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20 Jan 2024 18:31:18
Hi Ed002,
What is your view on Omar Berrada as the potential new CEO for United?


{Ed002's Note - I don’t know him but he his largely an administrator who has done well at the City Football Group working with the footballing structure. I doubt his impact will be something the fans need to concern themselves with.}

1.) 21 Jan 2024 06:25:45
I would think the DOF announcement will be coming shortly and that should the main piece of the puzzle or even maybe a couple of announcements depending how they will structure things.

Its positive to see us moving at this pace for a change and not ponder for months.

2.) 21 Jan 2024 08:35:55
Looking likely that, after ratification, Paul Mitchell be announced, though be interesting in what role: Director of Football (with a Director of recruitment under him like Dougie Freeman) or as DoRecruitment working with with a DoF like Dan Ashworth: if so, be interesting to gauge how two very capable, established people like these will be positioned and work together.

Just really excited that United finally getting a professional structure aimed towards football success.

They’ve started with the very top, now will work their way downwards, employing best in class. This is what they did at City to create their ongoing success.

Also, looks like Glazers accepting all these changes as they recognise the dire state of the club and need help improving it (though does make you wonder why they let things get so bad before being forced into the strategic review and their abilities as competent business owners)

3.) 21 Jan 2024 16:20:18
Personally I think every appointment at the moment will have a big impact on the supporters.

The person at the top is responsible for setting the tone and agenda for putting us back on track. Make the wrong appointment and we see more of the same, the right appointment and hopefully we can see both improvements on and off the pitch.

4.) 21 Jan 2024 17:56:41
Rat getting off sinking ship vibes.

5.) 21 Jan 2024 18:38:35
Not sure about that Danny: from what I’ve read, he really likes to challenge himself by constantly moving out of his comfort zone to master something, then either being promoted for his excellent work, or moving on.

What better challenge could he get - and promotion, which will no doubt be well paid - than to revive an ailing behemoth like United, possibly the best supported club in the world?

6.) 21 Jan 2024 20:07:07
Man City sinking ship? ???.

7.) 22 Jan 2024 12:07:21
Agreed ed002.

However, to fans, it looks as though that they are being proactive 8n appointing the right people in different positions which should only benefit the club on the pitch (where our main concerns lie) .

8.) 24 Jan 2024 04:09:34
Just happy he's not a Glazer banker.



14 Sep 2023 06:20:43
Hi Ed002,

Do United plan to move on Jadon Sancho?
Amid uncertainty around Antony, who would you think United are targeting for RW position?


{Ed002's Note - Jadon Sancho (W) Borussia Dortmund will take the player back but will not pay more than half they sold him for. Newcastle may provide an option but have signed an alternative already. Spurs may provide an option. Perhaps a loan to buy in January.

I would not expect a permanent deal for a RW in January and expect the club to make do until then and perhaps look to a loan then. Next summer will be a better time to buy. They have shown interest in Antonio Nusa (LW/RW) but likely heading elsewhere and Nico Williams (RW). There will be others looked at.}

1.) 14 Sep 2023 10:50:31
Sancho just hasn't worked out at all at United. It's a shame because he's a very talented player, but he seems to lack the mental fortitude needed to succeed at a club that has the kind of media attention that Manchester United gets.

Read a story this morning that he was apparently promised the No.7 shirt when Cavani would leave. But apparently got upset when it obviously went to Ronaldo when he rejoined the club instead. While he was further upset this summer when the shirt passed to Mason Mount instead of him.

Personally, given how he has struggled to live up to the expectations it's probably a good thing he never did get the No.7 shirt. While some people feel the shirt is a bit of a poison chalice with no one really living up to the expectations of it since Ronaldo left first time. Owen, Valencia, Di Maria, Depay and Sanchez all really disappointed in that shirt. While Cavani and Ronaldo himself didn't really hit the highs we wanted in the last few years, Cavani due to injuries and just not playing enough, Ronaldo just didn't work out second time around. Personally he did okay, but at the expense of the team, followed by a unsavoury exit.

Sancho would not have bucked that trend and would have drowned quicker than he has with the added expectations that the No.7 brings.

He needs to move on, the club will have to take a hit, but that's a recurring theme on pretty much every player signed during the Woodward era.

2.) 14 Sep 2023 11:35:50
After MG was suspended in early 2022, Sancho really should have had the sense to make that RW role his own but he's always seemed to prefer the LW role where our best attacker plays.

Since then he's lost out to Elanga and Antony in that RW role when he is much more talented than both.

