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11 Aug 2018 19:12:07
Can see why you're a fan of Ruben Neves Ed001, beautiful freekick and his cross for Jimenez was perfect.

{Ed001's Note - he is excellent, though I think the free kick goal was as much down to Pickford's error in making a step the wrong way. Poor goalkeeping for me.}

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11 Aug 2018 19:18:42
Need to see a replay Ed, i just seen it power into the corner mind. So refreshing to see this Wolves team in the PL, over Stoke City, who have actually got replaced by a dirtier team, Cardiff City.

{Ed001's Note - yeah you will see he goes the wrong way and so could not make a full leap but still got his hand to it.

I am glad to see Cardiff up as I know a few people there and their keeper is related to a friend of mine, but I detest Colin and the way he plays football so I hope they go straight back down.}

11 Aug 2018 19:51:32
Went Keepers side, he even managed to get a hand to it, that's why it looked like he hit it that far into the corner. I don't think anyone likes Colin Ed, apart from Colin himself. Pep will definitely be fuming when his players come up against Cardiff👀.

{Ed001's Note - yep mate, mistake by Pickford imo.

Colin is very well liked in the media, no idea why.}

11 Aug 2018 22:28:58
I thought Steve mc was harsh on pickford on commentary but watching it again it was a Gk mistake. Good free kick still though, some player neves.

11 Aug 2018 22:28:58
I thought Steve mc was harsh on pickford on commentary but watching it again it was a Gk mistake. Good free kick still though, some player neves.

11 Aug 2018 18:27:48
Chong and Gomes both scored last night for the 23s and by all accounts both looked very sharp. The 23s drew 2-2 with Fulham.

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12 Aug 2018 11:11:59
Hopefully being in and around the first team has a positive effect on them. I’m hoping so.
It would be great to see a couple of strong cameos from these two during the season.
Fingers crossed for these two talented lads.

{Ed0333's Note - I like Chong he has something about him. Swag and ability. Look forward to seeing him play more. And I even like his hair!

11 Aug 2018 14:16:25
Yesterday why United played with Red shirt and black shorts (away kit) rather than usual Red and White color home kit?

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11 Aug 2018 14:33:40
Because the home kit has black shorts and not white this season.

11 Aug 2018 14:44:44
I have been addicted to the red and white at Old Trafford. take some time for me to get used to this kit.

11 Aug 2018 15:29:48
I think the way the jersey combines with the shorts is fantastic. I am a big fan of it.

{Ed004's Note - So am I}

11 Aug 2018 16:28:38
Looks better in the game than I expected it to.
It’s a wining strip so far 😁.

11 Aug 2018 16:30:18
The recent kits have been far better than the tripe served up by nike were.

11 Aug 2018 17:39:59
Don't like the stripes on the shoulders. Look cheap and plasticky. Was hoping for better from Adidas, but you're right, still streets ahead of Nike.

11 Aug 2018 20:53:10
Didn't we play a lot with red tops, black shorts and socks in the late 80's early 90's?
Just got this vision in my head of Mark Hughes and Clayton Blackmore wearing it a lot, or maybe it was more when other teams had light/ white shorts. I like it.

11 Aug 2018 22:01:33
Yeah, over the years they have from time to time changes from white shorts/ black socks to black shorts/ white socks. I like the new version. Looks classy.

Supasub, I'm sure there are others who still think about Clayton Blackmore in his shorts too. With those tanned thighs, back when shorts were short!

Is there something you want to share?

12 Aug 2018 00:25:52
Betty you have a lot of detail yourself on clatton😂.

12 Aug 2018 01:28:24
Well there was a poster call "Clayton Blackmore's tan". I actually met a couple of years ago whilst on my way for my hols, nothing more seedy I can share. Apart from having to spend about 10 minutes trying to explain to my son who he was.

12 Aug 2018 08:52:35
Ken, I'm not criticising anyone mate :) How could anyone not admire Clayton Blackmore's tan. I certainly did!
Had hell of a shot on him as well did Clayton. Good utility player in his day.

12 Aug 2018 10:52:28
Sunbed was a class act.

Ps I hate the red socks.

11 Aug 2018 13:07:33
First game of the season and we won an got 3 points.
Some posters have already judged the team.
Wait until the end of the season.
It will take a few more games for the team to get mstch sharp.
The transfer window is shut.
Get behind the team. We forget how lucky we are.
We finished second last season. At times the football was boring.
We all hoped we would sign A, B C etc.
No point in moping, get behind the team and support them.
Who knows what the season will bring.

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11 Aug 2018 12:55:43
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Transfer Window Review

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11 Aug 2018 12:37:56
So, it seems like when Arsenal gave us Sanchez they were genuinely taking the Miki.

