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16 Nov 2023 15:54:33

What's your opinion on Jean-Clause Blanc as the potential new CEO for the club?


Mad Hatter

{Ed002's Note - I don't know him but he is a businessmen who has an excellent background in sports management. He should be fine.}

1.) 16 Nov 2023 17:04:37
Thanks ED002.

2.) 16 Nov 2023 23:00:27
Surely we can't hire him, he seems actually qualified for the role. Surely that's against company policy? ??.

3.) 17 Nov 2023 07:01:58
Agree Shappy

That and Paul Mitchell will be an improvement.

4.) 17 Nov 2023 09:59:18
Regardless of everyones preferences on the sale if Blanc and Mitchell do come in it will be the most positive move that the club has made in years.
Hopefully it will lead to a change in approach to the transfer market with a cohesive long term approach rather than short termism.
Lets hope the rumours come to fruition.

5.) 17 Nov 2023 12:41:36
The Glazers have been terrible owners, but our performances on the pitch are not about who owns the club, but how it is run.

It doesn't matter if the owners are "football" people or not, in fact its probably better if they aren't. We've seen it many times where owners want to get too involved in the day to day running of the club and that never ends well.

In my eyes a good owner wants the club to be successful on and off the pitch, but they hire the best people, with subject specific knowledge to run the club rather than get involved in every aspect. They should be enablers and not dictators. Give the club what it needs to be successful, and show authority when things aren't working, being decisive.

At Manchester United the owners have made enough funds available for us to be successful. Where the club has failed is the one of the owners wants too much say (Martial is his favourite player, and he pushed for his last contract renewal for example), and this both slows the process and means that someone who doesn't have the footballing knowledge is ultimately at times going against the advice of people who know better. The other area the club has failed is we fell into the same trap that sunk Liverpool in the early 90's. The club has become too much of a boys clubs, cronyism and people holding positions of power not based on experience and proven expertise but due to who they know. It has created a club that is too much of an echo chamber. If you want to be successful you don't surround yourself with hangers on or sycophants. You surround yourself with people who'll challenge you and question your ideas.

Not every idea you have will be a good one, in fact many will be bad. You need people around you who'll point that out, not nod and say "yes boss, great idea".

United have too many people who won't challenge things when they think something isn't right. The proof of that being the case is in the pudding. A decade of repeatedly making the same mistakes. If there was anyone of substance within the club they would challenge a decision to do something that has previously failed rather than sit by meekly and let it happen again.

There is a fine line between hiring people who you can work with and hiring people who will challenge and question things. A lot of that is based on you and your ability to be open to people questioning why a decision has been made, and being open to have a dialog when making decisions. It might ultimately be your responsibility to make a decision, but that doesn't mean others don't have valid points that you might want to consider and factor in. You want to hire confident, critical thinkers with area specific knowledge and experience.

At United we just haven't done that, off the pitch we have tended to hire people we know, regularly promoting from within, moving people up into positions they have no experience of.

I have nothing against Darren Fletcher, he's no doubt a great guy. Yet he is the best example of hiring someone for a role that for ages didn't even have a job title, and is a role that no one could quite define. While obviously Fletcher himself could have no experience or expert knowledge for a role that just didn't really exist.

I mean what was he hired for? What was he there to do? And what qualified him to be there doing that role?

I don't mind hiring ex-players for some roles at the club, but it has to be on a basis of them earning it by being the best candidate for the role. Edwin van der Sar for example went away and studied, got the qualifications needed after retiring from playing. Started off in a junior role and had to prove himself to work up at Ajax. If we were to hire him I would hope it was based on what he has done off the pitch and not because he once played for us. But at least he has done the job and proven he is capable, we tend to hire people connected with the club for roles they have never done before.

When we get told we are amateurish, this is what it is referring to. A consistent approach to bring in the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Then for some reason be surprised that it doesn't work out. So continue to do the same thing over and over again rather then question the ability of the friends we employed to make those decisions.

SJR is a self made billionaire, he has done so entirely because he doesn't surround himself with sycophants. He hires the best people and builds good, healthy working relationships with them. He wouldn't be able to be where he is today if he didn't. Everyone who knows him speaks highly of him because he's highly competent and he's personable. Able to build those good relationships and get the best out of those around him. That in itself draws the best people to him, they respect him and want to work with him.