He only has himself to blame.

3.) 14 Sep 2023 12:27:17
Shirt numbers 1-11 should be earned and not given as part of a buying tool. Sancho like Martial needs to move on over these pathetic excuses and realise the name on the front is more important than the one on the back.

4.) 14 Sep 2023 12:38:05
I read that too Shappy about Sancho and the number 7 shirt, we have no idea if it’s true.

However, if it is, the young man is even more cabbage-brained than I first thought. If he thinks he’s fit to follow the greats who have wore the number 7 shirt for Manchester United, he’s delusional beyond words.

The number 7 shirt being a poisoned chalice is nonsense. Quite simply the club’s standards have dropped so far, we haven’t managed to produce a player of the quality to carry that number. Other than Bruno, who has posted fantastic numbers for us, or arguably Rashford if he has another good season and sorts out his sulky demeanour. Those are the only two. In recent years.

Sancho isn’t fit to lace even Tony Valencia’s boots, let alone Best, Robson, Cantona, Beckham or Ronaldo.

Hopefully we see the end to the Sancho and Antony sagas by Christmas, so the manager can focus on what’s happening on the pitch towards the business end of the season.

5.) 14 Sep 2023 12:41:04
Maybe Fzzz but we have perspective of the real world where the number on your shirt makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. All these lads know is football and have been wrapped in cotton wool and so these things matter to them. Pathetic, but true.

6.) 14 Sep 2023 12:43:41
With Antony away, Sancho could have had an opportunity to show that he has what it takes to succeed at United, which makes his response to Ten Hag's mild public rebuke potentially even more damaging.

I don't know about shirt #s but Ronaldo's second coming per se (allusions intended), rather than inspire seems to have been seen by the players as a lack of confidence in their ability to rise to the occasion. Did anyone become a better player for having Ronaldo in the team? United have had an uncanny knack of late of buying good players and making them worse, but Ronaldo's arrival seemed to spread the malaise throughout the existing squad.

Question is, if Sancho continues to fail to endear himself to ETH, how will his reportedly extremely high wages affect the price. Does anyone at BD make anywhere near what Sancho makes at United?

7.) 14 Sep 2023 16:14:03
The biggest thing with this whole sancho saga is ultimately he’s nowhere near good enough and nowhere near professional enough! Simple!

8.) 14 Sep 2023 16:35:03
Soon to appear in the Utd bargain bin like so many expensive flops in recent times. Utd have paid double the value for so many failures in the last decade.

9.) 14 Sep 2023 17:06:04
Supposedly he was like this at Dortmund, too. Only our club would have signed him for that money without checking things like that first. Miki, Kagawa, Sancho. Dortmund must have had a right giggle at us over the last lot of years ?.

10.) 14 Sep 2023 18:14:59
I thought Kagawa was decent NC. Won a league title in his preferred position and would’ve kicked on if Fergie had stayed.

11.) 14 Sep 2023 18:47:31
Ironic that Sancho claimed he was a scapegoat at Dortmund as well, I fear he has cried wolf once too many times and has only himself to blame for his current situation.

I think he said in his social media post that he will continue to fight for the badge no matter what, he hasn't fort once for that badge in 2 years, why would he start now.

12.) 14 Sep 2023 19:03:05
Kagawa doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Sancho. Kagawa came in at a time we had Darren Gibson in midfield. I sometimes felt Kagawa was a step ahead of his team mates in his thinking, and came in at a time when we were going through too much of a transition for him to settle.

13.) 14 Sep 2023 19:14:47
I did like Kagawa. Just thought he was underwhelming compared to what I'd seen of him before. I much preferred Evil Kagawa ?.

14.) 15 Sep 2023 10:53:04
kagawa was a disappointment. was signed with big hype but a bit time player at united. P step up was too much for him.

15.) 15 Sep 2023 13:03:04
Ahmad, Kagawa was signed to replace Rooney at 10 which he did pretty well. Fergie was giving him a season to settle which he did very well winning a league title and making the game look simple in the process. Rooney would then be sold at the end of the season had Fergie stayed. Rooney was being bombed out.
Fergie had Thiago Alcantara ready to sign to replace Scholes.

Then Moyes came in and ruined literally every thing, and gave Rooney a 5 year contract and returned the number 10 position to him. Every multiple title winning player turned to rubbish so not just Kagawa. We signed Fellaini instead of Thiago ?.

16.) 17 Sep 2023 11:29:47
Shappy, lacking mental fortitude = lazy and soft.

