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28 Aug 2023 11:46:11
Many conflicting stories in media today about Amrabat and whether United still intend to sign him or not - and when.

Other stories suggesting NcTominay to Bayern, perhaps even on loan with reciprocal loan to United for Gravenburch.

Plus stories about leftback lians.

Wonder if any of the Ed's might be good enough to give us some clarity on the Amrabat stories, Ie do United still want him? ) and the McTomibay/ Gravenburch speculation.

Many thanks as always!


{Ed002's Note - There has been no firm offer from Amrabat from Liverpool or Manchester United - but I would expect a move this week to one of a number of interested sides. Gravenberch may go down to the wire with Manchester United and Liverpool keen. I don't know anything of an exchange being discussed with SMcT.}

1.) 29 Aug 2023 08:11:40
Thanks as always for the reply Ed002, always appreciated.



09 Aug 2023 10:20:29
Hi Ed002,

Sorry to hassle you but, given news about Maguire to West Ham emerging this morning, you're the first point of call if we really want to know the truth about transfers.

If Maguire does indeed leave, would United be looking to sign another Centre Back please? And, if so, might you be good enough to post who we might be looking at please?!

(Otherwise, one year contract for J. Evans I guess! )

Or will they use the money to bid for Amrabat ASAP?

Thanks as always for any info you feel you can provide!


{Ed002's Note - They will look to recruit a CB - I have explained this.}

1.) 09 Aug 2023 10:33:00
Thanks Ed002, will look back at your posts and see who you mentioned.

2.) 09 Aug 2023 10:42:42
Jean Clair Todibo.

3.) 09 Aug 2023 10:55:08
MU will highly likely look to Todibo now. He will share the Varane workload.

4.) 09 Aug 2023 11:02:37
Todibo or Tapsoba seem the most likely.

5.) 09 Aug 2023 11:14:38
Looked at Tobido yesterday on utube. Looks a young version of Varane but better dribbler and has pace for what's its worth. Defensively not as polished but quite calm and stays on his feet. Can only assume he will get better with age.

6.) 09 Aug 2023 12:02:03
Prefer the reviews of Tapsoba: looks immense.

Few question marks over Todibo: inconsistent performances at previous clubs.

7.) 09 Aug 2023 12:49:10
Pavard adds option of RB cover too. Means club could cash in on Dalot or AWB.

8.) 09 Aug 2023 13:12:03

I sense you really like our right backs lol. Just to brighten your day, we are supposedly looking to extend AWB contract. I agree btw both are not great going forward, Dalot better than awb.

I think we will buy someone younger than Pavard given the age profiles of what we have done so far. Clearly buying younger players as foundation for future years.

9.) 09 Aug 2023 14:01:04
I don't dislike them. AWB is great at defending. Arguably the best in the league. Dalot better at attacking, but throughout a match you'll see AWB and Eriksen playing 1-2s when we are in good attacking positions and letting the opposition team get back into their positions, nullifying the attack.

EtH wants a better RB, but I guess there are bigger fish to fry this summer. I don't put much emphasis on contracts. AWB is homegrown. He is a good squad player. Great to bring on to secure and protect a lead.

Dalot can get forward and offer more. With Bruno and Antony closing down, it may give Dalot more license to take more chances. Noticed in preseason Antony was doing very well at closing down and chasing back.

And Bruno is a massive upgrade on Eriksen in that department too.

10.) 09 Aug 2023 14:59:57
Murtough might get some stick, but I think he has done quite well over the last few windows.

Might be that EtH has put forward realistic targets or players that suit the system he wants to play rather than what was previously done. Credit where credit's due.

11.) 09 Aug 2023 16:54:55
AWB is homegrown?

But I have to disagree with AWB great at defending. He is probably the best "tackler" I've ever seen. Pin point accurate slide tackles. But that's last ditch defending, and happens because attacking player and ball have got into a very dangerous position. I think the Dutch have a saying that if a defender comes off the pitch with grass stains on his shorts, then he hasn't done his job right.

Credit to the lad for the improvements ETH has coached into him, but with ball at feet he still makes Fred look like Maradona. Credit to Dalot too for the passion he shows, but neither are the RB to take us to the next level in an age where FBs are offensively key

Both will have to do for now though, we definitely have more urgency in other areas.

12.) 09 Aug 2023 20:07:40
Am i the only one that wished we would of got KMJ instead.

13.) 09 Aug 2023 23:23:40

Well no, the club wanted him but we needed to get rid of someone first and Bayern got in there before we could, just one of them things, no point in dwelling on it. Last summer everyone had a meltdown because we didn’t get Darwin Nunez, previously it was Eden Hazard, there are always players we could have got but we can’t sign everyone.

14.) 09 Aug 2023 23:28:58
I hate all this AWB is great at defending, best defender i world best one on one defender in the world nonsense.

He isnt. He is the best very specifically at recovery tackles. So when he has failed in his primary task he manages to bail himself out more regualarly than anyone else.

He of course has more opportunities thans most and a lot more practise because he is always in the wrong position and has misread the game so badly.



