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20 Jul 2024 12:39:18
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20 Jul 2024 11:08:10
United being linked with Rabiot again. I’m
Not sure he’s an upgrade but expect Casimero and Eriksen both to leave
If they do go then we’d need two to come in -
Who would you want or who else are we strongly linked to?


19 Jul 2024 21:22:05
Can we have a poll please Eds?

Which CB would people prefer to sign?

Matthijs de Ligt
Jarrad Branthwaite.


{Ed033's Note - CB poll


20 Jul 2024 00:13:11
Can you add a Both options, which would include Maguire and Lindelof being carted off?


20 Jul 2024 02:54:08
Surely Maguire would be pulling the cart?


20 Jul 2024 05:14:31
Isn't Maguire the cart?


20 Jul 2024 11:05:52
De Ligt for me doesn't make a great deal of sense now we've signed Yoro unless we are looking to play a three at the back system.

The problem with playing a three at the back system is that we don't have enough cover at CB for a back four, if we switched to a back three we'd need at least 3 CB's this summer.

Yoro needs game time to develop, while MdL only wants to leave Bayern because he wants to be guaranteed first choice. While neither have really ever played at LCB.

Signing two players for one position (RCB) when both want or need to play regularly seems silly. Especially as neither have proven themselves comfortable or capable of playing LCB, which given Martinez's injuries looks like a potential pathway to get minutes.

Branthwaite on the other hand has the skill set that could blend well with either Yoro or Martinez, is comfortable and capable of playing either right or left side at CB and could even be an option at LB (an area of weakness due to the injuries of Shaw and Malacia) .

Branthwaite just make so much more sense now we have Yoro in the bag. Who btw has been named in the squad travelling to Glasgow for the Rangers game later today.


20 Jul 2024 11:10:24
Thanks 33 👍.


{Ed033's Note - Thanks.


20 Jul 2024 12:12:41
As good and talented Yoro, i can't imagine him starting straight away. Even Saliba who was signed at 18 and was probably the best cb last season in the league was loaned back to france for two year to lear his trade.

It would make sense to bring in De ligt as he's played at the highest level and is familiar with ETH system who will need to hit the ground running this season otherwise he will be sacked.


19 Jul 2024 18:18:59
There is talk of us allowing Antony to leave on loan this summer as long as someone pays his £70k per week wage.

Anyone daft enough to do that do we think?


19 Jul 2024 18:50:37


19 Jul 2024 19:51:14
70k? That is surpising. Shocked he’s not on more than that!


19 Jul 2024 20:38:54
It could be as high as £200k a week which is laughable.


19 Jul 2024 21:34:03
Tbf to Antony he’s is decent in his defensive duties covers a lot of ground coming back tracking

I would convert him to left back. he’s not a winger

Or even through the middle he just needs to get some confidence but I think this is his last season if he doesn’t perform, massively overpriced and under performed.

Has not adapted to English football at all.


20 Jul 2024 07:27:52
I thought it was widely reported that he was on £200k a week plus goal scoring bonuses, so £200k a week.


20 Jul 2024 09:12:49
I think he’d make a decent left back due to his tenacity. He certainly doesn’t offer anything from RW.

But his ego says otherwise judging by his reaction when told to play there vs Liverpool.


20 Jul 2024 11:10:12
I'm not sure Antony would be a good option at LB, but I do think he could adapt to a LWB role very well.

The problem seems to be that he was clearly not happy when asked to play there for 30 minutes last season.

If he has no interest in changing his role and learning the skills needed to transition to that position full time then he simply won't succeed in switching positions.

If we sign Branthwaite and look to play with a back three of Yoro, Martinez and Branthwaite, then Antony could be an interesting option at LWB if he is prepared to make that move. Otherwise his best move is one out of the club, the sooner the better before he drops completely out of the minds of other clubs.


20 Jul 2024 11:48:20
He would make an awful lb. Can't imagine him defending his back post well at all especially in the air.
He can't tackle very well. He is tenacious but so is my pet terrior. He has not got full back instincts.
Could probably do it on PlayStation better than in reality.


19 Jul 2024 11:14:51
I wonder if the club will go back for another bid for Branthwaite now the Friedken group have ended talks.


