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10 Jun 2018 09:49:07
In what world does a promising young footballer like Anderson Talisca think or his agent think its a great idea to now move to China? , to play with better players, get better coaching, get in his national team, what message does it send to future employers about ambition and self improvement?

He may not be a world beater if he stays in Europe but surely China is a backward step. apart from the huge money . how sad to not have a family member or ex coach or teacher to sit him down and wise him up.

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10 Jun 2018 11:07:57
It’s only a 6 month loan. But yeh I do agree.

10 Jun 2018 12:14:17
This guy will retire at the age of around 35. He's worked very hard since his childhood to be good at only one thing. Why not have some money for when you retire as you never know how things will turn out in the future. Not every player becomes a coach.

10 Jun 2018 12:34:46
A world where we all move for economic reasons. Don’t forget, whilst we’d all love to be pro footballers, many of these lads simply see it is a job like any other. Some move for money, others move for prestige, some are happy where they are. They’re people with their own motivations and priorities in life and they can go to wherever they want.

10 Jun 2018 13:39:17
Because he's paid buttons at Benfica? He probably has enough on the bank to retire now and live more comfortably than most fans.

10 Jun 2018 16:46:44
I don't think you can begrudge anybody a chance to make more money. South Americans tend to come from rather poor back rounds. He probably has a big family and a lot of friends relying on him for a better standard of life.

10 Jun 2018 22:57:28
Maybe there is a strategic reason for him going there for six months. Imagine how valuable he might be in the January transfer window to a champions league team plus he would not be tired out playing as he will be in a second rate league.

Review Of The Day 10th June 2018

10 Jun 2018 05:53:25
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 10th June 2018

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10 Jun 2018 08:10:49
Really English plan. Why have we taken more than 2 players? Squad rotation or are we expecting a lot of injuries.? Concussion from our forward heading the ball too much?

10 Jun 2018 02:18:49
A few thoughts on Pogba today:

He had a frustratingly typical game today in the friendly vs the US. A few moments of brilliance, mainly his cross to Giroud in the first half and a fancy nutmeg, but otherwise, often invisible.

But what stands out is that he is not a tempo setting player. Besides his great physical gifts and technical ability, he does have good footballing instincts. But Pogba is not a pass and move player, he rarely surprises the defense with his speed of thought.

He is just so damn good on the ball, that most of the time he doesn't have to bother playing quickly. He thinks he can shield the ball, and turn on most any defender, and most of the time he is right.

The downside is that he is not thinking ahead that well of finding spaces to drift into, and play one touch to a runner. He ends up slowing the game down because he takes so many touches. But all of this is very correctable. He just needs to play in a team that plays more on the front foot, and be given the freedom to play by his instincts more.

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10 Jun 2018 06:11:38
Or could it be he likes being centre of attention, likes to admire his work (which can't be denied is sometimes top banana) and probably needs a player to shove a rocket up his jacksee (metaphorically speaking of course) to wake him up, because i reckon he's stealing a living off club and country at the moment, i think he only works to about 60% of his capacity, which is enough to give him some leeway on the hope he gives more, but on the other hand he gives just enough to frustrate even the most forgiving fan, simple solution, get in a bully of a player to educate him or get used to grinding your and counting to 10 again.

10 Jun 2018 06:41:39
He’s clearly talented, imagine him playing alongside Roy Keane. Keane would have scared the pants off him and maybe that’s part of our problem, we don’t have that force of nature in the dressing room that demands players perform. Maybe it’s a different era but we had a lot of players who set very high standards and demanded the same of their team mates.

I like Pogba, I just want him to be the player we think he can be. It’s time for him to step up.

10 Jun 2018 07:20:03
Agree with all that's been said. But especially with what Class posted. I was delighted when we signed Pogba. I thought he was going to be the midfield master that we've been craving for years. However, i think he's a lazy player who does dictate the pace of play but not in the right way, as he slows the pace and does not want to make the surging runs or expend any energy.
I've got to say that I've been hugely disappointed with his attitude and work rate. I posted many months ago that he seems more interested in his hair style and Twitter account than football. And sadly, this is the truth and he does not seem to want to improve as a player. We saw during the 2nd half at City what he can do. But he's got to put the effort in every match for the duration of the match.
Unfortunately, i don't think he'll change and at present he's a passenger in our team. If he insists on playing at half pace and energy, then i can't see him at United for long and frankly i don't want to see him playing for us if he's not that bothered.

