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27 Nov 2023 19:04:04
Garnacho may have stole the headlines with what is probably, from a technical point of view" the best overhead scissor kick goal on the EPL era. You can argue others maybe have been more important in terms of context, but just for sheer technical excellence Garnacho's has to be the best I can remember.

When coaches are showing replays to kids on how to do a scissor kick, Garnacho's will be the go to resource. The body shape, the timing, the connection all perfect.

So he deserves all the plaudits for that. However, that said I didn't think he had a great performance overall, and he still needs to be doing more to justify starting more games when everyone is fit and on form.

Now that's out of the way we can talk about the real revelation of yesterday's game. Kobbie Mainoo was superb, a titan, and probably put in one of the best midfield performances that I can remember from the past couple of years.

Obviously this needs to be taken with a note of caution. He's a young lad and his form will fluctuate. He also has a long way to go yet, one good game does not make a great player. He needs to keep his head down, stay grounded and keep working.

However, yesterday he was EVERYTHING you want from a midfielder. He worked tirelessly, both on and off the ball. He NEVER hid once, always showing for the ball and prepared to take the ball, even when under pressure. Only to calmly turn the opposition and roll the ball past them into space before popping off a pass (generally in a forward direction as well) . He anticipated danger, made some good tackles and interceptions, as well as having the good sense to track back, making sure he was in the right place at the right time to clear the ball off the line, preventing a certain goal.

Defensively he was immense, not though power and pace or physical domination. But through excellent reading of the game and anticipation. He played with his head despite being so young and inexperienced. He could see the danger where players 10 years his senior could not. The promising thing about that is that he should fill out a bit and become more effective physically, but he has that footballing intelligence that you just cannot teach. The kind of football IQ that the very best all have. He has that, and he will continue to improve and develop that area of his game as he gets more experience.

It wasn't just his off the ball and defensive work that was excellent. On the ball he was just as effective. Comfortable taking the ball under pressure, then able to progress the ball forwards. He showed more in terms of effective ball progression in his time on the pitch yesterday than players like McTominay and Fred have shown in their entire United careers.

It wasn't all about upping the tempo and playing passes quickly. He showed real intelligence in knowing when to play a quicker pass and when to slow it down and to give a little more control and manipulate the oppositions shape.

Finally, he showed phenomenal temperament and attitude. To take playing away at Goodison Park in your league debut, especially playing in the heart of midfield, showed great character. He could have easily been overawed by the occasion, many great players have been on their debut, especially if they came in tough away games. To play such a pivotal role in the side, in such a game. While doing so to the level he did showed that he has a top class temperament.

This kid has all the ingredients to become a top, top player in the EPL. The last time I saw a kid his age, play as well as he has in the heart of midfield, was Cesc Fabregas when he broke through at Arsenal. While Fabregas had the luxury of having a much better team around him when he was breaking through.

While Garnacho might have taken the headlines on Sunday, it was another academy graduate that might have been making his "a star is born" moment. I really can't wait to see how Kobbie goes on from here. For me, seeing young academy lads push to be first team regulars, is what Manchester United is all about. We give these lads chances and and a platform few other tops sides do.

If anything of what makes Manchester United great still exists at the club, then it does in the boots of the players like Kobbie Mainoo.


28 Nov 2023 06:15:52
One game.


28 Nov 2023 06:37:42
I would advise caution when it comes to young players. It is just one game. No pressure on the young lad. Keep it in your pants Shappy.


28 Nov 2023 06:51:57
It was, but name a better midfield performance from a United player l over the past 3 years?

The kid has a long way to go, but he's started off very highly.

As United fans who haven't had much to be happy about or to look forward to this season, Kobbie offers a potential bright spark.


28 Nov 2023 11:08:27
I was partly joking Shappy, but I kt partly. Yes he looked good but so did ple ty of others. Januzaj is one and remember Tuanzebe against PSG. Let's hope he's the real deal, but let's not over burden the kid.


28 Nov 2023 12:07:54
I have seen him twice playing in the youth team in person. In the EFL Trophy against league 1&2 opponents. He was dominant. The lad has everything you need.

I wish him all the best.


