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17 Jun 2019 12:06:28
Ohhh Pogba what have you done, i have been a huge fan but your recent comments were a disgrace.
If you want to leave better do it quietly or with grace like Hazard did. Hope he is out of the club soon.

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17 Jun 2019 12:47:02
Becks. I'm not going to get into slating Pogba as I think I may have crossed the line on here once or twice. Nor am trolling. This is a genuine question.

What is it that Pogba has done to make you a huge fan?

I'm just interested in getting some perspective, because I've never dislike a Manchester United player so much in 30+ years of supporting the club.

17 Jun 2019 13:18:56
Hazzard has talked in the media about leaving for the last 4 year.

17 Jun 2019 13:49:04
I quite liked pogba because although he was overall a bit disappointing he seemed to have flashes of creativity that our other midfielders were a bit devoid of but in hindsight I was giving him a bit of an easy ride judgemental wise as having slightly more creativity than a bunch of midfielders that although harder working were pretty uncreative isn't really a glowing reference .
As disappointing as he often is I always felt we had more chance of winning when he was playing than when he wasn't, I've no clue if stats back that up .
Players come and go and if he isn't keen on sticking around then he's certainly not irreplaceable.

17 Jun 2019 14:22:22
@wazza, Pogba was the only creative player we've had for a couple of years, in terms of talent there are very few who can match his level.

With better forwards this season we would have seen better of Pogba than what we've seen. But with his recent comments i feel he has crossed the line and should be out of that door as soon as possible.

Having said that the fee we should demand for him should be nothing less than 120 mil.

17 Jun 2019 15:42:04
Fair enough Becks (and Slate) . I don't disagree that he is the most talented player at the club, and I agree that we looked more like winning when he plays.

For me it's the attitude, lack of work rate, running the least in the team yet walking round like he should be club captain.

I don't dispute his talent at all, unfortunately I think the bad outweighs the good. His attitude stinks, in 99% other industries he would be sacked for his attitude in the workplace regardless of how good he can occasionally be at his job, but this is football.

That said I'll try to keep out of threads that mention his name.

Thanks for your replies.

17 Jun 2019 16:22:21
I don't disagree with you wazza really as he has been disappointing it's just that the others look so bland without him, but there's probably lots of footballers out there who will work harder than pogba who also have more creativity than our other midfielders .

17 Jun 2019 16:43:49
Pogba is a lazy self centred player. He needs everyone else to do the work for him, it very lazy with the skill he has. I wonder how many hangers on are blowing smoke up his arse about how good he is, he just does not see what he needs to do to get to another level. Too many French players are getting like this, it seems Pogba, Martial, Rabiot, Griezmann etc.
We need hungry players from any league who are not after a paycheck.

17 Jun 2019 06:51:51
So from a midfield of matic, pogba and herrera, what midfield will we have next season? Please don't be Mctominay, longstaff and fred. Our best players are leaving with mediocre players signing contract extension. Worrying times for the club.
If Pogba, lukaku and De Gea are to leave then who will we replace them with. They certainly are not irreplaceable but this club has not replaced Ronaldo, Vidic, Rio, Neville, Evra and it is nearly a decade since they left. can't see anything to be optimistic about.

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17 Jun 2019 08:03:48
Srestha - I fully agree mate I wrote a long post a few days ago about the perils of letting Pogba, Lukaku and De Gea leave in the same window not forgetting Herrera.

I get a feeling it's all starting to unravel slightly. We don't appear to be able to get value for our players and are being quoted astronomical figures for our targets.

Players are now openly commenting that they want new challenges and I'm worried we're losing control.

I still have nightmares about that first window under Moyes and I anticipate this is going the same way!

If we allow Pogba, Lukaku and De Gea to leave this summer then I have genuine concerns about next season. I'll reserve judgement until the end of the window but I'm very worried as things stand.

17 Jun 2019 09:02:19
Well, I wouldn't worry letting go of Pogba and Lukaku if we get a good price for them. They are pretty much inconsistent. DeGea being an exception, but probably doesn't look focused and last season was his worst and if he is intent on moving on, we should let him go.