19 Jul 2024 11:38:53
I expect that United was always likely to go back in with another bid. He seems a primary target and I expect they'll get an agreement at some point.

It will be for more than the club wants to pay, and he will be a little overpriced. But I don't see that as being too much of a problem.

I think the club have been quick to tie up as many of their primary targets for key positions as possible. Ugarte looks to be the next one, probably completed early next week if not sooner.

Once those three positions have been strengthened the club can focus on selling players, raising funds and creating space for additional signings.

Branthwaite will I expect rumble on towards deadline day, with a deal being agreed later in the window. This is still a deal I very much expect to happen.


19 Jul 2024 12:46:51
We should wait until next year, after Everton get relegated, half price deal 👌.


19 Jul 2024 13:01:20
If the financial news coming out about their stadium is anything to go by, they may well want us to return with our original bid!

As it is, I actually like Everton FC, terrible situation for them to be in and hope it doesn’t have a massive impact on them.


19 Jul 2024 13:37:19
They may end up trying to sell us the stadium that they cannot afford.


19 Jul 2024 14:51:13
I’ve no issue with us going back in with one more bid, as long as we do it soon. We have a lot of positions to fill and can’t be wasting all summer chasing a target who may not end up coming.


19 Jul 2024 11:59:53
Good ol' Moshiri - what a dodgy muppet. One blaggard leads the club into a darkened backroom full of even dodgier blaggards and now some other invitees have barricaded the room to keep all the blaggards locked in with each other.

Hopefully Everton will formally retire the number 777 shirt by consigning it to a furnace.

As for the club's resolve concerning Branthwaite - this might only trim the price by £10m or so if anything at all - for now.

From my understanding, there could be many legal implications none of us are aware of so United and many other clubs might start circling the club like vultures - again!
Everton fans must be absolutely raging.

I know you might not want to comment, but you must be steaming, no?


{Ed025's Note - im not happy Ork thats for certain, just when it looked like there was light at the end of the tunnel it has been switched off again mate, i dont think its the end of the story though as im sure other investors will want to throw their hand in...but its certainly a kick in the nuts..


19 Jul 2024 16:20:27
Jimbob, or maybe they don't get relegated, Branthwaite has a stormer of a season and we have to enter a bidding war next summer.

That's the gamble.

I feel sorry for Everton, or any club that suffers similar financial issues. Owners mismanage the club but it's is always the fans who have to suffer and ultimately pick up the tab.

Our own struggles with poor owners I'd imagine has made most of us aware how crappy a situation it is for the fans.

From a United perspective I hope we get Branthwaite on a decent deal. As a fan of football I hope Everton and navigate their current struggles and stay in the league (as long as they play well enough and deserve to stay up) .

I think with Yoro in the bag we can afford to make sure we spend the time and the money chasing the right player at CB to join Yoro and the existing defenders.

A lot of people get caught up with not wanting to overspend on players. Yet it's better to overspend on the right player, than to get a good deal on the wrong player.

Much better for the club to spend 60m on the right player this summer, than buy the wrong one for 40m and then have to spend again next summer on the same position.

I'd have thought that most United fans would have learned that after spending 30m on Amad and Pellistri one summer, to then spend 75m on Sancho the following summer, to then spend a further 75m on Antony. 180m+ spent on right wingers and we still might not have the right player in that position.

Better to scout the right player now and if that means spending a little more on them then that's probably a more efficient and sensible option than spending slightly less on a player we'll need to replace in a couple of years time.


19 Jul 2024 16:31:28
I like Everton as a club and its fans. Proper club, with real tradition. The Premier League would be a much worse place without them.

I feel greatly for their fans as we can have a great deal
Of empathy that they have bandits in charge and bandits circling them.

As for Branthwaite, selling him would only scratch the surface of the club’s huge debt it has no way of repaying. Sadly for the club, administrators are beckoning, and that’s when the fire sale of its assets begins, and that’s when clubs will come knocking for Branthwaite and others.


19 Jul 2024 16:40:46
Everton have every right to charge what they want for their crown jewel. If they don't come down in price from 70 then he might just play another year of Dyche ball and his development in key aspects required at stronger more ball dominatant teams will lag behind.

Feel bad for Everton, I think their issues started with russian money drying up? Chelsea ownership seemed to be cleared up nicely for them, but Everton have been sent up a creak with no paddles.