He looks to be trying to use that same approach that has made him the success he is to our club. If he can do that then I am confident he will make a success of our club.

It all sounds promising, JCB likely to come in at CEO. A man who has held that position at Juventus and PSG and performed with distinction at both clubs. No doubt he'll shake thing up at the club and clear out those who aren't helping to progress the club. He will be a massive upgrade on Richard Arnold who proved how out of depth he was by meeting fans in the pub. It's actions like this that give credence to the rumours of his lack of professionalism. He has made a career out of being Ed Woodward's understudy. He was in no way qualified to be running the club.

While the links to Paul Mitchell also sound promising. Again hiring someone who doesn't have a connection with the club, but has proven his ability at other clubs.

These two appointments will only be the start, and what happens next will be impossible to accurately predict because until these new guys come in, assess the situation and decide what (and who) needs to change then we won't see those changes. Assessing then implementing will take months, maybe a year. While it won't be until those changes have been full implemented and refined and done over a period of time will we be able to fully see the results of that. It'll be years before we can appreciate the changes. But they are coming and they are starting now.

Finally something to truly look forward to, some real hope.

6.) 17 Nov 2023 14:37:38
We've kept replacing managers but not the execs or the players they bought.

7.) 17 Nov 2023 14:45:51
I don't know how these guys will pan out but it's been a long time since I truly felt there was anything other than blind hope that the stars aligned and it would all come good.

Getting in top level execs who are competent is a very good place to start.

8.) 17 Nov 2023 15:02:10
So you rely on journalist when it suits, like martial is Glazers favourite player and they wanted to overpay him millions only way to know that would be if they actually told you which I doubt
You know how SJR conducts business and made his millions too and what calibre of people he surrounds himself with again you’re listening to journalist, the same journalist you say talk rubbish and are lazy all the time! But you listen when it backs up your view unless he shared that information personally with you
Your making all this up as per usual and trying to pass it off as factual when in reality it’s just your view yet again and to be fair you jump on every band wagon for past 10 years and ride it out till it goes pear shape and abuse everyone else when they jump ship before you only for you to eventually jump ship and back track anyway.

9.) 17 Nov 2023 18:26:41
Rangersred, It's been said by ex-managers that Joel Glazer refused to sanction selling Martial. There are direct quotes. Could be a lie of course, but at least there is something tangible. Someone has put there name to it.

Either way someone at the club agreed to give him a new deal in 2019 after Jose wanted him gone, and Ole had come in and didn't want him either.

The point I'm making is that people are making bad decisions at the club not based on football knowledge or understanding.

I don't bother commenting on anything in the media that doesn't have a direct quote. If no one is willing to put their name and reputation on it, then its most likely b*****ks. Whenever you read "reports" or "someone close to" or "sources" then assume that its simply rubbish. It's just a way for the media to write something made up while attempting to give it some level of authority.

Even the things that are quoted you should still be sceptical and critically analyse it. Who is saying it, did they actually say it, has it been taken out of context, why are they saying it, is there an agenda or motive.

The problem is we have a tendency to lean into confirmation bias. We already have an opinion on something, so what we are looking for is proof we are right rather than gathering information to make an informed decision. We all tend to be guilt of that to varying degrees. What separates people though are the ones who acknowledge their own biases and factor that in when making decisions and forming opinions, from those who don't. The one that do tend to be the actual confident ones, the one who can accept being wrong or openly change their mind without concern of how it will make them look. The one's who ego isn't so fragile they can accepting they were wrong or misinformed.

As for who SJR surrounds himself with, no I do not know them personally. I also cannot personally vouch for their competence.

However, my point was about that how successful you are is directly correlated to who you spend time with and who is in your inner circle. That's a well known and proven fact with hundreds of articles of academic literature to support that.

if you read what I wrote with an open mind rather than with an attempt to find fault then you'd have spotted that I said:

"He wouldn't be able to be where he is today if he didn't. "

highlighting that in order for him to go from regular Joe to billionaire, that to do so he would HAVE to surround himself with the right people and hire the best. Simple you can't go from nothing to billionaire by hiring the wrong people and surrounding yourself with sycophants. It's just not possible.

