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18 Aug 2017 09:49:14
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18 Aug 2017 09:45:00
Apparently Real Madrid are "readying" a £46 million bid for De Gea, with the ridiculous prices being paid these days, he would have to be worth £100 million, surely!

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18 Aug 2017 09:40:26
I personally don't see us making anymore signings this window now. And as we are we have a good squad with a good spine to the team, just think we're short in attack and fullbacks, and that's why I don't think we will win the league. Looking forward to the game tomorrow, hoping what we saw against West Ham wasn't a one off and continues the same way.

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17 Aug 2017 22:17:12
If there's any justice in this world - we will sign Lemar this window 😫.

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18 Aug 2017 00:22:54
I'm not questioning it but I am curious as to why us signing him would be justice?

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18 Aug 2017 00:49:57
Because it's the words in a pop song by a singer of the same name quite clever of Jacko.

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18 Aug 2017 02:54:15
EvenZidan beat you to it further down the page.

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18 Aug 2017 04:50:54
Thanks Jacko just woke up still singing it.

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18 Aug 2017 07:37:38

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18 Aug 2017 09:07:09
Signing lemar. It ain't that easy.

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18 Aug 2017 09:38:31
I'm not sure if I'm disappointed I didn't get that, especially since my girlfriend of the time really liked him, or pleased that I'd forgotten the lyrics to a pop song from 15 years ago.

Either way Jacko Touché!

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17 Aug 2017 19:06:22
Draxler not needed by PSG, We need a left midfielder, surely the dots could add up?

I doubt we are in for him but we should be!

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17 Aug 2017 22:51:56
we need right sided player bud, we have more than enough on the left side.

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18 Aug 2017 08:03:53
For me Draxler is not a natural wide player anyway. Whether he was played left or right he wouldn't do the job we're after which is essentially an old school left sided midfielder who stays wide offering a constant option and stretching a back 4. We have more than enough att miss which is what I would categorise Draxler as. I like him as a player but not what we need or better than what we have.

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17 Aug 2017 19:02:23
Ok, sorry to be a bore but I posted the predictions competition link earlier today but it's already a way down the page. 2 weeks left to enter, scroll down for the link.

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17 Aug 2017 20:53:54
Thanks AJH

I will do it after the window closes or after we make a notable signing.

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18 Aug 2017 07:44:01
Last day will be Sep 1sr, then it will get locked down.

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18 Aug 2017 08:38:08
I think we should be allowed to change before transfer window closes. 😊.

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{Ed004's Note - I'm leaving it as late as possible to submit mine}

17 Aug 2017 17:43:44
Just seen the video of "ref cam". The Premier league have got to get these in place their brilliant. 😆😆.

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17 Aug 2017 18:29:59
Would be a great idea. Would also stop players intimmadating the refs

Should do what rugby do.

No once does a ref get abuse in rugby.

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17 Aug 2017 18:58:21
No abuse well before the ref cam in rugby.

Even if a ref cam is used in premier league, It's an overall attitude change that is needed from top to bottom.

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17 Aug 2017 13:30:58
Just thought I'd relay this info for anyone not on twitter etc, but Duncan Castles, who a lot seem to think has close ties with Jose, has just reported that we are weighing up a move for Lemar, after exploring deals for Ronaldo and Bale. Also says that we still want a champions league level left back and will sell Shaw to fund the deal if needs be. Don't shoot the messenger.

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17 Aug 2017 14:07:48

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17 Aug 2017 14:16:57
I can't see it happening but think it would be a good move an attacking winger who I'd imagine could comfortably slot in at lwb if we where to go with 3 at the back.

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17 Aug 2017 15:08:41
Is he much of an upgrade on Martial?

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17 Aug 2017 15:42:25
i think he would be a great fit if we get him. Very young, but has a physical side to his game so should not find it too hard in the premier league. Plus he is good at set pieces and we lack someone to take our indirect free kicks and corners.

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17 Aug 2017 16:35:04
If we play 4231 we have four offensive positions. Currently we have Lukaku, Rashford, Martial, Lingard, Mata and Mkhitaryan for those 4 positions. Is 6 players for 4 roles really enough squad depth for a 50-60 game season?

Probably not, that's why I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another winger come in. Lemar looks a good option, glad he gave up on his singing career to focus on football. Maybe there is some justice in the world.

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17 Aug 2017 16:42:17
I thought the new Man Utd way was to always hit the first defender from corners?

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17 Aug 2017 17:03:43
New, we've been doing that since Giggs took them.

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17 Aug 2017 17:48:45
I hear you Shappy, but the deal is probably only 50/ 50. Here all week.

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17 Aug 2017 18:39:38
If there's any justice in the world we will sign him.

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17 Aug 2017 19:54:12

Well played.

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17 Aug 2017 20:43:30
Why thank Gds2 😁😁.

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17 Aug 2017 21:16:41
Lol Shappy; that was a goodun'

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17 Aug 2017 12:39:32
So the first super Sunday this weekend.

I know it's only 2 games in but if we can win the early kick off Saturday the pressure is on for everyone else to win.

