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14 Mar 2018 14:27:35
No idea if its true or not but miguel delaney saying mourinho wants 4 in and will let 7 leave? i'm more concerned about the 7 players he's willing to let leave if i'm honest.

Given those comments he made lastnight and the constant dull football i wouldn't be giving him any funds. that and i gaurantee there's a couple of those 7 players he's willing to let leave that would be outstanding under pochettino/ jardim etc as they let players play with freedom.

Any of the eds know about the 4 in/ 7 out?

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14 Mar 2018 14:46:06
Delaney is a bs peddler, he doesn't his arse from his head. You and me can be considered better itk's than Delaney.

14 Mar 2018 15:09:57
I know who it is that I'd like to see leave.

{Ed002's Note - The club has a number of targets for each of the positions they are looking to address. I would not get toop wrapped up in the numbers.}

14 Mar 2018 12:04:45
My United friend of 50 years sent me an email this morning asking what I thought of last night.

Firstly, I am astonished by how uninspiring and ineffective Sanchez has been. I had thought his poor form at Arsenal was down to discontent but now I'm not so sure. Maybe he's just lost his edge. In which case the club will now be saddled with his enormous wages, essentially becoming the new Wayne Rooney, for the next 4 years. Or perhaps its the set up he's being asked to operate in.

In general though, I thought we deserved to lose. There seems to be no cohesion in the team at all, and certainly not enough effort and desire. Sevilla looked so much more accomplished with great movement, deft touches, fluidity and width. Our inadequate performance could have been partly down to fatigue having played Liverpool on Saturday, and/ or a complacency/ hubris after the victory, and/ or a poor tactical plan, and/ or our players are simply paid far more than they're worth. But most of all I put it down to our even more turgid performance in the first leg, which set us up to fail last night by ensuring that Mourinho would primarily be playing not to concede a goal. It was very disappointing.

I understand that Mourinho made some comment about how it's nothing new for United to lose at home in the ECL, that he won at OT with both Porto and RM. After a comment like that I would be looking for a new manager.

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14 Mar 2018 12:48:18
Agree about sacking him after those post match comments but will still give him the benefit of the doubt as he had nothing else to be positive about.
This game reminded me of last years europa semi finals where we got away with the same approach had it not been for the ex man city striker.

14 Mar 2018 12:54:49

As always these things get taken well out of context, he was saying the club isn't screwed just because we lost in the CL, it didn't come across like he was bragging but reading it you would think he banged on about how amazing he was.

There was 10 things worse last night than his post match comments, just got everything wrong.

14 Mar 2018 13:30:25
Gds stop defending him, he isn't some guy whose English isn't really good. He knew what he was saying very well. We have reached a stage where a utd manager is basically telling fans that we are used to mediocrity and it isn't his fault. I don't care if he wins the FA cup or not he needs to go.

14 Mar 2018 13:35:23
Really GDS? To me it came across like he was highlighting his ability to win CL games, and contrasting it to our losses - i. e. Jose ain’t the problem, the club is.

14 Mar 2018 13:47:20
Must admit I sort of saw it like that too danny .

Why couldn't just say we had a bad day and deservedly got beat is beyond me.

14 Mar 2018 13:50:52
Yeah, no need to say anything other than it was a bad performance, let the fans down, going to make sure that we improve, etc.

Only reason to bring up his two CL wins at Old Trafford is to stroke his own ego.

14 Mar 2018 19:39:31
Ah too soon then 😂. I just don’t care about press conferences and think people care too much, I’m more interested in what happened on the pitch which was unacceptable.

14 Mar 2018 11:31:12
Well fella's we've had a chance to sleep on the game. Still absolutely fuming, but I ain't going to call for the managers head because that doesn't fix anything.
What I would like to ask if what signings do you guys think is needed in the summer? Personally I think we need a left back and I'd go with Keiran Tierney (sorry ed007). Looks a class act with lots of potential. At right back I'm not sure who to look at, maybe Fabinho? We also need an experienced centre half who is top class, my recommendation would be Alderweireld. Finally I also think we need a strong midfielder, who will go box to box, and I think that player should be Milinkovic Savic.
Just wondering what positions and who you guys think should be signed?

