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15 Feb 2021 15:34:47
I find all the slander on De Gea very strange, being a goalkeeper maybe I'm just more sympathetic.

I was always told there are 10 men in front before it gets to the goalkeeper, everyone needs to do their job and if the opposition get into a shooting position, the 10 in front have failed.

De Gea is being exposed to a lot more chances against him because the 10 infront (mainly the 2 CBs) are failing to do their job. If you are exposed to more chances you're more than likely to make a mistake. Its simple. No one is perfect as Allison has recently been demonstrating.

I am a fan of Henderson but I'm sorry to say with the chances being created against us currently, he won't be immune to making mistakes. Some might not like it but DDG is still the best keeper at this club.

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15 Feb 2021 15:55:10
Kurtis, I think the frustration isn't necessarily down to mistakes, but how much of a wimp he is.

He's targeted by opposition players at corners because they know he'll go down like cheap hooker.

15 Feb 2021 15:59:22
While I agree that a keeper can be easily exposed by those in front of them, I don't think that explains the whole story with DDG.

He has been beaten at his near post too often this season (it shouldn't ever really happen), he is still far too weak in the air and he doesn't command his box. While he has dropped the ball or knocked it into the path of the opposition on a few occasions this season which is just poor goalkeeping.

People talk about DDG struggling because the defenders sit too deep and get on top of him, but do you really think either of Schmeichel or VDS would have allowed Harry Maguire to step on their toes.

If DDG thinks Maguire and Lindelof are getting too close then he should tell them to bugger off. Just as big Pete or Edwin would have.

The problem with DDG is simple, he was world class at shot stopping, but his all round game was poor. Now he has dropped a level in his shot stopping ability he can't make up for those deficiencies and his weaknesses are being more exposed.

15 Feb 2021 16:13:45
exactly wazza. and the whimpyness is rubbing off on others

plus he can't distribute it to anyone.

gets bullied when he has the advantage of jumping and using his hands.

15 Feb 2021 17:04:30

15 Feb 2021 17:47:00
De Geas been in the premier league a DECADE now and he's just as susceptible when facing crosses, set pieces and balls into the box.

Alos he seems to have regressed/ gone backwards when it comes to playing with the ball at his feet.

He had 2/ 3 seasons where he was genuinely one of the best players in the league, worth 15 points a season, the sole reason we got 82 points in one season under mourinho according to the underlying expected goals reasons.

Hes had his time and he should dropped in the PL for Henderson.

15 Feb 2021 17:59:51
Yes Ken, slander. Someone said he was about as much use as a lattice condom the other day. I for one won’t hear of it. A lattice condom let’s far less past it than De Gea.

15 Feb 2021 18:22:50
Fair point rwwd 😁😁.

15 Feb 2021 14:54:34
I've seen a few comments about how it was our attack that let us down against West Brom and that the issues in defence are a miss direction.

While in that isolated case there is definitely an argument to say we should be able to create more goals against a side like West Brom. Overall it is obviously our defence that is the problem.

So far this season we are actually the top goalscorers. We have 50 league goals with City second best in the goals scored collum with 46.

Even if you knock 5 goals off from the freak 9-0 battering of Southampton we are still joint second for goals scored.

However, only Liverpool (who have had every first team CB out for large parts of the season) have conceded more goals than us in the top 10 of the EPL. With us conceding 31 goals to Liverpool's 32. Leeds United down in 11th are the first team other than Liverpool to have conceded more than us.

While both Burnley and Brighton sitting in 15th and 16th have conceded fewer goals than us. With Fulham in 18th place and one of the favourites to be relegated having conceded 31 goals the same number as us.

So while we still clearly on occasion have trouble breaking down low blocks and tough defences. It is our porous defence that is letting us down and will cost us.

After spending 162m on CB's (Maguire, Lindelof, Bailly, Rojo) and a further 136m on full backs (Shaw, AWB, Blind, Dalot and Telles) . We still look an absolute shambles, and under no manager have we looked defensively sound, plagued by individual mistakes which is down to the poor quality of the individuals more than the system played.

Until we have at least one world class CB and someone to organise our defence we will struggle for consistency.

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15 Feb 2021 15:09:19
I agree defence is an issue Shaps, I’ve just posted about it myself. But our front players are all over the place. I have no issue conceding 2 if we score 4 and that is how we got to be top, but right now we can’t score and look like we have no idea.

If we had created a few more chances and converted 1 of them, we would have beaten West Brom, Liverpool, Arsenal, and certainly wouldn’t have lost to Sheffield United.

