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17 Feb 2018 19:33:44
Brutally efficient today. I can't believe i am saying this but Smalling was absoltely wonderful at the back today.

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17 Feb 2018 19:46:57
He has a chance of battling aerial balls.

17 Feb 2018 19:59:23
Smalling did well but he is the first player I'd get rid of in the summer.

{Ed004's Note - I agree we need a cb but I'd rather sell Jones, Rojo or Lindelof before Smalling. He is not good enough to be a regular for us but he offers something none of the rest of them do. He is fantastic in the air}

17 Feb 2018 20:12:16
We need changing back there ed. i'd get rid of rojo and smalling. I'd give lindelof a bit more time and I'd keep Jones for back up.

17 Feb 2018 20:18:11
I'd ship out Rojo and lindelof ahead of him, but all three would go if I were the boss. He is so reckless manhandling people in the box and that was a stupid handball today as well.

The other stuff like reading of the game, use of the ball and general awareness are massive failings. He should be a squad player at the absolute most (far down that list as well) .

Let's remember who he was up against today as well before getting too exciting. I think Big Mick down the pub could have looked decent against the attacking threat of Huddersfield - especially with 3 holding midfielders mucking in.

I'd be disappointed being so defensive and handing over possession against Barcelona, let alone the mighty Huddersfield.

17 Feb 2018 22:32:37
Ed004, he’s a calamity. I’d keep Rojo and jones over him every day of the week. You’d swear the ball was a grenade with the pin pulled out when it comes to his feet. Piss poor for me.

{Ed004's Note - I do worry about his technical ability and we will never be competing with the best with him in the side regularly but he is frequently a standout performer when we play lower sides who he can dominate from the start and play on front foot. At the very least he provides cover for Bailly and even a rotation option (Bailly being very injury prone is a concern). I'd be happy going into next season with Bailly, New Cb (Umtitti, Varane, Koulibaly etc), Smalling, Lindelof and Tuanzebe}

18 Feb 2018 00:24:50
Smalling is the worst player I've ever seen, and I watch Everton regularly.

18 Feb 2018 09:42:04
Glad some are seeing the light. A year or do ago I got shouted down for saying that at crucial times he is a ball watcher. Many press photos show this. Also he is a calamity as some one above has said. He is always more interested in knobbling the man rather than winning the ball, but why win the ball if you are not at ease when it is at your feet? Ship him out - should be number one in the exit queue.

18 Feb 2018 15:07:19
He’s been stealing a living at United since the day he arrived. When you say Smalling, Rojo, Lindelof, young, Darmian, Zlatan, Blind, we don’t half have some very poor players still in this squad. Not one of them would get beat a top 6/ 8 side.

17 Feb 2018 19:28:07
Hard watch . thought lukaku was very good looked the part of late 2 great goals he started both .
Defended well, shout out to smalling had a good game .
Mctom done well very busy loads of work .

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18 Feb 2018 03:14:30
Lukaku was excellent, yes he got service, but he also made the passes with his lead up play and movement. Excellent finishes.

Mctom looks totally unphased by the step up. Our squad needs young players like him who can step into the biggest occasions unphased.

There was a lot lacking today, not least composure on the ball from mike smalling, but Rom and Mctom were certainly two highlights for me.

18 Feb 2018 08:21:56
I loved the 2nd goal people talk about how they want us to play well for me that is the epitome swift devastating counter attack 5 secs from defending to celebrating I loved it.

Lukaku is really beginning to look the part even through our bad patch he has come out of it with some credit.

17 Feb 2018 17:45:33
Keep your eye on Billing for Huddersfield. Very promising and a good Carrick type passer. 😆😆.

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17 Feb 2018 14:32:34
Pogba isn't very well today, probably sore from having his ass kicked by Jose.

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17 Feb 2018 12:56:21
Hi Eds. Just wondering if any of the news regarding Paul Pogba being unsettled or having a rift with the manager are true. I know when big players perform badly it's easy for the press to get on their backs and fabricate stories but with Joses track record falling out with big players isn't a surprising story. Thanks as always.

