads?

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{Ed001's Note - I don't know mate, no venue has been decided upon yet. I would think a lot would depend on securing one to hold the match.}

19 Jun 2018 14:31:39
No rubbish Ed lol. Or we could throw it back and play in the back alleyways.

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{Ed001's Note - now you are talking! These days we would probably just all end up arrested if we played there. We used to play in the street when I was young, by the time I was a teen you couldn't because there were too many cars and the owners would chase you.}

19 Jun 2018 15:02:47
Them were the days, throw 2 jumpers on the street for the goals, if you hit a car then you got a good chase, kept us fine and fit.

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19 Jun 2018 14:53:08
It was still okay a while back Ed, but kids nowadays don't get off their consoles and phones. I know what kind of childhood i would prefer.

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{Ed001's Note - I love my console but I would much rather kick a ball around outside any day.}

19 Jun 2018 15:24:51
Would be disappointed if you don't fancy a game in Fifa? .

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{Ed001's Note - I haven't played FIFA since Matt passed as I always used to play against him. He was a big gamer since getting ill as there was little else he could do to pass time over the last few years. I have not really felt like playing it since he went. If you have a playstation account you are welcome to add me for if I ever do go back to it mate. trepei is my PS name.}

19 Jun 2018 15:35:48
Great review Ed I couldn’t stop reading until the last word.
Great to see the pictures and I’ll be planning to fly to the next one.
One year in advance and if I save $10 per day I should have enough to be there to watch next year 🤣
I’m really looking forward to the next game and meet all.

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{Ed001's Note - it would be great to meet you at last 666.}

19 Jun 2018 16:38:05
Why not do united fans v Liverpool fans, or England v ireland.

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19 Jun 2018 16:41:15
As long as you don't lose a talckle to a 12 year old you are welcome 666. Ill keep you on your toes😁.

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19 Jun 2018 18:58:52
I’ll be the photo/ video grapher Ken.
I just want to make the excuse to watch/ meet and drink with you all. Just became item in bucket list 😉.

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19 Jun 2018 19:19:53
I'll try and make a special guest appearance next year, my fee won't be too expensive,2 grand will do.
If you lot can't come up with the money I might throw in a freebie.
Only joking I'll definitely try make it next year.

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18 Jun 2018 23:51:00
Much needed result for England, a nice change from the regularly disappointing opening result.

It was much like watching United at times and that was largely down to Young doing lots of nothing in the final third.

Right now there's an 80% chance of Young and Valencia being our starting full backs again next season, which is slightly soul destroying if I'm honest.

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19 Jun 2018 08:32:14
According to the commentary and pundits it was the best football so far seen at this World Cup, world class and like City of last season 😂 oh and that unbearable Russian heat 😂.

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19 Jun 2018 09:59:00
First half they played well.

I agree Young is a frustrating, but he did lay a certain goal on for Lingard who fluffed his lines by stepping backwards to shoot rather than stepping in and heading home a sitter.

In a back 5 i think you need a player who can go down the outside and cross, that is not Young.

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19 Jun 2018 10:37:08
The balance seems off with young at left wing back. Call me old fashioned but I prefer to have my left back left footed and right back right footed. When rose played against Costa Rica he provided good width and stretched the opposition defence. Young cuts in too much and it’s obvious what he will do. He can put in a decent ball but not enough. Think rashford, Loftus Cheek and rose should replace sterling, alli, young for the next game.

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19 Jun 2018 11:24:18
Sterling was terrible, he should of been taken off from the start of the second half. Loftus Cheek made a massive difference when he come on as did Rashford. I think Loftus Cheek has to start in the next game. I would also bring Rose in for young and swap Walker over to fullback.
Walker Stones Maguire
Trippier (Henderson or Dier) Loftus Cheek Rose
Ali Rashford

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19 Jun 2018 11:55:01
Welsh. Bitter, much? :)

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19 Jun 2018 12:04:07
I just love how the range of bias is from best we’ve seen at the tournament to excuses like the heat has been underestimated. Ken’s team could get through that World Cup group lol.

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19 Jun 2018 13:54:28
Not just commentators.

On here yesterday.

Belgium cruise to a 3-0 win.
Beast - that was absolute dog s**t.

England look like a somewhat decent team for 10 min.
Beast - strips off to pants, and starts doing the John Barnes rap.

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18 Jun 2018 23:44:03
Am i right in thinking mourinho could be looking at casemeiro as the other cm as ed002 very kindly pointed out in the list? with golovin looking like he's going to juventus and milinkovic-savic possibly going to madrid/ juve. have to wonder who the young cm united are looking for could be?

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19 Jun 2018 09:09:20
Casemiro will be a super signing.

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Review Of The Day 19th June 2018

19 Jun 2018 07:12:30
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 19th June 2018

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18 Jun 2018 21:00:19
Here we go again. Tunisia lose a group game and some of them break down in tears, and they weren’t the only ones. Pathetic.

Nice to see Wngland creating so many chances, Jesse had an off day on front of goal and I thought Sterling was his usual frustrating self. Rashford looked bouncy when he came on as did Loftus Cheek, nice start from a young team.

However, how does Maguire get to play for England? Astounding.

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18 Jun 2018 21:45:54
Sorry but I've always rated Maguire - is better than our English centre backs and is not scared of bringing the ball out of defence. Dare I say like a young Alan Hansen😆😆.