28 Nov 2023 17:35:15
Me and the boy watch a lot of the kids football as well, Caolan. Haven't been this excited since Mason came through the ranks. And before Mason, there wasn't a lot really to get excited about. I can see why he gets the Pogba comparisons. Hopefully, it turns out better than that story for us.


29 Nov 2023 01:38:48
Just hope he has good people around him and protected from the noise that comes with being so young at a club like United. He is really a young boy and lots ahead of him. Need to manage his minutes as he is still developing. He reminds me of scholes/ carrick in terms of temperament and seems to be in his own bubble, which is great. So so calm and efficient in what he does on the field.


25 Nov 2023 19:24:49
If you haven't had the chance to see Mason greenwood's goal in Spain today take a look an absolute beauty.
Sadly we will never see the best of him in a united shirt like we did George Best or Ryan Giggs and so many others.
I suspect one of the bigger tams will sign him next summer for a bargain price and reap the rewards from a really talented young player.
I hope he continues to keep up to his promises off the field and that he makes the very most of his talents on the field.
As a lifelong united supporter there are players that I've wished had much longer career's at united than I would have liked.
RVN, VDS (should have replaced Schmeichel), Stam, mcgrath, whiteside Cantona, RVP, larrson, Morrison and Greenwood stick out as academy lads who lost their chance at united.
I still hold out very feint hope that he will be given another chance at united but i'm realistic enough to know its neigh impossible.


25 Nov 2023 23:25:37
It was a beauty, I seen the highlights and he looked good, not just the goal. I don't want to start a debate but I'd bring him back, he's better than what we have.


25 Nov 2023 23:43:13
I really hope so Danny. But it's the longest of long shots.


26 Nov 2023 08:23:05
Just seen it. Cracking goal.


26 Nov 2023 11:27:10
Can’t see him appearing in a United shirt again - huge waste of talent and potential, but his actions, implied or actual, cannot, in any way, be condoned.


26 Nov 2023 13:47:27
Wallace, surely, ‘implied’ means he didn’t what was accused of? Thus nothing to condoned?


26 Nov 2023 18:23:33
Unfortunately Fizz, not being found guilty isn’t enough in social media world of microscopic judgement.

Optics are everything.


26 Nov 2023 22:34:14
He has to come back.
Even the harshest of snowflakes melt eventually.


26 Nov 2023 16:23:53
The talent is there for all to see, the question mark if over whether he has the mentality/ temperament.

Rightly or wrongly I wouldn't rule out seeing him play for the club again. Given the issues with Sancho and Antony on the right wing it seems obvious that the club will need to dip back into the market for another right sided player at some point soon, they also need another player who could play through the middle as support/ back up for Hojlund given that Martial doesn't look to have a future beyond this season. From a player profile perspective Greenwood would add a lot to this squad both as an option on the right and through the middle.

Given that pretty much every other position also needs strengthening I could see the new people running things be prepared to given him a chance. If the club have a savvy media smart team in place they could spin the narrative and make it into a positive. Not turning their back or washing their hands, but helping rehabilitate and raise awareness, of the issue.

My views haven't changed and I'd rather he be gone from the club, but the new owners might feel differently. If they can manage it correctly they could turn it into a positive. However, it is putting a lot of trust in Greenwood as if it ever came to light that he has done it again since everything has kicked off then it would massively blow up in the clubs face.


27 Nov 2023 09:33:12
He will be back I think.


27 Nov 2023 09:46:44
My thoughts on Greenwood have not changed and I would not like to see him play for the club again. Unfortunately for me and many others the incident is close to home and nothing I have seen/ heard has changed my view.
However, I do believe that he will go on to have a good career and he has bounced back from the time off and will continue to do so over the season long loan.
I expect that SJR has already done due dilligance on the issue as part of his bid and may have a different (or same view of the hierachy if you believe that they wanted to bring Greenwood back in before the backlash) . Either way, with him doing well on loan the club has an ever growing asset and could get a better price for him than they would have done this summer.


27 Nov 2023 09:48:52
Agreed Shappy, a savvy PR campaign could well turn the horrible narrative into something more positive and even groundbreaking for raising awareness and foregrounding respect.