{Ed002's Note - I would doubt there are the issues you think. Typically players will be disappointed if they are not performing to their best. You probably need to forget about any “falling out” Mr Mourinho may or may not have had in the past. Pogba is a very good player that ManchesterUnited paid well over the odds for with crippling “other” costs. Expectations were always going to be high. It is pressure and he needs to be able to deal with it.}

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17 Feb 2018 14:07:04
Love the response Ed002. This should actually allow some posters to reflect on the negative external stirring from the media just to get a few more clicks.
Thank you Ed 🙏.

17 Feb 2018 15:46:39
Great response ed thank you very much for the insight!

17 Feb 2018 19:26:48
666 read it again mate. paying over the odds. Crippling other costs, and can the boy deal with the pressure.

18 Feb 2018 00:16:07
Cheers for the response Ed couldn't a agree more.

19 Feb 2018 13:03:02
ED002 if you have time what is the other costs? When people speak about Pogba they speak about an 89 million transfer. Maybe its much more than that?

{Ed002's Note - It was a light year more than that.}

19 Feb 2018 14:07:06
In summer 2016 they said we must pay this and we must pay that in order to take Pogba. Now they say its 89 million but back then the cost seemed to be closer to 150 milions. Thanks for the responce once again ED002.

{Ed002's Note - You are confusing transfer fees, total costs and probably currencies.}

17 Feb 2018 07:58:04
In the summer, we need to buy two combative midfielders. I watch our midfield consisting of matic (snail pace) and pogba (not a midfielder in a million years) and there's no one to drive the team on. No pace at all. Hence the whole build up is very slow. and lethargic. Also, retrieving the ball I non existent as the players are not aggressive enough.
Over to you Mr Grumpy.

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17 Feb 2018 09:28:10
Its well known a CM will be added in the summer, Mr Mourinho keeps reiterating that.

Hoping for two, an alternative to Matic and another one. Carrick and Fellaini will be gone, we need two at least.

We have been linked to Sergej M., Seri, Jorginho and Weigl recently, two of them will do.

17 Feb 2018 11:53:24
The lack of aggressive pressing isn't just a personnel issue, it's a tactical one. Mourinho isn't someone who employs tactics similar to that of Klopp, Pep or Pochettino. I very much doubt he ever will be someone who sets his teams up in a similar way to thead managers.

Mourinho is a pragmatist to a fault at times. I think we have a few players such as Sanchez, Rashford, Herrera and others who would be perfect for a side who pressure the opposition immediately after losing the ball. However, others in the side aren't well suited to this. We could go and sign players from Spurs, Liverpool, Napoli and City who all relentlessly pressure opposition but under Mourinho they would not play in the same way. He prefers his teams to start putting pressure on the ball once they enter our half.

Undoubtedly in a few years the style of football that the other managers I mentioned try to implement will have been figured out and there will be a new style which everyone wants to copy, similar to how everyone wanted possession football a few years ago.

Ultimately I think Mourinho has failed to adapt his tactics enough over the past few years and people have worked out how to beat his low block and counter attack style. The one time I can recall him making a huge tactical change with us was against Chelsea last season. We played well that day but there hasn't been enough of these tweaks.

17 Feb 2018 12:12:37
Interesting post that.

17 Feb 2018 12:37:17
Rjmanutd, you hit the nail on the head there mate.
One of the most sensible posts I've seen recently.

Mourinho has his style, and it doesn't matter who we sign they drastically change that style.

We have seen something similar in the past, we have signed a couple of players from Dortmund who have struggled to adapt to our playing style, but at no point did our team try and adapt to their playing style. We have seen several Dortmund players in particular struggle when asked to play a different style.

Maybe we have to accept the team are playing as they are because that is how Mourinho wants them to play, and no shiny new players will change that.

17 Feb 2018 12:49:46
Exactly my man . I'm sure the team isn't playing as well as Jose would like but I'm not sure we are even trying to play the way many want us to .
And then get upset because x player isn't doing the same as a player in a different team . Playing a different position with a different role.

17 Feb 2018 13:09:01
Defending and pressing starts from the front. A combative/ pressing midfielder is useless if the rest of the team aren't doing a job.