17.) 17 Sep 2023 12:21:55
MancMan, Not quite, lacking mental fortitude is more a lack of resilience. Someone who has not been brought up in a way that enables them to deal well with external pressures.

That might be that they cannot handle criticism well, or struggle with how the world perceives them, or they cannot handle demands placed upon them.

This tends to stem from growing up in an environment where the person doesn't feel safe or cared for, or they are overly criticised leaving them feeling judged, undermining their self-esteem. Creating a fragile ego that perceives any sort of criticism as a personal attack often triggering the fight or flight response.

If you are a person who was lucky enough to have caring, engaged parents. Who brought you up to feel safe and secure in your environment, then from that perspective it might seem that the other person is "soft" or "lazy". However, that will often just come across as a personal attack to a person who struggles with handling such criticism because of their childhood.

If Sancho doesn't have the skills to handle the pressure that probably isn't his fault, as you develop those skills in early childhood (3-7 years old), with further reinforcement as you go through adolescence. If he wasn't given the tools or provided the environment needed to develop those skills at that age then I think its terribly unfair to blame him for not having learned those life skills.

Unfortunately it happens, far more now than it has ever happened in the past. Kids not given the care they need during their childhood to develop the life skills needed to navigate life successfully.

18.) 17 Sep 2023 19:54:03
Wow Shappy, I wasn't expecting such a full and interesting reply but thanks.

Although you're right I was trying to suggest how his lack of mental fortitude manifests itself on the pitch in the form of laziness and softness.

He doesn't exactly but a gut and when did you ever see him make a tackle?

Crap player, almost as bad as Pogcrap.



28 Aug 2023 14:43:30
Hi Ed002,
Are Bayern working on a deal for McTominay?
Are United proposing any swap deal for Gravenberch or Kimmich?


{Ed002's Note - No I am not aware of an exchange and there are discussions with another side over Kimmich.}



24 Jul 2023 14:59:38
Hi Ed002,
Any idea if Mbappe is financially viable for United.


{Ed002's Note - Kylian Mbappe (S) Wants to move to Real Madrid but for them the financial outlay could be too much this summer unless they included a player or two in any deal. They want to wait another year until his contract runs down but know that PSG have a plan to renew, give him a lump sum signing on fee and an obligation to sell next summer – otherwise they will look to sell this summer to avoid having him leave as a Free Agent next summer. Newcastle would not realistically be in a position to buy him and any interest from them can be discounted whilst their owners plan to take him directly to Saudi. Realistically, Madrid, Middle East, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, if they could clear significant wages from the books, are the only viable options although Juventus have a significant tax advantage over the other clubs, but the costs are still huge and they can be discounted. Chelsea could look to striking a deal including a player PSG are interested in but likely not going to be paying the desired wages and bonuses – but they will look for a solution. Bayern Munich will steer clear and for now concentrate of Harry Kane. Manchester United could potentially move for Mbappe if the ownership issue is completed soon, but for now they are concentrating on others. Al-Hilal will without doubt make a huge offer but the player may see it as too early for such a move. Do not be surprised to see PSG demand Rafa Marin and one of Rodrygo Goes or Vinicius Jr plus cash for a move to Madrid this summer. That may suit everyone.}

1.) 24 Jul 2023 15:47:04
Given the lack of proven goalscorers who are available at the moment, I’d happily take him for a single season with a view to sending him off to Madrid next year or the year after. Sadly, however, it’s difficult to see how the logistics of such a deal could ever work, as Real have presumably promised the lad a ridiculous signing on fee if he runs his contract down. With that in mind, I see only four possible outcomes:

Either Mbappe signs a new deal with PSG with a fixed release clause in his new contract, the Saudi’s pay him and PSG silly money but also include a fixed release clause, or Real come in for him now.

From where I’m sitting though, option 4 seems the most likely; that being that Mbappe runs his contract down. Not only does that allow him to claim a huge signing on fee next year, but it also allows Real to pick him up for considerably less than they would if he were under contract.

If the Saudis were to offer him the same kind of signing on fee as Real would and agree to let him leave next summer for a similar amount, that may suit all parties, but any money they’d end up paying to PSG would effectively just be a one year loan fee.

2.) 24 Jul 2023 16:15:08
Regardless of PSG insisting he'll go to the highest bidder, no matter how many millions or billions the Saudis throw at them he doesn't have to sign anything and Real will surely get him one way or the other.

3.) 24 Jul 2023 20:51:51
Or he could see the mind blowing salary that Saudi will offer and jump, i wouldn't blame him if he did.