20 Jul 2023 16:00:04
Hi Ed002,

Thank you for the info on the Liverpool page about Amrabat - interesting to see that United not mentioned (despite lesser sources repeating links to United in the media. )

Guessing that he's not interested in United (and vice Verda) ; do you think United will use Kobbie Mainoo as a DM back up to Casameiro instead, or are they still looking for a DM?

Thanks for any additional info!


{Ed002's Note - Amrabat is of interest and Manchester United offer a serious option.}

1.) 20 Jul 2023 17:34:19
Thanks for swift reply Ed002!



29 Jun 2023 20:50:34
Hi Ed002,

Recently, you've been kind enough to provide us with GK, CB and MF targets - thank you as always.

If you have time, would you be good enough to post our current striker/ forward targets please?

Thanks you.


{Ed002's Note - Adama Bojang (W/AM/S) Can now be discounted.
Marcus Thuram (S/LW) Can now be discounted.
Neymar (F) Player will almost certainly reject any move.
Harry Kane (S) Bayern Munich and Manchester United remain interested in the player and I expect Bayern Munich to make a very significant offer whilst Manchetser United could look to their other targets as they balance age against cost - but he and Osimhen will be the clear preferred choices. Spurs will not want to sell and perhaps the new coach will persuade him to stay, but Spurs may have to accept his departure.
Victor Osimhen (S) Likely first choice. Napoli will likely price him out of a move this summer by asking €180M.
Benjamin Sesko (S/F) Not going to happen.
Dusan Vlahovic (S) I see a move to MU as unlikely particularly given talks with another side.
Gonçalo Ramos (F/AM) will emerge as first choice and something can be done.
Rasmus Hojlund (S) Everything is on hold pending what happens with Osihem and Juventus if they lose Vlahovic. Could be priced out of a move this year - but still an option for Manchester United.Newcastle, Brighton and Arsenal have sent scouts and might be an option for Manchester United.}

1.) 30 Jun 2023 09:33:32
Thank you so much Ed002!

2.) 30 Jun 2023 09:37:35
(Thanks also for giving hope that Ramos could be signed - my preference as complete modern attacker from what I’ve heard)

3.) 30 Jun 2023 10:09:55
In an ideal world Kane would be my preferred option, he is ready made and as guaranteed as you are going to get. I also think that his style of play would work well with the players we have especially his link up play.
However, on the basis that we look like needing 2 players on top of the other purchases I don't think the money needed to get him is available. On that basis I see the login in Ramos/ Hojlund. Even looking at some lesser/ cheaper players as that second option.
It will also be interesting what we decide to do with Martial, wether EtH thinks (again with the budget) we need to keep him as back up striker/ winger as part of rotation.

4.) 30 Jun 2023 11:01:30
I see no point in keeping Martial as back up, he’s barely available as back up, if he where to be sold I’d imagine it would have to be a low fee due to his wage.

Harry Kane would instantly transform our attack he’s just that good and I rate him higher than Haaland but taking into account his age and fee that Levy would demand I’m more inclined to go for Ramos/ Hojlund and nurture them to be the next Kane/ Haaland (potentially)

5.) 30 Jun 2023 12:06:14
In a dream world we manage to move a few players on for some decent money and make an offer that Spurs can’t refuse for Kane. If Kane can’t be signed though Ramos has always been second on my list, if the rumours that they’ve dropped their asking price are true then it’s a bargain. I’m not convinced Hojlund will be able to lead the line for us this season, so I’d imagine Rashford will play as the 9 a lot this season if we made that signing.

6.) 30 Jun 2023 14:45:12
I think Ramos would be a good fit for us. Holds the ball well, great header of a ball and decent with feet too. He’d be well suited to the Premier league.

7.) 30 Jun 2023 22:03:25
Guys what is ramos like? I saw the game in the WC he got a hat trick and that’s it tbh.

8.) 01 Jul 2023 02:46:39
Caolan, benfica are my second team ever since working and living in Lisbon and I do catch a fair bit of their games.

Ramos is a very very good player, but also like his predecessor Nunez, he may seem raw and struggle in his first season in the prem if he does join us.

But he has all the attributes to be a top striker, he's fluid, he can finish and he thankfully has a decent header on him.

9.) 01 Jul 2023 08:57:31
Good Morning Ed002

Thank you for the summary and update. I see kolo muani is not on the list as a possible target. Has something changed regarding his situation.

{Ed002's Note - He is off the table for now.}



26 Jun 2023 09:00:52
Hi Ed002,

Hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are - or slowly regaining consciousness backstage as Glastonbury packs up!

Whilst I think (I suspect you have a legal background) you only deal with facts, would you be good enough to give any insights you might have about why the sale of United is taking so long?

Have Raine given their recommendations to the Glazers yet - and is it just up to the Glazers now to decide which bid to accept?

Are the Glazers hoping Raine will generate higher bids if they keep pitting both sides against each other?