17 Feb 2018 15:13:22
Cheers guys. I agree that it is probably true that regardless of who we sign we won't see a different style of football. I've been hoping we sign a passing midfielder like Jorginho and another CM like Milinkovic Savic. However, if Jorginho is left in a midfield 2 with Pogba or Matic etc then he will look like a poor player even though he isn't.

Tactically I'd like to see Jose be a bit more flexible but I can't see him changing too much now in his coaching career. I personally think he will move on to national management after leaving us, whether this be in a year or 2 or 5 or 6 years time.

17 Feb 2018 23:26:22
I think mourinho realizes the slow build up cannot continue and will change to a more attacking system next year.

Review Of The Day 17th February 2018

17 Feb 2018 05:26:55
{Ed's Note - Tris Burke has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 17th February 2018

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17 Feb 2018 07:33:07
I see Jose had his grumpy head on again yesterday.

17 Feb 2018 07:54:49
Tony, doesn't he drive you crazy when he's like that (which is most of the time these days) . Someone has got to tell these people how privileged they are. There are millions in the world with no homes no food, no life, no future. There are billions with serious illnesses and tragedies in their lives. And they are the ones who should be forgiven for feeling grumpy, but mist just get on with their lives happily.
So cheer up you stupid Mourinho and get your team to play with happiness rather than the grumpiness you pass to them.
Rant over.

17 Feb 2018 12:23:23
I thought the press conference was spot on, why should we let the media get away with printing such tripe and making money from it with people who believe it?

It’s obvious people do believe the nonsense because just look at the posts on here.

17 Feb 2018 12:36:39
Spot on gds.

17 Feb 2018 12:58:36
GDS, I'm sure in the past you have said we shouldn't believe what the manager says at his press conference, but now we need to believe this? Maybe it suits people to want us to believe what suits their thoughts.
I'd love to know why we should believe José this time and ignore other things he has said at previous press conferences.

{Ed001's Note - do none of you read the quotes? He said no winger was coming in 2 months ago and he doesn't lie but you bought Sanchez last month who is a winger. Just ignore everything he says because it is nonsense.}

17 Feb 2018 13:16:36
I thought he was talking about the comments he made after we signed Sanchez.

16 Feb 2018 20:40:56
I think the main issue is central defence.

Once Bailly is fit we would have a better midfield infront.

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16 Feb 2018 21:04:58

Having bailly back we will be less likely to concede, it doesn’t make our midfield any better.

16 Feb 2018 21:06:47
I think the issue is that Matic looks absolutely knackered.

16 Feb 2018 21:12:08
It might make them more confident anf comfortable knowing they wouldn't concede easy goals. It will also let the midfielders play with more freedom.

16 Feb 2018 21:13:10
That is also true matic does look tired abd we really need new midfielders in the summer.

16 Feb 2018 22:03:38
Issue has been cm for months .
There can't be a team in the top 10 that let's the opposition get at there cbs as much as we do .
Our attack is just the from 3 players .

16 Feb 2018 22:36:00
Issue is the way we are asked to play and players like Young starting ahead of Shaw is another major issue and sums up the mindset.

Midfield drops too deep, is too slow to support the attack. CB's are uncomfortable on the ball. Attackers aren't on the same wave length, turn up 1 week vanish the next.

There are zero relationships forming on the pitch, (can anybody tell me about a positive partnership forming? ), every game is like a bunch of strangers rocking up. There is no pattern to the play, almost like there is no offensive plan, just purely working on defensive aspects of the game I assume (and not looking too hot at that whenever a team attacks us) .

We have the players, the manager is just not using them properly, I also don't think he is preparing them properly. We look unfit, reluctant to work off the ball, slow to react to second balls and unaware of where to be when we get into a dangerous position.

Frankly it's a shambles almost every game. You could have Roy Hodgson managing us and we would be getting the same results and performances. Tools are being used incorrectly. I appreciate we are 2nd in the league blah, blah, blah, but we haven't even left 3rd gear this season and as for enjoying the spectacle, are we even meant to enjoy watching Utd anymore it feels like it has been banned?

17 Feb 2018 00:05:19
We have only conceded 3 goals this year.

17 Feb 2018 00:09:00
It's about scoring goals for me and I assume most Man Utd supporters.

17 Feb 2018 02:34:37
Does your wife beat you, Beast? If i were this unhappy i would have stopped watching United. Try it for a bit buddy.

