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17 Apr 2019 17:03:33
I’ve been trying not to overreact and be a prisoner of the moment but I must not be the only one who thinks it’s time De Gea leaves? He’s been incredible the last 5 years and has saved us countless times. But he’s been shocking this year. Made several uncharacteristic mistakes and wants crazy money.

We’ve messed up our wage bill. We set a bad precedent giving Sánchez so much money and now many of our players want to be on similar money. We have the third highest wage bill and yet I wouldn’t even put us in the top 10 in Europe for squad quality.

Although De Gea is a great shot stopper, he’s frequently been poor at commanding his box. His distribution has also been shocking this year. It’s never easy having Jones and smalling in front of you. But does anyone think his lack of authority and presence behind also creates nervousness for the defence in front of him?

schmeichel and Van Der Saar were incredible leaders and organisers of defence. They both commanded their boxes very well. Maybe De gea’s Lack of authority is actually contributing to our shakiness at the back. I’m purely playing devil’s advocate here but part of me thinks selling him and reinvesting in the defence is a much better way of moving forward. We give Henderson and Romero a year to fight it out and if it doesn’t work then we bring in say an Oblak. Although he has just signed a new contract and cost a fortune.

I just think we would be mad to give De Gea the obscene wage he wants. It will cause even more issues in the future. We need to gut out the people that don’t want to sign or be here. Taking pogba, Sanchez (near on impossible) and De Gea off the wage bill will allow us to regain some structure and order over the obscene wages flying about.

You can bring in some very talented, young and hungry players who would fight for the shirt every single game and who have the desire to actually want to play for this club. It’s just an idea I’ve been thinking about the last week or so.

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17 Apr 2019 17:28:40
I totally agree. He's been very poor this year. He had a bad world cup and hasn't looked to have recovered yet.

I think the lack of communication does have an effect, as a defender your having to second guess your keeper. It can't help, especially when the defence has the chuckle brothers involved.

Also I think the fact he's been such a good shot stopper is actually counter productive. I think sometimes the defence slacks off expecting him to pull off a save. In the past that happens. Lately though less so.

17 Apr 2019 17:31:54
I've been thinking the same thing for a while. The only thing that keeps holding me back is the idea of selling our only genuinely world class player.

Yet you make some very good points, points I myself have thought this season.

He has been less than his spectacular self this season.

We would need to create further wage problems for us in order to keep him long term.

Although he is without a doubt the best shot stopper in the world he does have several other areas where he is lacking. He still isn't great at coming for crosses, he doesn't command his area and his distribution isn't the best. Now he is far from shocking at any of these elements he just wouldn't be in the top ten if that was the attribute you were measuring.

The problem could be that his best attribute is his refelxes, unfortunately they are the first thing that deteriorates in goalkeepers which might mean he has a shorter shelf life as a top drawer keeper compared to others. This is another reason why you might not want to give him a long term deal on mega money.

I would be very careful outright dismissing any offers for him this summer. I think the club needs to think long and hard about the direction they want to take the club and whether DDG really is a vital component for the next 5 years.

17 Apr 2019 17:32:27
His poor form goes back before the world cup, he was terrible there.

17 Apr 2019 17:43:46
Park, part of me agrees, Romero has shown time and time how good he actually is, he is or was Argentina's number 1. However Liverpool have shown that a class keeper and at least one class centre back can solve problems. We would hopefully be ok with that class CB to go with Lindelof and Shaw and Dalot seem good full backs. Midfield is a problem, Pogba seems to have 1 great game and 4 rubbish games, Matic is finished, Fred, well the less said about him the better. McTominay looks to have potential, Herrera is off. Upfront on paper we have Martial, Rashford, Lukaku and Sanchez. That should be an 80 goal a season front 4? Will they reach 50 between them?

17 Apr 2019 19:00:43
I agree with this view.

De Gea is going to leave at some point and so if a good deal can be taken now then we should accept it and move on.

Romero is a solid keeper and Henderson has played first team football for 2 seasons now on loan. He is currently playing at the top of the championship so being the number 2 who can get some game time seems a good idea.

Then if he is not good enough or Romero is not up to scratch we can buy a new keeper the season after.

We desperately need a RB and CB so sacrificing De Gea might help to improve us overall.

17 Apr 2019 21:47:26
Jeez, are players not allowed poor spells anymore? Remember how this guy has saved us innumerable times over the years, and now because of a relative dip in form, we're saying, get rid? Talk about fickle, lads. Seems even our one true world class player isn't immune.