15 Feb 2021 15:32:02
the defense is a shambles if teams took there chances we wouldn't be 2nd, lucky for us they didn't. something needs to change we are conceding easy goals and if city win they go 10 clear.

martial is hindering the front 4

greenwood should be starting rw every game and rashford cannot play on the right he has no left foot.

15 Feb 2021 15:53:02
shappy i think one of the main reasons we are struggling to break teams down is because we are tooooooo slow with the ball.

we don't play fast. its all static and sideways.

15 Feb 2021 16:01:42
The issue with the goal we conceded yesterday is that we gave West Brom something to hang on to.

You don't let a Big Sam team take the lead. They went 1-0 win their cup final and then put 11 men behind the ball for the majority of the game.

The irony then is that they actually had the better chances to score again afterwards, despite having about minus 4 percent possession.

Shappy you rightly highlight how many league goals we've scored and I think it shows that our forwards have been burdened by our defence. We continue to concede first over and over again, and it's then down to our forwards to create something. When the forwards don't deliver there's a good chance we drop points because you know full well we're going to concede.

15 Feb 2021 16:04:40
Tony, in the West Brom game I agree we needed to create more. But it was a typical Big Sam set up and we gave away a soft goal in the second minute. They were always going to play with 10 men behind the ball from then on. While i actually think we missed Pogba in that game as he is one of the few midfielders we have with the passing range to mix it up, or the dribbling ability to beat a man and open things up.

I agree the attack looks out of sorts, Martial particularly looks all at sea atm. He just doesn't have the mentality to deal with competition for his place. Rashford has been shunted to the right to make space for Cavani centrally with Martial displaced to the left.

Bruno also looks tired and he needs help, it can't always be on his shoulders to do something.

15 Feb 2021 17:14:54
Remember the van Gaal era? Now that was sloooooowwww sideways passing.

15 Feb 2021 19:00:50
Shappy. The manager and the coaches have had investment and time to sort out the defence. The book stops with them. We're poor coached all over the pitch.

15 Feb 2021 20:41:08
Mumbles, do you honestly believe Pep or Klopp could turn Maguire in to Beckenbauer? If so can I have a glass of what your drinking?

15 Feb 2021 21:08:03

What Pep and Klopp would do is have a defined pattern, the defence would know what was expected and would be highly coached, they would coordinate with midfield, full backs would know their positions, I highly doubt either would play Lindelof alongside Maguire.

Looks to me like we only conceded one goal, yet it sounds like everything is down to the defence, a defence the club spent vast amounts on for Ole. Yes there are problems at the back yet it wasn’t the defence at WBA, the team further up looked clueless, endless passing across the pitch, watching Martial do nothing. The lack of pattern, clueless tactics not creating anything, the CB isn’t there to create goals, but loudly blaming the defence deflects from the obvious issues in the game.

15 Feb 2021 21:17:41
shappy what system are we plaing. apart from i hope bruno scores.

15 Feb 2021 21:30:18
Who said he has to be Beckenbauer? You're making excuses for the manager. You're giving him a complete free pass and absolving him of all responsibility.

He had 6 months to evaluate the squad before the first summer window. I don't think Maguire is that bad I just think we were rinsed in terms of value. So the manager spends 6 months and is happy to sign Maguire and AWB. He's then happy to get Telles in. Why sign the players if "no manager could improve them"?

He already had a group of defenders there that finished 2nd with Jose and won some cups. There's a player there with Bailey albeit with his downsides. Lindelof done well under Jose. Smalling was let go while Jones was given a 5 year contract.

I know all this isn't the managers remit, but he must have some say in it.

Right now our defence is woeful. The worst it's been since Fergie left. The manager decides to play two DMs to make up for it, sidelining our more technical players.

You said last year "Pep and Klopp are the two best managers in the world. So no manager could have done better than 3rd" now in a long winded way "no manager could make this defence better" it's all absolute nonsense!

Tuanzebe plays extremely well against PSG and then never sees the light if day again. Bailey does well when he plays only to be dropped. The manager has a really bad habit of sticking with his favourites even though they're not playing well.

I bet you there are countless managers who have the skill set to improve the defenders at our club. Making excuses like "no manager can improve us" as a backwards way to back Ole is a joke.

15 Feb 2021 22:16:44
I think there is a defined pattern of play the issue is that we make too many individual mistakes and we lack creative players in the final third.

Our style is clear, defensively we stay narrow and compact, our full backs tuck in to provide cover for our slow CB's.

