10 Jul 2018 21:00:21
If we can get performances like that from pogba week in week out, we would make massive strides as a team. Hopefully the penny has dropped and he wants to become what we know he can be, the best midfield player in the world.

{Ed004's Note - The only issue we have is that Pogba is expected to play like that for us defensively and then be expected to dictate our team play and score goals and don't forget assist. I don't think Pogba will ever be fully accepted by the media in England}

1.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 21:13:44
The big part of his game tonight was
No show boating.

2.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 21:40:19
Anyone else hear Martin Keown say 'Lukaku hasn't got what it takes to play in a WC final'?, there were literally 10 other Belgium players on the pitch. Every Belgium game he's commentated on, he managed to say something negative against Lukaku. Reminds of the time he called Sanchez a mercenary 200x on his debut vs Yeovil and slaughtered him for giving the ball away all game, ended up giving him MOTM, can't stand the man!

On Pogba, he was very very impressive again; been consistently brilliant this tournament and i feel you're right Ed004, he'll never be accepted by the media in this country, such a shame.

{Ed004's Note - I've had to listen to friends constantly tell me Pogbas had a poor world cup yet from what I've seen he's probably in contention for team of the tournament. Not even going to get started on the media or I wont stop. The new narrative of Pep or Money is starting to become annoying though}

3.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 21:43:15
It helps having world class players constant movement infront of you and also kante being by your side instead of matic who has the mobility of sloth.

{Ed004's Note - Hopefully Fred can provide a bit more energy beside him. And the likes of Sanchez, Lukaku etc are let of the leash a bit more}

4.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 21:43:42
Also, on Pogba; just remembered the time Souness said his best attribute is his athelticism, not his passing, SUMS. IT. UP🤷‍♂️.

{Ed004's Note - Exactly. He's fighting a losing battle. Especially with the amount of media pundits that blatantly despise United. Doesn't help that Scholes etc like to stick the knife in at every opportunity as well}

5.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 21:46:45
Absolutely completely agree Ed 4. Pogba was a giant tonight. He sacrificed himself for the team, was disciplined and the way he tracked Fellaini into the box was brilliant. I haven't seen him play with so much understanding and maturity before.

I wrote a post the other day where I said Pogba is expected to defend like Kante, pass like Scholes and create like Zidane. It's an impossible task. We want him to be our creative spark but also our defensive rock. It's simply unrealistic, unfair and has shattered his confidence.

In defence of Jose (if there is one) I think he wants more of the Pogba we got tonight. Diligent, disciplined, motivated and hard working. The was a WC semi final and Pogba was prepared to roll his sleeves up for the team in order to achieve his dream. Maybe the problems have arisen when Pogba wants more freedom to express himself in league games yet Jose wants performances like tonight on a weekly basis. I can only imagine Jose eulogising about his performance tonight.

There is no doubt Kante's energy and intensity has helped Pogba and from what I've read I think Fred might just be the key we need bring some balance to the team.

{Ed004's Note - I've just said something similar previously there. Hoping Fred can provide that Kante like energy in midfield beside Pogba. I think our best football has happened when we have had Matic Herrera and Pogba all playing. So hopefully we see a midfield 3 more often this season. I'm not saying Pogba is perfect btw just think the media is overly harsh on him. There'll be no articles on how poor KDB was tonight but if the boots were on the other foot imagine the media reaction if Pogba played like that (for the record think KDB is currently the better player)}

6.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 22:02:04
Seen an article on Sky Sports on 'Peps attitude towards youth', based on Zinchenko, a 21yr old who'd already made 50 first team appearances and was signed for £10m yet Jose, if anything, has given more minutes to our youth players but gets slaughtered. Just depends on who the media 'prefer' to be honest.

{Ed004's Note - Haven't they just sold him? And signed someone who plays in the same position as their break out star Foden? Also think Pep deliberately didn't name a full bench to make a point to the fa when he couldve brought a youngster for the experience}

7.) 10 Jul 2018
10 Jul 2018 22:14:00
Yeah I agree again Ed!

Ironically we've seen at this WC that he is actually capable of doing it all. He just needs to find some consistency and we need to decide exactly how we want to use him!

8.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 00:47:04
I constantly get told how bad pogba is, mainly from lfc fans who just listen to the bitter old scousers on the tv. It’s so frustrating as he’s got loads of talents. But tonight he dug in for the team, if we can get that commitment from him then he can fulfil his potential.

9.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 01:28:19
Much as i do not think martin keown is a top commentator i have to agree with him that lukaku is not a top world class striker, he has all the tools there, but i don't think he has the mental toughness to go to the next level, look at ronaldo, he could have stayed and played to a very good level, but he knew that he could improve and at the time real was that step up he needed;look at lukaku, he's playing to a high standard for sure, but a few have commented in the past he's carrying some extra timber, his ball control could be improved and his positional awareness could be better, so yes you could say i'm being unfair and picky, but if you look again at what ronaldo was like at utd, how he applied himself at madrid mentally and physically, he improved his game unbelievebly, lukaku could do the same but is it in him?

10.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 06:14:12
So you want Lukaku to play like or be Ronaldo or move the club? He did move from Everton to play at the top level or utd doesn't represent that?

He has improved massively in the last 12 months, then how do you want him to apply himself?

He has been applauded for having a will to learn, working hard, if some things don't improve or happen on the pitch it won't be just because of him, that were his ability ends.

Like Ed004 as said, some players will never win as their fighting loosing battle.

11.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 10:22:30
I have to agree with the comments on Pogba, and Fred will definitely give him a chance to play the way he should be playing but we are still missing a Matuidi type player, I think Matuidi was the difference in midfield for France.

12.) 11 Jul 2018
11 Jul 2018 13:31:04
To be fair to Scholes, he knows what's required at United in the middle of the park, Pogba hasn't turned up in a United shirt for me yet, so hopefully the world cup will have whetted his appetite for us this season.