4.) 24 Jul 2023 21:58:45
Feels like another circus with him sadly.

5.) 24 Jul 2023 22:37:25
It comes down to whether he is in it for the football or the money.

6.) 25 Jul 2023 05:52:20
A lot of the footballers today just see it as a job and will take the money all day long, just like any of us would.

7.) 25 Jul 2023 09:07:03
Speak for yourself Grim.



30 Jun 2023 05:35:55
Welcome to Manchester United Mason Mount.
Andre Onana and Rasmus Hojlund could probably be the next incomings.


1.) 30 Jun 2023 09:11:08
Definitely see Onana coming in sooner rather than later (perhaps even today) . Think we got a lot of work to get Hojlund over the line, can't see Atlanta making that transfer easy.




TrueRedDevil's banter posts with other poster's replies to TrueRedDevil's banter posts


02 Aug 2023 13:08:35
Hi Ed002,
Any update on the Greenwood situation?
Also, do United plan to offer a short term deal for Jonny Evans?
Wondering if he is planned as the possible Maguire replacement.


{Ed002's Note - 1. Not yet. 2. I expect them to. 3. Makes no sense to me at all so I cannot say.}

1.) 02 Aug 2023 19:10:06
Utd announced a year deal for Evans yesterday ??‍♂️.

2.) 02 Aug 2023 20:50:51
When I first heard about Evans I figured it would be like the deal we recently had with mcshane and huddlestone could that be the case? Obviously I'm not sure if that appeals to the player.



29 Jul 2023 20:15:30
Welcome to Manchester United - Rasmus Hojlund

We finally have a striker!


1.) 29 Jul 2023 20:21:32
Not sure how I feel about this. Massive outlay for another unproven. We really needed a 25 goal striker, we’ve not had one hit 20 PL goals since Fergie left, and we’ve gone very risky paying all that for a guy who got 9 goals last season.

2.) 29 Jul 2023 20:42:56
No one should be expecting him to cone in and be a 25 a season striker, he is still youn and developing.

United have paid the money for the player that they think will become a top striker in time and if he is that man for several years the fee is immaterial.

3.) 29 Jul 2023 20:52:31
Stand, can't be any worse than what we had last year. It should be fairly easy to score 20 goals up top for us.

I think he will be a good player for us and score a lot of goals, I have faith in eth and benny to mould him into a top player. there's not many good strikers around and a good few top teams have been keeping an eye on him, so must have something about him.

4.) 29 Jul 2023 22:04:52
We need a CF right now who can guarentee the goals. Kane does that. Osimhen probably. I’d even bet Ivan Toney gets 20 a season in this side. The cost is huge for a guy with no record of prolific goal scoring.

5.) 29 Jul 2023 22:17:16
We played last season without a striker, will be nice to have one this year.

6.) 29 Jul 2023 23:40:10
Jesus! Why are people putting him down before he even kicks a ball for us?

There are plenty of payers who have stepped up at a young age, why can it not be him?

Have some faith in the management. And just quietly, 64mil is nothing these days.

Personally I am glad Kane has not jumped across. Proven striker, yes, longevity and injury free, no. We cannot keep going for the quick fix. History has proven, with a few exceptions, that is does not work.

7.) 29 Jul 2023 23:54:22
If he went on to be a goal machine worth double in a couple of years then we would have posts criticising the club for missing out.

Ultimately trust the manager.

8.) 30 Jul 2023 00:00:30
If we are using the term guarantees 20 goals then you are looking at a handful of strikers who are either not moving or we currently can't afford.
The price for Hojlund puts him in that second bracket with Ramos etc that is up and coming so we have to trust EtH.
Personally think he could be really good and based on last year he will smash the goals tally for our strikers.

9.) 30 Jul 2023 00:27:55
I think it's highly unlikely that he's going to be an instant 25 goal striker.

He's young and unpolished, and needs to work on a few things. His finishing is decent but not outstanding, and his passing could use work. Mostly it seems to be decision making though, which can be fixed through coaching and experience.

In the short term, I think he'll do well. He's my favourite type of striker: fast, strong, agile, a pretty good dribbler, hard working and with good movement. Even when he isn't scoring, he'll make defenders lives difficult, opening space for others and causing defenders to make mistakes. I think he'll bring the best out of Rashford particularly.

10.) 30 Jul 2023 00:57:55
Super optimistic about how we have gone about putting pieces of puzzle together. We may still do one more piece of business and have a squad depth and interchangeable parts. Credit to the manager and the club execs

Looking forward to the new season, we will be very good.