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14 Mar 2018 11:55:45
Allegri or pochettino in asap so we can start a new project sooner than anticipated. I don't think we will do better with jose anymore. Maybe if city and guardiola make mistakes next year but this atrocious way to approach every game is killing me.

14 Mar 2018 12:12:22
I think we have more than enough quality in the squad already to beat Sevilla, and need to ask why our attacking players are constantly under performing. I honestly don’t think there’s any point in splashing out hundreds of millions on shiny new players until we solve the bigger underlying problems.

14 Mar 2018 12:17:15
Yeahhhh let's not blame the manager, let's spend spend spend spend because what we have is clearly not good enough.
Last night the buck stopped with Mourinho.

14 Mar 2018 12:36:16
we clearly need a few signings here and there, the question should be do we want Mourinho to be the man to make them?

Midfield is a key area and its an area we keep losing out on. He has signed Matic and Pogba spending 130m on our midfield with indifferent success. Both are clearly talented, but we lack mobility, tempo and quality.
He has a crush of Fellaini and has played McTominay. Those four seem to be his preferred options, the shortest of them being 6'3. He clearly values height over technical ability in midfield and we will continue to be outclassed in midfield until that is resolved.

So do we trust Mourinho to bring in the type of midfielders we need or will he bring in more of what he prefers.
All great teams have a great midfield, ours has potential but lacks the glue that holds it altogether.

We see the same issue with our forward line, our offensive play is knitted together far better when Mata is on the pitch. Yet Mourinho is reluctant to play him, instead choosing bigger, faster, stronger and harder working players ahead of him. Last night was a prime example, he played Sanchez who worked hard but lacked quality, so many good chances broke down. Mata might not have run as much but he wouldn't be found wanting when a little quality was needed.

Who we sign this summer will be key for the future of this squad, if they aren't the right players then the squad won't really compete at the highest level, that may lead to our top stars looking to move to teams that will compete at the highest level. Plus another year of football like we are seeing will drive Mourinho out of the club, meaning we will need another coach with a different philosophy and he will need to start the rebuilding process again in his image. By which time Pep will be well set at City, Klopp will be fully set up at Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea will likely be a year ahead in their rebuilds. We could find it hard to get top four.

14 Mar 2018 13:00:40
Why would you not call for the managers head Caolan? He is sucking the life out of our play, the football is awful, there is no plan. and I couldn't care who the pundits are in the media if they are Ex Utd, Ex Pool, eX Chelsea etc they are all saying the same thing which is we look like a shambles, with no dynamism, no joy, no invention or flair . with a midfield very very average and 1 top centre half,1 or 2 journeymen defenders and a top keeper - I don't need pundits to tell me that's a disgrace for the money spent at a club our size, the average football fan can see that's a fair description of where we are today.

If the manager isn't in front of his bosses today and told to shape up or ship out then we will be a top 6 side and no more for years to come. btw, no offence, I generally like your opinions.

14 Mar 2018 14:36:33
Simple reason why I’m not calling for his head is that does not always change things. After all many people on here were calling for allegri and as ed 002 says that was ruined by the fans.
Is poch available? No. Who else is available? Yes he got it wrong last night, but the people saying he needs gone etc are the same people who said he got it spot on against Liverpool. We knew what we were getting with Jose, it’s not exactly the United way, but we haven’t played the United way in a very long time. So we have to have some faith, because the club may have long term plans, one of which was already spoiled.