The same people were probably calling to get rid of Giggs when he had dips in form back in the day.

And for all those saying, just promote Romero, I really don't think you appreciate just how important a world-class keeper is to a side looking to challenge for the league. I like Romero. He's a decent keeper. But he's back up for a reason. Remember the troubles we had after Peter left? Just be careful what you wish for lads, because if there's one player who actually deserves the going rate for his service, then it's De Gea.

17 Apr 2019 23:31:08
De Gea hasn't been vintage, but to get a player like him would cost huge money. I'd back him and buy a couple of decent defenders to help him. Imagine trying to get by him if he were keeper for real madrid. Only he above every other player since Sir Alex left has been the quality we need. I can't believe some of the above -.

{Ed0333's Note - I agree, pay the man what he wants and build around him. He’ll stay if you show him the money.

18 Apr 2019 12:42:20
ed0333 dave is the only one that can demand that sort of money and deserve it.

he has earnt his money.

the amount of times he has saved us in games is unreal.

we lose de gea and we really are a sham of a club.

{Ed0333's Note - you’re mistake was giving Sanchez such an obscene contract. If I was De Gea whose performed outstandingly season after season and then sees sanchez get paid stupid money for performing like a pub player of course he’s within his rights to ask for Sanchez level wages. You’re so right De Gea deserves a shiny new per seed waged contract.

17 Apr 2019 14:51:02
Hard hat on and a confession that I may be over simplistic.
The dificiencies of the team are well known. The discussion over Ole appointment continues to rumble.
Does anyone wonder (and this is just honest wondering) whether the problem throughout the Van Gaal and Jose reigns has been trouble makers in the dressing room. The downturn in form immediately Ole is confirmed in post just smells a bit to me.

A root and branch clear out is needed. Let's sign a few key players and start trusting the academy "stars" more. A few more years in the wilderness could be just what we might need.

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17 Apr 2019 15:00:43
I think it’s that the managers haven’t been allowed to do their job thru restless fans and Ed Woodward not adapting to them tbh.

17 Apr 2019 19:31:04
We need a DoF in order to have the consistency that we need in terms of transfers, wages, scouting, coaching and the academy. Every time we get a new manager we go in a different direction.

Ed Woodward needs to accept that he has made a mess of these areas by being involved. He just needs to set the budgets and then let the DoF work with all the coaching staff, scouts and players etc.

{Ed002's Note - No, that won't resolve that issue.}

17 Apr 2019 14:11:01
The scoreline last night wasn't shocking, Barcelona on their day can beat anyone 3-0. The shocking thing was the heartless display from the Manchester United team. And that's from everyone, including our manager. I've always been an optimist, but the last few months have made me fear drastically about the future of our club. No heart, no leadership, no passion, no chance. If some of those players showed the same passion they do for instagram, then we might stand a chance.

A rudderless ship with no identity, made up of players from 4 different managers, soon to be 5. People talk about the 'United Way' but that's a load of pony, we spend money like a second generation rich kid paying silly sums of money for players we don't necessarily need, knowing full well that there's more money around the corner.

Ed002 has said numerous times that our wage budget is basically maxed out. We need to sell before we buy big. Think about that for a second; Manchester United, a club that has been at the forefront of making money in the football world. We have the third biggest wage bill behind Barcelona and Real Madrid and look what it gets us; a squad of 'Pretenders', who are happy to wear the great Manchester United badge in training, show up to games with the United badge on their suits. Cash their pay cheques with the United badge in the corner and feel like they belong at an elite club, but they are 'Pretenders'.

As a club we are also 'Pretenders', the Glazers don't particularly care if we win anything or not. We make enough money to pay their dividends. They have a club worth around £4 billion in their portfolio. Our iconic stadium has been downgraded, it's now not good enough to host a European final anymore. Much like everything else from the club, it is slowly decaying. The cracks are becoming more and more visible every year.

This isn't a reaction to getting beaten by Barcelona, this is a reaction to watching a Manchester United team that I have no connection to. I watch every game, but do I have a favourite player? No, would I be upset if I woke up to the news that any player has left? No.

I had Solskjaer on my jersey as a kid, he was my favourite player. He was a lot of people's favourite player. His return reminded me of when a struggling T.V. show's rating has dropped well below par. The quick and easy way to boost the ratings is to bring back and old star - Maybe Fonzy (American sitcom Happy Days) wasn't available.