Our midfield is workman like, McFred close space and work as stoppers and shuttlers. They close off space then carry the ball to break the lines and make space as they don't have the technical passing skills to do so by passing.

We don't have any creative wide players, just wide forwards who tend to look to cut in and shoot. Martial when played as a striker tends to drop deep to collect the ball then turn and run at the defenders. This actually vacates space for either wide player to run into.

The issue is that Bruno is the only creative outlet to pass the ball to our runners.

Our pattern of play leans too heavily to the left hand side as we don't have a top class right sides player. While Shaw is the only creative option from wide when he overlaps but to do so Fred drops in to offer cover.

Stopping us is fairly simple, block off Shaw on the overlap and man mark Bruno. From that point onward we have no creativity. None really on the bench which to changes things with. Just more players who offer the same but with less quality.

16 Feb 2021 00:13:41
Imagine being in Charge of Man Utd going into the 3rd year, spending over £300 million quid and all you need to do to stop us is to stop our left back getting forward and man marking our best player?

Do you think that's acceptable for a manager to be easily figured out Shappy?

16 Feb 2021 00:24:15
Red Man spot on. Its a diflection from the real problem.
We played second from the bottom team, our striker not for once was in a goal scoring position, their keeper only made 1-2 decent saves and the quality of our chances were equal to less than 0.5 expected goals. 0.42 i think.
We were crap, its unbelievable that we are hearing the same excuses over and over.

16 Feb 2021 09:40:59
Mumbles, if it was that easy to make any player great then why has Pep and Klopp made wholesale changes to the squad they inherited. Why did Pep bother spending 60m on Dias in the summer when he had other CB's, surely as the greatest manager currently in the game he should be able to turn players the club have spent millions to sign into the top players he needs rather than going and spending more money.

Simply put some players work out others don't. We have had more misses than hits, which is why 99% of fans want us to sign a new CB because the players we have aren't good enough.

You're right the club have spent over 1bn since Sir Alex left, and at least 90% of that has been poorly spent, maybe even wasted.

That isn't one managers fault, but a clear club sized issue that has predated the current manager and will still be the major issue once he has gone.

We have been told we are run by rank amateurs, and the evidence in front of us proves this to be true.

As for the question of whether Ole's tactics and should they be so easily figured out. Well again that is simple Jose was easily worked out, so was LvG so was Moyes. Managers tactics are difficult to work out, especially for clubs that spend maybe as much as a million pounds every year on analysts whose job it is to just analyse the opposition.

The difference is the most successful managers have the best players who are so good at their job it doesn't matter that you know what they are going to do, you can't stop it because they are the best at it.

Ultimately they are better at doing their job than you are at doing yours.

16 Feb 2021 09:59:39
Herrera, Red Man says it's a deflection because it suits his agenda. He has spent nearly 20 years coming on here telling us that the Glazers are the problem, a cancer to our club. Then when Sir left he has said the Glazers are the problem, them and their "stooges" who they have put in place to run the club.

He said that under Moyes, he said that under LvG, he placed the entire blame of how Jose left at the owners and the boards door.

Since Ole has been manager, nothing about the owners, nothing about the board. Suddenly every issue at the club is Oles fault.

It's as plain as day that Red Man has a real issue with Ole and is prepared to ignore what he himself has been saying for over a decade just to put the boot into Ole.

When Ole has done well, he has spent hours researching articles from when Ole was Cardiff manager to find the tiniest snippet to write a post bashing the manager during a time the club was playing well and winning games.

I don't know if Ole refused to sign a shirt for Red Man or whether he's done something to upset him.
Or if it's a simple as displaced anger. Like a child who hates their new stepdad even though he's a nice guy, but the problem is he just isn't their dad.

Red Man praises the ground Jose walks on and maybe he's just bitter about how things ended and Jose left. So he feels displaced anger at the man who replaced him.

I don't know, what I do know is Red Man posts on here like it's a personal vendetta against Ole, while whenever this is brought up and he deflects.

While Ole might not be the right manager for us, he is not the root cause of our problems. Sacking the manager is just filling the cracks in the wall when your house is suffering from subsidence. Yeah the cracks are gone for a while but they will continue to open up.