11.) 30 Jul 2023 00:58:26
I am very excited about the signing of Hojlund. I think fans should be pleased if he comes through the season with a few goals, and shows some presence as a true #9. I would expect to see some flashes of brilliance, along with his share of mistakes. If he plays with hunger and desire he will deserve plenty of support. People demanding a certain goal tally have the wrong outlook. I am more interested to see what he is capable of and seeing if he grows over the course of the season.

12.) 30 Jul 2023 01:18:42
He won't take free kicks or penalties, so a goal every two games that he starts would be a good first season in my opinion.

He likes to take defenders on and runs towards the goal, which is always a good thing.

Will want to see Anthony and Rashford get the crosses in more often for him and be less greedy, Shaw will do well, AWB will need to do better.

We will see, but our width being unimpressive with crosses and the fact he will not take the dead balls means 15-20 goals would be a fabulous first season.

13.) 30 Jul 2023 01:28:19
Ivan tony will be going some to score 20 goals this season, given that he is banned until January!

I think we were after Kane and Rasmus. Maybe we still are?

We keep asking why we let clubs like Dortmund buy this type of signing, then cash in 2 seasons later for 100m. We are buying a developmental player who has a high ceiling and it sounds like other top clubs in europe were at least interested. Very excited to watch him grow with us.

14.) 30 Jul 2023 06:04:38
Absolutely buzzing! Quick, strong, tireless and with an immense ceiling of potential.

15 goals next season, 20 the following.

Would now love us to bring in an experienced forward to share the load with him - a Teremi etc. But think our no.9 options for the season will be Hojlund, Rashford (gets Garnacho regular games) and Martial, although I’d happily drive the latter to Saudi myself.

15.) 30 Jul 2023 08:40:45
Have read that ETH will phase him in gently, rotating him with Rashford and Martial.

Immense potential, plus McCarthey’s coaching.

Media will love Hoijland vs Haaland matchup .

16.) 30 Jul 2023 09:33:46
I believe Hojland is 6 foot 3 inches and was recorded running very quickly indeed last season. Can he head a ball? or like Ronaldo, can he learn? Physically he sounds the part, what little I have seen shows him to be quite agile, which is unusual for someone so tall. In fact I didn’t realise he was that tall from the clips, it was only when I looked it up realised how tall he was. He didn’t look lanky and awkward like Weighorst.

At 20 I hope we have scouted him very well for the price being looked at. My guess is he will need time to settle and work off the weight of expectations. I think it is an investment longer term, so can’t see us winning the league this season. With Kane we would have challenged but in two years be looking for his replacement.

We are trusting ETH, although one of his other choices was Antony and we will see how he progresses this season. A strong quick CF is important. Martial needs to give him the No9 shirt.

If it goes through I still think we need another forward, however unpalatable it may be to some, given our financial mess, that may have to be Greenwood.

17.) 30 Jul 2023 09:49:20
No one is putting him down at all, people are just asking for him to be given time and not be crucified by unreallistic exoectations such as should be down with any young player. I for one and most i am sure are very excited for his arrival. But we also want the lad to be given time and not judged as if he was 28 y3ars old and in his prime.

18.) 30 Jul 2023 10:04:32
Dodgy Banter,

Don’t make out like we’ve gotten in early and signed a development player before the big clubs stump up huge fees for them. He signed for Atalanta last summer for €17m and we’ve just paid €70m 11 months later. So it’s hardly a coup.

19.) 30 Jul 2023 11:30:42
Agree Redman although I read somewhere that Holjund may want the no17.

20.) 30 Jul 2023 11:02:22
Agree with Red Man, if there is no bidding for Kane at a late stage like Ed002 says, then we will almost certainly be bringing Greenwood back in. As an injury to Hojland puts us in a worse position than when we had Weghorst. EtH would not let us risk falling into that position again. It'll be Greenwood or another striker.

21.) 30 Jul 2023 14:42:34
There is Martial Rashford and Greenwood who could potentially play striker behind Hojlund assuming he is first choice.

Ok one of them is injury prone, one has been out of football for 18 months and a couple may go on loan but i think they is options enough there and i don't see anyone else coming in until one of the big earners move on and are replaced.

22.) 30 Jul 2023 15:45:40
Forget the the finances of it, it’s a fixed feel with add one, some achievable, some less so, no doubt the press and other clubs will add it altogether as a stick to beat him with, let’s not do the same, we’re paying for his potential as much as anything else, isn’t that bad a fee in the grand scheme of things.