Has everything been sorted and it's now a case of everything being signed off before an announcement being made? (Ie they are reluctant to identify an exclusive bidder just in case the preferred one falls through? )

Given the impending United quarterly meeting, are they just waiting for the right timing?

Are they waiting until the start of July (Ie contracts up) as they usually seem to do in the transfer window?

Or - hopefully not - have they just been playing the market and buyers all along and always intended to stay?

Sorry for the deluge of questions - just wondered if you are in a position to offer any hint of clarity.

Many thanks as always!


{Ed002's Note - There is no fixed period that takeovers need to be completed in but I understand the frustration fe;t by supporters. The situation remains that Raine will have ingformed the owners of the status of each of the two bids - which are are different in nature. Sheikh Yer Bouti wants a complete takeover at a fixed price and has made what may amount to be a final offer which does not match the value that has been placed on the club, but may prove acceptable. Jim Ratcliffe offers a deal that allows the Glazers to retain part ownership but, without going in to detail, he needs the remaining owners to trade their Class A and Class B shares in to common stock - and this they will be reluctant to do as it waters down their voting rights. Raine favour the offer from Jim Ratcliffe and it probably is attractive to the owners but they will not want to exchange their remaining shares which means that the offer from Sheikh Yer Bouti, if it really is a final offer, may be acceptable will clear debts and remove the Glazers, but it ties the club very closely to the Qautari state. Nobody is waiting a Quarterly Meeting, a fixed date or anything else. Regardless, both sides remain keen to push a deal through and Jim already owns Luserne and Nice to form the basis of a multiple club ownership set up you will see more of in the future. The fans of Nice are against the move due to UEFA regulations. So a bit up in the air still, but on going.}

1.) 26 Jun 2023 12:17:04
Thank you SO much Ed002 for the clarity - very much appreciated!

You can understand why SJR wants the Glazers to dilute their voting rights - he’s not paying all that money to give others a say. (Though guess the Glazers still want to interfere in the club - why change a habit! )

Thanks so much again - really appreciate the accessible way you’ve described the situation also.

2.) 26 Jun 2023 14:02:19
This is a great explanation and clears up so much for us. Better than I’ve seen anywhere else. If Raine have recommended Sir Jim’s offer, but Qatar is acceptable too. Are there ongoing discussions over the share conversion issue to see if it can be resolved? Or is it just all final from each party and now up to the glazers based on the info from Raine?

3.) 26 Jun 2023 15:12:45
Great explanation Ed! So much nonsense in the media and everywhere else. Absolutely pointless looking at and reading anything else online when it comes to transfers, and now the takeover. It is all guess work and done to sell papers or get clicks.

This site continues to be the only place we can get actual facts and information. Thank you to all of the Ed’s for all of the hard work, especially Ed002 for answering endless questions and giving us accurate information, even if sometimes it isn’t what some want to hear.

4.) 26 Jun 2023 21:30:58

Thank you for such great insightful explanation. I know you don't like to get into too much detail but just your opinion on who you believe would be better for the club in terms of fixing things and giving the club a structure to succeed.

{Ed002's Note - I know Jim Ratcliffe well enough to say he would be a great owner. Sheikh Yer Bouti will clear debts and make more money available but the club still need to meet FFP rules.}

5.) 26 Jun 2023 21:58:04

Thank you for the opinion and highly appreciated.

6.) 26 Jun 2023 22:17:39
Ed, is it true that the Nice fans don’t like SJR’s ownership of their club? If he would be a great owner of United, why is this not how the Nice fans think of him as their owner? What would be different at United?

Or is it typical football fans expecting too much?

{Ed002's Note - That is not really the issue. The problem is at Nice is that they can get in to the Champions League they will be excluded if Manchester United qualify as expected.}




Wallace's banter posts with other poster's replies to Wallace's banter posts


08 Sep 2023 09:47:08
Club currently rotten from the top downwards, all predicated by Glazers desire to run United as a financial institution rather than a football club.

All decisions are linked to money, cost and profit implications, with no thought to actual football decisions.

Hence the chaos and stinking moral cesspit that United is becoming. (Greenwood, Antony, team spirit etc)

My only hope is that the Glazers see United as the sinking ship it currently is and cash out while they can.

Then new owners - motivated by achieving football success rather than financial - can sweep out all the fetid structures and actually start to invest in the football team and infrastructure do we can start to catch City, rather than continually falling behind…

Being pessimistic (am really down on United at the moment) can see us doing a Chelsea this year and finishing mid-table: this season has that feel about it, with the injuries, internal politics, bickering, etc.

Maybe short term pain for long term gain if it means Glazers finally go if they cash out now because of crumbling season.


1.) 08 Sep 2023 10:01:19
Unfortunately I agree with all of that and feel the same way.

2.) 08 Sep 2023 12:37:00
I’m sure I’ll be called negative and pessimistic, but from what I’ve seen so far I think United will be lucky to finish mid table. So many good looking teams in the league this year, most of which look to be playing with far more fight and belief.

I think the home form will keep united’s heads above water. But another season of getting spanked away from home I feel.