So no I don't need to know these people personally or get the words right from the horses mouth. Somethings are just common sense based on the evidence before you.

I've never said what I write is anything other than my opinion. If you don't have the comprehension or intellect to read accurately what is written, rather than what you want to see or expect to. Well that's on you and there's not a lot I can do about that.

I do support managers and players when they join the club, even if I'm not personally convinced they are the right person when they join. I do that because I consider that THE fundamental aspect of being a supporter of the club. You can't be a supporter without showing support.

So I do until it gets to the point where its clear and obvious that the situation is no longer recoverable and a parting of the ways is inevitable.

I'd argue that I don't abuse anyone, I'll have a little banter, but I appreciate and respect the editors on here and anything that crosses over to being abusive will not make it through to the pages. Although I appreciate that we have some posters with a delicate disposition who can't handle people disagreeing with them, saying they are wrong, or light hearted banter. To those people I'd imagine they consider anything other than total agreement lavished with praise and compliments to be abusive towards them.

Of course not everything that makes you angry, upset, sad, feel stupid or hurt is abuse.

The abusive posters simply get banned. Their abuse doesn't get posted but their account gets blocked. Forcing them to have to create new account after new account to enable them to keep posting.

I've had the same account for more than 15 years, which tells you something. I was banned once for a week, about 10 years ago, for something I said which was called out as ignorant. On reflection it was, I apologised, learned from it, grew up and got on with my life. Which seemed the my progressive approach rather than create a new account and refuse to anything.

10.) 18 Nov 2023 19:06:25
It’s been also said my ex managers and ex players and pundits that ETH is out of his depth, but you ignoring them ones but taking note of the ones that say something you like! Normal service resumed….

11.) 18 Nov 2023 22:03:29
Ex players and ex managers who are removed from the situation and actually have no idea what is going on. Or the ones who are being paid to say things that can be clipped up and put into print?

I'd imagine if you gave your noggin a wobble it'd rattle?.

12.) 19 Nov 2023 02:48:47
Stalker alert Shappy, it’s so embarrassing.

13.) 19 Nov 2023 07:57:08
Rangersred is entitled to his opinion is he not? After all it’s a discussion forum! Bit of digression beats the same boring monopoly…….

14.) 19 Nov 2023 11:17:24

Opinion is fine, trolling as different usernames, getting blocked then doing the exact same thing again isn’t fine. Do you actually think all of the negative stuff and nothing positive is his opinion or the opinion of a troll just trying to get a reaction from Shappy (that he never gets)



12 Mar 2023 12:18:57

Are Utd in Carlos Baleba?


Mad Hatter

{Ed002's Note - Carlos Baleba (CM) Scouted by Arsenl and Newcastle - but I cannot see how he would be eligible for a work permit in England unless paying Lille and the player well over the odds.}

1.) 13 Mar 2023 09:26:40
I think it would take time for him to make a Baleba out of me tbh ?.

{Ed077's Note - maybe a bit of pain and you'll become one quicker?

2.) 14 Mar 2023 17:52:47
Then you saw his face WRD. Now your a beleba ?.

3.) 14 Mar 2023 20:31:25

I resisted posting something similar, but I didn't want to be accused of monkeying around.

4.) 15 Mar 2023 15:12:13
Wow, didn't realise we had so many silver surfers on here. I'm probably the youngest person who'll get that reference and I'm in my mid thirties ?.



21 Oct 2022 09:48:36
I can't help but laugh at the latest rumour today, Van Der Sar as the new DoF.

Must be a slow day today at. the office.

Mad Hatter

1.) 21 Oct 2022 12:01:51
It's coming from a source close to Ajax which kind of suggests that there is something in it.

As it makes zero sense for a source with connections at Ajax to make stuff up that could negatively impact the club as it could burn bridges.

2.) 21 Oct 2022 12:28:47
Be great if true.

3.) 21 Oct 2022 13:07:49

Agreed, it would be great if it was true. But I'm not sure would be to E. VdS liking. He is a CEO now.

As ED002 has already said numerous times, Utd already has a DOF.