I like the sound of de ligt, rcb, experienced beyond his years, leader. If we got him then surely branthwait would be a luxury? Although 2 older, 2 younger for both LCB and rcb would be ideal and set us up for years. Surely our budget cannot stretch that far.


19 Jul 2024 17:49:10
I reckon we should go back in with the 70m now.

Probably get the whole club 😂.


19 Jul 2024 18:01:50
I’d still prefer MdL in there myself. There was a chat on here a few days ago pondering who would start if we got de Ligt and Yoro alongside Martinez. What happens if Branthwaite is thrown into the mix as well? I see one of the other with either Maguire or Lindy moving on leaving Martinez, Yoro, De Ligt/ Brainthwaite, Lindelof/ Maguire, Evans.
Maybe snare the other in winter or next summer.


19 Jul 2024 18:34:28
I too rather quite like Everton. Solid club with likeable fans. I hope they can get past their financial problems. Hopefully they sell us Braithwaite at a reasonable price too.


19 Jul 2024 19:55:38
There also seems to be a myth developing that a left centre back has to be left footed…. it really doesn’t matter. Our best recent pairings (Bruce/ Pallister and Rio/ Vidic) were very right foot dominant.


19 Jul 2024 20:38:00
Eric, ETH is fixated on that left footed LCB for balance. I think that's what we will end up going for. Branthwaite can play there and cover LB.


19 Jul 2024 22:12:15
MDL and Yoro for rcb, martinez and Shaw (backup) LCB. Buy some creative attacking fullbacks that can cross and stay fit.


20 Jul 2024 10:23:42
Feel really sorry for the Everton fans - great club and don’t deserve to be treated like this.


{Ed025's Note - we are getting used to it now Wallace," it never rains but it pours" was written for Everton mate..


20 Jul 2024 11:34:16
Angel, a right/ left footed axis is better as players both defend and more importantly are able to pass out from the back with more balance.

The problem with a right footed LCB is that they are often uncomfortable passing out with their right foot. Meaning that teams can press them onto their left foot to improve their chances of winning the ball, or if the defender insists on going onto their right foot they move the ball into a more dangerous central position.

Maguire for example always does one of two things when playing at LCB, he either plays the long ball over the top to the left wing (the problem is that this pass has to be perfect as if not it's natural movement will take it out of play for a throw in), or he is forced more central and he plays a sideways passing to his CB partner. Which of you are being pressed well can either be cut out, losing the ball centrally in front of your goal. Or the obviousness of the pass means the RCB is quickly under pressure with limited options.

When Maguire plays at RCB he has more passing options and his more limited technical skills aren't as exposed. With him having more passing options and thus less pressured when pressed.

From a building out from the back perspective, a left footed LCB has far more natural passing options, making the play out structure far less predictable and giving the side greater control.

Is having a right/ left foot CB axis the most important thing? No offers course not, talent and tactics play a much bigger role. However, at the highest level it's all about those marginal gains, those small differences that give you an extra 1% here and there. Those marginal gains are often the difference between the teams that win major honours and those that fall just short.

So I fully understand why many managers have a preference for a left footed CB, it is why Pep has spent so much money signing players like Laporte, Ake and Gvardiol.

Dodgy, given Shaw and Martinez's injury histories in recent season's I'm not convinced having them two as the only options at LCB is ideal. Especially as with Malacia's injuries as well then we still have a need for Shaw at LB even if we signed a new LB.

I like the idea of signing Branthwaite as it gives us long term stability on the left side of defence. His skills match well with Yoro and he has shown he can play RCB if needed to a good level as well (at PSV under our new coach RvN no less) . He is also able to play at LB if you were to structure the side with him staying deep and forming an in possession 3223 type shape. Allowing the RB to either push forward down the right or play inverted in the midfield pivot along side a CDM. Both roles suit Dalot well.

That would also allow for us to sign a RB to support/ compete with Dalot rather than sign a LB. That would create a pathway for the talented Harry Amass to potentially make his way into the first team squad.

Branthwaite makes so much sense in every way bar the price. Yet that might be something we just have to swallow to get the ideal player in.

It'll be interesting to see what Everton are prepared to accept now the takeover has fallen through. I can see a deal happening, the player wants it, United want it, and Everton might need it.