But as you’ve said, if a terrible season means the owners go, then maybe it will be worth it.

Suppose the worrying part of that type of scenario is will the manager and some of the better players be around next season if it ends up being that bad a season.

3.) 08 Sep 2023 13:55:05
I said years ago I’d take relegation if it meant getting rid of the leeches

Really sad that I’m more bothered about what is happening off the field than what goes on it

Being saying it now for over a decade that the club is rotten to the core

Praying for a miracle.

4.) 08 Sep 2023 14:44:58

How much money do you want with me that we are not ‘lucky to finish mid table’ by the end of the season? What a crazy thing to suggest of teams that came 3rd last year, got to 2 finals and has improved in the summer.

5.) 08 Sep 2023 16:29:02
It would be a bet I’d be happy to lose. Just because we finished third last year doesn’t mean a thing this year.

Chelsea finished third in 2022 and then look at them the year after! Liverpool finished second in that same year and they fell off last year.

I want to be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. But I’m not seeing anything (yet) to prove we are in line for a top 4 battle and a trophy hunt.

You can’t guarantee we’ve improved. We’ve bought players. No guarantee they will make an improvement to the team.

6.) 08 Sep 2023 12:26:55
Exactly right, Wallace I think the club, needs to start again afresh, hoping it’s new owners come in and have total new team from top to bottom, have some sort of plan moving forward and all singing from same hymn sheet, purchases made with the plan in mind, all teams playing the same way get an identity, so every club knows how we play and it’s there job to stop it, just like City have managed to do in a relatively short space of time.
Manager moves on anytime another steps in same progression, ATM we just lurch from one catastrophe to another, nothing convinces me we have any direction on or of the field, the football style ain’t great, the acquisitions are not great, we clearly have no youngsters coming through, then problems in the camp etc etc. terrible attitudes of players.
Due diligence needs to be done competently, because clearly atm that’s not happening.
That’s why I say every department needs an overhaul
But of course to do that you need someone with very deep pockets who is prepared for the project, sadly they may only be a state ownership, who wants to use it as a promotional vehicle, but it can’t go on like this, because we are falling further behind every season that goes by.
I know most of you on here see things in your red tints but you seriously need to wake up and smell the coffee. It’s a total mess
To those of you that say we are improving be honest with yourself, how many times have you actually sat down and seen a great game from united and think wow that was fantastic…
This is not being a Debbie Downer this is being realistic, stop accusing me of not being a supporter of united, but I am not liking one bit what I am seeing, some people seem to be in a time warp.

7.) 08 Sep 2023 19:47:49
Wish my red tints could filter out commas!

8.) 09 Sep 2023 00:44:26
The issue isn’t with your opinion Maze, it’s that you feel the need to constantly write the same thing on every single post whether it is about that or not, we get that you think all the players are crap and Ten isn’t good enough, even you must be bored of typing it 200 times a day even if it is for a reaction.



14 Dec 2022 09:29:29
More reports today about Sancho and his battle to get fit both mentally and physically.

Does anyone know what’s really going on here?

Is there more to him just getting fitter and overcoming a presumed lack of confidence possibly caused by United’s car-crash year last year and competition for his place?

Hope he gets back soon and back towards fulfilling his potential.


1.) 14 Dec 2022 10:03:18
I've been told he has had a few "personal" problems recently that aren't related to football.

Like pretty much everyone else if you're not in a good place in your private life you aren't likely to be able to perform to your best in your professional life. Footballers are no different.

Lingard's form suffered when his mum was ill and he had to assume parental responsibility over his siblings.

Rashford's form dropped while he was having off field problems in his private life.

Unless the player themselves talks about their issues publicly I don't think it's fair to discuss them on a public forum. They should be entitled to have a private life.

Hopefully though a combination of time, and support Sancho will overcome the issues he is currently dealing with and get back to his best form.

2.) 14 Dec 2022 10:44:12
Thanks for info Shappy.

Media speculating many things this morning:

Why the need to go Holland with several United coaches? Maybe jyst to get him away from the pressure cooker environment so he can solely focus on holistic recovery (United apparently impressed with sensitivity of ETH dealing with him)

Pressure of not living up to the hype? Not the player we thought we were signing - good in highlights reel from Dortmund but lesser league (allegedly)

Lacking the pace and intensity ETH style demands? And not up to it?

Question of professionalism and attitude?

Clashed with Ronaldo several times - was one of the youngsters Ronaldo was complaining about?

Think I’m inclined to agree with you Shappy: personal problems that have affected his performance (was decent pre-season) so best thing is to remove him from the upsetting environment, focus on getting well physically and mentally then hopefully return a better player.

(I’d consider playing him upfront rather than in the wing)

3.) 14 Dec 2022 11:16:23
He's just the latest player everyone has chosen to jump on. It'll be someone else in a few weeks.