4.) 21 Oct 2022 17:35:15
I would not be surprised to see VDS to take up a senior position at Utd, however I would be surprised if it wasn't something linked to his skillset thus far which was in marketing/ commercial director and then CEO of I remember correctly.

The football dorector side of it with that trio at Ajax was Overmars who was caught sending rudie nudies or something.

5.) 21 Oct 2022 18:00:13
We're like a dog chasing random cars. Murtagh is our Football Director, Fletcher is our Technical Director so why not muddy the waters even more with a Director Of Football even if that is what Murtagh is doing.

6.) 21 Oct 2022 20:42:06
He's done a good job at ajax and he's better than what we currently have. This could be a great move by the club. Oakbark nothing to do with him what overmars did, if someone in your workplace did that would it reflect on you?

7.) 21 Oct 2022 21:50:58
I'm neither for or against the hiring of VDS.

If he joins then I have two hopes.

Firstly that he has been hired within a clear plan for what his role will be, what powers come with that role, and how his work will be measured as either a success or a failure.

Secondly, that he is being hired based on a body of work he has achieved that direct translates to what we will be asking of him at United. Rather than my fear that he is being considered for a job because of his past connections with the club and as an attempt to appease a disgruntled fanbase.

8.) 22 Oct 2022 19:32:40
Danny at no point have I mentioned what Overmars did has anything to do with VdS just as it has nothing to do with Ten Hag or should have any bearing whatsoever on them.

However the original poster suggested VdS being DoF. My point was that he was never in a position of sporting technical or footballing director, Overmars handled that.

VDS was Mareketing director then moved to CEO. I could so no sense in bringing VDS in for a job he isn't trained, experienced or qualified to do.

9.) 23 Oct 2022 09:32:49
I've no idea if there is any substance to the rumour oakbark.
But of course he has the experience training and qualifications to do the job.
What do you think a ceo does?
Those rolls will have retorted in to him so he knows the rules intimately.
He if anything is over qualified. There are plenty of ceo's of smaller companies that move to roles beneath ceo's in much bigger companies in order to move to the ceo of bigger companies overtime.
That's natural career progression.
Think bigger picture from vds's point of view.

10.) 23 Oct 2022 11:13:45
To be honest I would not have thought VdS would be returning into a Football role anyway. I could see him appointed to another position in assisting the running of the club. This I would be more than happy with.

I posted here two years ago that I would wish for VdS Overmars and ETH to come as Ceao DOF and Manager. Obviously whatever happened with Overmars stopped that as a possibility.

VdS seems to have done an excellent job as CEO and I would be more than happy for him to come in that role or a role on that side if the buisness. I just don't think he's the man who should be running the footballing side right now and In truth I don't think United would be considering that.

11.) 23 Oct 2022 15:51:59
Never posted before, but what is it, that people on here always think someone else is better! Think we just seen that in politics it’s not always so

I have no idea if VDS could cut it in a proper league, it’s a bit different from being at Erdevisie level, maybe he could maybe he be useless, but what grounds do you base your theory even on that he would be great, it’s like picking random players out a hat (that’s al done daily on here) and saying we should buy him he is better then. XYZ…. See the latest is Toney, well maybe Ten Haag don’t want that sort of player and he would prefer a small fast moving player such as Jaeo Felix…. Picking Random names just guessing they would be better then what we have is just stupidity! Be it players/ CEO’s DOF’s or canteen staff, it’s a childish way and some need to get a life and live in real world.

12.) 26 Oct 2022 07:28:43
Mumbles, maybe they are positioning themselves to move Fletcher or Murtough?

Coupled with the rumours about Edwards, they look to be making moves. Very positive IMO as Fletch and Murtough are not up to it.

13.) 26 Oct 2022 23:54:52
Has anybody worked out what Fletch actually does yet? Mot sure he even needs replacing.



24 May 2022 11:09:22

Are Utd still Interested in Max Aarons?