I could list off a few points why I think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being giving the Manager's job is a mistake, but then I just think of that squad and I shake my head! There's loads of ways we could turn this around over the next few years, but those involve the structure of the club changing, and that's probably not going to happen. I don't know if other fans would be happy, but I would honestly sell the majority of the first team, and rebuild it with academy players and hungry young players. Not players that had a good 6 months and are now earning about £120,000 per week.

We need to change the identity of this club because it is slowly crumbling all around us. Manchester United having the third highest wage bill in football is gross negligence i think.

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17 Apr 2019 14:24:05
What a post Mumbles! Take a bow. Brilliant.

17 Apr 2019 16:06:34
Great Post mumbles.

17 Apr 2019 16:18:47
Maybe you are just getting a bit older and are out of touch with modern football lol.

Just kidding but i think you are going over the top, ole just needs to commit to a style of play and drill it into the players.

Once we have a set way of playing it will make it easier to recruit the correct profile of player and more importantly determine the players we need to get rid of.

Are we going to commit to play out from the back? If so then smalling will have to leave and de gea will either have to leave or up his game.

Are we going to commit to a high press? Then lukaku will have to leave and rashford will lead the line.

Are we going to commit to using the whole football pitch and actually venture down the right hand side of it. Then we will have to sign a new right back and right winger.

17 Apr 2019 17:55:35
The problem is we have no direction. The owners aren't concerned as long as the money rolls in. They've made the money available but its been pissed away on some frankly shocking buys. The fact last night we had most of the back 4 from 2011 and are still playing converted wingers shows the lack of planning.

17 Apr 2019 19:19:25
The lack of communication is worrying. And that stops with Woodward. What direction are we supposed to be going in? What's the long term strategy?

17 Apr 2019 23:05:41
Top. post mumbles.

17 Apr 2019 23:24:42
We talk about young players getting a chance, the United way and all that waffle, but yet ole starts young and we bought dalot supposed to be a talent, anyone that knows anything about football can see young is finished at that level.
Ole needs to be ruthless forget about the smiles for a while.
And the stupid talk about not parking in the bosses car space, get over it ole you supposed to be the boss now, stop talking about the boss every time you get interviewed.

With Manchester United, is it always the Manager's fault?

17 Apr 2019 13:36:34
{Ed's Note - betty swollocks has posted a new article entitled, With Manchester United, is it always the Manager's fault?

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17 Apr 2019 14:27:24
Good post Betty. Interesting analysis and I respect your view. I read every word of the post. Makes sense and keep it coming. 👍👏.

17 Apr 2019 16:14:22
Bit of a knee jerk reaction.

17 Apr 2019 17:44:34
LoL Danny, still the same sense of humour I see. Keep it up mate!

17 Apr 2019 18:32:33
Betty. That was a very good read i have been posting the same for over 2 years.
The players are and have been for some time the problem.
We have a few who really do have pride in the badge but unfortunately some of them are not good enough really either.
If ole was to be ruthless
Valencia herrera and mata should go on free's get what they can for darmian rojo periera sanchez young bailly and jones.
If pogba and ddg want out then sell them to the highest bidder particularly if we don't make top 4.
In romero and henderson we have two very good keepers.
Tuanzebe could come in and do no worse than jones bailly and rojo.
Dalot and shaw both need cover and competition. Young Valencia rojo and darmian provide no competition and really poor cover.
Herrera on his way
Pogna possibly too
Fred has shown very little so far
Matic on the decline
Mctom is the only relative bright spot
Up front jessie is neither this nor that.
Martial has been worse than shocking.
Sanchez likewise. Although i would play sanchez every time before martial.
Rash. Hot n cold but really looks like he wants to learn and outs in a lot in every game.
Lukaku. Scores goals in right set up this is not the right set up.

So we are at a crossroad again.
I say promote from within where possible.
Sell or realease any 8 or 9 from the above list and buy the players ole wants to fit his system.
Moyes lvg jose were all sacked and the club backed the players. Wrongly imo.
Backing the staff over the management rarely works.
The tail has been wagging the dog.
Over 85% of us here say the squad is weak.
Every pundit in fact every man and his dog knows that the squad is cole to the worst its ever been.
Iur top 2 players in terms of ability want to leave.
Thats also a big indication they know exactly where our squad is ability wise.
We have martial and sanchez on 250 and 410k per week on long contracts and producing little or nothing.
Rojo 160k per week
Pogba 275k per week.
It really is a mess.
The man sacking the managers is the one who should be sacked.
Player power backed by the dictatorship is and has been proven to disastrous.