4.) 14 Dec 2022 12:07:04
Who jumped on him and in what way?
All I see is people saying his form had been a huge disappointment to many.
Well it has, he had not played well at all. Bit reproduced his form from Germany.
I've not seen anybody abusing him I've not seen anybody jumping on him only commenting on what they see.
He may have reasons for the drop in form if he has then hopefully he is dealing with them but on the pitch he has been a major disappointment and he needs to improve or get sold one out the other.
The club look like they are doing everything they can for the former to be the outcome.

5.) 14 Dec 2022 23:32:10
He has shown flashes of what he can do. There is definitely talent there. I think it's refreshing that the club are keeping him away from the media and personal training in an effort to get him back on track. As supporters let's do exactly that. support him and give him the time and opportunity to try and get back to his best.



02 Oct 2022 08:02:52
Great article by James Ducker in tbe Telegraph giving insights into leadership in the dressing room:

Tom Heaton in particular, seen as future Director of Football

Bruno, Maguire, DDG also senior leaders

Martinez really popular and good with the youngsters

Gravity and respect carried by Casameiro and Varane

Eriksen VERY popular and so enthusiastic

ETH seen as very fair but meticulous and hates unprofessional and tardiness

Plus lots more

Huge turnaround from the mess that accumulated last season.


1.) 02 Oct 2022 12:05:28
Tom Heaton, 3rd choice goalie to DOF. Cheers James, but I think I'll skip that article ?.

2.) 02 Oct 2022 16:30:00
Thats weird angelred as to why Heaton can't be a DOF. Remind me what position did Luis Campos play that he is football advisor at PSG?

3.) 02 Oct 2022 17:06:46
Any chance these leaders could have turned up at 2pm today when we were getting annihilated?



28 Sep 2022 10:09:12
As it looks like we’ll have very little money available for signings next Summer (striker and GK only? ) was wondering if any posters have been keeping an eye on the progress of loanees

Ethan Laird (QPR)

Hannibal (Birmingham)

Amad Diallo (Sunderland)

Alvaro Fernandez (Preston)

And whether they are making a good impression and might be ready to step up to the first team squad in the Summer?

Also, any other youngsters who might be in contention?

Iqbal, Savage, McNeill, Jurado, mainoo? Others?

Garnacho already there and waiting for opportunities

Could well save us some money!


1.) 28 Sep 2022 10:36:03
I have a friend who is a QPR fan and he is waxing lyrical about Laird. He's been to every home game and a couple of away games so has watched him in the flesh and thinks he will be a top player.

From what I've seen/ heard Laird is the one who is doing bits while on loan.

The others have pretty much only made substitute appearances, although Fernandez started Preston's last game and played 70 minutes.

Laird seems to be the one who looks most ready for the first team squad next season. Fernandez will probably need another loan, as will Hannibal.

Amad I don't think is made to play in English football, he is small and struggles with the physicality. Next summer he might need to leave for the good of his career.

Garnacho looks ready to play some first team minutes, as does Zidane Iqbal. With Charlie Savage close.

Mainoo will likely need a loan next season unless he does something special this season. Which is probably the same with McNeil.

Jurado seems a year or two away in my opinion.

Laird is the one who could really save us some money as he seems most ready and if Dalot can tie down thr RB spot as first choice then Laird could comfortably come in as back up next season in my opinion.

2.) 28 Sep 2022 10:37:14
I don't think anybody knows what money will be available.
It depends on which players move on and what money we get for them also.
Fernández has not got a regular starting berth at Preston but according to what I've read he has played well when he has played.
I think he is a shoe in for Shaw and I suppose we could get 15 / 20m for Shaw from one of the London clubs.
Hannibal and amad again it's early both are doing well by all accounts without excelling hopefully they will improve.
Interestingly laird is getting great reviews at qpr again if dalot keeps improving you might see laird replace awb
Henderson should be sold imo
So hope we see maguire Shaw awb Jones tuanzebe fred and ronaldo move on.
I'll be shocked if we don't sign more than 2 players but I'd imagine it will be 3 or 4 but at lower costs.
We may only have what we generate in sales to invest. Which is what a lot of clubs do.
All depends on where we finish and who eth wants to get rid of I'd imagine.

3.) 28 Sep 2022 11:01:16
Apart from Shaw, who I still think has a chance and possibly the potential to play well. ETH has shown he's not against giving our players a chance if they play well. I see Shaw doing that as he actually had a decent game against England.
I think De Gea's place in the squad is a threat and not a lot of news around it, but Dalot too. Dalot contract expires this year, we do have 1 year extension but given how his performances have been improving and the love of portuguese players to play in Spain, if we don't extend his contract Barcelona or RM could be in for him.
Next 1-2 years I think we will see huge transitions. And some players getting sold that u couldn't think would be. ETH doesn't seem like a manager who wants to play players who are not committed.
He's basically shunned AWB too.

4.) 28 Sep 2022 15:47:08
Rohan Shaw scored a scruffy goal alright but won none of his tackles made 18 passes not 1 went to an England colleague.
Made 4 crosses with 1 out of 4 meeting an England shirt.

5.) 28 Sep 2022 16:49:47
Shaw isn't going to be the answer. He's a patches player. Plays well in patches but generally can't be trusted to keep that form up.