23.) 30 Jul 2023 15:59:39
We had Rashford, Weghorst and Martial.

This season probably Rashford, Hoijland and MG.

So I suspect it will be another striker or MG staying put.

I think money will play a factor and it will end up being MG staying.



23 Nov 2022 04:44:21
Manchester United club is for sale, officially confirmed on the club website.
Great news to start the day!


1.) 23 Nov 2022 08:38:38
Can’t find that announcement on the club site.

2.) 23 Nov 2022 09:34:29
Oh look. Mr Positive replies on another thread. The club statement is in the Twittersphere.

3.) 23 Nov 2022 10:05:24
Oh look, you do the same, but so long as it’s on twatterbate ……. ??.



05 Sep 2022 12:26:23
Antony - What a debut!
A proper Brazilian with magical foot work.
We have been missing someone of his profile.

Forget the goal, his defensive contribution was immense.
Time and time he tracked back, tackled and recovered possession.


1.) 05 Sep 2022 18:39:34
First game and a good team goal well finished by Antony. Early days but fingers crossed for the future.

2.) 05 Sep 2022 22:26:46
What an amazing start for him and I think he willl be a huge success for us.



05 Jul 2022 15:13:08
Tyler Malacia unveiled.

Young, athletic, pacy, energetic.
Ten Hag wanted him at Ajax. So must have seen something special in him.

Hope our new coaches can bring the best out of him and fulfill his potential.

First of many signings hopefully.


1.) 05 Jul 2022 15:25:19
Got to say I'm quite excited by this one. Was looking his game Vs Roma and he's a real live wire.

Seems to do everything at pace and puts plenty of balls in the box. We've all been asking for us to sign the players before their worth £50m+ and fingers crossed that we can develop him into that.

2.) 05 Jul 2022 16:30:36
Totally agree he looks a very good prospect, watched him against Wales a couple of weeks ago and he is certainly quick.
Read a scouting report on him recently, written in summer 2021, you might want to read-
The first thing to know about Tyrell Malacia is that he is a top-end athlete relative to his position. This is vital for a full-back in ways that perhaps are not true for any other role on the pitch – modern, possession-based football demands end-to-end coverage from wide-men in defence. Malacia no doubt sports the engine and straight line speed to meet these needs. Malacia’s athleticism feeds into almost all of his defensive strengths.
Not only does he have excellent recovery pace, but he is a very strong one-on-one defender – both proactive about engaging wingers in wide areas and very difficult to beat due to strong acceleration and anticipation over short spaces. According to Opta data, he has been dribbled past only 0.7 times per 90 minutes played this campaign.
In terms of defensive positioning, Malacia is a mixed bag. On the one hand, he clearly recognizes and anticipates opportunities for the opposition to progress the ball centrally – he will often cheat into central spaces in front of the centre-backs to prevent opposition forwards from receiving on the half turn.
On the other hand, Malacia is often out of position in transition. His elite athleticism allows him to make last ditch, hero-ball tackles with great frequency, but it is likely that this would be exposed more frequently in a stronger league with a greater level of physicality. In terms of weaknesses, this is where Malacia demands the most improvement – Feyenoord’s right half-space is frequently exploitable due to his positional inclinations.
Going forward is where he is both most exciting and most frustrating. He has the potential to excel at almost every facet of attacking play as a full-back.

Typically taking up classic wide-and-deep positions ahead of the backline near the touchline, Malacia is an above average progressive passer relative to his position. Keen on playing combinations down the line for his winger, or switching play diagonally for Feyenoord’s star number ten Steven Berghuis, Malacia is frequently a progressive outlet for a side that has struggled to move the ball centrally for much of the Dutchman’s career.
Not only is he a relatively talented passer, but he also leverages his elite athleticism into positive progressive outcomes as a ball-carrier. He often drives into space on the wing to move the ball from defence to attack. Malacia likes to sit wide and deep in the opposition final third, allowing Feyenoord’s left winger to drag the opposition narrow, then receive the ball in a position where he can either deliver an early cross or run at his marker at speed and beat him to the byline.