17 Apr 2019 23:54:34
Crikey Ed ( whichever one made this an 'article' ), I feel privileged! Never had a post put up with its own link and an introduction. Just out of interest, how do you choose post that are to become 'articles'? Thanks anyway Ed.

Hope you, and all the Eds and posters are well.

{Ed033's Note - A long post over 700 words might be considered as an article, if it's written well enough

18 Apr 2019 07:58:02
Oh right, thanks for the reply Ed. Snappy must get lots of articles put up them - most of his posts are over 7000 words, never mind 700 :)

{Ed001's Note - you missed the 'written well enough' bit ;-)

All joking aside, it also has to be a fresh post, rather than a reply, as we don't want to ruin a thread by taking a post from it and putting it up out of context on its own as an article. Most of Shaps' stuff tends to be replies, so they are not able to be considered.}

17 Apr 2019 10:05:30
Third consecutive Post not getting posted, Any issues with the content ED's?

{Ed033's Note - Please try again, but don't try and sell us any viagra :)

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17 Apr 2019 10:39:02
I think some of the players could do with some Ed33, it might 'stiffen' their resolve.

{Ed033's Note - They don't like it up 'em Mr. Mainwaring.

17 Apr 2019 12:39:15
Clive Dunn would be better at full back than Young.

Review Of The Day 17th April 2019

17 Apr 2019 09:36:51
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 17th April 2019

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17 Apr 2019 13:19:03
A good read as always ed1?
A random question but what do you makeof Lo Celso? Although I haven't seen much of him but have heard/ read he is having a good season. Seeing that PSG lack midfielders and are going to lose more players from tge midfield I find it weird they let him leave.

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate. To be honest I have not seen him play much but he never impressed prior to this season. Betis have a manager who is very good at getting the most from players (and plays some lovely football at times), so it might just be that he is at a club that is bringing the best out of him. PSG are not exactly run well. They just throw money at everything. If anyone else there had money to invest and did it well, then PSG would struggle.}

17 Apr 2019 13:35:40
I know ed1 Quique Setien is a really good manager, plays attacking football and has done well at Betis and Las Palmas. That was thereason I asked about Lo Celso as Setien has had his teams and players perform better than their individual quality. But PSG not only lack quality but also lack quantity in midfield. Actually they lack balance in the team and I fully agree tgey aren't run well at all.

{Ed001's Note - you are right they could have done with him but they have to meet FFP regs so players had to be sacrificed.}

16 Apr 2019 23:49:06
In 2011 against basel 3 out of 4 of the back 4 started that was the same year we got knocked out in the group stages, have we moved on, no, but we did a lot of panic buying since then,
Nothing against ole but I said from day 1 he should never have got the job then and there.
Whoever is making these decisions needs sacking or it will get worse.

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17 Apr 2019 02:09:59
I wholeheartedly agree Leahy12.
Consider why Young and Valencia were converted to RB/ LB.
Saves money.
Jones and Smalling have never been great defenders. Rojo is very poor.
Bailly is injury prone and has lost his confidence.
Shaw positional awareness is very poor.

Dalot and Lindelof look good. (Lindelof has come on leaps and bounds) .

Top teams are build one solid defence. a lot of clubs are going to be rebuilding this summer. That makes transfer more difficult.

Unfortunately I think we will continue to decline.

Woodward for a guy that is all about money commercially anyway signs Sanchez on a ridiculously long contract and monster wages. Its about time the Glazers appointed someone to run the football side of the club.

17 Apr 2019 06:40:06
Oh well nothing I didn’t expect. This club has been rotten from the top to bottom for far too long now but unfortunately nothing will change until the Glazers are gone. Dreadful signings coupled with paying astronomical wages to bang average players. We need players who want to die for the shirt and know what it means to play for this special football club.

{Ed002's Note - It has nothing to do wityh the owners.}

17 Apr 2019 07:10:50
Mad Hatter I don’t know how you or anyone can say it’s to save money. We’ve spent obscene amounts.

If you’re looking for someone to blame, point your finger towards EW and poor recruitment.

We’ve spent a lot and spent it badly.

17 Apr 2019 07:58:19
Woodward won't be sacked. But he has to become more wise to spending and wages. The fact that he gave the likes of shaw and martial mass wage increases when they were on good money anyway. The reports of rashford being offered 250-300k is quite frankly laughable. We need to be more wise and anyone that wants out should be shown the door. I just hope we steer clear of rakitic, kroos, bale and costa more big name mistakes. We need to build a team for the future. In the short term we need to become a regular in the champions league places before any runs at the title.