Malacia is clear first choice now. I'm sure like all young players he'll have a wobble at some point and will have to overcome a dip in form. But he's clearly EtH's choice.

Personally I think Shaw's time at the club is dependent on when Alvaro Fernandez is ready to be Malacia's understudy.

Shaw's contract is up next summer, although the club have a one year option. Unless we give him a new deal and probably a pay rise (and why would we) then he will either leave on a free next summer or the year after.

If Fernandez is ready next year then Shaw leaves on a free. If Fernandez needs another year on loan then I'd expect the club to activate the one year option in Shaw's deal and then let him leave on a free in 2024.

6.) 28 Sep 2022 17:18:24
I agree about laird. No one has mentioned Facundo Pellistri . what are the thoughts on him?

7.) 28 Sep 2022 17:30:55
I said on here a few weeks ago that Laird should be in our squad as he’s better than the right backs we have but was shouted down by one person in particular.

Dalot has actually played better than I expected but with ETH not trusting AWB at all we could do with Laird in the squad now. Obviously someone at the club thought another year on loan would do him good and that we can cope without him though so fingers crossed this year gives him the chance to be ready next year.

8.) 28 Sep 2022 19:40:35
mbd, Pellistri was kept at the club by EtH ahead of the likes of Amad. Although I think he might have picked up an injury toward end of pre-season/ start of the season.

Reportedly he impressed EtH during the tour, so I guess we'll see if he gets any game time once he is back from injury.

He might as we only really have Antony who prefers to play on the right hand side. So he might get a few games in the cups.

9.) 28 Sep 2022 20:11:29
This season will benefit him and he can mount a challenge next season gds2.
He is a good player no doubt about that. He had a few injuries he seems to have got over them and is putting in good games weekly.

10.) 28 Sep 2022 20:56:21
Ken, it'll be interesting to see how he does this season in terms of injuries.

Some young lads suffer with them at certain points as they have growth spurts and their body is adjusting into a man's body. But once their body has settled down they don't suffer with persistent injuries anymore.

Others sadly go on to struggle with injuries for the rest of their career.

Fingers crossed he is the former and not the latter, as he is a super talent and it'd be good to see him have a chance to make the most of his potential.

I agree he is probably at the best place for his development. As mentioned he has missed opportunities to develop and play games due to injury. He now needs to get minutes under his belt and develop into the player he can be.

Next summer if he's had a great season at QPR he can come back and challenge Dalot for the RB spot.

11.) 29 Sep 2022 06:56:26
I can't believe people still expect Shaw to be anything good enough for us.

It's hilarious to say the least.

12.) 29 Sep 2022 07:26:17
Thanks for all replies, always interesting looking out for our loanees.

Think Pellistri played for Uruguay this week.

Heard good things also about Hannibal impressing at Birmingham; think he’ll be ready for the first team squad next year, along with Laird and Iqbal.

13.) 29 Sep 2022 14:39:53
I very much doubt we will see laird starting for us any time soon. Easy to look decent in a lower league. See nothing myself to suggest he will make a name for himself here. IMO with how many managers been and gone during his development you'd think atleast one of them would have kept him in the fold if he was anywhere near good enough?

Happy to be proven wrong but as I say, I very much doubt it.

14.) 29 Sep 2022 14:49:32
We've been horrendous at using the loan system to our advantage for years. Players with decent potential like Chong and Gomes left playing U23s for for years stunted their development. The best thing for these lads is to play men's football week in week out, be a part of team, get used to rigours and demands of senior football.

Laird staying at United to play 500 minutes this season wouldn't be nearly beneficial than a season at QPR, especially when we have RBs in our squad available.

I Watched some of Hannibals highlights, he's been doing well with the minutes he's getting. I think both of Amad and Pellestri will leave next summer. Anthony is cemented in at RW now with Sancho, Elanga and Rashford there for when he doesn't play. I can't see Pellestri getting minutes.

The two lads in midfield Iqbal and Savage is interesting. I think there might be some minutes there for them this season but centre backs, central midfielders and strikers don't generally break into top first teams that young. Loans for both should be secured in January.

There's a good crop of young lads who will definetely have decent careers, hopefully two or three can do it with us.

15.) 29 Sep 2022 14:47:02
I have watched Hannibal twice and the way he tackles and goes in is a red card waiting to happen. Maybe it was just coincidence. Goes to ground too much for my liking for a player.

16.) 01 Oct 2022 15:04:42
Things that Hannibal would be expected to learn from experience.



08 Sep 2022 13:14:53
With Liverpool either exhausted, feeling effects of injuries, missing Mane or just coming to the end of their current cycle - plus Chelsea needing a bit of time to implement Potter’s ideas - United surely must be invigorated by potential to get top 4 now.

Start of season, most Woukd have predicted Top 6 as City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and United.

As it stands now, City, Spurs, Arsenal and United might be more realistic.

Plus our players are still learning and improving, Casameiro and Antony yet to make an impact plus youngsters coming into the squad isuch as Garnacho and McNeill, Mainoo.