16 Feb 2021 13:27:39
I didn't agree with Red Man in the Zose debate but i can't blame him for this Shappy.
Win lose or draw i too don't see a progressive style and patterns. I see it at Braighton or City or Liverpool or Southampton or Leipzig Glandbax
I never said that "we will win nothing with Ole" because win or lose is depending not only on us but the others too. But in current circumstances we will never be as good as we could be. We won't see a team that plays without fear dominating all matches and be favourites.
For me winning something this year makes little to no difference. I can see Liverpool with 1000 problems and a hell a lot of bad fortune playing better and dominating . You can see the pattern, faces can change (because of injuries) but you can see the progressive style and patterns. The only difference is they are not so effective. I would be over the moon if that was the case with us and played well but individual mistakes costs us but that's not the case.

15 Feb 2021 14:45:41
Just a couple points on yesterday.

1.) What was the rationale behind getting rid of Romelu Lukaku? I was under the impression that it was because his overall game and link up play wasnt up to standard. No one ever disputed his ability to put the ball in the back of the net but Ole wanted a more all round striker who gets involved in the game.

If that was the logic it makes the decision to rely on a 33 year old Cavani to play every game as his overall game has never been the best, he is an excellent penalty box striker but so is Lukaku. Just looks like we've swapped a striker in his prime for one whos best years are behind him.

2.) Fred is simply not good enough. It really is that simple, I get all the fanfare he gets for his energy and ball winning abilities but on the ball he genuinely plays against us. Unable to control the ball and the passing ability of a prime lee cattermole.

It shouldn't have to be an either or in midfield, I've watched fernandinho, fabinho, carrick, moussa dembele etc all be sound defensively and be excellent on the ball. The bar for midfield players at the club is so low its basically underground.

If its a choice of Fred starting 38 games next season or forcing a half arsed Paul Pogba to see his contract out against his will, i know what i'm picking and it isn't fred.

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15 Feb 2021 15:10:10
Was Fred any worse than Bruno yesterday? I accept he’s not the most gifted but I thought a Bruno was a passenger for 89 minutes and 30 seconds.

15 Feb 2021 18:31:10
But in the other 30 seconds scored a goal nobody else looked likely to. Got us a point again.
I'd be happy with martial if he scored and assisted every week but was crap for the other 87 mins.
Bruno has not been as good with his passing recently but you try and play with negative and more negative players like Fred martial and awb in attack it must do his head in. Then you look back and see dumb and dumber in defence. You can see his frustration you can see he is forcing every pass just to make something happen.
Comparing bruno to fred is just so far wide of the mark its not funny imo.

15 Feb 2021 23:10:48
Lukaku left because he wanted to, he pretty much downed tools because he hated the social media and pundits criticism of him. He took particular exception to being called lazy.

15 Feb 2021 14:41:29
An angry exchange picked up by the camera yesterday between Bruno and ole.
I find it quite amazing that this was the only angry exchange picked up all month and it was ole having a go at the only player keeping him in a job.
Where is the angry exchanges from the sideline with Fred pogba martial rashford?
Glad to see Bruno having a pop back at ole. Maybe bruno should have told him to sit back down and watch his monitor.

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15 Feb 2021 15:11:19
Bruno had another shocking game ken, it was right for ole to have a pop. The problem is, Ole keeps picking players who are not playing well (DDG, Lindelof, Martial) so having a pop isn’t going to work,

15 Feb 2021 16:59:02
Dead right tony, Ole was well within his rights. Bruno has been shocking in several games now. Not sure how he is getting a game to be honest.

15 Feb 2021 17:09:58
That's my point ajh. Why have a pop at the only man delivering more often than not and not have a go at his favourite players who Letting the team down consistently.
Bloody right to have a pop back if nobody else is getting it in the neck.
Bruno must feel like you and I, can he not see anybody else with having a go at?

15 Feb 2021 17:30:25

You can’t see why Bruno is getting a game? Is that tongue in cheek? I had to read it back to make sure that’s who you meant but it seems that you did.

15 Feb 2021 18:07:24
Absolutely taking the Mick GDS. He is, by far, our best player and has probably kept Ole in the job single handedly at times.

Oles having a pop at him. If I were Ole, I'd keep schtum.

16 Feb 2021 10:21:09
Phew, sorry mate, missed the sarcasm there, unlike me, just never know with some of the posts on here these days.

15 Feb 2021 14:36:03
I’m not an Ole defender but nor am I in the camp that he is useless and should be sacked immediately. I think I’m fairly objective and right now I am getting more and more frustrated. Here’s why.