However, not sure if even clever spin could convince people that genuine contrition and a willingness to make amends has been shown.


27 Nov 2023 09:52:13
To be perfectly honest the club should take him back if his form continues to improve in Spain.

It means a fallout would be worth it as we know he can still perform which was one of the big problems for me bringing him straight back into the team. Had he been awful there's all that fuss for and you look terrible for nothing

Getafe embarrassed themselves slightly with the handling of signing him but man united a lot more they were strong in their decision and didn't allow anyone to sway them from it.

At the end of the day he's a £60-70-80-90m footballer who the club could have for free whilst they lose out on funds paid for 2 70 and 90 million £ players in terms of business letting him go for cheap makes no sense.

In terms of the real world the club already looks terrible with it doing a proper pr job committing to a decision similarly to, although way less ott, what Getafe did. Showing what he's been doing at Getafe on and off the field, it would make sense to have him do a lot of community engagement stuff for them over the next month or so.


27 Nov 2023 09:52:36
I would have no issues with him coming back. He is super talent and better than rash or hoiland imo. Unfortunately if we sell him it will be on the cheap side of 40/ 50 mill mill if he continues at this pace by the end of the season.

He was valued at over 100 mill in 2022. His contract runs out at end of 2025 season and united have an option to extend for an additional year.


27 Nov 2023 11:31:25
I think he'll return, I think the reason he was loaned rather than sold was because the club had in the back of their mind they would want him back at some point.


27 Nov 2023 12:01:17
I think they’ll hope he keeps scoring then sell him for as much as they can get.


28 Nov 2023 19:43:22
When I read the club statement I thought that if Mason and his wife wanted to continue their life and career in Manchester he would have the opportunity to. I didn't read anything there to say his United career was over.

It may be that I have not understood the reading between these lines but I am damn sure that after the mess of the whole thing and Uniteds later handling of it, that their lawyers and media team sat Arnold down and wrote the bloody thing for him with every word, said or unsaid being done for a reason.
What I think doesn't matter but that's what I think will happen.


24 Nov 2023 08:49:34
I've not seen any posts mentioning the recent revelations that Utd could potentially lose out on CL/ EL, due to SJR's ownership/ part ownership of two clubs.
Essentially only one would be able to appear in the CL, regardless of whether they qualified for it or not, and if they both finished in a CL spot then the highest placed side would be the lucky one. Not sure what would happen if they both placed in the same final position.
The other side wouldn't even go into the Europa League, due to the chance the pair would meet in a later stage, and would instead drop into that cruddy one West Ham won last season.
So obviously (one would assume) the prospect of this occurring would have been spoken about in very early meetings between Jim and Utd, and assumably there are multiple loopholes enabling Utd to qualify regardless (not forgetting Nice are looking very good to qualify) . But loopholes can be removed as well as exploited. Maybe it's closer scrutiny of this that is holding things up, who knows.
Maybe he'll sell Nice. Maybe as Utd aren't looking great for CL this season he thinks it can all iron itself out. Lots of ins and outs.


24 Nov 2023 09:41:24
I read it comes more down to leadership than ownership? I. e, INEOS can own multiple clubs but the leadership cannot be the same with both clubs. For example, Jean Claude-Blanc, Paul Mitchell would not be able to work across both clubs? Not sure if this is accurate or the best example. However there are plenty of clubs now that are in this situation and it works, I believe Man City and Girona are in the same scenario?


24 Nov 2023 09:45:06
I seem to remember someone (potentially Ed02 but I could be wrong) saying that it would be allowed if it could be shown that the two clubs were run as separate entities. I think Red Bull had both clubs in CL as they were able to show this. Maybe this is one of the reasons that Brailsford has stepped away from Nice.


23 Nov 2023 18:57:31
So aparently there are problems with co-ownership which would apply to united in europe.

With Inneos owning nice and part of man utd, we would be subjected to UEFA rules for entry into europe.

If Nice finish above united and both qualify for UCL OR UEFA, the Utd would not be allowed to enter UCL or UEFA league, and would instead go into the conference.