10 Jun 2018 08:42:20
AAA exactly my same view.
I really like Pogba and think he can be great and the captain that we need. However he is currently too preoccupied with himself and probably think he is bigger than the club. I hope it’s just only the weather as some people said. But if he continues like this I really think we should move him on and invest on some others.
I really hope Pogba clears his head and start as the senior player that we need. He is skillful and intelligent. I am even fine with his media activities but he need to pull his socks up whilst in the field.

10 Jun 2018 10:01:34
I just think he simply isn't capable, shame.

I'm sure we have all come across people in life that we think if only they could 'focus' they would be incredible at what they do. The fact is people return to type if given the opportunity and football is one of those beasts which allows for a lot of free time and a lot of switching off in that spare time. It's like saying if only that bird I dated didn't turn into a psycho after 2 glasses of wine, but she does and she can't help it! If she won't stop drinking then you just accept it or move her on. We can't afford to accept it, we certainly can't rely on it as it is not in Pogba's nature to be consistent.

Little anecdote - When I was young I played football at a very high standard and all the best players never made it for one reason or another as far as I know, (certainly none at the top levels despite being elite teenagers), mostly to do with commitment levels and when you are young you often get anomalies with growth spurts etc - in fact the best technically and physically gifted player I have ever played with (and seen), would run rings around everyone at 16 and was even making the first team players in training look like mugs when allowed to train with them (some of which were seasoned internationals) . This African kid never actually went on to kick a ball professionally as far as I know, in fact one day he just didn't turn up for training and we didn't see him again. The club were doing everything to get him back but all we were told is that this guy didn't want to play anymore. I don't know if there was more to it or not as he was African and I doubt us kids would have been told the full story - I'm not exaggerating either, the kid was out of this world good!

Pogba will just be another of that long list of players that occasionally give you a Basic Instinct tease, but often revert back to their base instinct, he just doesn't have the umpf in his personality to lead a team, too bothered what other people think and needs too many other things to be perfect for him to perform consistently. Goldilocks player and we don't half the 'just right' formula and he doesn't deserve it anyway as he doesn't seem to have the personality needed to be the top dog.

10 Jun 2018 10:30:00
He put far more effort in last year and was far more disciplined in terms of his defensive duties. Maybe having guys like Zlatan and Wazza in the dressing rooms meant we had the personalities who'd get on his back and he'd listen. Nobody in the squad now would have the balls to confront him. Carrick has the respect of the players but it isn't his style. We used to be blessed with leaders who would fight to the death for the badge. We've replaced players poorly and replaced their personalities dreadfully.

10 Jun 2018 11:10:30
Good post Beast 👍.

10 Jun 2018 12:40:13
Interesting the posts alternate between criticism of the manager and then our players and then repeat. We are coming back, we finished second. Jose Is building a squad of the ashes of the last few years. Lighten up a bit guys!

10 Jun 2018 19:51:52
Agreed 666. If Pogba decides to dedicate his life to football, then he'll be a world beater. Only time will tell.

Overrated Premier League XI

09 Jun 2018 21:38:41
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Overrated Premier League XI

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09 Jun 2018 22:04:02
You’ve bad mouthed Welbeck, going to be a meltdown from people who think he’s still on the verge of becoming top class.

Solid choices, especially with the full backs.

09 Jun 2018 22:35:11
Atleast someone agrees Smalling is over rated. Some believe he is the best defender in our team. 😂😂😂😂.

09 Jun 2018 23:35:03
Smalling gets in "Worst Premier 11" not most over rated 😆😆.

09 Jun 2018 23:29:10
Oh ed01 nice list. You will pi** off a lot of united fans by the pogba selection but i agree with you. You can have all the quality and potential in the world but being an inconsistent central midfielder is just criminal in my eyes. It seems some of the fans want him to be played as a no.10 or an advanced role but i just don't see him as being that creative upfront as well. He has the potential to be a great cm and hope he fulfills it at united.

{Ed001's Note - I don't get the thinking behind playing him as a 10, he never played that role in Juve. It doesn't really play to his strengths. But then Pogba doesn't really play to his own strengths either, for some reason. If someone could just wake him up and make him see that he is wasting his talent, they would have a great player on their hands.}

10 Jun 2018 07:39:39
Good read ed are you going to do an underrated 11 and just write Michael Carrick name 11 times 😉.

{Ed001's Note - funny you should say that. I did actually consider doing that but then I realised it was a lame joke that only the least witty kind of person would ever think of.... ;-)

10 Jun 2018 08:20:30
Wow I'll be putting these flames out all day 😂😂.

{Ed001's Note - sorry mate couldn't resist.}

10 Jun 2018 09:19:28
I read that Pogba was nurtured, in France as a youth, as a 10 with freedom to roam. Maybe it would be a more instinctive position for him. I imagine he would score more, but then his long range passes wouldn't be featured as much.