If for whatever reason a deal can't be done for Branthwaite this summer, then I'd hope the club looks at signing Mario Hermoso on a free.

He ticks a lot of the boxes, technically excellent, defensively solid, can play CB and LB. At 29 years old on a 2-3 year deal he'd provide excellent cover and competition. While being free he wouldn't eat into the budget meaning we could still potentially go back for Branthwaite or another longer term option next summer without any issues.


19 Jul 2024 06:36:30
Leny Yoro: "Since my first conversations with the club, they set out a clear plan for how I can develop in Manchester as part of this exciting project, and showed a lot of care for me and my family. "

I read the above and what a difference from the previous senior management. A clear plan and care. Very pleased to hear those words and the structure above the manager coach looks very good.


19 Jul 2024 07:05:30
Nothing to do with reports that "Lille were prepared to make Leny Yoro sit out for a season if he didn't join Manchester United as the French club made sure they got a profit for their asset amid interest from Real Madrid".
Makes me wonder if 'his quote' isn't a release by the club. I hope not.


19 Jul 2024 07:17:12
Fizz, correct me if I wrong but i'm sure that 'story' was first reported by marca, if so that says it all.


19 Jul 2024 07:20:55
Fizz why would that be? Imagine what a new signing would think, if the announcement from the club included a quote from the player that he didn’t actually say? 🤔 it’s like Twitter on here at the moment with all these conspiracy theories.

Red Man - I read that too and immediately assumed the same will be happening with our youngsters and they will finally be offered a clear path to the first team, which didn’t exist under the previous structure.

It’s all looking more positive again. The De Ligt deal has gone very quiet which is my only disappointment, but there’s still loads of time remaining in the window and the club are moving a lot faster than they had done previously.


19 Jul 2024 07:57:28
Completely agree with wazza, we don't need to look for hidden meanings and overtime everything.


19 Jul 2024 08:05:32
Fizz, Madrid have missed out on Yoro (for now at least), and their pet paper suddenly claims Lille threatened to leave him on the bench if he didn't sign for Utd. You don't think they might be making stuff up to help RM save face?

Marca have done similar things before when RM didn't get a target, because the idea of a RM failing to land a player they set their sights on goes against the RM brand.


19 Jul 2024 08:20:13
In fairness most, if not all statements like these are written on the person’s behalf and released by the club and its media staff.

It is very unlikely those are his words.

Standard big business methodology.


19 Jul 2024 12:47:13
Red man, I heard ETH really convinced him in the end. Well done Erik.


19 Jul 2024 12:59:25
Not only that quote but also the quote on how we treated his family

Says a lot about how the club are being ran and the people in those positions are no longer amatures.

It will take time for 10 years of a rotting mess to be fixed but early signs are positive signings are always 50/ 50 to work but I like what I’m seeing atm with the profile of players being targeted.

Not only with signings but the way we have handled players being sold

Not overpricing players and getting good deals selling.


19 Jul 2024 13:03:00
And there was me thinking these threads were for ‘banter’ and ‘transfer rumours’……. turns out I was wrong and they are actually serious, factual, and legally binding……….


19 Jul 2024 13:24:29
Nonsense Keefy, of course the player is involved.


20 Jul 2024 11:53:34
It was what the player said during his unveiling interview with the club.

It's almost certainly a bit of both, it probably reflects how he's feeling to a certain extent, while he has probably been briefed by the club and his entourage about what to say. Finally the club publish which parts of the interview they want, so have almost certainly picked out the bits that reflect most positively on the club.

Did Lille put pressure on him to accept the United offer? Maybe who knows, but personally I doubt they'd have gone as far as saying he'll not play for the first team next season if he stays at Lille. That literally makes no sense for the club to cut their nose off to spite their face. Having to pay one of their best players all season and not play him. Surely a better tactic would be to try and convince him to accept a new deal, maybe with a release clause or gentlemen's agreement to get his a move to Real Madrid next summer.

As someone pointed out the first place this was published was the Madrid publication Macia. A publication that is known as being Real Madrid's mouthpiece. Whether that was published to put pressure on Yoro to wait for them, or as a saving face exercise as the club knew they would lose out on the player who knows.

