26 May 2021 15:45:45
So Sly are saying that Soumare is close to joining Leicester. I read on here we might be interested in him?

1.) 26 May 2021
26 May 2021 16:30:14
Leicester are better than us at completing deals. They buy well and appear to have a good overall setup.

2.) 26 May 2021
26 May 2021 17:39:09
Deal was agreed a couple of months ago apparently.

3.) 26 May 2021
26 May 2021 18:56:54
Interesting to see if he is an addition to the current squad or if there will be players leaving or if they are just planning for the future. He seems like a HM so might suggest that Ndidi is an option if a club is willing to pay a good price.

4.) 26 May 2021
26 May 2021 19:21:07
Fabrizio Romano says done deal. He’s rarely wrong.

5.) 27 May 2021
26 May 2021 19:56:21
Brad, at Lille Benjamin André often plays as the holding/ defensive midfielder, with Soumare tending to play in a more box to box role. He tends to lean more toward a defensive box to box player.

6.) 27 May 2021
27 May 2021 12:54:31
Shappy, maybe they are looking at him as potential replacement for Tielmans then who is getting interest from a number of clubs including Liverpool.

7.) 27 May 2021
27 May 2021 15:36:14
Brad, that would make more sense.