27 Jun 2018 19:07:05
What a day in football. Where is the football world is going. Germany out at Group stage. we are reading Fellaini signing new deal. what else left to hear?

1.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 00:35:07
Ronnie enquiring about a player over the legal age of consent?

2.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 06:05:47
I am happy Fellaini is staying. I just love his goal celebrations where he tries to point to his shirt number but doesn't know which direction he should face and his hands move totally out of synch. It looks as if someone has had a seizure while celebrating goal.

3.) 28 Jun 2018
28 Jun 2018 09:56:47
Yes, he started 5 games. Seville being one.