Mad Hatter

{Ed002's Note - Max Aarons (RB) Bayern Munich decided against a move as the cost was seen as too high and Roma opted for another last summer although could yet return. Relegation will see him leave this summer. A scout from Borussia Dortmund attended a match in March to watch another player and recommended the club look specifically at Aarons. Manchester United want him as cover only and that may well price him out of a move at something like £30M. Spurs have other targets after the player they opted for failed to settle. Whilst Everton and Arsenal are looking elsewhere right now, both could return to focus on Aarons. Roma may provide a wildcard option.}

1.) 24 May 2022 17:34:29
Hi ed002 or ed001, what do you think will be the better/ smarter choice for RB cover spending 30M for Max Aarons or promoting Ethan Laird from the U23s? Whilst Laird is unproven in the Premier league I also haven't watched any Norwitch games this season so I have little knowledge about both players ability. Thanks in advanced.

{Ed001's Note - Laird as at least he has a chance of becoming good enough.}

2.) 24 May 2022 19:05:53
I know Norwich fans have been really disappointed with him this year especially since Smith has taken over.

3.) 25 May 2022 02:12:50
Thanks ED002,



17 Feb 2022 14:08:55

Are the club looking at Ramon Planes as an assistant DOF?

Mad Hatter

{Ed002's Note - No.}

1.) 17 Feb 2022 15:03:32
Thanks ED002.

2.) 18 Feb 2022 06:43:06
I heard the Glazers are looking to hire the fairly transparent Win Doh Panes as the new assistant DoF.

{Ed0666's Note - don’t give up your day job mate.

3.) 18 Feb 2022 06:43:16
I heard the Glazers are looking to hire the fairly transparent Win Doh Panes as the new assistant DoF.

4.) 18 Feb 2022 08:19:07
Heard Claudia Whether top of the agenda today.




Mad Hatter's banter posts with other poster's replies to Mad Hatter's banter posts


05 Nov 2023 12:35:59
Hi ED002,

Have Utd shown any interest in Sacha Boey?


Mad Hatter

{Ed002's Note - Sacha Boey (RB) Chelsea opted for another but Arsenal remain keen. Burnley had an approach rejected. Spurs are still looking for a RB and Interest from other clubs is likely. Manchester United have him as an option on their list of RB targets. Atletico opted for Azpilicuetaas because of his versatility and as cover for Molina.}

1.) 05 Nov 2023 15:15:06
Thanks ED002,



21 Oct 2023 16:05:36
RIP Sir Bobby.

Mad Hatter



18 Sep 2023 18:37:02
The head of medical services, Gary O'Driscoll that Utd signed from Arsenal this summer is going to busy.

Hopefully he can work his magic and long term the Utd players become far less injury prone.

Mad Hatter

1.) 18 Sep 2023 19:21:13
We’re feeling the harsh effects of playing more club games than any side in Europe last season, a World Cup in the middle, followed by a badly planned pre-season. Another amateur decision stacking the odds against on the pitch success.

2.) 18 Sep 2023 19:36:00
A. W. B. is now going to be out for some time as well. It seems he picked up an injury during his 5 minute appearance on Saturday.

3.) 18 Sep 2023 21:52:12
With our injury list we need an exorcist not a doctor ??.

4.) 19 Sep 2023 06:28:18
Well we have had 5 games rest. so not sure its over working them. i'm surprised Onana hasn't put his back out lifting the ball out the net so often.



21 Aug 2023 12:39:30
Given how poor Anthony has been, how about giving Pellistri a start.

The club needs to break the tradition of rewarding mediocrity. Maguire was dropped last season, so why not other underperforming players.

Whilst he might still be a raw talent, I'd like to see Hannibal get game time. His energy would certainly be welcome in midfield. We can't turn to Ericsoon as he hasn't got the pace or energy to change a game.

Mad Hatter

1.) 21 Aug 2023 14:01:36
100% agree MH. The signing of Malacia lit a fire under Shaw. Players knowing that if they work hard they'll get a chance in the team is a great way to build competition in the squad.

2.) 21 Aug 2023 14:46:56
Can only be one reason that Antony keeps getting picked even when he has been mediocre - ETH is adamant and cannot accept his mistake. The way things are and how ETH keeps alienating players, i can see Maguire outlasting ETH at the club.

3.) 21 Aug 2023 15:03:30
You are the same guy who accused me off having an sgenda with antony. What happened ypu met jesus in your sleep.

4.) 21 Aug 2023 15:17:53
Now Greenwood is not returning, I suspect we will go for a new forward who plays on the right.