If utd finish in equal position or higher than Nice, Nice would have to go to the UEFA conference competition

I can't believe utd would go ahead with this unless there was some way around it, similar to how the Red Bull teams managed to prove to UEFA that they were not co owned.

ED002 - do you think this would be an issue with SJR purchase? Assume he is not planning sell Nice anytime soon?


{Ed002's Note - This is nothing new and well understood.}


23 Nov 2023 23:11:39
Surely there has to be a plan to avoid this problem? I can't believe utd or nice fans will accept this. The first time it causes either team to miss out there would be an riot, no?


{Ed002's Note - I have explained bed=fore there is a solution.}


24 Nov 2023 09:41:55
Girona are currently top of La Liga and are part owned by City group. Salzburg and Leipzig are both owned by RedBull. There are solutions to thi, obviously because its Manchester United the media will try and kick up a stink to make their pound of flesh.


23 Nov 2023 21:42:35
Naruly Alip, anyone seen him play?

I'm intrigued because we do need to, albeit belatedly, start thinking outside the box, so to speak, and there really are some stupid figures being demanded for defenders with rather less potential than what is suggested by the fees.

Anyone got anything?


22 Nov 2023 13:41:29
This has been bugging me for a while. You may disagree with my thoughts, but I’m keen to know why.

I’ve always found the philosophy of building a team around the vision of a DoF as a redundant approach. I get the logic. Long term vision and planning. However, if a particular DoF is so good, surely, he would be coveted by other clubs in just the same way the top managers are?

Will we get to the point that Directors of Football change clubs with the same regularity as many managers? If not, you wonder why not? Loyalty? Pay? Location? Prestige?

Why, if clubs can replace a DoF with another that shares the same philosophy, can they not do the same with managers? United have been appalling at recruiting managers that fit the same mould - or even this supposed 'DNA of Utd'.

So. Ultimately. Why should we believe our board would be any better at replacing a DoF if one were to leave (e. g. retire, be run over by a bus, find God or be headhunted) in 12-18 months than they are finding replacement managers?


22 Nov 2023 17:43:57
Good question.

I think it is generally accepted that the director of football stays for a longer period of time.

Managers (Coaches) are the face of the team and have the direct say and power over the team. But as we see, the players (who let's not forget are the clubs most valuable assets) sometimes get stale, sometimes the relationship stops working. Or the team would simply benefit from a change (or indeed the manager may leave for a better opportunity) .

The director of football is able to manage this process and to bring in a replacement who fits what the club needs. Look at Diserbi replacing Potter, they barely missed a step.

Of course a Director of football could leave, but this would perhaps be slightly less destabilizing, so long as the board and manager are still there.

Worst thing Utd did was try to replace Gill and Fergy, and then all the coaching staff at the same time. Disaster.


23 Nov 2023 04:16:31
I don’t know if there is any truth in the rumour but it was mooted that Moyes didn’t want any of Fergies entourage and had a desire to do everything his way from day 1.

That, if true, was a huge mistake and perhaps the start of the rot as there was absolutely no continuity.

As I said it may well be b. s but was certainly the hot rumour at the time.


23 Nov 2023 12:33:39
The need for a DoF has been borne out due to the expanse of football.

A manager used to sort everything out around the team, coaching them and making sure everything was in place for them.

However, football has grown into a monster of a sport since those days. You have massive academies, sports science, medical expertise, data analysis, scouting and recruitment, player liaison, branding/ marketing commitments, international travel, strategic planning, etc.

All things that require more expertise and more importantly time. Time that takes a manager away from his players.

Sir Alex Ferguson was in the end more of a DoF than a coach. He would hire an assistant manager who would take charge of the day to day coaching. Planning sessions, tactics etc. While he would focus more on running the club and giving it direction.

The problem we have had since Sir Alex retired is we have been trying to replace a DoF with a coach.

As fans we kept doing, expecting the next manager to come in and give the club direction.

Managers are more like head coaches now, and they are more transient than ever. You cannot place the responsibility of directing the club to an employee who will likely at best be here for 5 years. It's too short term in the thinking.

Football teams tend to go through a 5 year cycle. By that I mean if you picked the first 11 of any team, then you move either 5 year prior or five years in the future and look at the first 11, at least half the team has changed. Eight to nine players changing isn't unusual.