These players have put in some very good performances this year but too often they look lethargic and off the pace. I know the season has been disrupted for everyone and games are coming thick and fast but too many of our players are bang out of form. Martial has been dreadful, Rashford has been up and down, mostly down lately, Greenwood is showing some signs of life, but he has also been less than great. Then there is Bruno; clearly he is very talented and has been talismanic for us but for the last month or 3 he has been absolute pants. He’ll pop up with great goal which then deflects just how ordinary he has been. Our front four are bang out of form, yet we are currently top scorers across the season as a whole.

DDG has been flaky for some time now, we need to be ruthless and look to the future. Hendo has had a full season in the EPL with Sheffield United, there are no fans in the grounds currently so pressure is massively reduced, if there is a time to integrate him in then it is clearly now yet DDG keeps getting picked.

Then we have Laurel and Hardy at CB. Lindelof is weak and ineffectual and is at best a squad player. Maguire had been playing pretty well but with the wrong partner he looks lost, and for £80M he should be able to stand on his own feet. He’s also Captain and whilst captains are different nowadays, he doesn’t give any impression of seniority or gravitas, the nonsense he came out with yesterday was embarrassing. Did we really approach the West Brom game thinking it was going to be tough? We should have gone intending to smash them.

Despite all that, the same players keep getting picked. When we need players to come off the bench they are beyond rusty as they have had no game time. Tuanzebe, Mata, DVDB, James hardly get a sniff. Why we bought DVDB is beyond me, we needed a CF, a CB, and a RW, and we bought someone who will rarely get a game for £40M. Staggering. If the players on the pitch aren’t performing (and they aren’t), try others, it’s not rocket science.

I listened to Ole talk about challenging City and putting some pressure on them, yet our current form is awful. Since the Southampton game we have lost 1 and drawn 3, the loss and 1 of the draws to the bottom 2 clubs, so talk of putting a run together seems ambitious, right now we need to stop the rot.

I have seen progress this year, and suggesting we are only 2nd because others have got worse supposes that the weird season hasn’t affected us when clearly it will have. We are top scorers, we haven’t lost away in the league for a year, we have secured more points from a losing position than any other team, and yet watching us is like a visit to the dentist, you have to do it, but you know you won’t enjoy it.

Either Ole is unable to clearly articulate to the players what is required, or they are unable to understand what he is asking. The defence keep conceding sloppy goals, AWB is forever playing teams onside, how hard is it to get a top defensive coach in to drill the defenders? Irrespective of this, I think the attitude and belief is all wrong, we need to give the players freedom and try and win as opposed to thinking West Brom will be a tough game.
We are promoting youngsters, we know we have some talent coming through, but we still have some weak positions and a bunch of players who are very inconsistent. The Bruno signing was inspired but was a one-off, a lot of the other signings were knee jerks. Cavani is a great example, he is looking lively and has scored some goals, but he was a last-minute panic buy. I mentioned DVDB earlier, it feels like someone has wasted £40M and I’m guessing it wasn’t Ole.

Excellent recruitment will help, a top-class CB and RW would be a good start, let Rashford try and find his form on the left, see if Maguire can be better with a stronger partner. But does anyone have any confidence we will sign the right players?


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15 Feb 2021 15:52:04
I agree with a lot of that, its the Jekyll and Hyde nature of our side currently that is so frustrating. It is the KNOWING that we can play better when we play poorly which is the kicker. Beating a side 9-0 one game then losing to the bottom side who had 1 win in 22 games the next game.

However, the issue is simple. How we play works for the most part, we are top scorers and we have won many tough games, we show the mental fortitude to fight back from losing positions and on the whole we play fairly well if not quite the scintillating football we all crave.
The issue is that we keep coming unstuck by silly individual errors. Lindelof beaten in the air again, Harry being in the wrong place or taking out one of our own players. DDG knocking the ball back into the danger zone for a tap in, or beaten at his near post yet again. Or maybe it was Fred giving the ball away in midfield or AWB falling asleep and playing someone onside.

How often when we concede is it due to some poor defending or a poor touch or a player switching off. Every bloody time. I can't remember the last goal we conceded where I've thought "fair play that was excellent football and there isn't much we could have done there".

I don't know if there is much we can do but to replace the players who seem unable to do their jobs properly or to a high enough standard. Had Maguire come through our academy he'd have been shown the door, same for Fred and Lindelof. Yet because we paid 35, 50 or even 80m for them we persist like one day they will wake up good footballers. Fact is we got taken for a ride, we bought players who aren't good enough for where we want to be.

When looking at recruitment a right winger would be third on my list of priorities. CB first, CDM second then a creative player who predominately plays RW but can play anywhere across the front line would be ideal.