{Ed001's Note - that is not what he needs. All he needs to do to be a better player is put some bloody effort in. There is nothing wrong with him that is not his own fault.}

09 Jun 2018 18:08:47
Interesting Report in the independent that jose mourinho has shelved plans to bring in any first team full back choices (dont think dalot will play that much) . Instead mourinho is favouring the idea of focusing on getting a back up striker.

Can anyone see any logic in this plan?

If you took a poll of fans regarding which area of the pitch to strengthen, i'm sure 95% would have said full back. Also with rashford and martial at the club do we really need cover for lukaku?

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09 Jun 2018 18:21:12
Think it’s just paper talk. Ed said we are looking for a left back. I expect us to sign one. Much more pressing areas that striker. But I agree 95% of fans would definitely prefer the signing of a full back. We cannot have another year of young at left back. I would be happy to see shaw given a chance but we know Jose doesn’t rate him.

09 Jun 2018 18:21:40
Maybe he's looking to try and play 2 up top next season.

09 Jun 2018 19:10:33
Reports Shaw has been offered a new contract . See what happens.

09 Jun 2018 19:32:43
Jred good news if he has. We have a talented player there. Time for him to step up and show his worth. Time also for Jose to nurture him into a world class player. Let’s see what happens.

09 Jun 2018 19:40:28
Shaw signing a new contract would be a form of self flagellation.

09 Jun 2018 20:02:08
Jred, are you referring to the club triggering the one year option they had on shaws contract or him being offered a new long term contract?

Because the former could just have been done to protect his transfer value whereas the latter is a real show of faith by the club and mourinho.

09 Jun 2018 20:03:51
Time for him to cop on more like.

09 Jun 2018 20:18:59
If you were Shaw would you sign it?

09 Jun 2018 20:45:22
Shaw shouldn't be offered one. Basic requirement of a professional athlete is fitness. Guy can't pass a kebab shop.

09 Jun 2018 20:49:11
I would love it if we sign a striker. Lukaku doesn't cut it for me om his own and if he gets injured i domt think we can rely on the kids.

09 Jun 2018 21:03:06
The kids are men.

09 Jun 2018 21:26:26
Not a hope in hell Jred. Shaw needs to move on for his own career. I don’t see any way he will get back to his best under Jose. Two years with him, and he’s not even guaranteed second choice. I’d say Shaw is hoping and praying that Poch comes in for him.

09 Jun 2018 21:29:34
Jose wanted lukaku we spent 90 mil on a striker the manager wanted .

09 Jun 2018 21:42:37
If he gets injur3d then what?

09 Jun 2018 21:51:53
Singh nonsense, give Lukaku proper service and he will score for fun. He scored 27 goals whilst feeding off scraps. Not sure what more you want. We need more goals from the players around him. Martial had a decent output but wasn’t played as regularly as we would have hoped. Jesse had a great spurtbut again no enough. And we had next to nothing from the right. The front 3 of Liverpool all scored plenty of goals, sharing the load. We need more from the likes of pogba as well. Lukaku is not the problem here. The problem is tactics to an extent and consistency of the wide players. Hopefully the additions should help this next season.

09 Jun 2018 21:59:26
Shaw now, eventually, has to be moved on i'm affraid.

09 Jun 2018 22:29:10
No matter what you guys say. Still don't think Lukaku has it in him to win the champs league and if he gets injured in the prem league we can't rely om the incosistent plahers like Martial and Rashford.

09 Jun 2018 23:42:50
Maybe the board are telling Jose they have invested in Shaw so make it work. There is a player in there without a doubt, but how much longer will he get?

10 Jun 2018 00:04:21
Please, Shaw is not going to step up, nor is he going to be a top player. How many chances is he going to have? Its pathetic and irritating that people still think he's going to be a top player. He's not as he's not prepared to put the work in. Sell him and watch as his career goes down the pan. I have zero patience with him.

10 Jun 2018 09:41:42
If Dalot is as good as JM seems to think he is judging by his recent comments then I think JM might surprise a few by giving him more than a handful of starts -if the lad gets a chance and takes it then who knows?

Obviously its a new country/ league etc and a step up but I wouldn't rule it out. I do hope though all this talk of "he can play at either full back position" comes to nothing as in my opinion you are a right back or a left back, round pegs. round holes etc etc.