17 Feb 2018 06:14:23
WRD, Matic looks knackered because he played pretty much every game. Let’s give Carrick a game or 2 and give Maric a well earned rest.

17 Feb 2018 08:44:58
In answer to Singh I think there is an element of a shaky central defence affecting midfield a little. If the midfield have to look over their shoulders and lack even a little confidence in the centre of defence it will affect their play, just like a defence with a shaky keeper, anyone who has played those positions will know that. Improve our central defence and midfield will improve as they start to face in the right direction, forwards. SAF built teams on a solid central defence, which we lack. The spine of the team isn’t strong enough yet, including midfield but midfield would be better with an improved central defence.

It will be no surprise that I disagree with Beast on most of his rather negative points, except about Shaw who should, unless carrying an injury, play ahead of Young.

The question is why there is a lack of intensity in some players, to me it looks like the 70’s and 80’s where players are choosing when to put an effort in and usually it is in the cups. SAF would move a few on to get a point over and I hope Jose does the same.

17 Feb 2018 09:57:45
Agree Tony, hoping he gets a rest today, play Carrick or McTominay.

16 Feb 2018 19:57:00
I will be amazed if pogba doesn't turn out to be a top class cm player .
And make some people on here look very very silly .

All this he can't play cm etc will imo loom very daft in the years to come.

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16 Feb 2018 20:10:18
Yet 3 or 4 posts down you are asking is he good enough. Usual jred just looking for a row double standards to the fore as usual. Lol hilarious. Any psychiatrist looking for schizophrenia case studys should follow your posts.

16 Feb 2018 20:17:02
Without wishing to sound like jred's lawyer, I refer you to part of his post in the thread below that I've just read:

"Some big questions being asked off him at the moment and rightly so for a player of his ability .
I think he will answer them in time and prove a lot of people wrong"

Case closed, m'lud.

16 Feb 2018 20:20:09
Not at all Ken I have argued for a week now he has all the talent to be a top class cm . All this he can't play cm he can only play left he needs to play next to prilo is ridiculous.
Show me a post where I have said he isn't good enough?

16 Feb 2018 20:37:39
I agree he has all the talents to be a top class player. I’m just fed up of waiting for him to step up and deliver.

16 Feb 2018 20:41:05
I with you ajh would make a massive difference .
25 next month, time to put to bed all this could be talk and start doing it.

16 Feb 2018 20:42:30
Jrec show me where i said you did. Read it properly. I said a few posts down you asked the question and made the folliwing statement

Holding midfielder? What about like Jose says a rampaging box to box?  

Maybe he just isn't good enough?

Then a few posts later at the top of this thread you say anyone questioning him will look foolish. Comical. Just as well your not a lawyer ajh you would be useless m'lud.

16 Feb 2018 20:44:50
Sorry ajh i meant noucamp. most police look at all the evidence before confirming case closed but as we know there are coppers everywhere that take shortcuts mlud.

16 Feb 2018 20:47:57
Its sarcastic Ken .
Like I have said over and over again he is easily good enough to play cm all this he can't play cm is ridiculous and stupid .
Read down the page we both know even you can work that out .

16 Feb 2018 21:15:11
Sarcasm often doesn't come across In writing jred. I didn't pick it up.
You have a lot less tolerance for pogba than you do lots of others who are not stepping up. But that's The nature of fans everyone has their favourites. You question pogba all the time but never martial or valencia or shaw or smalling you accept their average displays weekly and don't question them then make excuses for fellaini or the likes. You just pick your targets and then jump on everyone else when they pick on their targets
Those who think pogba won't be a top midfielder probably will look foolish but not as foolish as the folk that thought rooney would be englands and United's midfield lynch pin.

16 Feb 2018 21:25:31
Jred, your sitting on the fence, when I read your first post on this thread, I thought the very thing Ken said. Jred I'm not right in the head but my man your in the same boat as me. Lol.

16 Feb 2018 21:52:22
Go on then Jred I'll bite and stick my neck out. I don't think Pogba will be a success at Man Utd.

He's got the talent but I don't think he has enough of a footballing brain or enough mettle.