Feel really positive now (plus rumours about sale of club. Such a change from depression of last season!


1.) 08 Sep 2022 13:42:04
Cant take anything for granted, Potter could come in and hit the ground running because Chelsea have a really good set of players who are used to managers coming and going.

Liverpool managed to make top 4 without any fit centre halves one season so still have plenty of credit in the bank.

Just have to take one game at a time and not get overconfident.

2.) 08 Sep 2022 14:42:58
We'll finished 2nd.

3.) 08 Sep 2022 14:51:21
Hardest thing in football is to rebuild a winning team and stay competitive. It looks like Jurgen spending all his communion money on a striker could wind up being a terrible decision. Their midfield is aging and relying on Thiago to stay fit for a season is not realistic.

But their main problem is in defence. Their two full backs were probably the best in the world for a couple of years along with VvD and Alison. Now bar Alison the others have been woeful this season.

But I wouldn't write them off at all for top 4. They'll wake up sooner rather than later and could easily put together a great run of results.

Chelsea have on paper a lot of great players bit when I watch the likes of Mount, Havertz, Pulisic, ziyech they all leave you frustrated. Potter is a class manager but it's different Gravy at the top. I think he could easily hit the ground running and roll a lot of teams over.

I know its a lame line but we literally have to take 1 game at a time. We will have poor results but it will be how we bounce back from them. The media will be waiting to stick the knife in too when we inevitably lose but hopefully those results will be few and far between.

I think the only team nailed on for top 4 is City. The other 3 spots are firmly up for grabs.

4.) 08 Sep 2022 15:42:48
I wouldn't be writing too many obituaries for Liverpool or Chelsea just yet.
Arsenal for me the weakest of the 6.
I don't consider them top 4 contenders.
I hope your right Wallace but it's early days imo.

5.) 08 Sep 2022 16:52:50
Massive mistake Potter going to Chelsea IMO, He won't last two seasons.
Chelsea don't give there managers any time, the owners constantly want instant success.
Potter will need time to get his ideas across to the players (if the players will listen) . There are a lot of big ego's at that club.
It's a massive gamble for him.
I do like Potter but i think he needs to go to a more stable club that will give him the time he needs.

6.) 08 Sep 2022 17:07:19
I believe Liverpool are struggling because of how the entire team set-up is impacted due to the absence of Mane.
Lots of their fans were naive in thinking Nunez or Diaz would bring the same level of effort and guile, Mane helped the midfield massively which, in turn, aided Liverpool's defence.
With just Mane gone, Klopp is going to have to adapt his style - can he do it?

Chelsea have got a very good Potter at what should be a great time. Reservations remain over TB and the structure he's bringing in, but they've made an excellent appointment.
I sincerely hope they don't wreck his career.

Spurs might struggle when injuries hit.

Arsenal were given a healthy dose of reality by United - they simply hadn't previously been tested by a dynamic attack.

Well, unless Haaland picks up an injury or starts flagging, they will run away with it again.

I believe United can now finish in the top 4, but injuries could be our undoing.

As it stands, I think City will gallop away from the rest to win the title in March, second will be Spurs, United will come third and Chelsea fourth.

If United finish top 4 and Liverpool don't, I'd be buzzing - my fingers are firmly crossed.

7.) 08 Sep 2022 18:20:55
It's one game at a time for me. I'm not sure how fragile the confidence really is with this current team. It will be a case of when they next lose, will Utd be able to regroup again and go another winning streak.

I'm not going to worry about other teams this season. Sure, it's great watching Liverpool lose, but it is nothing in comparison as to how badly Utd played from last February onwards. It really was an all time low.

For example, tonight's match against RS. It woukd make sense in playing a strong team to try and secure that all important first win. After this, on paper one would hope that Utd would have qualified come the 6th and final group game. The icing on the cake would be a few youngsters emerging during the EL and league Cup games and start to push for game time towards the second half of the season.

Im trying to remain realistic. The season is only just under way. In football, anything can happen.

8.) 09 Sep 2022 13:03:27
What a nice break with the postponed games at the weekend.
It’s good for us, even better for Liverpool and probably best for Chelsea.
Negativ for City as they were in a great run and now face a more congested schedule and worst for Arsenal with their time to think about their lost perfect start.

Let’s see how we come out next week.
Hope the team buys in and get a good week of tactical training in.

And my condolences to the Brits.

{Ed014's Note - well over a loss fella, as unlike yourselves who now have a break after a home defeat, we actually went away and won. ?

9.) 09 Sep 2022 17:47:52

Cmon ed most people go for detox and shady money movement to switzerland. I dod not even know they played football there.

{Ed014's Note - clearly they don’t ???

10.) 09 Sep 2022 18:07:09
I don't think it's a mistake at all for Potter to go to Chelsea. Bigger club the chance to win stuff. Good managers get sacked at Chelsea all the time and go on to achieve great things with other big clubs.

Also he's Boehlys man so I think he will get more leeway than Tuchel, where things haven't seemed right from the start of the season. Secondly he's got a very good squad and has proven to be a very good coach. I think United fans hope he has a tough time but I rather fancy he will be a success.