14 Mar 2018 14:38:57
Also don’t worry no offence taken boyfromburrenway, it’s a debate :)

14 Mar 2018 15:42:51
Im not all for change either Caolan, I can see Spurs, city, pool, chelsea have been through managers and got nowhere for years most of the time, same with playing staff a new man comes in and its upheaval again. What I would say though is on the pitch we just look a shambles, last night some of our passing was just comical and we seem to be so lethargic which we never were. I hope there is some plan ahead that we don't know about . DOF possibly, some dead wood gone. anything to shake us out of this current malaise.

14 Mar 2018 17:19:20
We were awful last night, but the manager doesn’t play those 10 yard passes into touch. Granted the team plays in his image, he just needs to take the shackles off but I don’t think he has enough faith in the back 4 to do that. Hence why I said that I think we need to spend some money there, it’s not a case of throwing money at it and hoping for the best. Full backs have made a huge difference to city (and no i'm not saying new full backs will turn us into them) butbit will help a lot.

14 Mar 2018 10:57:18
There are no excuses for the three hours of turgid rubbish that Utd served up against a team that will be knocked out easily in the next round. Imagine what Klopp or Guardiola could do with the attacking players that Utd have? I can't stand watching the team that I love under Mourinho and nothing will change until he's gone.

{Ed007's Note - You do know that Sevilla won THREE straight EL finals prior to Utd's victory last year don't you? Did you think Utd just had to turn up to win?}

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14 Mar 2018 11:26:29
Roger who are the great attacking players?
Lukaku is hitting his usual goal return rash is a kid that might be great.
Martial is a young player who might be great
ibra is finished
Sanchez only in the door
Mata good player but not great.
Who are these great players you speak of.
A squad without afull back of note
Who are are great midfielders.
A price tag doesn't make you great. Great performances make you great.

14 Mar 2018 11:31:22
Exactly roger everybody left will be rubbing their hands at getting Seville. I can’t believe where we are as a football club since Fergie left. Hundreds of millions spent and serving up utter turgid dross. I preferred the 80’s to this dross.

14 Mar 2018 11:19:18
Yes ed, a lot of people (not talking about the OP) do think that.

{Ed007's Note - It's footballing snobbery because the vast majority fans of English clubs think that the only good teams in Spain are Barca and Real Madrid or Bayern in Germany when in fact both leagues are technically vastly superior to the EPL.
I did expect - and hope - that Utd would go through but I knew it wouldn't be as easy as some people thought.}

14 Mar 2018 11:25:06
Top reply Ed . Our players took it very easy yesterday and just thought they would roll Sevilla over. We fully deserved to lose.

{Ed007's Note - People can make all the excuses they want and moan about the manager and players but the fact is in cup football ALL that matters is being in the next round and Sevilla done that and as you say, they fully deserved it. If Utd had won 1-0 last night and went through there'd be a few posts moaning about the performances but they would be easily shot down by the posts saying in cup football being in the next round is the only objective.}

14 Mar 2018 11:25:41
Aye, and Utd won it last season. Are you seriously trying to defend the wretched football that Utd served up in those three hours? We were way beyond embarrassing in that tie.

{Ed007's Note - No I'm asking why you think a team that's been in and won a European final 3 out of the last 4 years and that have just put Man Utd out of the CL after winning at OT will be knocked out easily in the next round?}

14 Mar 2018 11:36:35
Yea Liverpool will be rubbing their hands at getting the team that beat them comfortably in the EL final less than 2 years ago.

14 Mar 2018 11:32:22
Ed 007 you’ve hit the nail on the head. I think not only did most fans, but the manager and players seemed to think it was a case of turning up and we’d win. The atmosphere seemed flat because the fans expected the same, granted they were given nothing to cheer about.

{Ed007's Note - The atmosphere at OT's always flat, Caolan. Far too many prawn sandwich munchers, half 'n' half scarfers and tourists who would rather sit and Tweet or take pictures than actually support the team.}

14 Mar 2018 11:39:28
ed007 that was sevilla of 2 years ago they sacked their manager mid season because they have been very poor. Madrid smashed them 5-0 coming off a run of 4 la liga games without a win. Atletico madrid and Eibar of all teams put 5 past them just last month. This team was there for the taking we played them like we were some tiny club and they Barcelona or Real madrid in their prime.