Teams tend to go through a five year cycle. 1-2 years of building the team, before 2-3 years of them peaking before decline. Then the cycle starts again.

Very few managers can successfully rip down the team they've built and rebuild a new one. They have too much attachment to the players who have been a part of that team. Often slightly blind or unwilling to notice the decline before it's really set in.

Sir Alex was a master of moving on a player when they've had a good season, only to see a big drop off from them at their new club the following season. He saw the early signs and was ruthless, moving them on. His loyalty was ultimately to the club and not the players. He'd often say no one is bigger than the club. This is what he meant, sentimentality for someone who has give a lot to the club should not overrule doing what is needed.

Because of the relatively short term nature of managers a club needs an overarching leader, someone who manages all the other footballing aspects to enable the manager to spend more time working with and developing the football team. But also someone who will consider planning beyond the current manager.

If you are the manager of the club and your job depends on success, that has a habit of creating an overfocus on the short term aims. Where the team is and who's playing in it in 5 or 6 years time is probably not something you give that much focus to. You might care about this season and maybe next season. You won't be giving much thought to anything beyond that.

A club cannot have sustained success if that person is in charge of all of the footballing aspects of the club.

That is why the role of a DoF is so important. Ideally they need to have a good understanding of football. Either played or coached to a good level so they understand the game on a coaching and tactical level. They will set the tone, the vision and planning. Then see it through, regularly reviewing progress and making adjustments where/ when needed.

Yes they could well leave a club, and in some regards are every bit as transient as managers. However, their role tends to see them as less likely to seek new employment. They are working on a project that will focus on longer timescales and will be more motivated to see them through. They are more likely to be pushed than to jump when it comes to leaving a club. With only a lure of a bigger, better job being the thing that tends to pull them away.

While the success of their job isn't tied to something as volitile as football results. A bad run of form will not see a DoF's job come under scrutiny. For them to be questioned it tend to need to be many mistakes over a longer period. Three of four bad appointments, bad transfer recruitment, the failing of the youth system. Only a big scandal is likely to bring them under quick scrutiny.

Their job also isn't played out in the media and discussed daily. Case in point how many times have you read criticism of EtH compared to John Murtagh? You've probably only read a dozen of so things critical of Murtagh, despite him being DoF for nearly three times as long as EtH has been manager of our club.

As a club we need to move adapt to the modern game, both on and off the pitch. Ironically we actually probably took a step backwards in terms of how the club was run when SAF retired, regressing to an older model rather than embracing a newer one. The time has come to take that step out of limbo and into the future.


19 Nov 2023 18:59:21
He was playing for new contract last year wasn't he, now he has it .


18 Nov 2023 17:09:17
Rumours of Madlini been bought in for some role under Radcliffe. Not a bad decision.


18 Nov 2023 19:11:29
Be a better defender anywhere across the back now line even now there what we got, that’s for sure…. not sure what I make of it though according to all these reports might as well not even replace ETH. SJR seems to be in control of everything, even saying by all accounts who is going to be sold, won’t go down well with ETH if reports are true that SJR told him Antony is going!

Think too much dreaming going on, once deal is done SJR needs to come out and say what’s going on, hopefully he don’t just sit in Monaco and let media talk for him… but I’m not so sure.


19 Nov 2023 09:20:53
SJR hasn't even arrived yet. When he gets his feet under the table things will become clearer. For now, these 'rumours' and 'accounts' should be regarded as total BS by right thinking adults.


23 Nov 2023 07:57:17
we will get associated to many dof just like we get associated to so many players. its just noise and now that the pl is back I expect the rumour mongering to pick up another 10 folds.


16 Nov 2023 15:07:56
Really looking firsts to seeing how all the new appointments and structure above the manager works out.
Is eth the man they see in charge going forward?
It's hard to know ed002 feels that they may change.
So should that change be immediate or do they wait and see how he operates at closer quarters and see how he engages with them.
Really interesting times ahead so many positive opportunities to change things for the better medium term.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how things pan out.
It's got to lift the general mood around the place anyway so that in itself is a good thing.