09 Jun 2018 13:47:14

Reg your Keane comment yes we learned to win without him but as clearly everyone else has said Keane would be first all day long in their team.

His drive and will to win were of no other! Could scholes do what Keane done not a hope and do you ever hear a bad word.

Reg the retirement issue Keane did not get a chance to we all know why as we enjoy our prawns.

I remember an aging Keane battle a prime viera in a cup game when Keane chased Viera up the wing with his hands flapping showing the keeper his hands where not on the player before making a brilliant tackle on Viera to gain possession

Scholes tried it and almost took the players legs off.

Lets just settle on Scholes for CAM and Keane on CDM because this is like saying vidic was beeter than van persie.

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09 Jun 2018 14:05:54
Or alternatively you could just accept that Scholes was a better football player. Lol.

Keane was a great player in that era. However, he would be sent off every other week in today's game. He himself has admitted that during commentary. Scholes could grace the game in any era. He was the most talented British player of his generation.

Keane may well be your favourite, as he is for many people. But that doesn't make him a better player than Scholes.

Also Scholes never held the club to ransom, in fact he told them he had no interest in leaving unless the club wanted him gone. Scholes also didn't leave the club under a cloud.

I would go as far and say Scholes was the best player the club had during Sir Alex's time at the club.

09 Jun 2018 14:39:59
Oh my god, a world class player entering the final year of his contract wanted to get the highest possible wage. I’ll get the pitch forks and torches ready.

When people need to throw this type of stuff into debates, it has nothing to do with football.

09 Jun 2018 14:59:47
I love them both but I think Keane’s reputation was enhanced by a few spectacular events. Juve away, the Viera battles. He was a leader, he took no prisoners, and he set insanely high standards. However, the injuries took their toll and I don’t they no he stayed at his peak long enough. Great warrior and leader, but if I was looking at the players who made the most impact st Ynited in SAF! s reign, I can think of a few others ahead of him.

09 Jun 2018 15:20:42
Ajh your on the sauce again if you can think of a few better players than Keane under the alex era.
He was the driving force behind the team even fergie said he left him in charge of the dressing room,
I read there recently pique said his phone went off in the dressing room and he nearly shot himself cause Keane went off his head.
Ronaldo sees him at a game doing commentary and he goes straight over to Keane.
Ronaldo said he learnt from Keane work rate.
Give 100% or jog on.

09 Jun 2018 15:32:57
Leahy, as I said, he set incredibly high standards and was the leader, if we’re judging him against that criteria then there are none better. I was talking about him as a player, great as he was we have been blessed with many great players in the last 20 years.

09 Jun 2018 16:00:02
Comparing keane and scholes as players is impossible as they were so different.
As characters and their personalities were just as different.
However they did share certain personality traits. Will to winn work ethic high standards.
Both were great in their own way.
A fantastic partnership which was complimented by having lots of great players around them a fact bourne out by the team wining the cl final in 99 without either of them.
Both made a huge impact and a significant contribution to the teams success.
Technically scholes was fantastic keane had an aura about him that was just fearsome. Both consistently delivered for a sustained period both would be in my 11 out of fergies entire generation.

09 Jun 2018 15:57:54
None better than Keane. But I suppose it's whether you like Blondes vs Brunettes, or Boobies vs Butty, or parking the bus vs sacking the bus driver.

Put it this way, if I walked into a changing room with Keane in it I would up my game on the pitch and would push myself to the limit. That reason alone is why he is the best, he enabled others to thrive and thrived himself. Leader and seriously underestimated by most, would be worth £250m in this day and age (if allowed to play) .

09 Jun 2018 16:11:06
That was some midfield we had. Beckham in husband pomp, Keane, Scoles and Giggs.

09 Jun 2018 16:30:37
Keane a great captain. Never afraid to call his team mates out in public or in the press. Never afraid to call out the supporters in the press either or the club management. A great desire to win vindictive and immature at times a really bad loser. A win at all costs type of player some called him a bully. Its amazing he shares so many traits with our current manager.

09 Jun 2018 16:31:53
A great midfield butt was a fantastic cover man too AJH.

09 Jun 2018 16:40:23
Ajh we didn't know how lucky we were to watch them every week.

09 Jun 2018 17:03:33
Both unbelievable football players but Scholes nicks it for me. Superb close control and skill under pressure. Not much he couldn't do with the ball at his feet and just great to watch.