As a crosser, his sound long distance passing technique does not abandon him. Tyrell can both bend the ball for an early cross, or drive it on a line into the six-yard box from the byline. This has made him one of the best creative left-backs in the division. Again comparing him to Owen Wijndal of AZ Alkmaar, the Netherlands’ gold standard at left-back, Malacia’s expected goal contributions per 90 minutes of 0.18 is just short of the AZ man’s 0.21, according to Tussen de linies.
What makes Malacia frustrating going forward is his positioning – he is not particularly creative with the spots he chooses to receive in. In particular, you will rarely see him invert in build-up, nor will you see him make driving diagonal runs behind the defensive line, preferring to receive in line with or in front of the opposition block. To be fair, the former is likely down partially, if not entirely, to tactics – but one would still like to see him diversify his behaviour in early stages of possession to truly become a force in first and second phase build-up.

Forecasting Tyrell Malacia's future.
Transfer buzz surrounding Malacia is not extensive at the moment. There are a few sensible reasons for this – first of all, the Dutch youth international simply had yet to play a complete season of senior football prior to this one.

Furthermore, Feyenoord’s unattractive play style and relatively poor results this term have no doubt caused him to be overlooked abroad to some extent, especially compared to his peers.

The best outcome for Malacia is likely another campaign with Feyenoord, this time under Arne Slot – who was at the helm of AZ Alkmaar last season as many of their young players drew attention across the continent for their performances. No doubt, in the summer of 2022 top sides will come calling for Malacia, whose athleticism and experience at left-back give him an extremely high floor given the scarcity of natural players at the position in top level competition.

There we are, we can all be experts now.
No guarantees of course but does seem a good prospect, if he lives up to his nickname of 'pitbull' I am sure that will endear him to the fans whatever.

3.) 05 Jul 2022 17:25:25
Thanks IWOTB.
He will give Shaw a run for his money.
I was sorry of hoping Chelsea would come in for Shaw and we might sell but not likely.

4.) 05 Jul 2022 18:37:46
I get Evra vibes and it makes me nostalgic for happier times.

5.) 05 Jul 2022 18:58:13
Hi Ken, I suspect it could be a bit more than a run for his money with Shaw, as long as he settles OK think he will soon be the starting left back.
Know someone with very good knowledge of Dutch footie and he speaks very highly of Malacia, seems he has an attitude and commitment that matches his nickname.
As much as anything want to see that next season from all players.
I, like you, am very much looking forward to next season and am optimistic, the appointment of ETH was, in my view, the first time in years we have actually looked forward in making an appointment and not looked backwards to the WERE successful, instead we have gone to WILL be successful (hopefully) . He's the new kid on the block rather than the old timers!

6.) 05 Jul 2022 19:50:04
Hearing Pereira to Fulham for £13m. So effectively swapped him for Malacia. Great business. Not a term we’ve heard too often on these pages ?.

7.) 05 Jul 2022 21:55:16
He looks like a good player with great potential. Reminds me a little of Evra, full of running, small but tenacious, likes to get forward.

This is exactly the kind of signings we have been missing. Always chasing the "sexy" big name that'll sell shirts, but no hard working, dedicated young players looking to make the step up and improve.

I hope over the next few years to see more signings like this and less Di Maria's, Falcao's, Cavani's etc.

There is obviously a place for signings like that, but we need to bring in up and coming grafters as well. Those looking to take the next step up rather than a sideways step.

8.) 05 Jul 2022 21:56:51
He looks like a good player with great potential. Reminds me a little of Evra, full of running, small but tenacious, likes to get forward.

This is exactly the kind of signings we have been missing. Always chasing the "sexy" big name that'll sell shirts, but no hard working, dedicated young players looking to make the step up and improve.

I hope over the next few years to see more signings like this and less Di Maria's, Falcao's, Cavani's etc.

There is obviously a place for signings like that, but we need to bring in up and coming grafters as well. Those looking to take the next step up rather than a sideways step.

9.) 05 Jul 2022 22:24:40
Like dalot or awb or Shaw or blind or schniderlin or or Fred or telles. None a 'none a sexy'
It's not a new type of signing at all it's just another one. We hope will be a good one and be able to make the step up.

10.) 05 Jul 2022 22:25:59
Good signing for us if what’s printed is all true. I’ve never watched the guy play personally so not going to profess to know anything about his game. But if ETH rated him as one of the best up and coming talents in the Eredivisie……that will do for me. Hopefully he can show what he can do in pre-season. On the subject of left backs, I think I’d sooner get rid of Shaw than Telles.

I suspect Eriksen will be unveiled by the end of the week. I’m probably in a minority on this one in that I’m a bit on the fence to be honest. It’s not costing us anything and for all intents and purposes he’s a good guy to have around. But we’ve given him 3 years, and I’m just not sure where he fits in. That aside, at least we’re starting to move in the right direction. With Perreira supposedly going to Fulham it’s two in for no outlay.