Either way I wouldn't give it any credence.

What we know is that Madrid were interested in signing him next year for free, the player (like most players, wanted to play for Real Madrid) . Yet it was United that showed the most ambition to sign him, making a big offer this summer and have presented a plan for him and how he would fit in at the club, how they hope to help him develop and become a top player.
The player then willing accepted the offer from United, so while Real Madrid might have been his preference initially, he willing chose to join us.

You'd think if he still harbours ambitions to play for Madrid that he will be focused on becoming the best player he can be, making himself a player Real Madrid feel they have to come back in for at some point down the line.

While if he settles well, develops and becomes a top player at United, while the club successfully gets back to challenging for the major honours, then maybe he'll want to stay at the club. If not then the club can sell him if an acceptable offer is made, wish him the best and thank him for his years of good service and then bring in the next young great player to build into the side.

Players are transient, even the greatest players eventually wane and need replacing. That's football. If we are a well run club (and it looks like we will be) then the club will have a plan A, B, C and D for all eventualities. Be that players getting injured and not coming back to the same level, them declining, or if they want to leave.

A well run club will have a young hungry player in the squad ready to step up, and/ or a list of potential replacements they could sign.

Ronaldo became the best player in the world with us, won the Balon d'Or, and left as he was hitting his prime for Real Madrid. He had great success, but people forget that we continued to challenge for and win titles after Ronaldo left.

If the same thing happens with Yoro then so be it. We will continue to be successful after he leaves, be that in 5, 10 or 15 years time.


19 Jul 2024 01:52:43
Is Ugarte what we need? For a guy who has never watched him, how good is he and will he be able to replicate Casemiro's first season at United?


19 Jul 2024 02:59:55
Ugarte is an elite ball winner.
Another player about to hit his peak. Would complement Mainoo well.


19 Jul 2024 03:59:45
Ugarte is certainly a different type of player to Casemiro.
While the latter is more physically dominant and a little better at reading the game, the former is a far more aggressive and busy player who should offer more to the high press.

Just imagine how scary the triumvirate of Licha The Butcher, Leny The Bulldozer and Manu The Piston could be - 😱.


19 Jul 2024 07:21:21
Yes, as Messi what he thinks of him.


19 Jul 2024 08:10:25
I haven't seen a ton of him, but from what I've seen he looks very, very good in many respects. Some question over his positioning following turnovers, and he isn't amazing in his distribution, but the latter is an acceptable weakness, as he'll be playing safe passes to players like Mainoo and Martinez who are better at progressing the ball.


19 Jul 2024 08:19:52
My kind of player, running around mopping up and protecting the back four without any glitz or glamour. Maybe a disservice to his skills but that's exactly what we've lack for a long time. Another cog for the wheel.


19 Jul 2024 11:42:38
He will add the aggression and work rate our midfield needs.

He isn't an expansive passer, but with Mainoo and Bruno in midfield we don't lack for players who'll progress the ball forward, what we lack is defensive work rate and nous.

Ugarte has that in spades and seems very well suited to the EPL.


18 Jul 2024 22:16:33
Finally looks like we are getting our act together. Some reasonable money in and spending it wisely.

Hopefully a few more along with a medical team with more than a first aid kit and we might have a good season!


18 Jul 2024 21:10:32
Surely this could be a fan's song for Yoro.

To the tune of 'Maybe Tomorrow' by Terry Bush - 'He's Leny Yoro'.


18 Jul 2024 17:06:53
Yoro deal completed, according to fab 👌 fabulous signing and another step toward how the club should be ran 👏👏.


18 Jul 2024 12:36:23
Just wondering what the likelihood is that United start looking at Kiwior?

Left-footed CB who can operate adequately at LB. With both Martinez and Shaw each having injury-ravaged seasons, the concerns are perfectly valid, and with Arsenal chasing Calafiori, I wonder if they'd bite if United made, say, a £25m offer for a very good defender who is thoroughly underappreciated by his club?

Obviously, we'd need to sell first ourselves, but I think he'd be a very astute purchase.

What say yous?


18 Jul 2024 13:43:43
No thanks.

Watched him get rinsed v Bayern this year. Wouldn't go near him.


18 Jul 2024 13:59:38
Not me. Not at the level we’re after.


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