5.) 21 Aug 2023 15:44:18
I don't just keep slagging one single player which you do Ahmad. You just slag Antony off because his name isn't Mohd Kudus. He has underperformed 2 games and i have said it how i see it. Who do you meet in your sleep? I get that you didn't understand my post, i was actually having a go at ETH rather than Antony.

6.) 21 Aug 2023 16:07:49
No UA you just slag off the manager and now think he will be sacked because we lost a match.

7.) 21 Aug 2023 16:53:36
Heyyyy look whos back. yes GTS, that's one of rights of being a supporter of the club. I enjoy slagging ETH.

8.) 21 Aug 2023 16:57:10
I'd like to see Pellistri given a run of starts. He always looks bright and has a go at players. That's what OT like to see, wingers running at players. We don't do it enough. Rashford and Anthony forever cut inside into traffic. Pellistri is the only player we have who gets round defenders into a position to cross the ball.

9.) 21 Aug 2023 16:58:37

Antony is bad buy period and plenty of big clubs get it wrong. ETH is a great manger imo. Might take time to convince people but I am convinced.

we deffer on our opinion of the manager, plenty of players during fergies time did not pan out but that did not make him a bad manager. glass half full half empty i guess. I am in the half full brigade.

10.) 21 Aug 2023 19:20:51
When does Amad come back? Him and Pellistri ought to be sharing the right wing spot as Antony learns that he has a right foot.

11.) 21 Aug 2023 21:27:50
There have been a lot of calls for Garnacho to start, turns out he wasnt ready and was best playing against tired legs.

Now its Pellestri instead of Antony and i rather fancy Antony is picked because Pellestri will also turn out not to be ready and is best coming off the bench against tired legs.

12.) 21 Aug 2023 23:56:44

Pellistri definitely not the answer. we need to buy to fix the right hand side. I was interested to see how amad does and remains to be seen if he can hack it. antony can't imo and neither can pellistri.

13.) 22 Aug 2023 11:02:10
Your argument makes sense Oak, bring on a tricky player like Garnacho/ Pellistri to exploit tiredness in FB legs. But Antony is doing nothing to tire anyone's legs, and 80 minutes is way too long for an ineffective player like Antony to waste. Only giving Pellistri 10 minutes in games isn't enough.



20 Aug 2023 09:40:45
Yesterday was shocking. A completely poor performance. The club desperately need to sign another 2-3 players. Unfortunately that is very unlikely to happen.

The team played as though they hadn't played together before. Spurs played well. Bissouma and Sarr and Odugie were excellent in midfield.

I've never been a Mount fan, but at least he put some effort in yesterday, more so the second half. I'm still not convinced he is the MF the club really need.

Anthony disappoints week in, week out. Ajax well and truly pulled Utds pants down. That deal is almost the equivalent of the Maquire deal.

I stand by what I've said before Utd will regret turning down the McTominay West Ham bid.

Mad Hatter

1.) 20 Aug 2023 10:43:15
Mad Hatter

To be brutal. Looks to me like one of two things, ETH doesn’t have full control of the purchases or he doesn’t understand what we need. I posted twice but for some reason has been put on Discussions page.

We can’t afford to fall behind, our business should have been focused and not left unfinished as it is now.

2.) 20 Aug 2023 10:57:52
We needed to get rid of Henderson, Maguire, Bailly, Williams, VDB, McTominay, Martial and maybe even Antony. Get as much money as possible, add Evans for the season, and then fund a quality CM and CF, CB too ideally but money wise unlikely so maybe January with a new owner would have worked.

Rashford and Garnacho needed to rotate on the left, Rashord can never play as a CF. Sancho/ Pellistri to rotate on the right with Hojlund and an experienced CF rotating up top.

This would have given us a chance to compete and actually score goals. Some of the players we have are just too weak mentally or just not good enough.

3.) 20 Aug 2023 11:22:16
I would be delighted if we moved dvb, Williams and Maguire.

Unfortunately Maguire looks like he is staying and will refuse to go unless a top team comes in for him, not happening and he gets what he wants financially, not happening.