No doubt we will see some great moments from him and he will have the odd really good game.

However, my definition of success for him is consistantly dominating midfield whether in a two, three or on his own against all teams big and small and especially on the big occasions.

16 Feb 2018 21:52:35
Pogba has the potential to be doing far better and at 25 should be .
People like yourself keep saying he can't do this he can't play there .
I disagree and have said so all week.

Martial has just turned 22 and will be imo a great player .
Valencia is playing to his potential.

Fellaini I can see what he brings to a team and understand why Jose would like him .
You wanted Shaw sold I thought and still think we should keep him .
You wanted martial sold and thought he would never be a top player . I think we should keep him will be a great player
Rooney? Lol sums up where your coming from .

1Some can't see past the potential talent the lad has .  
He could be 1 off the top 5 in the world

2Some big questions being asked off him at the moment and rightly so for a player of his ability .  
I think he will answer them in time and prove a lot of people wrong .

3Pogba didn't play well let's stop with the excuses and this ridiculous idea he can only play in a 3 .

4 we bought pogba because he has the ability to be the complete player .  

5 Ken I'm trying to point out this ridiculous "pogba can only play left cm " mentality .  
Sound like something one of the kids would say in our u10 team.

Thats just the last hour or so .

Is he playing great now? No
Can he be world class? I've said all week he Is easily good enough to be one of the best in the world .

While you say he is not good enough to play cm, I've argued he has everything to be a top class cm .
You don't think he has got it, fair enough . But as per I think he will prove u wrong.

16 Feb 2018 21:59:27
Your either drunk or stupid maybe both. I've said all week he is top class. But don't expect him to do what he was doing at juve becaise he is playing in a different position. He can play anywhere but will play at his best in a system that sits him best. Lukaku could play on the wing but will be more effective as a striker.

16 Feb 2018 22:00:45
I agree about the part that he should be dominating cm .
I honestly think he has the talent it's the desire that is the question because the talent is there.
KDB is the best player in the league but it's the work rate and nous along side the talent that make him stand out .
That's pogba next step, I don't think you get to where he has got with out that .
Time to kick on imo only time will tell but I think and hope he proves a few wrong starting this weekend .

16 Feb 2018 22:28:27
Neither drunk (Not yet) or stupid Ken.
As I keep saying and have done all week got everything to be a great cm .
You and many others keep saying it's the system position that's rubbish imo .
Played awful in a 3 last week been average in a 2 but has everything to be a top cm .
Just not playing well at the moment I'm sure he will prove yourself and many others wrong .

United will never set up with the same tactics or formation, which is far less important than tactics as juventus .

But pogba will still show what he is capable of .
By the way I don't want him to do what he was doing at juventus this is United and the epl and it's a different story and chapter. The lad can and should do better as he gets older and improve on what he did at juve .

16 Feb 2018 22:47:11
It's all about context. If you read a poster's posts on a certain subject ie. Pogba - and actually read them all, rather than just seeing the poster's name and arguing the other way, you can see he's consistently said Pogba has the potential to be a great midfielder. It's easier then to spot the one sarcastic post, because it's at odds with everything else that's been said. I honestly didn't find it that difficult, but then I'm not trying to start a fight with my arch-nemesis :)

His main gripe appears to be that people are making excuses for him, especially the positional argument, rather then just admit that he's been quite underwhelming at times, and maybe that lies in his lack of desire/ application.

Anyway, jred's big enough and ugly enough to stick up for himself, so over and out.

16 Feb 2018 22:58:19
Pogba needs to step up and say to himself, I'm going to lead this team on the pitch, I'm going to run myself and the other players around me in to a winning mentality.
The only thing is he hasn't got the balls or the desire or the winni g mentality to do this, now pogba I hope I'm wrong but it's time you showed us mate.

16 Feb 2018 23:18:38
Jred, I really hope he proves me wrong. As it is, the best thing would be if Jose can at least set up to get the most out of him.

16 Feb 2018 23:20:16
On the money .
That's the big question . I would like to see him cut the dancing etc out and roy kean someone .
Won't be popular this but S Gerrard was a proper box to box player . Lampard was a very good player, once pogba works out and applies that kind of application he will be special.