{Ed002's Note - I would doubt that ten Hag will be manager next season.}


16 Nov 2023 17:08:56
I can understand that ed002.
Usually new owner comes in with new ideas and a bit of a clean sweep.
It will be interesting to see how the rest of this session goes or if they will make a change sooner rather than later.
Probably too many variables to know.


16 Nov 2023 18:03:40
Ed002, could I ask who you think SJR may target for manager if ETH isn’t likely to still be there? Obviously it doesn’t mean that he/ we will get them, but who is likely to be the main target, in your opinion?

Thank you.


{Ed002's Note - The trouble is it is not about the investor as such.}


16 Nov 2023 18:17:13

If you could, who would be in the running to potentially replace him?

Appreciate it.


{Ed002's Note - Jim has two people he would consider but it is about others and what they also have thoughts about.}


16 Nov 2023 19:58:42
Ed002, have you got any views on who might be on the shortlist to replace him?


{Ed002's Note - See previous answers.}


16 Nov 2023 21:18:46
I think they’ll try and give him the season but, if results don’t improve, it’s inevitable he’ll go.

Lots of question marks about his communication skills, obsession with automatons and players in certain positions plus making players run too much on the week, causing non-contact injuries.


16 Nov 2023 23:44:12
I think it depends on what the FoF wants, if you bring someone in to run the show then you have to let them have their man.


16 Nov 2023 23:48:25
DoG not Fof.


17 Nov 2023 08:11:37
A DOG will be in charge? No change then. 😂.


17 Nov 2023 10:04:10
Ed002, is ETH aware of this?


{Ed002's Note - Yes he will be.}


17 Nov 2023 10:40:27
So will the players .


17 Nov 2023 13:24:39
I think as fans its normal to want to know everything about the club and what will be happening.

However, most of the details are yet to be worked out, with many of the people who will be responsible for them not even in place yet.

We know SJR will want to make changes, its bee well publicised that he wants control over the football side of the club. Logically if he wants control over that side then he will be planning on making changes.

However, he isn't a football expert. He is bright enough though to make sure he hires football experts in those key roles.

It probably will be JCB in as CEO. He can't come in yet as the purchase isn't completed. Yet even if JCB is sure he will get the job, until he is in there and doing it will he be sure what changes need to be made.

Maybe it'll be Paul Mitchell in as DoF or maybe someone else. But until that person is in place then they won't be able to work with the new CEO (whoever that is) to know what they need to do an what they have to work with.

Let's say it is Mitchell as DoF, will he want a new manager or not? Well that will depend on a range of factors.
Does EtH suit what the new DoF want's to do? Does EtH want to work under the new structure with maybe a different remit? Or maybe the new DoF is forced into a decision if results get to a certain point.

There are too many moving parts to accurately make any sort of predictions or educated guesses about what will happen.

Will the new CEO be prepared and able to plan for the club to not qualify for the UCL next season in order to sort other factors out, or will the pressure to qualify and receive the financial rewards for being in it be too much.

If the CEO decides we absolutely cannot afford to miss out on UCL, then how does that effect the decision making of the new DoF?

There are too many ifs, buts and maybes at this stage to have any idea about how this wil play out.

All we know is that SJR will make changes at the top, and those changes will filter down through the club over the coming months and years. Hopefully getting us back to being a competitive club again.

I appreciate what EtH has done, I feel that he has handled everything really well during a time of utter destabilisation and chaos at the club. I feel he has laid good ground work in this squad, set expectations, instilled a level of discipline, and has started to develop this squad in the right direction. He's been a safe pair of hands and he's done a great job in my opinion all things considered. For that I will always be thankful.

I hope he is given a chance under this new structure. In my opinion he has definitely earned it. Yet if that isn't to be then I wish him the best and thank him for all he's done. Ultimately it is about the clubs success and not an individuals.


17 Nov 2023 15:16:03
Laid good groundwork virtually every player he purchased or loaned can’t even get in his own team, how on earth is that good groundwork if he don’t like them and his own choices why will the next man
Shall we go on with the rest, no not worth it, are any of these any better then what he let go, probably not, so how on earth is it good groundwork all he done is empty the bank account.


