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30 Jun 2020 00:58:14
ASM at Newcastle is an exciting player and creates loads of chances, may be worth a look from us IMO.

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30 Jun 2020 10:30:08
Primarily plays on the left and is very inconsistent. Great dribbler, and when on form is fantastic. But his end product is all over the place, he doesn't seem to have a footballing brain, he plays off of instinct.

I think they're better options out there.

30 Jun 2020 11:11:17
Nani januzzai poborsky.
Just the same hot n cold.

28 Jun 2020 18:09:35
Hello All,
Well I m wondering and looking for peoples opinion on who do you think can be an Ideal Partner for Maguire? Irrespective of Funds, but with current policy of not buying above 27 ( well i m hoping that's a plan, no one told me that) . i am looking forward to interesting feedback from you all.

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29 Jun 2020 00:17:44
Usain Bolt.

29 Jun 2020 09:38:55
Not sure really, I think we may wait a year for a centre back and prioritise Grealish but heres a few names;

De Ligt

29 Jun 2020 10:03:52
The type of CB partner Maguire needs is someone who is an excellent reader of the game, someone who is a communicator, and someone with enough pace to cover the space behind Maguire.

Who that is I'm not sure. Tuanzebe and Bailly tick those boxes, but they have struggled with injuries this season.

30 Jun 2020 22:13:19
Johnny Evans 😁.

01 Jul 2020 06:50:54
I'd give Tuanzebe a chance, however, he has been at a Phil Jones level of time on the treatment table this season so it remains to be seen if he can stay fit.

Signings wise, I'd look at either of Konate and Upamecano at Leipzig. We need a relatively athletic CB next to Maguire and while both are very good players now, they are young enough to get even better.

27 Jun 2020 18:17:05
Very poor team selection from Ole. I'm bewildered why in a one-off 'must win on the day' game we've not started with our strongest team.

5 subs at halftime incoming!

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27 Jun 2020 20:28:41
Poor performance. Disjointed rusty team started and it showed. We are on the semi that's all that counts.

28 Jun 2020 12:02:54
I’m amazed at the negativity. Really am. We battered them.

28 Jun 2020 12:46:19
Battering a team usually means you’ve won by 4 or 5 goals.

28 Jun 2020 16:23:00

Not necessarily, sometimes you can batter a team and lose a game from a sucker punch, last night that didn’t happen, we were always going to get a few good chances in extra time and we took one.

28 Jun 2020 22:22:24
Did you watch the game Halesini? Do your really expect us to win 5-0 every week or are you just trying to promote debate?

26 Jun 2020 21:57:05
Champions with 7 left to play, easy and inevitable.

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27 Jun 2020 00:38:32
Remember mighty red even the mighty thanos got dusted.

The only thing inevitable is your dry banter mate.

Banter aside well done 👍. the real challenge is maintaining the standards you set out not many teams have won 2 titles in a row or even 3 😘.

{Ed0666's Note - we’ve won the league for times in a row twice.

26 Jun 2020 20:46:29
Hey guys hope you are enjoying your title celebrations, is it really worth celebrating as it was all over last August, anyway I will leave for Ole to keep driving that bus, enjoy the rest of the summer from the, English, European and World champions.

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26 Jun 2020 21:45:18
No idea what half of that meant. I’ve heard a lot of fans calling themselves the European champions today, I know you still have the title because it’s not finished yet but you haven’t even made the quarter final this year, usually teams claim things like that when they win them in the same season (like we did) . You’re a funny bunch.


26 Jun 2020 17:15:22
Hi Eds and fellow members,
Not fully UTD related but I wanted to know your thoughts on coaches and players having the same agent. Can't that result in a conflict of interest, wouldn't the game be better served if coaching agents are not allowed to represent players and vice versa?


{Ed001's Note - it is certainly possible it could create problems. Agents in general are an issue that needs resolving for the good of the game.}

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26 Jun 2020 17:37:52
Oh good, so I'm not the only one then. Glad to see it isn't the too many conspiracy movies that are making me paranoid. ;)

27 Jun 2020 00:40:40
They should be represented by a sort of union where the money the agents would. make gets put back into grass roots and the community's surrounding the clubs.

Agents are a disease and player wages. a cap is needed on all fronts.

24 Jun 2020 17:12:49
Liking the look of this line up today probably out best starting XI in a long time.

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24 Jun 2020 07:35:26
Ed001 i wanted to ask about Werner out of curiosity. I think you said that Liverpool said that they have no interest in him and they said if from January. So even if they were cash rich Klopp would take him, so what changed ? I mean he called him so he clearly wanted the player . Is it because Werner refused to be a rotation player so the gaffer thought that this could cause problems ? Thanks as always

{Ed001's Note - the main issue was Werner came out publicly and said he wanted to move to Liverpool, which upset RBL. That made a deal more difficult to do and Liverpool simply do not have the money after the virus to go and spend so much on a position of strength.}

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24 Jun 2020 23:53:24
Thanks for the responce Ed001.


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