09 Jun 2018 17:36:32
Scholes for me, just.

09 Jun 2018 19:13:06
Ajh Leahy is was a great team but there was a good vibe around the place at the time . Happy days.

09 Jun 2018 19:24:44
I remember watching sky sports with Keane saying how much he loved Scholes a player., he talked about his passing his control his shooting but more than anything because he was nasty. Jeff shreeves went all politically correct and said no you mean he's aggressive. Keane went no he's nasty. Never forget that. Anyway both amazing but very different. Scholes for me though.

09 Jun 2018 23:04:05
The greatest lie ever told was by Scholes, people believed he couldn't tackle and he got away with murder. Half the time he knew exactly what he was doing 😂.

10 Jun 2018 02:28:50
That proves Keane wins hands down. :

Technically gifted don't win you games guys the desire and hunger do. as i have said

Scholes great at CAM and Keane CDM so the only real comparison is saying

Matic or Keane.

10 Jun 2018 03:11:16
Scholes for me. He's the player I've enjoyed watching the most out of any football ever (I'm 43). Just a joy to see on the pitch. He was like a chess player because he always knew where he was going to pass about 2 passes before he received the ball. He didn't even need to look where he was passing it; first time - ping. Amazing! I've never seen any other player play like this. It was off the hook.

In fact, here's a challenge. Can anyone name another player who could do this like Scholes?

10 Jun 2018 08:00:06

10 Jun 2018 11:14:11

10 Jun 2018 14:23:13
Xavi and pirlo as well. Privilege to have watched all 4 of them over the years. Not much around these days to compare.

10 Jun 2018 16:58:06
One of my favourite moments as a supporter, was taking my young lad to OT, and telling him, just watch Scholes, son. You'll never see another player as good in your life. And he was nearly 50 by then.

09 Jun 2018 09:55:52
Just wondering if anybody had been able to get or watch, any of the CONIFA World Cup games. We were talking about rule changes a while back and Ed002 mentioned it and how there was going to be a 10 min "sin bin" when a green card was issued. I'm not a million miles from Gander Green Lane but couldn't make any of the games. Bit gutted, as I reckon it would of been a good craic. I know Cyprus are in the final today. I don't think the coverage has been that good either unfortunately.

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09 Jun 2018 10:37:08
Every game was on the paddy power website as they were the sponsor and they agreed to sponsor based on the green card for PP.

09 Jun 2018 12:59:04
Cheers for that, I'll try and catch the final tonight.

09 Jun 2018 09:51:12
Anderson Talisca, once linked, goes to China.

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09 Jun 2018 12:04:55
Good . Now we can play Rashford more😆😆.

09 Jun 2018 12:26:08
Or get a better player than a Talisca.

09 Jun 2018 15:51:42

Review Of The Day 9th June 2018

09 Jun 2018 06:27:19
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 9th June 2018

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09 Jun 2018 09:51:08
Ed i seen a list of players Newcastle released from their under 23s. 18 players.
I was reading that players in English academys from the age of 9 up only half of 1% make it.
I suppose the way clubs buy in players and young players it's very hard for them.

{Ed001's Note - the coaching in England is still a long way behind most of the continent. Clubs would rather take the easy route.}

09 Jun 2018 13:31:11
I would think that .05% is a statistic that's not far off the norm in other countries and sports. It certainly is in the US. About 2% of high school athletes make it to college sports, the normal route to the professionals. In all major sports except baseball less than 2% of the college players take the next step. There is a very natural and extreme winnowing process from being a good 10 year old athlete to becoming a professional. There are, after all, only 500 squad places in the EPL in any given year.

Of course it also depends on how one defines "make it". If one ends up playing for Exeter City after having been through our academy, does that count as making it?

08 Jun 2018 22:33:10
I hope we sign Toby, got me thinking about cbs. One young player probably not ready for a top team yet, but I think in a few years alfie m awson will be a big player.
I think some premiership side will snap him up soon though.

Agree2 Disagree0

08 Jun 2018 23:07:53
Tuanzebe has a lot higher potential.

08 Jun 2018 23:19:50
I like him Leahy. But he gets a lot of action at swansea has good potential i think he needs a good move and to keep progressing.

09 Jun 2018 14:10:05
I like Mawson, he looks a very capable player. Certainly better than Maguire for my money.

However, I have stated it before and I'll state it again Tuanzebe is a fantastic young player who has the attributes and the temperament to become a top class CB. We should be making space for him rather than putting an extra obstacle in his path.

09 Jun 2018 17:46:23
Agree shappy. Tunazebe is strong, quick and looks assured way beyond his age. Play him with bailly.


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