17 Apr 2019 08:49:13
Sorry Ed totally disagree there the owners who employ the staff ie Ed wooden top. The buck stops with them.

{Ed002's Note - The owners do not employ the staff - they have representation on the board that makes the decisions. It seems to be a theme that the MU supports simply don't understand the structure of the club and sure as hell don't understand how the club works.}

17 Apr 2019 09:20:37
Thank you Ed, I have been saying this for the past two weeks, the owners have put put people and teams at various levels and sections to run the club, if we want to lash out at anyone then let us hound them and let the owners be. Similar analogy is when the street light outside my house is not working and I start blaming the prime minister or the president of the country.

{Ed002's Note - President May has no interest in your street lamp.}

17 Apr 2019 13:31:36

Converting Young and Valencia into defenders is a money saving tactic.
Why else would the manager do that.

17 Apr 2019 16:08:38
MH. You’re totally wide of the mark.

We spent how much on Bailly? He can’t get a game ahead of Smalling and Jones. Maybe that money should’ve been spent on a good quality RB or RW.

Who else. Miki, Sanchez, even Pogba?

Fred and Lindelof have shown a bit of promise but for the money spent we need players who fit right in.

Lukaku at a very high fee can’t nail down a place.

All bad investments.

Naturally if you’re trying to buy success like we have for the past 5 years a line has to be drawn somewhere. You can’t buy a new team every summer.

Valencia and Young are playing full back, like Jones and Smalling are still playing CB, because we’ve spent our budget elsewhere and badly.

Maybe money should be saved on the salaries of those employed to advise and recruit.

16 Apr 2019 22:18:22
Time and time again certain players put in a good shift and you think they could be ok going forwards. Then a night like tonight happens.

Young hopeless, Pogba found out against quality, Jones as hopeless as ever, Fred headless chicken, Lingard lacks quality, Martial does very little.

Rashford is one of the only players who deserves to wear the shirt on a regular basis.

£200m won't scratch the sides.

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16 Apr 2019 22:30:55
Smalling as well, it is pretty damning than an england manager has stated he is not good enough on the ball to suit his style of play but he is our first choice centre back it seems.

16 Apr 2019 22:31:48
Should rash have put away that goal in the first few minutes, top strikers do.

16 Apr 2019 22:44:05
The recruitment at this club has been atrocious for years and years now. We’ve let players go like Blind, Chicharito, even Jonny Evans, prob others and are squad is worse than before, worse than that we sell players continually for peanuts, now have players on high wage and are left with some utter dross let’s be honest.
Ole needs time and more importantly we need to get recruitment right, a DoF is a must that works with Ole to get the right targets.
I want us looking to sign up top British talent I. e, wan Bissaka, Rice, Sancho and then yes add experience like a Coutinho and a top class centre back.
This is a Frankenstein squad atm with 3/ 4 managers players and ideas mixed up, massive wages with some aging players too, its a mess that needs patience from us as fans and Ed needs to step back as we now know we are a long way behind where we aspire to be.

16 Apr 2019 22:56:17
Good to see Blind in a champions league semi with a team playing the best football in the competition. Sigh.

16 Apr 2019 22:57:29
I’m sure someone somewhere has counted how many times Ashley Young gave the ball away in the 180 minutes.

Again though, not his fault we have to play a winger at full back. The recruitment has put some players in untenable positions and you’ve got to feel a little bit sorry for them. It’s not a lack of effort in some cases, they just aren’t good enough and we haven’t moved them on when we should, something SAF was very good at.

16 Apr 2019 23:01:22
Not a surprise tonight, these guys are not good enough for premier league contention so to go to the nou camp and expect anything other than what happened is foolhardy. i'd let the usual suspects like young etc do one and identify prospects. Ole may lack managerial experience but even he can see the obvious. It really comes down to what we've all been saying for so long on these pages- is the company/ business/ corporation/ Glazers behind the football end of things. If so we have a few years of rebuild in order to contend, if they see us as a cash cow we are in trouble. Simple as.

16 Apr 2019 23:22:51
Quite frankly if you have a first team that consists Jones, Smalling and Young in defence won't give any top forwards a scare and we won't win titles with that defence.

Pogba isn't United material either and that is simply because he doesn't want to play for us so why are we so desperate to keep him and beg him to perform.

Rashford and Martial are not ready to lead the line as they are young and inconsistent. Sanchez is out of form and Lukaku shouldn't be playing for us if we want to win major trophies or we n3ed to play to his strength.

