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25 Feb 2021 12:08:27
I see Wikipedia already have Jules Kounde listed as a United player, assume this is someone jumping the gun somewhat and there isn't already an agreement in place with Sevilla for his signing.

{Ed002's Note - Of course not. It is simply rubbish from one of the knuckle-dragging morons who support Manchester United.}

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26 Feb 2021 12:27:01
Cheers Ed, thought as much, this is what happens when Wiki permit anyone and everyone to update the records.

{Ed077's Note - the fact you even had to ask on here is quite confusing to me. And you even seem to know how Wiki can easily be modified/edited by any Tom, Dick and Harry.}

21 Feb 2021 13:35:29
Any chance of ending Jesse's loan early, clearly the best player in the world at the moment, needs to come back where he belongs.

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21 Feb 2021 16:30:35
Jesse is a good player, always has been. The issue is that he isn't quite good enough for a side expected to challenge for titles. Great squad player for a title challenging side, but not a starter.

He is clearly a confidence player, he was struggling toward the end of Jose's time and never really did it under Ole. Clearly doesn't have the managers trust. At West Ham he looks to have found his feet quickly and is trusted by the manager, and that is paying dividends.

21 Feb 2021 17:36:01
Are we a side challenging for titles, cause at the moment we are only a point ahead of the team he is on loan with. Imagine we lost out on a CL place because of Messi Lingard's form.

24 Feb 2021 19:31:51
Always liked Jessie, much better option that a number of our squad players, just isn't fancied by Ole.

Maybe when the club see sense and get a proper manager in, that might change and Jessie is given a second chance.

{Ed077's Note - not good enough if you ask me.}

25 Feb 2021 19:45:43
angel, It's the same Jessie who went for an year and a half without scoring or assisting. I think he has found his level.

I'm happy with his replacement aka BRUNO.

21 Feb 2021 00:47:58
Lovely to look at the Liverpool banter site. They are so bitter its unreal. They have had all their best centrebacks out and its derailed their season and Klopps attempt to put two midfielders out of position has failed. So the fans should perhaps have a go at him bit instead everyone else is the problem. Its great. Seems they have reallt fallen off their perch.

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21 Feb 2021 02:19:51
I'm not sure what else Klopp is supposed to do though? Considering the injury crisis he has had to manage his squad as best as he can. Can you imagine if Bruno was out for a good portion of the season. How bad would Ole struggle.

21 Feb 2021 03:32:43
But it was the refs fault, they are fixing games, it’s so obvious, it will come out in years to come that these refs are fixing games 😂😂 it’s hilarious, I can’t sleep and just went to have a look what’s going on over there. Enjoyed Stand winding them up as well and calling them out on some of their nonsense. Excuse after excuse after excuse, too cold, too windy, just hilarious.

{Ed0666's Note - you know you love reading our page don’t have to make excuses to have a gander. We love one and all even when their wallys like Stand. The referee was handed £20 by Carlo in the players lounge at the end of the game. Just sayin

21 Feb 2021 11:05:43
I'll be honest and say that I am enjoying Liverpool's struggles this year somewhat.

I love how 6 months ago we were being told this is the greatest Liverpool side ever, possibly the greatest EPL side ever and that last seasons win would go down as the greatest season ever etc etc.

Now this season we are being treated to the worst title defence ever. If the teams below them win their games in hand Liverpool could find themselves 9th.

Personally while Liverpool have had a lot of injuries I think that is a little bit of a mis-direction to blame them entirely on Liverpool's form this season.
Firstly all teams have had injuries. Secondly, for the most part they have been able to play their first choice keeper, their first choice full backs, their first choice front three and at least 2 of their first choice midfielders in most games this season.

That means 8 of the supposed greatest ever EPL side playing in most games. While its easy to blame the injuries in defence, they had TAA, Gomez, VvD and Robertson along with Fabinho and Gini in midfield the day they lost 7-2 to Villa.

While the injuries have definitely impacted them, personally I think the two biggest issues they have had is that they don't look as hungry this season as they did last. Mane, Firmino and Salah have played most games, yet it is Jota who looked the most likely to score for them until he got injured. While the number of presses, high intensity sprints and tackles are all well down on last years.
Liverpool's problem hasn't really been defence, it has been that they haven't kept the ball in the opposition half as much this season as last. Klopp playing their best midfielders in defence has meant that the centre of the pitch is wide open encouraging teams to attack through the centre and inviting pressure on make shift defenders.

Liverpool are struggling due to a shift in mentality and poor tactical decisions being made by their manager.