I would more worry about the pace at which our transfer business is being conducted. I would rather get in young hungry players who have the passion and desire to play for the club than the likes of Pogba and co with a lot of talent but nothing to show for it on the pitch on a consistent basis.

17 Jun 2019 10:11:24
I'm worried we're falling into the trap and getting confused between wanting young players with hunger and desire in the misplaced belief that it somehow compensates for talent.

The truth is the best players have hunger and desire and this is what makes them the best.

I have no issue with selling the likes of Pogba and Lukaku in the future. Both have largely disappointed and their attitudes have been questioned but let's not kid ourselves we are talking about a World Cup winner and Belgiums all time leading goal scorer. We are not talking about two chumps here. Whilst Pogba is no doubt inconsistent all our best moments are produced by him. Take him out of the team without an adequate replacement and over the course of a season we'll be much worse off.

I'm all for replacing them for players with perceived hunger and desire but they must also have the talent.

OGS's re-build won't last long if he's sacked by Christmas.

Apart from the obvious (Rojo, Darmian, Sanchez etc) I'd like us to keep our squad together for at least another season and improve on it. We already needed a replacement for Herrera in addition to a RB, CB and possibly another CM and RW.

Despite Lukaku's weaknesses I was hopeful with a good preseason behind him and with some mobility and agility work there was no reason why he couldn't adapt his game and score the goals we know he's capable of. Even from the bench he's a threat and replacing his goals would be problematic.

OGS appeared to have initially solved the Pogba conundrum and his dip in form coincided with the injury to Herrera. An energetic, tenacious, ball winning midfielder signed this summer was the key to releasing his potential once again.

Obviously we still need a RB and CB and although we've already signed Daniel James I'd have liked a goal scoring RW/ RF to bring balance to the team.

I think OGS demonstrated the blue print with his early success and to abandon that now in an attempt to change the squad so aggressively over the course of one window is a recipe for disaster. All the talk at the moment is about players leaving rather than arriving and this now threatens to derail our preseason and OGS first transfer window.

Like I've said before what we need now is calm heads, decisive leadership and a clear plan for the future. I fear we don't have any and whilst we continue to react to events rather than having a strategy and blueprint for the future we'll always be stuck chasing our tails making rash decisions in a state of blind panic.

17 Jun 2019 11:11:25
Sreseth do not stress. Mr Woodward will have a plan and OGS will bring in some superstars. Daniel James will offer a fine attacking outlet and I believe there is some talented individuals from Molde who can step up.

Woodward will also hire some of his mates from Price Waterhouse to advise on future endeavours and will likely bring LVG back in a consultancy capacity to help the club adapt the method of ‘boring the football world to death’ in order to achieve a CL spot. Heard it here first.

17 Jun 2019 11:21:31
DLIB, I do understand your point on getting the best talents to grace our pitch, but unfortunately in our current state and without any CL football to offer, we need to play it smart. And given the inflated market and the way we have gone about our transfer business over the past several years - overpaying for players fees and wages, making panic buys, etc. it is a difficult situation to get the best players in.

And Pogba's dip in form cannot be attributed to just Herrera getting injured, it was the front 3 of Martial, Rashford and Lingard suffering injuries as well that really halted any progress we made and we never truly recovered after that.

The fact that we have not gone after the likes of Bale/ Perisic and looking for younger players with potential is in itself a positive and a good blueprint to start with. Let's build a team with some young hungry players and play to a system and slowly add more quality as we move forward.

And OGS can't do much when players have their heart somewhere else and want to move on.

Our transfer strategy does need a lot of work as it seems we are taking ages to get a transfer over the line, but what is encouraging is that we are being linked with the right sort of players which is a positive. Just hope we get our targets on time and have a good pre-season for once.

16 Jun 2019 21:38:29
Any interest in chiesa? Young, hungry fits the bill and would be a great option for the RW.

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16 Jun 2019 23:06:39
Pretty sure he’s agreed to join to Juve. Or it’s very close. Think he’s a good player but not what we need. Too early for him to be moving to Juve as it is. Better or more suited options out there me thinks.

16 Jun 2019 17:05:04
I know swap deals are not easy to do but if Pogba really wants to go to RM then what do you think about us asking for Bale on loan plus Isco plus Varane plus cash.