No comment on Antony and tbh don't understand why Mc has fallen out of favor with the manger to this extend and i suspect something going on behind the scenes. He is no Pirlo but he is not a mug either. In games like yesterday when you need some physicality in the middle of the pitch he gives you that and capable of scoring the odd goal too.

This line up is paramount to throwing cas under the bus imo and unfair. He is great when you have someone next to him to defends and sticks a foot in.

4.) 20 Aug 2023 12:03:56
We just looked tired. No energy. And I keep going on about it but we need a proper midfield warrior.

5.) 20 Aug 2023 12:10:25
no leaders in the squad and hasn't been for years. Brunos toys out the pram routine isn't passion its petulence which should be punched out of him in the dresssing room 18 months ago. Mount playing a position he isn't used to and isn't particularly adept in, Garnacho starting when he isn't up to it. Rashford going through one of his can't be arsed periods and Antony being on the pitch when no other top 8 team would touch him with a bargepole is adding up to be a worrying start to a season.

6.) 20 Aug 2023 14:43:58
With what we have now away from home for me it’s got to be Casemiro plus 1 with Bruno in the 10
Rashford left mount right hoijland up top! That to me gives you everything to shut up shop but also be creative! Mount was arguably Chelsea best player for two seasons playing with right side or 10 and offers far far more than any other side player we have, defensively definitely!

7.) 20 Aug 2023 14:48:08
Spot on BFBW. We played better yesterday than we did against Wolves, we were just abysmal in the final 3rd. Garnacho and Anthony got into dangerous positions many times but did nothing of worth. If City get into those positions we did in the first half they're 3 or 4 up.

Brunos worst game by a mile compounded by that sitter he missed. Can't let chances like that go and expect anything out of the game.

Watching a fair bit of football over the last couple of weeks, we are by far the laziest team in the league. There is no intensity and that's very worrying. If we can't compete physically with teams in this league we will struggle.

Ten Hag needs to start dropping players who play bad. Let the fringe players know that if you work hard enough you'll get a chance. Anthony is just a nothing player. Pellestri should get a chance from the start next week. Garnacho back to the bench also.

Something needs to be tweaked because it's not right.

8.) 20 Aug 2023 15:20:43
I think we need a right sided attacking mid. The left side is easy to manage and Rashford is a natural first choice and being wasted playing a cf to get garnacho in the line up. Maybe garnacho is better as an impact sub.

Liverpool imo have the best wing play in the league with Diaz and salah and they score so many goals individually or creating for each other or other players.

our wingers don't create much for anyone and they are hit or miss and mostly miss if you look at their goals and assists, rash being the exception.

Don't know liverpool stats but pretty sure salah has high number of assists and Diaz who missed most of last year would do the same this year. They are just a lot more composed in the final 3rd compared to our guys who look so rushed and only one plan and give the ball away so many times.

I hope we bring a right sided Acm and a DCM and time to drop some guys and make a change. The current setup is not yielding results or even good football.

{Ed002's Note - Like Mason Mount?}

9.) 20 Aug 2023 15:26:26
Two things- Rashford isn't a striker and if EtH cannot see that, then he is plain stupid. Rashford now has his mega million contract so he is back to his usual "dont give a f***" attitude.

EtH isn't the second coming as some made him out to be. He couldn't see the most basic things after Wolves and started the same team. How? Why wait 70 min before making subs when it isn't working? He is an idiot and an adamant one at that. He has been backed and if he still performa worse than Ole then you know he is not good enough. He was lucky last season that Chelsea and Liverpool imploded last season. This season he will be schooled by the likes of Villa, Newcastle and co. Games against Brighton, City, liverpool and chelsea will be like free hits for us. Expected to lose.

10.) 20 Aug 2023 15:41:13

LOl its not the start he wanted or any off us.

11.) 20 Aug 2023 16:07:48
Mumbles - This time last season the manager got the players to run 13km in training after the calamity at Brentford.

Why 12 months later are we complaining about a lack of effort and intensity from our players again?

Why can’t any Man Utd manager since SAF seem to get the players to do the most basic requirements of a professional footballer to run and work hard on a consistent basis?

12.) 20 Aug 2023 16:25:02
Good question DLIB. If we're being hyper critical, we havnt played well consistently since before the League Cup final win. We gave the team the benefit of the doubt because we were in 4 competitions and we picked up some injuries. There is no excuse now for the lack of intensity.