17 Nov 2023 23:35:47
I find it strange eth still has a job yet knows he's likely to lose it soon. Back to the square 1 again.


18 Nov 2023 07:31:20
The thing this time however it hopefully isn't back to square 1.

We have appointed manager after manager without any of the help he needs in terms of competent leadership.

If and it's a big if, because we have to wait and see how it pans out, WWE put the right CEO and DoF on place it's back to square 0 and United can put in place a team including the manager who can take the club forward.


18 Nov 2023 19:15:35
I agree Oak but if the right people are put in charge it then needs a capable manager and then back him, not for 1 minute as ETH shown he can be that man, his tactics his game plan his man management his purchases his loans have all been very questionable to say the least…

Back a manager by all means but it’s got to be someone capable, even ETH attitude shows me he not going to like being told who he got and not got in the squad, it needs to be total reset…no point having a bit of this and that.


19 Nov 2023 12:32:20
Hi ed002

Hope all is well. Just read the above discussions. Is it correct to assume eth and current owners are looking at parting ways or more about sjr coming in and wanting changes.



{Ed002's Note - Why do you keep trying to put words in my mouth?}


19 Nov 2023 15:00:56
Ahmad, It's not that they are looking to part ways, just that its fairly common practice when a new management structure is put in place with new people and a new vision/ plan (or in our case an actual plan) that existing people often leave.

However, that is dependent on whether they fit the new plan or want to be part of it.

At the end of the day us fans are mostly happy with the idea of the club becoming more organised and focused. Having an actual vision and a plan for how to accomplish that vision.

However, that vision/ plan is not the one EtH signed up for. Maybe the new people at the club don't feel EtH is the right man, or maybe EtH doesn't want to be part of a new structure and work under the new conditions.

Until we officially have a new CEO and until we clarify who will be DoF (Murtagh staying or someone like Paul Mitchell taking over) then we are no closer to knowing what sort of changes these new people will look to make.

It's all up in the air, with no guarantees about what will happen or when. Just got to sit back and see how it all shakes out.


19 Nov 2023 22:20:36

I am still not clear what ed002 is reffering to. New management or not the manager is right or wrong for the club. I tend to think very right and a big mistake if we change.

Dof footballs do not set the tone for your team. Its the manager and dof go get the guys that fit that vision. Not the other way round.

There must be more to this that we are not aware off.


19 Nov 2023 22:44:59
Ahmad, I think you have it the wrong way around. The whole point of having a DoF is they set the tone. They decide what the team should look like, the profile of players and the broad style of play. The whole point of having a DoF is that it's a role that bridges managers meaning teams don't lurch from one manager and style to another.

The DoF will be the key figure in hiring and firing managers. If they do their job well they'll hire a manager who fits their vision and the squad at the club.

If we get a new DoF then they will decide the direction of the club, if EtH doesn't fit that then he'll likely be let go in order to bring in someone else.

Personally I feel EtH has done enough to deserve a crack at the whip with some competent people around him. But if it's not the right fit then he'll depart.


20 Nov 2023 09:22:03
Surely most UTD fans will be hoping ETH goes get a change in the dugout he's been shocking this season and all of his transfers have big question marks over them . i'm really not seeing these foundations shappys on about what are these cornerstones to future success?


23 Nov 2023 18:11:18
People saying he has had a shocking season.
Third of a season gone.
Injuries galore.
6th in league, likely to get top 4 as villa and Spurs will fade away.
Champions league, historically we have made this hard for ourselves, this season is no different!
Dealt with problem players very well, firm and fair. Take Maguire vs Sancho reactions, Sancho sulks, Maguire knuckles down and is back in the team (albeit due to injuries, but he is doing a job) . I'd take a Maguire type attitude over a Sancho everyday, eth has stuck to his guns and rewarded someone who is rewarding eth with performances.

See where we are end of season, it will be a different picture.

I've always viewed this and last season as transitional seasons, if we really were to reset and clearout.
Next season, if given the chance, eth's utd need to stamp their identity on the opposition from game 1. If he has the stuttering start next season, he will be gone.


15 Nov 2023 13:30:24
And so it begins, hopefully the start of a new dawn and the return of our great club to the top.



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