He really has everything.

17 Feb 2018 00:46:48
He has it in him. He is a cm always has been but where he plays its not all about 1 player its about the patnership or trio in the middle having attributes and attitudes that compliment each other. At the moment the blend is not right.
We have lost the midfield battle in most of the top 6 sides and also against many below the top 6. So that tells you the blend is not right.

He can and will improve on lots of aspects of his game but he like all middields the blend needs to be right in order to see the best attributes of each to shine through.

I understand people saying he should be running games etc but he is not that sort of player at this point. He can become one. Scholes wasnt running games at 24 or 25. Pogba not only has to mature as a person but as a player too. But if jose gets the mix right i'd love to see a kroos/ veratti / jorghino alongside him and matic dictating the match tempo which pogbas not grest at that's the dream midfield for me.
Failing that a kante type in seri / vidal / to get about the midfield getting in peoples faces with matic doing the stuff pogbas not great at.

Pogba is more of a free soirit in mid field who can and will still be required to defend and work hard but with the right trio we won't be exposed every time he is caught out going forward like we are now. When madrid wete in their pomp over last 3 or 4 years in cl modric rightly got lots of plaudits but without kroos and casimero there he might have looked poor.
Its a team game. Our blend is not right.
Ex wingers as full backs.
Lukaku up top but no crosses or wingers to feed him his pregerred service.
A no 10 mata playing wide right.
Jessie apparantly moved into cm.
Ever changing cb's

So the blend is not right. You could argue that the blend should be right given the money spent but the fact is the blend is not right yet. We are and have become a cup team. i'm not surprised if we beat anybody even the best of teams but i'm not surprised if we lose or draw against the poorest of teams. A lot of the players we have can do it on occasion but can't do it consistently. To win cups occasionally is enough if its on the right day.

17 Feb 2018 06:16:45
I love the debates, not sure why anyone has to start throwing insults around though, it’s usually the sign of a weak argument.

17 Feb 2018 10:46:19
If we sign jorginho I don't see where matic fits in and I think we really need a jorginho type .
Wingers as full back seem to be the next fad but truth is Tony has again done little wrong young has played well and Shaw is pushing for a start .
At a time when there isn't that many good full backs about .
When Mata plays he doesn't play as a winger and now we have Sanchez I think his game time will be limited .

I agree we still don't loom quite right but as has been said all season a lot of that is down to the manager.
Still in the cups and second in the league which suggest we are consistent.
And let many would agree still not playing to our potential, so plenty more to come from this squad .

17 Feb 2018 11:08:24
Bit like you do to ronnie. ajh bully boy.

17 Feb 2018 12:01:39
This squad will lose 6 or 7 players this summer then wet will have a proper squad.

17 Feb 2018 12:03:06
I see a less game time for martial not mata. But we will wait and see. Who else is using wingers as full backs in this new fad.

17 Feb 2018 12:24:23
New fad on the site .
Although the like of alves r Carlos where wingers.
Lots and lots of full backs started of as wingers or attacks but simply were not good enough to play further forward .
Cole alaba evra walker alba of the top of my head .
With less emphasis on defending and more on attacking we are and imo will continue to see it more and more .

But judging a player on the position he played in the past instead of what he does on the pitch at present is a bit daft .
Bit like judging a player on what he had won instead of how he plays.

17 Feb 2018 12:47:39
Im judging them on what they deliver weekly jred.
You may be jappy with some players contributions and deem them to be good enough but under 3 managers over 5 years they have not been close to a title challenge and finished 4th at best 6th twice 5th once and this season will be hopefully 2nd.
5 years with no title challenge is not good enough. We are improving as better players join that's what i would expect but until we get 4 or 5 new players and release 6 or 7 we will not mount a title challenge.
Its not knee jerk reaction its 3 4 or 5 seasons the players have produced terrible league campaigns.

17 Feb 2018 13:21:54
The squad has continued to change over the years .
The likes of pogba have won nothing in a United shirt .
Jones smalling young Tony all have .

But again what a stupid way to judge s player .
This squad is nothing like moyes? Again just a stupid comment .

You just give silly opinion after silly opinion.
Never back them up or argue your point just move on to the next opinion .