Ten Hag talked in pre season about wanting to be the best transition team in the world. I'm no tactician, but that implies you work hard to win the ball back and break with pace, none of which is evident from those first two games.

Rashford was at a training camp in America. Bruno had a mini pre season with a few different pros. Sancho got to work early so did Mount. How they all look leggy at 2 games in is unacceptable.

13.) 20 Aug 2023 18:14:40
Genuinely believe a proper number 9 will do this team the world of good!

14.) 20 Aug 2023 19:16:06
Let's hope so Chris.

15.) 20 Aug 2023 20:07:39
Sounds pathetic saying it but a number 9 who works hard, has great movement, can play with his back to goal, keeps the ball at the right end of the pitch, all basic things but things we don’t currently have!

16.) 20 Aug 2023 20:23:51
We need a finisher. someone like Greenwood. but the idiots are to get their day it seems. The media have brought out the idiot brigade to generate clickbait off the back of United. Well done if you caught hook line and sinker ?
Now ensure a season of mediocrity, or maybe Rasmus is the key, time will tell.

17.) 20 Aug 2023 20:53:01

I’m not sure people that don’t want someone they have heard trying to rape a young girl in their team are ‘idiots’, they just have a different opinion to you.

18.) 20 Aug 2023 21:26:00
Jimbo, I'd rather be an idiot with morals than a genius with none.




Mad Hatter's rumour replies


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16 Nov 2023 17:04:37
Thanks ED002.

Mad Hatter



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01 Sep 2023 07:22:24
Maybe the club shouldn't have turned down West Hams bid for McTominay.

Mad Hatter



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25 Aug 2023 12:28:54
I'd give Fernandez a chance. However givne our current form, it is highly likely Dalot will move to lb.

Mad Hatter



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13 Aug 2023 11:24:16
Is tell him that the won't be selected in the squad this season. Then he will have to train with the reserves.

Mad Hatter



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07 Aug 2023 19:54:31
Bang on ED002,

A reported £60 million bid has been made for SM and HM.

Thanks for all the support that you and the all the EDs provide.

Mad Hatter




Mad Hatter's banter replies


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27 Nov 2023 07:09:16
I'm sure it was a season long loan deal.

Mad Hatter



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19 Nov 2023 09:16:26
Maybe he was playing for a new contract?

He has only had one good season in the last 4-5 years.

Mad Hatter



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18 Nov 2023 18:09:13

RR is a respected DOF. By appointing him as an interim manager, it allowed him to further analsye the whole football side do the club, prior to his consultantcy role. It made perfect sense.

RR called the club out for not having players like Nkunku etc on their scouting reports. You must remember his open heart surgery speech etc, or did you ignore his press conferences during his tenure as he was open and honest.

Are you a Glazer in disguise?

Mad Hatter



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18 Nov 2023 10:35:53

I agree with your original post.


SAF knew how to manage players but not how to run a football club. They are two completely different things.

When he left, behind the scenes the club was all over the place. That wasn't SAF fault, that was the club's fault.

RR is a top notch DOF. My feeling is that he was brought into manage the club as part of the original overhauling process, to fully access the football side of the club, prior to him moving into his consultantcy role to allow him to get a better understanding of the club, which made perfect sense.

Around the January transfer window the club didn't buy and players RR suggested. The players knew he wasnt going to be the manager at the end of the season and gave up. Prior to this UTD had the best run in the PL from when RR took over.

Shortly after the close of the January transfer window, RR starting to become more vocal about the club's predicament and subsequently the club were far from pleased with this and we're happy to jettison RR and continue with their policy of burying their heads in the ground.

Fast forward 18 months and the club has SJR purchasing a 25% stake in the club. Along with appointing a new CEO and a DOF/ Sporting Director the club might actually be taking a huge step in the right direction.

Now is the time to focus on the future and not the past. SAF is the past, Woodward and now Arnold are the past. It is dangerous to focus on the past unless it is for the benefit of learning from previous mistakes.

Mad Hatter



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09 Nov 2023 13:15:33

It looked good, but Copenhagen didn't really press until Rashford got sent off.

Mad Hatter