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16 Jun 2019 17:55:45
Very complex deal that would be.

16 Jun 2019 18:39:21
Welsh Red devil I know v unlikely but just wondered ppls views.

16 Jun 2019 18:49:45
Isco and Varane could be useful, but with Bailly and Jones still likely to be here next season our physio is already too busy for Bale.

16 Jun 2019 18:53:03
Salford7, As a Liverpool fan can you please tell me how what price tag you would put on Pogba. You paid well over the odds for him 3 years ago, you can count on 1 hand the number of good matches he's had and now we see figures like £150m mentioned. Can you explain how these figures are reached.

16 Jun 2019 19:41:28
Redal. I agree with you here.

I’m not sure what we will get for PP but he can’t be worth any more than we paid 3 years ago.

16 Jun 2019 20:44:56
You just need him out of your club Wazza. Get what you can and buy some players who will put a bit of bloody effort in. His workrate when out of possesion is shocking. No tackling, No tracking runners and no running back to get goalside.

16 Jun 2019 21:07:18
Ability does not always reflect price. Numerous other factors come into play such as age, potential, length of contract and how desperately the buyer wants a player and how determined the seller are to keep them.

Pogba is still relatively young, entering his peak years, he has two years left on his contact with an option of an additional year. He is a World Cup winner and on his day he is one of the most dynamic and talented midfielders in the world. In addition he is a highly marketable asset and one of the most recognisable and famous footballers if not sportsmen on the planet.

In today's market and all things considered Utd are well in their rights to value him in excess of £150m.

Utd are under no pressure to sell other than maybe the players desire to leave but shouldn't be bullied by either the player or Madrid into lowering their valuation.

Pogba signed a long term contract at the Club knowing the consequences of signing such a deal. He's a professional athlete and whilst he may not see his long term future at the Club if our valuation is not met then he'll have to knuckle down and do his best for the team next season.

What we need now is decisive and robust leadership. We cannot let Pogba dominate our summer or distract us from the re-building process.

A move may seem inevitable but this shouldn't come as a surprise and we should not let Pogba nor Madrid dominate the negotiations.

I assume the Club will have prepared for this eventuality and must have replacements in mind for both Pogba and Herrera.

We need to act decisively and recruit new players before we start any negotiations with Pogba. If his valuation isn't met he'll have to fight for his place in the team like the rest of the squad.

16 Jun 2019 23:23:39
redal 89 mill flop does not need to try he already thinks he is better than messi and ronaldo we will be lucky to get 89 quid.

17 Jun 2019 06:57:39
Have to disagree with you DLIB. Nothing about Pogba is worth £150m, not even his barber.

But if we get that for him, great. Anything over half of that should be seen as good business.

17 Jun 2019 07:43:48
I can't for the life of me understand why we're so quick to de value our own players. Like I said the value of a player is determined by lots of factors not just ability. It would seem you all want to give Pogba away yet support the Club in its pursuit of AWB an inexperienced RB with little over 12 months premier League experience who could cost in excess of £60m!

I can tell you now that if Madrid get Pogba for less than we paid and he goes on to win La Liga and the Champions League which is highly likely you'll all be complaining that we sell our players too cheaply.

I'm not going to re-open the Pogba debate it's been done to death but on his day he's a game changer and game changers cost money. Surrounded by better players where the expectation for him isn't to run and defend like Kante and create like Zidane he'll thrive. In an environment where players like Kross and Modric are able to dictate the tempo of a game and keep possession of the football he'll be able to do what he does best and play in short bursts where he suddenly comes to life with a fantastic pass, shot or dribble.

If our strategy is to give our best players away on the cheap and then replace them with the like of Longstaff then I'm sorry but we're in big trouble.

17 Jun 2019 09:57:01
Dlib on the money, brand pogba is also worth a lot of money.

16 Jun 2019 11:48:17
Bye Pogba.
Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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16 Jun 2019 11:42:10
Ahoy all, seems there is some mixed views on OGS and his role as the figurehead of the greatest club in British football. The following depiction highlights Maze’s view which is firm and usually veraciously accurate.

OGS deserves respect for sentimental reasons if nothing else by all fans. He came in, won games, lost games and got a full time gig.
It was standard of the methodology of any MU strategic plan of recent years - make an impulsive call when the good times are rolling.

