09 Sep 2018 09:33:20
Does the signing of alexis sanchez go down as the one of the worst signings since fergie retired?

Its put the noses out of joint of two of our most exciting players, martial and rashford.

Also all of these rumours of pogba (our best player up to that point last season) being unhappy seem to have stemmed from after the january transfer window when sanchez arrived and became our highest paid player.

Also i am sure his signing ate into the budget allocated to signing another forward, a right winger, which made jose mourinho furious with our summer transfer window.

Nothing against sanchez personally, it could have been any player signed to be our third first choice left winger, but martial, rashford, pogba and mourinho seemed much more content before he joined and i don't think its a coincidence.

{Ed002's Note - The problem the club faced in January was an FFP issue related to wages.}

1.) 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 10:32:26
Or maybe Pogba just doesn't want to be at Utd. We were never his preferred choice. You can't blame Alexis for Pogba trying to flick a simple 5 yard pass and loosing the ball. Martial struts around like he owns the place. The only player i feel sorry for and most affected by Alexis arrival is Rashford because he always puts a shift in, whether or not he is good enough is another matter.
I wouldn't be half arsed if Pogba leaves, if he is benched for the entire season or if he plays for the U18s. He obviously isn't very keen on playing to his best for us.

2.) 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 11:53:51
Sanchez is a top quality player, we don’t play very expansive usually so his qualities are stunted somewhat in this style. If we played more attacking his qualities would show more and more. I don’t get the he’s taking a place of Rashford or Martial argument at all, neither of those two gentlemen have taken their opportunities when they’ve been given them, you could argue our style also does not quite suit Rashford or Martial.
My opinion on Pogba is well known, he is overhyped and not that good, I honestly think regardless of system we won’t see this supposed world class player come out. I think myself and a few others have said that Herrera, McTominay give more in this shirt than Pogba ever has and I’d rather see Ander in the lineup ahead of him. Sure he’s a big name but it’s a team game, not all about big names.

3.) 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 12:50:13
I think the signing of Sanchez was popular when it was made he had shown in his time at arsenal he could be a game changer and hopefully he would be a special player for us maybe similar for us as kdb at city or hazard at Chelsea
I can't blame Jose for just how bad his first 6 month have been, there's new tactics and new team mates but in many games that duznt explain being unable to make the simplest of passes.
Lots of people cast their minds back to the first half of the season where rash and martial alternated the left side attacking role and between them were matching goal numbers from the likes of sane and mane in the same position from our rivals . The right hand side just didn't compare tho with others like Salah and Stirling .
The goals then dried up from the left when Sanchez arrived and he played so infield he occupied our left central midfielder pogbas space .
If we were already productive from the left and so far behind on the right and given the fact Sanchez plays so infield anyway then a switch to the right makes sense to me while we wait for him to find form . I'd be surprised if our numbers from the left didn't increase and what's to lose we don't get much from the right anyway .

4.) 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 13:26:32
Our football or tactics have little to do with why sanchez is so bad, sanchez has played nearly 20 or so games for utd now, how many times has he beaten a man while dribbling or even out ran a fb when chasing a ball? we have bought the arsenal version of wayne rooney. He runs around a lot, doesn't have the greatest first touch and has lost the burst of pace that made him the player he was. Only difference is we paid the orignal one 300k, we pay this one 500k. With the added bonus of stunting the growth of our 2 young forwards and helping destablize our 100mn mf.

5.) 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 18:46:40
Rash is a striker so RedRom is in his way, rash hasn’t done in enough to displace him, Martial has an attitude problem that’s why he’s not a player to play ahead of a commuted player, it’s just a myth this stunted growth nonsense, as for pogba, you can’t blame Sanchez for destabilising him, he’s a supposed world class player, fact is Pogba isn’t that good.