As for Liverpool, they have had a rough start, and have some Injuries they lost Mane but Dias looks a hell of a player, they have an excellent manager, in my opinion the best since SAF and in 6 months time I think we will be looking up at them in the table wishing we had a striker like Nunez as well.




Wallace's rumour replies


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29 Nov 2023 10:59:29
Think they’ll aim towards a Nice-style model where DoF looks after main daily duties while manager more of a coach.




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23 Nov 2023 11:13:41
Wow, thank you so much for the detailed info Ed002!

VERY much appreciated. Thank you.


{Ed002's Note - You are welcome.}



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23 Nov 2023 09:31:06
Huge number of players need to move on as either past their best, don’t fit modern high-energy system or just not good enough.

Can imagine it being a very busy Summer.

Please Ed002, if you have time, would you be good enough to provide info on any interest in following players: Youssef Fofana from Monaco and Kephram Thuram from Nice?

I appreciate that United’s targets will change with the new regime but, given Paul Mitchell’s links to Monaco and the obvious connection with Nice, is there any mileage in assuming United might be interested in these players please?

Thanks for any info you feel you can reveal.


{Ed002's Note - Youssouf Fofana (CM/DM) An apprach from Crystal Palace was rejected by Monaco who told them they will be negotiating a new contract. Interest of Lyon has gone. Chelsea have strong ties with Monaco and the clubs have discussed him but he is not first choice for Chelsea. Nottingham Forest interest was turned away with a bid being rejected. West Ham have now replaced Rice so their interest has likely gone unless they lose Soucek or plan to use him exclusively as a CM player. Manchester United may see him as an option but he would not be a casemiro replacement and they have made no approach. However, Juventus have declared an interest and the wages would not be an issue with local tax laws being favourable. I am not aware of Liverpool interest. Wages might be an issue for some clubs.

Khephren Thuram (DM/CM) Nice felt they were messed around by clubs in the summer and then the player picked up an injury. Interest of Spurs, Liverpool and, in particular, Juventus remains but Liverpool will focus on a preferred option. Interest of Newcastle will likely fall away. If interest further grows his price will rise and the club would sell given the emergence of Alexis Beka Beka and an impressive youngster in Reda Belahyane. Nice do not want to sell and again a move to OLd Trafford will not be welcomed by the Nice supporters. Real Madrid have him on a list of potential additions given they are facing midfield departures in the summer - and I would not rule them, or indeed Manchester City, out. Player wants PSG but they have no interest at this time - but his representative is pushing PSG as well as Real Madrid and will encourage the player to wait out the year and see what happens.}



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22 Nov 2023 09:56:32
Lots of conflicting info being briefed out of United as leaders who have failed in their responsibilities scramble to pass on the blame and save their careers.

Expect Blanc and Mitchell with install a new leadership team and structure and either move on existing staff or ease them into alternative positions (ie move Murtough back to looking after the youth team where he did well before being hopelessly promoted out of his depth. )




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21 Nov 2023 12:21:41
Think all “leadership” group will be replaced as new owners reset the structure (or lack of) .

New leadership spine of:

Owner/ chairman: SJR/ SJBrailsford

CEO: Jean Claude Blanc (apparently amazing at what he does)

DoF: Paul Mitchell (hopefully)

All pulling in the same direction - and bringing in experiences learnt with Nice - should really get United going in the right direction pretty quickly.

No idea what Darren Fletcher does.





Wallace's banter replies


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16 Nov 2023 21:14:10
I think more info about a gradual takeover will be released in time.

Unfortunately, this is the only way in for SJR at the moment but, in time, he will take full control.




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18 Oct 2023 11:49:22
The Sheikh hasn’t offered enough money yet.




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09 Oct 2023 14:42:41
Agree Caolan: ETH having to cope with the mediocrity and amateurish planning by those above.

Wanted KMJ but owners refused to pay beyond their budget and ended up with Johnny Evans.

Compare to a well-run club like Real Madrid, who have a vision and are constantly planning for the future. United naively took Varane and Casameiro off their hands for huge sums as RM knew they were declining then invested that money in Tcheameni, Bellingham etc….

No forward planning and such poor recruitment from United. After all, if they’d have planned properly, United had opportunities for Caicedo, Alvarez, Haaland etc, plus others,

We so badly need football professionals in charge who know what they’re doing….




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17 Sep 2023 11:32:20
Only tentative positive I can grasp at from current debacle is that might finally trigger a sale from the Glazers who will abandon a sinking ship.




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13 Sep 2023 10:40:10
Feel a bit sorry for him: lack of pace was cruelly exposed by DDG reluctance to come out of his box in the past, which sort of gave him his oil tanker turning reputation. Plus all that’s gone on at United, must be real debt to his confidence.

However, he should’ve done more to love to West Hsm and reignite his career, rather than - allegedly - not be willing to take a pay cut.

Hope he leaves soon for the sake of his career and well-being and I’d wish him well.