{Ed007's Note - Madrid are capable of taking 5 off any team on their day and Eibar are only 6 points behind Sevilla in La Liga. Didn't Man Utd lose to Newcastle a couple of weeks ago, oh and Spurs although I don't know what league results have to do with anything, PSG took 5 off Metz last week after being put out the CL by Madrid, is that the same kind of comparison as you're making? They also beat Marseilles 3-0 in the league and the cup in between losing home and away to Madrid.}

14 Mar 2018 12:16:16
Liverpool are a much stronger team than two years ago. They and everyone else will be hoping for Seville. Let's not kid ourselves here, or try to make them up to be something they're not.

14 Mar 2018 12:33:11
It was a bit like watching hazard Costa and co before Jose got sacked when they where just above relegation .
Flat disjointed no passion .

14 Mar 2018 13:22:16
ed007 a team that routinely concedes 5 goals in a single game isn't exactly as good as you are making it out to be. Of the top 10 teams in La Liga only 1 team has scored lesser goals than Sevilla while only 4 teams in entire la Liga have conceded more goals than Sevilla. They are an average team who will get easily beaten by a top club. We treated them like they were some almighty team we should be scared of and paid for it.

{Ed007's Note - Are you saying that Utd aren't a top club?}

14 Mar 2018 13:56:45
Until mourinho goes no we aren't. Every time we play a half decent team he reverts to his Stoke city 11 behind the ball defense, that is not what top clubs do.

14 Mar 2018 16:16:41
To everyone blarting off about liverpool. Did you guys sleep. with the scoursers. So much love in. Granted they play a lot better brand of football and scored lot more thanus.


And before anyone points it out to me, last nights result and performance was f#£king unacceptable. Winning and losing are parts of the game it happens but you have show desire, grit and it seemed the team, bench and fans at the ground, nobody had it.

14 Mar 2018 10:55:42
I’ve got to say, fair play to Lukaku for his honesty in the post match interview. This lad has 25 goals this season from scraps, imagine if we gave him some service.

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14 Mar 2018 11:29:40
The only player that come out of yesterday with an ounce of dignity. Perhaps you can add De Gea and bailly to that list. Lukaku should be given the captains armband. Before I get shot down, it’s because he is the only one that plays with desire and passion. Who tries to make something happen. If he had service he would be banging goals in for fun.

14 Mar 2018 14:30:17
Rewz - For me Lukaku is one of the problems. He's fundamental to the way Jose wants to play and unless he can start consistently holding the ball up we'll continue to see performances like y'day. On the occasions he's able to make the ball stick, bully the centre backs and link the play we look a totally different team.

I'd love to know the stats on how often he is able to hold the ball and keep it. He is improving in this regard but until he can be a consistent focal point for our attack things will never really improve.

Whether this is a legitimate tactic is a totally different debate but if we had Drogba or Costa up front we'd be a much more effective attacking unit.

Why do you think Jose is so reluctant to blood Rashford or Martial up front. The goals of Lukaku are less important than his hold up play so the likes of Sanchez, Lingard, Rashford and Martial can do their stuff in the final third. It's no coincidence that Lukaku's goal return is down on even his West Brom and Everton days. His role has changed and he must adapt. I didn't think he kept the ball well enough last night. I don't think he's been able to do it all season but he is improving and at least he's prepared to try and change his game I'm not sure the same can be said of Pogba.

14 Mar 2018 17:28:52
Lukaku isn't the problem.
How many evra style over lapping runs do you see these days? How many byline crosses do you see these days? How many Scholes esque shots do you see these days? How many goals from corners do you?
We only have 2 ways to score long ball knock on from lukaku or a counter attack. We don't push enough men forward quick enough anymore to give good enough support. Drogba would not do any better in this united team.