{Ed025's Note - nice..

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11 Aug 2018 12:44:40
But he doesn't have flash haircut like pogba or do ridiculous dances like lingard or not smile like tony martial.

Thought that was meant to be a guarantee of good performances. I guess he didn't get the memo.

11 Aug 2018 12:59:05
1. Who said it was a guarantee?
2. When 1997 called demanding their memo line back, I hope you warned them about 9/ 11.

11 Aug 2018 13:12:22
1.) Whenever pogba and martial underperform like sanchez does they come in for huge amounts of stick invariably leading to criticisms of their hair, dress and attitude. Why the double standard for sanchez?

2.) that's a good joke rwwd i also warned them of the Y2K problem lol.

11 Aug 2018 15:04:44
Haha! Cheers.

Where’s the double standard? Sanchez has been copping pelters for his performances. I genuinely don’t understand your point.

11 Aug 2018 17:50:35
1st game of the season chill out.

11 Aug 2018 20:51:24
Sanchez was at the middle of all our brightest moments. If that's him when at 5/ 10 let's just see him go at 9/ 10 10/ 10.

11 Aug 2018 10:58:03
Biggest thing for me this year is having a settled squad.

We didn't know who was going to play from one week to the next last season with Jose regularly chopping and changing.

Yes we will need to rotate on occasion and that's fine but for the majority of games this year we need to give the same players a run of games to gel together,

Bailly and Lindelof have to play as much as possible together and That midfield 3 from last night has the potential to be lethal! Andreas has undoubted quality and I think he will grow in that '6' role this season.

The problem is in that final third. One thing I noticed from last night is when we go to cross the ball into the box there is no one busting a gut to get in there. Really lads? That's where we can be effective from instead of lumping it into 1 man in the box against 6ft+ defenders

We will have much tougher tests but any win builds confidence and if we can go on a run then we can put down a marker for this season.

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11 Aug 2018 14:02:39
I think Andreas will be moved to the right instead of Matta to give some pace. Matic back in the middle.

11 Aug 2018 17:12:52
I think Matic comes back in. Pogba and Fred. I'm not sure Andreas gets too much game time in big games.

We really need rashford or martial to stake a claim for the right wing. Or move sanchez there.

What Jose does have is lots of options.

11 Aug 2018 09:32:40
{Ed's Note - Reid the Red has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Games Preview for 11 August 2018

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11 Aug 2018 09:09:23
A few positives from the game.

Good to see De Gea has his Spain performances behind him, has gone back to being Superman for Man United.

Bailly was fantastic, made some super last ditch defending and really shut them down. We NEED him to stay fit. Our best CB.

Shaw was fantastic, it looks like he's trying to redeem himself; hope his good start continues for a longer period than the last time out.

Pereira had a good game, not over the moon but a decent performance from him.

Fred had a good competitive first game for us. A few mistakes but that we can overlook at this stage.

Pogba was head and shoulders above the others, in my eyes he enjoyed the added responsibility and was trying to transition from midfield to attack. Didn't look unhappy as the media claim him to be.

The front three - Not anything positive to say about them, Rashford was isolated upfront and couldn't to much on his own. Sanchez was playing as if he had a blindfold on. Couldn't pass, run, cross, got everything wrong. Finally Mata - Nice guy but not a winger. No pace at all and completely lacked the final ball on the night. Every time we were able to get him on the counter he chose to pass back to either Fred or Pogba.

All in all a positive first result as it's all about the points from here on. I don't think we'll outplay many teams this season.

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11 Aug 2018 09:40:19
Agree with that mate pogba looked liked he relished the responsibility.

11 Aug 2018 10:18:37
I can only hope things carry on as they are.

11 Aug 2018 11:47:52
Mata's final ball was ok for Shaw and Sanchez made our goal and two of our clearest chances. It's those moments he is in for. Can he do better - yes but if he's making at least one clear cut chance per game (like Lukakus) then I'll be happy.

11 Aug 2018 11:50:06
But Pogba didn't dance after the goal.

11 Aug 2018 13:36:56
I thought Sanchez did ok too.

A few good passes, worked hard, set up a goal.

Can he do better, probably.

Will he do better, probably

All in all a good win.

Defence looked shaky at times, but I think Bailly and Lindelof will make a good pairing.

De Gea made some great saves.

Midfield was ok, Fred played quite well. Andreas looked good and Pogba at times was imperious.

Mata is too slow, Rashford looked tired.

Shaw, man of the match for me. I hope he can carry on last night's form and he reach his true potential. It was good to see him bombing up and down the line.

Overall, happy with the result, although my expectations were quite low.

Their goal was a bit of a calamity though.

Review Of The Day 11th August 2018

11 Aug 2018 08:30:37
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 11th August 2018

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