11.) 05 Jul 2022 22:56:35
If only Shaw would 'run' for his money!

12.) 06 Jul 2022 06:58:18
I am concerned we now have another left back, have they considered whether the young left back Fernandez is going to be good enough? If I was him I would question the wisdom of coming to United. Our first buy is a left back, it isn’t a priority and we appear to not consider our best youth coming through with this one.

13.) 06 Jul 2022 09:46:54
Redman, maybe Shaw And Telles to leave?

14.) 06 Jul 2022 10:01:29
Ken, I'd agree that Dalot, Blind and Schneiderlin were those sort of signings.

Fred was a big money signing, if he was bought in for around 25-30m I'd agree, but when someone comes in for 50m+ there is an expectancy that they go straight into the first team and have an impact. Same with AWB, 50m+ signing. Shaw was the most expensive teenager at the time we signed him, not really a under the radar type deal. Telles was 26 and in his prime, not really a younger player looking to step up a level or two.

I'm not saying we don't ever make signings like this, but they are definitely a rarity, and I think we could do with a few more like that over signing the big name (and often in our case declining) player for a large fee.

15.) 06 Jul 2022 10:08:37
Red man, I hope Fernandez isn't forgotten about, he looks too good for under 23 football.

Given we have Shaw, Telles, Williams and now Malacia I would hope he gets a loan to a decent Championship side to prove himself at a higher level and continue his development.

I suspect Telles will be leaving this summer, Williams is also probably headed for the exit door.

Shaw has one year left to run on his 150k per week deal (with the club also having the option to extend for a further year) . I think this season will be make or break for him. Seven years into his Old Trafford career and we have had one very good season from him, a few months here and there of good form, and about 5 years of average/ poor form or out injured.

Loan out Fernandez and allow him to continue to develop with one eye on him coming back in a years time to take Shaw's place leaving Fernandez and Malacia to fight it out for the LB spot.

16.) 06 Jul 2022 12:56:50
Lb was a priority for the manager redman.
How many times have you come on moaning we don't get the players the manager wants?
Telles will go this summer Shaw not long after wait n see.
Should we buy a new cf or let me eil at it.
You need to make up your mind and show consistency.
Do you want what you want or what the manager wants or is it you just want to have a moan just for the sake of it as your showing complete double standards there.

17.) 06 Jul 2022 19:06:23

The club was built on youth, Fernandez has real potential and now we have 5 left backs.

I support our youth with consistency. But I don’t support the manager blindly, they have to earn that.

ETH is what you want, but you didn’t support Ole or RR, is that consistency or double standards?




TrueRedDevil's rumour replies


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22 Jun 2023 15:18:16
Onana to United is a good bet.




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11 Jun 2023 12:32:03
City's CB options are out of this world.
Ake, Stones, Laporte, Dias and Akanji

We need similar standards.




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01 Jun 2023 08:36:15
Elanga reminds me of Dan James.
He just has pace, other than that he doesn't really offer anything.
Garnacho is twice the talent and even Pellistri is better.

It's better for both parties to part ways.
Elanga needs game time to progress his career.




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01 Oct 2022 15:21:11
Shappy you said same thing about the budget last summer.

Bellingham is a generational talent, we should be all over him.




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15 Sep 2022 05:41:39
Halesini, Ole bottled the Champions league group stage (from leading the group) and therefore we were dropped to Europa. That is not something to cheer about, is it?

His decision to make Maguire captain who is a liability was shocking and still creates dressing room rift.

Played players through injury and crocked them.

So many terrible decisions that we are still having to clean up his mess.

The worst managerial appointment ever.





TrueRedDevil's banter replies


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03 Jan 2024 17:23:26
He set the club back few years by having Maguire as captain.
Won nothing and bottled when mattered.




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05 Nov 2023 15:04:21
We are the first team to get a goal ruled out for a 'subjective offide' :)




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04 Oct 2023 20:13:52
Onana almost single handedly lost us the game against Bayern and Gala.
Pressure is getting the better of him.
We need to get behind him as we did with DDG during his calamitous start.




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27 Sep 2023 15:14:37
Bruno's stunner literally won us the crunch game against Burnley. Short memories.




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25 Sep 2023 13:50:18
Injuries especially to our defense is ridiculous.
Shaw, Martinez, Varane, AWB. That's our first choice defense.
Add to that Malacia, Maguire, Reguilon.
We need to grind out results in this tough phase.