14 Mar 2018 17:46:12
Sorry Danny Lukaku is the least of our worries! He has actually been one of our best performers this year and the guys has been feeding off scraps. He has shown that if you put a good cross in he is a beast in the box and score. Nobody in our team can cross or clear the first man from a corner. The main issue is attacking tempo and patterns. We can string more then 3 passes together in any sort of tempo. Yes we need additions but the tactics are the problem for me. We don’t press off the back and have this enfuriating low block that we employ, essentially given possession to the opposition. This won’t change unless Jose changes his ways - which he sure as hell won’t. You can change this by bringing someone who encourages us to press as a team. How great would it be to see us harrying the opposition from the front. It’s little bits of desire and passion like that which would get old Trafford in its feet.

14 Mar 2018 18:33:16
Fair enough "problem" probably wasn't the right choice of word but I think Lukaku's hold up play can be hit and miss and whenever he can hold the ball we look much better.

I accept that sometimes he has little chance with some of the long hopeful balls hit in his direction but I often get frustrated when sometimes I think he could do a lot better. To be fair he has improved in this aspect of his game since the turn of the year.

I think of Kane's hold up play when he dominated Smalling and Jones at Wembley and believe Lukaku can still improve in this area.

14 Mar 2018 18:05:03
Ed007. Athletico Madrid put 5 past them away from home 2 weeks ago. I watched the match and they were useless as Athletico harassed them into mistakes. Seville will be thrashed in the next round by whatever team they draw.

{Ed007's Note - Just shows you the gulf in quality between England and Spain.}

14 Mar 2018 10:47:16
ED 002

Hope you’re well. I know you don’t like speculating about the future, but will our poor performance in Europe concern the board and does it impact Jose’s immediate future?

{Ed002's Note - No.}

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15 Mar 2018 05:51:52
Thanks for the reply Ed 002. We have to accept the situation and be grateful that at least we’re better off in the league than the past few seasons.

Ed: Do you know if we have any manager plans for the post-Jose era (similar to the what was planned post-LVG)?

{Ed002's Note - Not as far as I know.}

14 Mar 2018 10:38:16
I posted last night about me defending mourinho, that stops now. The way i see it, if he’s asked for a different performance and the players have not delivered I’d be expecting him to be as fuming as the rest of us, because he is not fuming he’s obviously asked for this type of performance. Forget this being Man Utd for a minute and replace with any team in the country the fans would expect 100% commitment at very least.

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14 Mar 2018 10:52:21
No going back this time for me. At the end of the season, thanks and goodbye.

14 Mar 2018 11:12:54
Agree with both. The tide has turned for me and I don’t think he can get us to where we need to be. There is no excuse for lack of commitment and desire. The decide when to show desire when we feel like it and that is unacceptable. Jose’s comments after the game made it even worse. I’m not sure where we go from here but it is very disappointing.

14 Mar 2018 12:11:42
I’ve watched the presser over and over and can not understand where he is coming from.
Was he trying to deflect from the performance, his ways of protecting the players?
Imagine being his employer and watching that last night. I can imagine there will be some very big decisions to be made after last night. I’ve tried to like and back Mourinho since he took charge but those comments were unacceptable for me.

14 Mar 2018 10:16:35
I said after the 0-0 draw in Spain it was a poor result, a result which left the tie difficult for us. A lot of posters hailed it a good result. It's yesterday, knowing the situation that just one Sevilla goal makes it difficult, we should of set up to attack them a score goals, press them high up the pitch and take it to them. When I saw the team sheet I knew we weee going to yet again try to contain, a dangerous game which backfired massively. Jose's tactics are pathetic to be honest. You can see it in the faces of Sanchez, marital, Pogba etc. He's not right, we're not progressing and I'm bored senseless watching us. Yet some posters will still come here week after week kidding themselves were a force.