Contenders are going to drop points this weekend.

I think we need to capatalise early on.

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17 Aug 2017 13:42:42
I see what your saying but I don't think any of the teams will feel under pressure not when we will only be 2 games in.

But West Ham and swansea where the sort of teams that we found difficult to break down last season so if we win on Saturday I think we will think we'll score another 4 then that's already a massive improvement on last season.

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17 Aug 2017 14:45:27
we won 1-3 in the same game last season. It was the home game we drew.

without being over confident. I want 0-5 haha.

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17 Aug 2017 16:36:31
Swansea proved a tough nut to crack for Southampton last weekend. I'd be happy with three points anyway we got them.

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17 Aug 2017 17:50:06
3 points all that matters. This is the sort of fixture champions take 3 points in.
As you say shappy they can be a tough nut to crack so let's hope the nut crackers are in form again.

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17 Aug 2017 17:52:18
Nooo Shappy. Not "anyway we get them", why should we be playing ugly against the likes of Swansea. Three points "anyway we can" should be reserved for finals and 6 pointers, not relegation fodder like Swansea who are for the taking.

6-0 - building on our quality performance from last week, a bad performance is a step backwards and we need to be building up momentum not fluking wins.

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17 Aug 2017 18:33:12
I Think one of the main differences last week was once we got 2 up we carried on looking for more.

To many times last season we shot ourselves in the foot not going for the kill.

Goal difference can play a major part in winning the title as we already know when city won it.

I would agree with beast you go to teams like Swansea, who will be fighting to stay in the leuage and go out to win by a big margin.

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17 Aug 2017 12:36:49
I find it strange and hard to understand that even after our best performance/ result in probably 4 years that people still find something to be negative about.

We played well, we won well. Then our main opposition didn't play well and several got a poor result to boot.

Yet we have people scrapping the barrel for a negative.

Oh what if Lukaku gets injured?
Well I guess we'll have to make do.

Zlatan got injured last season at a key time. And we won a European trophy without him.

Lukaku's style of play is much more similar to that of Rashford and Martial than Zlatan's. With the team set up for that kind of striker hopefully if Lukaku was to succumb to injury to team will be better placed to deal with it as the team won't have to change style so much.

But that's kind of besides to point, every team suffers injuries. How badly they effect that team will depend on which player it is injured and how they are able to cope with it.

If Real Madrid lost Ronaldo, or Kroos or Modric then would they not suffer?

If Barcelona lost Messi, Suarez or Busquets would they not struggle either?

If Bayern were to lost Lewandowski, Neuer or Hummels?

Chelsea are very reliant on Courtois, Hazard and Kante?

Arsenal have Ozil, Sanchez and Koscielny.

Liverpool Mane, Coutinho and Henderson.

City, Silva, De Bruyne and Fernandinho.

Every team has key players who if they got injured it would have a serious effect on the team.

If that is the only negative we can find about our club at the moment then we are clearly in great shape.

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17 Aug 2017 13:04:30
Shappy, you are right, everyone gets injuries. We got our fair share last year, so I think people are rightly paranoid about it.
For me, I think we played brilliantly on Sunday and won convincingly and with style. But I can't help thinking that we are lacking a Left Back and a Winger of quality.
If we were to buy Alexis Sanchez, then we will win the league and my frustration at the moment is that the club and Mourinho has bought some excellent players and we really are looking the Real deal, but with Sanchez in the team, we will have another goal scoring threat which we seriously lack should Lukaku gets injured.

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17 Aug 2017 13:14:23
Like Jose I still think we are a goal scoring wide forward short at the top level and a full back.

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17 Aug 2017 16:41:49
Every team has at least one of two positions that could do with strengthening. Real Madrid could do with a world class GK and a back up striker. Barcelona could do with some quality defenders, have they had many in the last ten years even half as good as Puyol?

Yet they still won titles.

Yes we could do with a top level LB, more depth at RB and a world class wide forward.

Will those positions cost us a title? Time will tell. But atm we are winning and winning convincingly. Let's just be happy for a week.

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17 Aug 2017 18:00:56
I depends on your mind set shappy. I've no problem with anybody pointing out areas that can be improved upon that's not being negative.
It does not mean those supporters don't support the team we have. Recruitment in any business is the key to success. Do it well and you will succeed. Jose does it well i trust him to do what's best with the funds available. i'm looking forward to the window closing and then we know where we stand.

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17 Aug 2017 20:45:36
I have the same opinion as Schmid, buy a Sanchez or Bale and it brings goals and takes us to another level.

I would feel that failure to bring that level of player in would be Glazernomics at play again.

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17 aug 2017 12:08:31
not long left until the window closes so not long left to enter my predictions competition for this season.
so far we have had 98 entries which is quite low so perhaps some of you are keeping your powder dry but don’t forget to do it.

AJH predictions competition

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17 Aug 2017 13:06:23
Tony, wish I waited till the end of the transfer window before putting in my predictions. I think Mourinho still has a surprise buy in store for us and I'm hoping it will be a game changer. One can only dream.

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