Anyone who thinks qe had a chance against this team with Messi then i guess you are just a fan living on past glories.

I knew we would get whacked and its kind of good that we did so Ole can be ruthleds and grt rid of the players we don't need moving forward and until that happens i am sorry but we are not going to be winning playing attacking football everyone one of you crave and that is the reason why the pr3vious manager didn't play expressive football because he knew that the team isn't capable of winning and will end up losing like we did today! .

16 Apr 2019 23:44:48
Ole ruthless young gets a game no matter what. Cost us in the Fa cup with his red card, keeps his place. Lost the ball 30 times in the first leg and had 11 cosses none of which found a Utd shirt, keeps his place. Ole ruthless 😂😂😂😂.

17 Apr 2019 02:01:39
Its not all doom and gloom. 3 years ago, our defence was arguably as bad as yours and we had a worse gk. In fact, you do have the makings of a decent defence but you need to buy smart and shift on those who aren't good enough for the level you want to be at. An older CB such as Alderweireld (or perhaps Godin if you want to play a deep line) would prob work wonders with your younger backs. But I think bohzman nailed it - what happens next for you guys depends on how the Glazers see the club.

17 Apr 2019 04:55:21
It would be best for both parties if Ashley young came out and left the club himself to play in USA.
He's never been good enough, and the fact that he's overplayed at fullback at older age doesn't help his cause.

17 Apr 2019 09:03:07
Wazza it is Ashley Young’s fault he turned straight into messi or that he continually gives the ball away or as a former winger he can’t cross a ball, it’s no good defending the indefensible, he’s a professional footballer and has been playing full back for years now, he should know how to cross a ball at least tho he wasn’t that good a winger let’s be honest. It’s time to move away from average players buying high fee or high wage types with no loyalty, often past their peak and recruit younger, better players that will work together for years to come that actually get that ethos and at least work hard for each other.

17 Apr 2019 08:55:18
@wazza it may not be Young's fault he was converted to full back, but as a winger he should be able to cross no?

dreadful performance again, Lindelof and McTominay did well and I felt sorry for Pogba who made several good runs just for someone to give the ball away, not much he can do with players who can barely pass five yards around him. Martial always seems out of position, he seems better when he gets a ball in the center of the park, or when he's allowed to drift inside when Shaw overlaps him, something Rojo and Young didn't do. Rashford I feel is overhyped, fast, but doesn't have a great touch, is prone to give the ball away cheapily and isn't clinical enough. Lingard is and always has been a squad player at best.

17 Apr 2019 16:10:45
WRD yes that’s obviously his fault.

But the manager is forced to play him deep where mistakes are costly.

I’m not defending his ability, he’s not good enough, nor can he be blamed for being picked ahead of gutless alternatives.

16 Apr 2019 22:13:57
Reality check. Huge job on his hands for ole. It’s going to take 2/ 3 years to fix this rubbish show of a mess. I saw a post that this back 4 minus lindelof started against Basel in 2011. Let that sink in. Can’t wait till this season ends. I’m so lost with united at the moment. Hopefully a decent summer and we will add some hungry talented players who actually want to be at this great club. Not a bunch of overpaid overrated dickheads who care only about money.

Agree3 Disagree1

17 Apr 2019 09:46:24
What's the likelihood of ole actually getting 2 to 3 windows to sort this out.

This time next season when were languishing in 6th or 7th spot and have been knocked out of every cup, how many people will want him sacked.

This is a downward spiral.

16 Apr 2019 18:58:20
Jones at RB, he will get turned inside out.

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16 Apr 2019 19:11:15
You are not alone with that view.

16 Apr 2019 19:45:35
RB or 3 CBS?

16 Apr 2019 19:55:29
Saw that myself and thought ' what the hell? ' he will get tortured. What is wrong with dalot?

16 Apr 2019 20:00:46
Got to feel sorry for him. All the money we’ve invested in defence and we have to play Phil Jones at right back in a champions league quarter final fixture.

Oh well. Let’s do this!

16 Apr 2019 21:58:39
Result inevitable. OGS and team trying to get too clever and not play to our mediocre strengths.

16 Apr 2019 22:03:13
Shocking, beyond shocking. Any club with integrity would sack the manager after the last six games. Out of his depth. Horrible. Dead cat bounce truly gone.

16 Apr 2019 22:06:55
And Chris smalling showing couthino his right side, an experienced defender.


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