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14 Mar 2018 10:44:58
Stand - That performance last night was that bad it even made me question if he's the right man now.

I don't think the high press or possession football is anything new and Jose has had success in recent times it's not like he's gone years without winning anything and he won the title with Chelsea less than 3 years ago.

I just don't remember any of Jose previous teams being so bad. So devoid of ideas, so disjointed, so passive, so inconsistent.

Maybe it's the weight of expectation, maybe we lack real leadership in the boardroom and a vision of how we want the Club to play.

Three different mangers with completely contrasting styles tells it own story.

There is a real disconnect between Jose and a lot of our fans and even whilst results have improved many are still very unhappy with the style of play.

They can be appeased whilst results remain good but I get the impression we're only ever one bad result away from a crisis. The swathes of empty seats after the second goal went in was a damming verdict of a truly awful night. It screamed of well we're out now so if you think we're going to endure any more of this rubbish you must be mad.

I'm starting to feel that maybe we will never really see the best of Jose at Utd. He's caught between wanting to play his own brand of football which is at total odds with the history and expectations of the fans. I think he had a similar problem at Real Madrid. Fans were appeased whilst results remained good but once performance levels dropped the inevitable questions about style resurface and anarchy on the terraces and in the dressing room ensues.

I get the impression Jose likes to be the under dog. He's thrives on being the pantomime villain and being able to forge that siege mentality. It's very hard to create this kind of atmosphere at Clubs like Utd and Real Madrid where expectation is so high and the need not only to win but to win with a certain style and arrogance is required.

At the moment he's appears haunted by the ghosts of our history. He didn't have this at Porto, Chelsea or even Inter and he was able to play his own brand of football without detractors from the outside constantly reminding him of his obligation to play a particular brand of football.

Maybe this is an over reaction to one bad result. Maybe I will be more objective once I've had more time to digest what happened but sometimes you are faced with water shed moments and I think last night was one of them.

I still think Jose is a very good manger, I still think his signings in general have been very good, I still think he has been a big improvement on Moyes and LVG, he has improved results, stabilised the club and returned us to Champions League football however I'm now starting to see this as a marriage of convenience. I'm not sure we'll ever see the football we all crave, his philosophy is at odds with our tradition and I'm not sure he'll be able to bring the level of consistency needed to compete with City without being braver and more courageous and daring to win rather than trying not to lose.

The recruitment of our next manger must be better. We must look for someone who not only has a winning pedigree but plays the style of football in line with the traditions and philosophy of our Club.

Until that time we might just have to accept that top 4 and a decent cup run is adequate considering what came before.

14 Mar 2018 11:27:08
Danny that is a fantastic post mate. I love reading your posts always informative and well reasoned so good on you pal.

I agree wholly in what you have said. I’ve always thought Jose was a top manager but like you said his tactics are a major issue. At Chelsea, inter and Porto he got away with it because in many ways he was bringing success that was unprecedented for them. But even at Chelsea they got sick of the negative style of play. At real he got away with it because he had players like Ronaldo, Ozil, Modric etc who won him trophies. But that ended in disaster as we all know.

I’ve always though Jose should have been signed straight after sir alex because he would have had a better platform to build us. His appointment was forced mainly because he became available after a torrid spell at Chelsea. But after last night I feel like even the staunchest Jose fans (such as myself) are starting to realise that he can’t get us to where we want to be. If we were winning the league then I think most people would be accepting of the style. But we are not even winning and pep ripped up the rule book and made jose’s Style even more turgid and insipid that it was before. The attacking players look devoid of ideas, passion and even desire. On paper we have players that should be tearing up teams but we set up to nullify opponents who are simply not worth the respect.

We don’t want to be known as a sacking club but I do think Jose has taken us as far as he can. I think he will have definitely have left the club in a better state than when he joined and the next manager will have some very good players to play with. All I want to see is for us to play with intensity, pace and passion. Is that too much to ask for? I highly doubt Jose will go in the summer but I fear he cannot give us the entertaining style of play that we want.