OGS is a MU legend and forever will be. Regardless he is an ex Molde and Cardiff boss with a lack of renowned silverware to his name - he does not deserve to manage MU currently. Personally Maze would have stuck with Mr Mourinho a little longer. The value in sacking him mid-season eludes me especially when the opportunity of the CL was still possible, noting Jose had won it multiple times and Ole never in a managerial capacity.

Regardless, OGS it is and he should be backed for the forthcoming season but should it all go awfully awry the fans certainly have credible reasons to question the Board and their ability to plan and strategise for the future endeavours and ambitions of this great club.

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16 Jun 2019 12:10:56
Mourinho was badly treated by the club in them failing to back him last summer. Yet him throwing his toys out the pram and his alienation of nearly the entire squad meant there was little choice but to cut ties with him.

The way we were playing under Mourinho was in a downward spiral, we were getting worse and worse and there was not guarantee that we had bottomed out under him. We could have ended up 12th or 5th under him. But that is by the by now, Mourinho is gone, it was probably the right decision under the circumstances, yet no one at the club covered themselves with glory during the whole situation and not all the clubs problems followed Mourinho out the door when he left.

Is Ole the right man? Only time will tell. I think there were multiple reasons for Ole getting the job full time. Firstly, the results under him were much better initially and at the time he was given the full time job. Secondly, he changed the atmosphere around the club, lifted a negative cloud that had hung over the club since the start of the season and brought a sense of joy back to the players and the fans. Thirdly, without a DoF in place and without a long term plan I wounder how many of the best managers in the world would have really been lining up to take the job. The United job seems like a poisoned chalice at the moment, it has ended the careers of Moyes and LvG, while seriously damaging Mourinho's profile. It will be interesting to see where Mourinho ends up next and the profile of that club. Real Madrid changed managers, as have Juventus and Inter Milan. There were rumours of PSG might move Tuchel on, yet none seriously considered Mourinho.

Its a risky move taking the United hot seat atm, we have a club that doesn't know if it is a sporting institution or rival for Pepsi, we have no sporting direction and the club seems to be under some kind of behind the scenes rebuild without a specific plan. We have a miss matched squad built by four different managers, and players bought for reasons other than potential on the pitch. We have no strategy, no direction and a fan base that demands perfection and turns on the managers and players the moment they are unhappy with a performance.

Why would a top hungry for success young or even an experienced manager take on such a job that will only likely damage your reputation?

I would not be surprised if the few other names Ed Deadwood could come up with all said thanks but no thanks.

16 Jun 2019 12:28:57
Zidane had won nothing before taking over Real Madrid, Guardiola had won nothing before taking over Barcelona, Deschamps hadn't won anything before guiding France to a Euro final and a World Cup title, this requirement to be a proven winner isn't always accurate.

16 Jun 2019 12:48:09
Shaps agreed the whole Jose situation was appalling and their was certainly no winners in the entire event. Going by OGS end if campaign and the internal turmoil within the club it is unlikely he will be able to outwit Guardiola, Klopp and the Pochettino’s of this world in the coming season but yes let’s wait and see.

LLV your point is mute. My dead grandma could have won the league with Madrid and Barcelona giving their conditions, squad and superstar teams. Name a manager who has achieved success with a lack of experience in an ultra competitive league without and elite group of players in recent years?

16 Jun 2019 14:14:21
Maze, I think you and many other United fans need to accept there isn't a manager in the world who could make us competitive next season.

Pep took two years to win the title with Man City after the club had spent 2-3 years working to pave the way for him. Man City were in much better shape when he took over than we are now.

It has take Klopp 3 years to make Liverpool competitive on all fronts. Even then you could argue he threw away the FA and League cups to concentrate on the league and the UCL. So did he really compete on ALL fronts. Pochettino has spent four years trying to make Spurs competitive and although he has made them regular top four finishers he hasn't be able to maintain a title challenge. Now many will say that is because of the way Spurs are run, yet can we really say United is run any better than Spurs are?

We need 8 new first team players and 5-6 new quality squad players to be competitive again if we are honest. We aren't going to get that in one window, probably not even in two summer windows if we are honest. Also we would need nearly all of those transfers to be a success. Which your extremely lucky if 75% of your transfers are successful.