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18 Jun 2018 21:47:38
I thought Jesse was the standout player in the first half and it is only because he didn't score that others will overlook how well he played. With regard to Maguire I think he had a solid match. He was obviously very nervous and don't forget he doesn't play olfor a big club like Utd so he will not have encountered the expectation that brings on a regular basis. I thought he was generally quite composed and I liked the way he tried to come out of defence with the ball thus making a Tunisian player have to approach him freeing up one of our midfielders.

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18 Jun 2018 21:53:22
Maguire is a mistake waiting to happen, slow and poor positionally a decent side will single him out just like the Germans did with Jagielka.

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18 Jun 2018 21:56:44
I like his heart and he can bring the ball forward but call me old fashioned, I like my defenders to know how to defend. I think he’s careless with the ball.

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18 Jun 2018 22:07:01
How did the Kane being wrestled thing go to var and then the var ref says no foul I'd love to see the var ref try to justify it . Henderson had a good game and Jesse's runs were great but his finishing wasn't so good.

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18 Jun 2018 22:14:56
That 3 at the back are all good ball players agreed they are a little nervous at times but far from accidents waiting to happen. They open teams up with those forward charges it really is refreshing to see i only wish United did the same 😆😆.

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18 Jun 2018 22:23:53
Totally agree, Tony. Maguire looks great striding out of defence, but some of his slack passing at the back would have been punished by better teams. I think England did ok. Should have wrapped it up by half-time, and Tunisia got what they deserved for playing for a draw after they scored, and trying to frustrate England with a lot of calculated, niggly fouls. Deserved win.

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18 Jun 2018 19:00:07
O jeez. no Rashford. my gawwwddd. and he was like meesi and ronaldo combined in the last practice match.

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18 Jun 2018 20:42:42
Eh no he wasn't.

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18 Jun 2018 21:02:42
What has been missed is the fact that before the last friendly Southgate said the players are competing for a starting role. Rashford had a blinder in that friendly, then is on the bench - does not compute with me, complete lies!

When will people start being accountable for what they actually say again.

At least we won in the end. PLEASE Jose buy a LB, Ashley Young brings absolutely nothing to the table, maybe less than Henderson.

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{Ed004's Note - Rashford picked up a knock last week and only came back in the last training session. I'm assuming he was left out because Southgate was protecting him. However, I think he left his subs to late and they weren't really attacking changes. A cb could have easily been subbed of for a more attacking player. Dele struggled after the knock he picked up early and felt Rashford could have came on for him earlier in the contest}

18 Jun 2018 21:27:33
Hard to disagree Ed. Was saying we could have took Walker off and pushed someone forward. Sterling was awful. No ball retention at all. Panics and just kicks it forward. Move Ali inside and put Rashford on the left for next game for me. Thought we looked very strong at set peices which is a positive. Not a bad performance but could easily be better.

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18 Jun 2018 22:16:13
Rash will get more time as the tournament goes on i hope. Should have been 3 ahead half time. Not as good 2nd half but controlled the game. Deserved to win. Decent start with an even easier game next it is all down to the Belgium game to see who will top the group.

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18 Jun 2018 22:25:14
It was always going to be a tough decision between Sterling and Rashford. Marcus's knock made the decision much easier.

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19 Jun 2018 08:40:57
No I'm serious mate, vast majority of the games have been like watching teams of strangers play - just like watching Utd. There are moments of quality, but on the whole the quality of football has been pretty poor. Very few good chances created, loads of set-piece goals.

Internationals are often like this (especially early on in tournaments), it's to be expected - but it does remind me a lot of when I watch us almost every game. We have quality players but it's all very individualistic with not much trust/ know-how with your comrades in arms. Thing is I expect the quality teams to gel as the tournament progresses, we on the other hand look just the same game 1 of the season to game 50.

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18 Jun 2018 16:33:54
Belgium look so good on paper yet so poor on the field, Panama look at ease so far.

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18 Jun 2018 17:03:51
There are a few teams who you can say that about. France and Argentina man for man probably have one of the toughest squads to assemble as they genuinely have so many players who should be there. Yet both are flattering to decieve.

Germany and Brazil were the bookies tips to win it. Yet both looked off the pace and venerable yesterday albeit probably against the toughest opponents they have in their groups.

Fact is you won't really see what these teams are capable of until the knock-out rounds. With these competitions it's not how you start them but how you finish them.

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18 Jun 2018 17:24:48
It's what I hate about International Football - below average managers for the most part expected to figure out how to gel a team full of superstars, never going to happen! Then you have 1-2 average players that mess up the moves the team develops. When I look at Germany dropping Sane, Belgium dropping Nainggolan and various others you just know what to expect.

I am about to throw a chunk of change on England for the World Cup, I have seen nothing so far that scares me. It has been a World Cup full of Man Utd's so far - maybe this could be the year!

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18 Jun 2018 17:52:09
Probably better off chucking your change off the white cliffs of Dover. Same end result, but at least you’ll get a nice trip out of it.

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18 Jun 2018 18:10:03
Yet 3-0 it is. Seemed like a Jose team out there didn't it.

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18 Jun 2018 20:53:56
UA, I thought the same, dull football, Lukaku having to come deep to create something, and a player on the left running wild but losing the ball selfishly repetitively.

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18 Jun 2018 22:33:23
Yeah scholes😂😂😂😂.

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18 Jun 2018 22:34:24
Are you having a laugh beast?

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18 Jun 2018 23:35:07

On a different planet some of his posts.

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