12 Jan 2019 21:05:42
What an opportunity West Ham have presented us with as Arsenal continue to look nervously over their shoulder. We can, I believe, win but can we steady our nerves enough to actually do it? A big game just became bigger. Spurs can be fragile, let's let them have it!

1.) 12 Jan 2019
12 Jan 2019 21:34:35
Hopefully Ole installs the ‘it’s only spurs’ attitude that relaxes them and gets them playing freely.

2.) 12 Jan 2019
12 Jan 2019 23:23:12
Agreed Fresh, it's an attitude that must be ingrained in OLE'S DNA.

3.) 13 Jan 2019
13 Jan 2019 09:12:13
Not only would we go level with arsenal but go within 6 of Chelsea and 7 of spurs with a lot of games to play. I don’t see ya winning the game as it’s a tough match but I’m a lot more optimistic and excited than I have been for a big match in a long time.