Yet that doesn't fit the narrative, so we get told they are struggling because of the injuries or because VAR is out to get Liverpool this season.

21 Feb 2021 11:42:26
And the wind Shappy, don’t forget the wind.

24 Feb 2021 12:10:55
Maybe Klopp and fans can stop whining and have played the x2 CBs Phillips and Williams they had all season another play CMs there, Ben Davies must have thought what was the point and that jobber from Schalke clearly a poor buy.
Stop whining and crack on, injuries happen to all teams, not all teams are the worst defending champs of all time tho I suppose.

20 Feb 2021 10:15:51
Good morning everyone.
Matteo Tognozzi looks like the latest name to be linked with us re: DoF role. Anyone know whether there is anything in these rumours?

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21 Feb 2021 11:12:25
He seems to fit the bill of what the club seem to be looking for. I don't think the club really want a proper DoF, they don't want one person to have all that power and sway. They seem to be looking for a someone who is more a head of recruitment and staff, someone who'll work closely with the manager of the first team and the academy to chart and plan what sort of players we should be looking to bring in. Someone with connections who can smooth the purchase process and move players on.

The club has really struggled with signing the right players and for fair fees, while player retainment and the moving on of players has been appalling. How we have handled the Pogba situation, the new contracts we have handed out etc.

From what I can find out Tognozzi might be a good option for that sort of role. Another might be Paul Mitchell if he can be persuaded.

17 Feb 2021 20:01:11
What is the best result for United in the Everton v City game. City win and the league is probably over, Everton win and the race of CL hots up, but the league is still alive.

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18 Feb 2021 16:12:25

The league challenge has been over for a couple of weeks. 2nd will be best we can get.

17 Feb 2021 12:24:46
I would suggest that the team does not compete in the league because we do not compete enough on the field. Ypou can see most teams do not fear us because of this. We do not tackle enough or win fifty fifty balls. If this is the mentality in the team we will not win anything. We need some strong physical players who can win the ball and start attacks. I think this is the main problem.

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17 Feb 2021 14:57:19
MOTZ1 we need more than just that. Adding someone younger who can offer what Matic does at his best would be great. Both Fred/ McTom are great with their non-stop energy but can be sloppy defensively. Declan Rice could be fantastic by the look of things but would likely cost a premium.

17 Feb 2021 03:14:51
Ole divides opinion with our fanbase for a lot of reasons but most do agree that he is not the right man for the job. My question to the people who defend him is whether they would be happy to let him learn on the job and wait for a couple more years to really start competing and trying to win something.

One thing that has been constantly popping up in discussions over here is that some players are not good enough and need replacing and we need to add more quality in certain positions. So, given that Ole gets his wish and brings the players he needs and the deficiencies in the squad are taken care of, do people believe we would be ready to compete with the best or would that just be a step in the right direction?

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17 Feb 2021 13:15:45
Ole has shown no indication that he is learning on the job. Still after two years we have no clear pattern/ structure to how we approach games.

17 Feb 2021 15:16:06
Frustrated that's the most disappointing thing with Ole that he doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes. Probably Ole is not as bold as he needs to be to make changes and it is evident from his inexperienced coaching staff and assistants except for Phelan who is old-fashioned anyway.

Ole needs to be more bold and adventurous on the job if he wants to take this team forward and win something.

18 Feb 2021 08:03:35

Who is to say time will mean we will compete in two years? In those same two years will the opposition not also have improved, grown and learnt? In two years we could well be sat there 10 years from a title and saying the same thing, maybe two years more it will be ok. Maybe after City or Liverpool add to league triumphs and European glory we would sit there and say oh yes that will be us in another two years, then another all for emotion sake.

18 Feb 2021 09:51:12
Red Man, I too feel the same. I just wanted to know what people supporting Ole think of this.

17 Feb 2021 01:25:19
Barca are shadow of the team they used to be and PSG without Neymar and Di Mariahad a great game plan and pht rhem to the sword. Early days I know but Poch might just get them their holy grail the cup with big ears.

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17 Feb 2021 05:22:08
Poch seems to be finally in the right place at the right time to win something and has a great chance to knock off people who have been saying 'he's won nothing yet'.

Ideally I would have replaced Ole with Poch in the summer and that would had been the logical step to take the club forward by setting up a proper system, playing style and coaching as well as to help blood in some young talented academy graduates with a plan to integrate them into the first team.

Wouldn't be surprised if we went in for him if he starts winning something in 2 yrs time by which time it would be all too late.

18 Feb 2021 09:01:32
by which time he will be off to Barca.


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