We are at a point where we are probably at least 2 but more likely 4 years away from truly being competitive.

And we need to come to terms with that, or we will force out another manager then another and another and every time we will put the club back another year or two at least in rebuilding.

17 Jun 2019 07:41:19

17 Jun 2019 07:42:24
Pochettino. almost.

17 Jun 2019 10:08:53
Ranieri had plenty of top league experience prior to joining the foxes and Poch will a good manger at Espanyol and did great things at the Saints prior to joint the Spurs. Moot point.

15 Jun 2019 17:32:26
Buy Rice and Diop from West Ham.

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14 Jun 2019 18:14:23
Afternoon guys,

I've read the furore surrounding our transfer targets whilst debate about Pogba and Lukaku rage on.

There has been plenty of posts about a prospective DoF and concerns about a perceived lack of direction and footballing strategy.

I've heard chatter that we need upwards of 5 or 6 players this window but maybe what we need right now is some continuity and stability.

By the end of last season I was fed up with the lot of them and wouldn't have been unhappy to see all of them put up for sale but on reflection I think we need to be careful.

The rumoured departures of Pogba, Lukaku and De Gea this summer have left me with a feeling of foreboding. I agree with most posters that Pogba and Lukaku have so far disappointed (to put it politely) but they remain two of the most experienced players in our squad. Both divide opinion but Pogba remains our most talented player and Lukaku our most prolific goal scorer. To lose both in the same window on top of De Gea could potentially be catastrophic. It cannot be ignored that Pogba invariably provides our best moments and when he plays well he improves our team infinitely. Lukaku although limited in some areas still possess a goal scoring record that Rashford and Martial for now are unable to match and even with a reduced role rotating with Rashford and coming off the bench I would still expect him to score somewhere between 12-15 league goals.

Whilst planning for the future we need to live in the present. LVG jettisoned half our squad and this churn didn't do him any favours. For OGS to be able to build for the future he still needs to be in the job to allow him to do it. With tough opening fixtures against Chelsea and Wolves we could conceivably be in crisis mode by the end of August.

Whilst most Utd supports remain realistic and don't expect miracles many remain deeply skeptical about OGS and he can ill afford a slow start.

Perhaps the best way for OGS to prolong his longevity is to build slowly. Sensible additions this summer in addition to what we've already got might be the best way forward. Pogba and Lukaku both remain on relatively long terms contracts and retaining them both for at least another season whilst strengthening the squad around them might just be the best formula. Trying to replace them in the same window might leave us worryingly short of quality and goals.

I don't expect Arsenal to strengthen significantly and Chelsea have lost Hazard, their manager and have a transfer ban to contend with. Realistically I expect us to be in a battle for top 4 next season with Chelsea and Arsenal. If we could retain the likes of Pogba and Lukaku despite their shortcomings I think we'd be in a stronger position. The key must be building towards a functional team but we must accept this will take take time and we may need some stability to allow us to move forward.

Maybe our priority this year should be seeking a replacement for Dea Gea before we turn our attention to the likes of Pogba and Lukaku. He's entering the last year of his contract and letting a player of his quality leave for free doesn't seem sensible.

I'm encouraged with the links to AWB and Daniel James may prove to be a shrewd signing in time. If we could add a CB and CM this summer whilst trying to offload the likes of Sanchez, Rojo and Darmian maybe a slower build might just give our manager the best chance of long term success.

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14 Jun 2019 22:54:44
There is some sense in what your saying. The question is will Lukaku and Pogba particularly play to their potential next season if they are denied the moves they crave?

Lukaku seems a hard working player, yet he forced his way out of Chelsea when he was unhappy with his game time. Apparently he upset several people high up at Chelsea at this time which worked against him having the chance to move back there when he joined us.

Either way he is clearly second choice for OGS, which means he is unlikely to be a regular goalscorer for us next season if he remains.

Pogba turns on his manager quickly if he doesn't get his way. Would the constant off field issued caused by his dissent be worth the one game a month he plays to his potential? Probably not. There is an argument to be made that had Pogba played as well in the 10 games before Jose was sacked as he did in the 10 games after that Jose would still have a job. Boasting in Instagram a couple of hours after Jose's dismissal was hardly a classy touch and goes someway to highlight his character.