17 Feb 2018 13:29:46
This squad is a new squad for this season what happened 3,4,5 years ago with different managers players is immaterial.
It's like judging Kane on what he has won .
This season this squad is 2nd in the league and in the cups and that's what is important .
The rest is plain stupid.

17 Feb 2018 13:44:54
*won nothing league wise *.

17 Feb 2018 14:26:33
Its probs not worth people falling out over what is Paul pogbas best position . I find people form an opinion on the formation selected based on the players selected. Say pogba matic and Mata are picked then people think 4231 as Mata will be more advanced and support the striker more whilst being given defensive duties but if the midfield is say matic, pogba and Herrera people will say it's 433 even if say pogba is tasked with playing in advance of the other 2 and expected to get in the box and support the striker whilst having defensive duties . The player in advance of the 2 sitting seems to make up people's minds on the formation if it's a number 10 type then people say 4231 if more of an alrounder 433. City use 2 kdb and Silva in advance of the sitting player to join front 3 in a press . Liverpool may not allocate one player from the 3 to be more advanced and rotate the roll amongst the midfield.
I think you have to decide would pogba do better than Jesse or Mata as the advanced midfielder .

17 Feb 2018 14:27:11
Nearly half the squad was there with moyes.

17 Feb 2018 15:06:09
Just the title winners.

17 Feb 2018 15:13:53
We have signed 19 players since moyes plus linders rash and mctom.
That season under moyes has nothing to do with this squad . it's just rubbish.
Rasford was 15 at the time of moyes, but your going on about these players not winning a title?
Why stop at moyes tho why not go back 1 more season when some of these players won a title?
After all that's how u judge a player .

16 Feb 2018 18:58:44
There has been a lot of talk over the past couple of weeks about Paul Pogba, Pogba has played some great games for us and he has played some poor ones. Two of which have come in the last few games.

I think Pogba is unfairly assessed by most people, some can't look past his fee, some can't see past the hype and expect miracles, others haven't gotten over him leaving the club before, while the rest just hate United and want to have a pop at us and our players at every half opportunity.

I don't think this talk about his position is right, I think it's just the obvious over simplification that happens all the time in the media.

He isn't tied to one position, tied with a leash pegged into the pitch to stop him moving out of position, at least not physically.

The very nature of a midfielder means they will move around, to try and say Pogba isn't playing well because he isn't playing on the inside left area of the centre of the pitch doesn't actually make any sense.

People will point to the fact that is where he started most often for Juventus and where he played his best games for Juventus. But ask yourself this, when he was scoring goals, creating assists making great runs or carving open teams how often did he do that while standing to the left hand side of the centre circle? Not often is the answer.

The truth is he isn't being held up by the formation but by the tactics. He has played excellent games for us in a 433, a 4231, a 3421 or 343.

To understand the problem you need to understand the player, Pogba is at his best with the ball at his feet taking the game to the opposition in advanced areas. This allows him to create chances with his dribbling, vision and passing or to finish off chances with his finishing which is excellent both close or long range. In order for him to make the most of his skills he needs a far more free role, he needs to be allowed to move about and find spaces, to work out where he can hurt the opposition.

He may be big and strong but he just isn't blessed with the defensive understanding to be effective as a holding midfielder, he needs to be given freedom. This is something that goes against Mourinho's pragmatic view point. He rarely allows any player to have that sort of freedom of defensive duties, let alone someone playing in the heart of the team.

He will struggle to consistently perform to his best while he is being made to play in such a rigid system and while he is expected to attack with one eye on defending. We will see flashes, but if you want to see the best of him you need to let him of the leash.

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16 Feb 2018 19:04:19
Good pozt shappy. He is playing with an anchor round his waist.

16 Feb 2018 19:14:54
Some can't see past the potential talent the lad has .
He could be 1 off the top 5 in the world at the moment he is not 1 if the top 5 in Manchester.
Done ok this season but nothing more.
3 goal all season is also a shocking return for a player like pogba.

16 Feb 2018 19:43:14
That's a bit harsh on matic.

16 Feb 2018 19:50:32
Holding midfielder? What about like Jose says a rampaging box to box?

Maybe he just isn't good enough?


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