14 Mar 2018 12:37:34
Thanks Park and I agree pal. Maybe we're over reacting to a terrible night but it was the manner of the defeat, the nature of the tactics and formation and even the desire of the players which makes me question if our faith in Jose has been misguided.

Jose had a better platform at Madrid in which to challenge Pep's dominance and he doesn't seen to know what to with his own signings. On paper our best players in Pogba and Sanchez have become our worst performers. He doesn't appear to know how or where to play them and that can't be right surely! When your best players become your biggest hindrance you know your in trouble.

On a positive note I remember Jose's Inter team coming to Utd in 2009 with a certain Mr Ibrahimovic upfront and putting in a similar performance. They were dreadful but we're crowded European champions the next season. Wishful thinking I know but maybe just something to hold onto in the depressing days ahead!

14 Mar 2018 09:40:54
Morning. If I was being cynical, I would think Jose almost sabotaged that game last night to prove a point to encourage more money to be spent in the summer. I know it sounds ridiculous I cannot fathom why he would switch Rashford to the right after Saturday, why he would drop McTominay for Fellaini, why he cannot see the player who has got us ticking over Palace and Liverpool in Juan Mata was dropped, how he can stick with Sanchez after a dozen games of under performing. His comments before about the team not being ready to win the cup and his comments after are very disturbing. The Liverpool win should have been the spring board for us to the end of the season and we have taken a massive step backwards.

Feel sorry for the players like Lukaku, Lingard, Martial, Rashford, Mata, even Pogba who all like to attack and almost being restricted!

So the question is without overreacting, IF mourinho was to go (don't believe he will, unsure now whether I think he should or not now though) who would you get in to replace him that will get United playing with an attacking attitude? Would Zidane be worth a shout? Struggling at moment at Real Madrid but he's got the cv to support his case?

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14 Mar 2018 10:02:19
Poch if possible. Else, stick with jose.

14 Mar 2018 10:18:37
Ryan Giggs as it should of been years ago. At least we still be Manchester United and not Moneychester United. We have become just become another club like everyone else.

14 Mar 2018 10:28:14
Poch, Giggs or jardim/ Tuchel. Need youth, attack minded and up and coming manager.

14 Mar 2018 12:06:17
Not the biggest fan, but I think Tuchel might be a great fit.
He wanted too much power at Dortmund and wants to manage every single aspect.
Most clubs have a problem with such manager power, but We are actually always run like that.
So might be a great fit.

Plays possession based attacking football and the team should be a lot easier on the eye then His predecessors’ teams.

And he is known for promoting youth and not really looking for the big names, but rather for certain qualities when recruiting.

14 Mar 2018 12:51:23
Agreed Jonny. If the reports are to be believed then Tuchel is first choice for Bayern. Dortmund played great football under him and although it turned sour, it was mainly due to the power struggle with the board. I read somewhere that his tactical expectations and knowledges instils and expects of his players are close with pep.

We’ve tried the old school managers. We’ve tried appointing on reputation. We’ve tried hiring on experience. It’s time we made a daring appointment and hired a young, forward thinking manager who wants to play. Is that too much to ask?

14 Mar 2018 09:37:07
Any problem with my last post Ed or have you just had enough of me? It's fair enough I do have a tendency to spout rubbish I just find it cathartic that's all!

{Ed001's Note - no mate, sorry I had to pop out and pay some bills and grab some groceries. I never realised there was no one about to cover while I was out, apologies.}

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14 Mar 2018 10:46:47
No problem thank you that performance has hit me hard.

14 Mar 2018 10:40:00
How dare you go out and live your life Ed, posts wait for no man 😉.

{Ed001's Note - apologies mate, I even sometimes stop to use the toilet, though I know I shouldn't!}


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