We are in a huge message it will have to get worse before it gets better. We will have to take the hit, lose some quality in the first team now in order to build something better long term.

Maybe the apathy of Arsenal to go all out and Chelsea's current situation we are actually in the best position to take that hit and still be in with a chance of UCL qualification next season.

15 Jun 2019 05:50:01
You’re a top poster DLIB but I disagree with a few things.

Pogba is not prolific if you take away the 8 penalties he scored. You also talk about ‘when he plays well’ which is sadly far too rarely. Lukaku isn’t limited in some areas, he’s limited in most areas. Pogba runs less than pretty much every midfielder and Lukaku has looked disinterested for many months. As for DDG, he has been brilliant for us but last year he was very inconsistent and if he wants to go then there are great keepers out there. Liverpool. m Chelsea, and Arsenal all bought keepers last year without a problem.

The main issue for me is that apparently they want to leave. That ends the discussion, time to move them on. I have absolutely no evidence but the dynamic in the dressing room seems all wrong. It feels like OGS is looking to build from the botttom, sign young hungry players who will follow his model, players who want to be here, who are excited to join United and not fluttering their eyelashes at others.

Given your points about Chelsea and Arsenal, we can take the chance and go for it. I think Pogba and Sanchez need to leave, probably Lukaku too. If DDG wants out then him to. We do need some experience but I would be recruiting that based on character, leadership, and attitude.

15 Jun 2019 08:13:38
Fair enough guys I just think if we have to replace Pogba, Lukaku and De Gea in the same window not forgetting Herrera and possibly Mata your taking a lot of experience and quality out of our squad!

All will need replacing so that's 5 new signings and that's just to replace what's left. I think we all agree that even if we retained all those players and they were happy at the Club we'd still need at least 2 or 3 new players to improve.

I worry that if we lose too many players replacing them will be difficult. It's notoriously hard for new players to settle in the Premier League and with a difficult start our season could be over before it's began!

It's all well and good wanting to build for the future but Ole needs to keep his job to allow him to do so. I fear rebuilding too quickly might be counter productive.

I accept Pogba, Lukaku and even De Gea all want to leave so it's not straight forward and getting players into the Club that actually want to be here makes sense but they must also have the necessary quality and be able to settle quickly and make an immediate impact. I think we face a difficult few months and I'm not sure what we can expect for next season. I suppose we know more come August 1st!

15 Jun 2019 09:41:01
if players really want to leave then Imo they should be sold.
happy is right in the point if any of the 3 are unhappy then its best to get shut of them.
id rather have players that will give their all and get behind the manager tactics and play for the team rather than themselves. team sports rarely work when everybody is not pulling in the same direction
we do need to bring in some quality and experience if those 3 leave in particular but I'm confident the club will do that.
its a big hill we have to climb and we won't climb it unless the players want to.

15 Jun 2019 17:58:46
Basic rule of management. Don't talk, let alone buy, anyone out of resigning.
The only time I have broken this rule was when someone was about to resign was when I knew that their very valid reasons were about to disappear.

14 Jun 2019 06:51:41
So anyone think OGS will be first manager sacked next season, extremely likely I know.

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14 Jun 2019 10:03:05
anyone think that mighty reds has the worse banter on here.

extremely likely i know.

14 Jun 2019 11:17:04
The earliest we have sacked a manager is mid December. Even if things go wrong next season I can't see the board sacking a fourth manager in six years. Especially someone who is a club legend, who would be less than six months into a three year contract.

There will be at least half a dozen managers sacked by the end of January. Ole won't be one of them.

I expect us to have at least 10 managers before Liverpool win their next title.

14 Jun 2019 11:43:03
We're just about to stop paying Moyes contract, so there's budget for it.

15 Jun 2019 11:41:11
Ole will not be sacked next season.

15 Jun 2019 18:00:59
King Giggsy, I agree. He won't be sacked before the season starts either😊😊😊.

13 Jun 2019 17:08:08
Hi reports of Pogba on sly news they any truth in them cheers in advance.

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