Top scorers but only 8 sides have conceded more than us. We need to shore up our defence. I'd go out and bring in Jules Kounde who looks like a more developed version of Fofana and a likely world class player within a couple of years. Top CB's are hard to find. Ideally I would like two but the reality is we have a lot of players in that position and we would need to shift a load to make space for two. Then I'd sign Declan Rice. EPL proven, British and top class. In a United side he would free up McTominay to play in the same way Soucek does for West Ham. I think McTominay could easily add 10-15 goals a season if he was given the freedom to play like Soucek does at West Ham.
The final player I'd sign is Pedro Neto from Wolves, young talented a really worker and capable of playing RW, LW, CAM, ST and even CM. He's also EPL proven and with Wolves having a poor season compared to last season he could be one that could be pipped from them before other top teams realise the potential and swoop.

I don't think we would have enough money to look at any other players beyond those three in the current climate. It's not perfect, ideally we could do with signing a top ST such as Haaland and probably a second CB. But Haaland would cost upward of 80m with abiding war likely this summer, and another CB would be in the 40-60m range. A further 120-140m just isn't realistic and these signings might have to wait until the following summer.

I'm not normally the kind of person who says we need to buy our way out of trouble, but the reality is that simply the players we have aren't good enough and they never will be.

15 Feb 2021 11:46:22
Our CB's are costing us. That's it.
Both Lindelof and Maguire can't defend 1 vs 1.
To cover their problems we play two defensive midfielders. At times, even our full backs don't venture enough forward in order to protect our Center Halfs.

The decision making from our club is so poor. De Gea gets dropped for Spain frequently for his mistakes, but our club is reluctant to drop him and play Dean Henderson.

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15 Feb 2021 12:55:09

Who is making those decisions? Oh and you missed Martials situation.

15 Feb 2021 13:13:29
Ole has his favs. No matter how they play they will not be dropped

Martial lindeloff and maguire should all be dropped but they wont

He was put an 80 million fridge in the stands.

But the players who can replace them are liabilites. We are not blessed with quality replacements.

15 Feb 2021 15:29:16
Gotta love coming here after points have been dropped. We can literally go from turning things completely around and second, to utter gloom after a 1-1. Not a great result at all, and actually they were lucky with a point. But come on. No wonder Ole's hair is grey.

Utd haven't had a great CB since Vidic. Neither do I think Maguire is a great player. He's slow and error-prone, but was a decent (overpriced) signing. But surely he's the best of a bad bunch? He's a threat at the other end (as well as ours. ), and is vocal. The thought of having any combination of Lindelof, Bailley, Jones (who Ole has said will feature at some point! ) or any of the kids everyone is raving about is, frankly, petrifying.

I agree that Martial seems to have come to the end of the road, and if there is still interest in Sancho (who can play on both flanks) he would be a useful signing, still leaving scope for Greenwood / Diallo to feature.

The midfield options are a conundrum. All can be very good, and poor old Fred, who is taking a lot of stick again, was one of our better players only recently. McTominay has proved very useful and I imagine he'll start more, but there's no need to be playing the pair. Matic's legs have gone but he's still a useful player in my opinion. As for Donny, I loved watching the Ajax side, and thought we'd got a bargain when everyone else was scrapping over Zayech and de Jong. Not quite happened yet but I hope he sticks around as I suspect the midfield will be changing over summer. And Pogba? There was a moment in his goal in December when he, Cavani and Fernandes combined, and I thought those three on their day would easily have been Fergie players (technically Pogba was, duh) . He's clearly a great player but it's too little and too far between.

Then there's the GK situation. I think Romero is still at Utd (? ) after all the rumours, and I think he's their best GK - and he's not even on the bench. Easily good enough to start for the majority of PL teams. I have seen much of Henderson but haven't had the feeling either that he's a long-term solution.

15 Feb 2021 20:20:12
spenno, to be honest, we were lucky with a point.
It pains me to say that WestBrom had better clear cut chances.

15 Feb 2021 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 13th February 2021

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14 Feb 2021 23:55:09
I think Maguire's issues are lack of confidence in De Gea and the fact De Gea sticks to his line and rarely comes out.

Henderson offers vocal organisation, comes for crosses and sweeps up.

Starts at the Keeper.

{Ed047's Note - so it’s De Gea’s fault that lump is a bang average defender. Nice!

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15 Feb 2021 00:58:06
I'd say it's a factor 100% he looks like a better lump in front a Pickford and that's saying something.

15 Feb 2021 01:48:11
Thats ridiculous. De Gea is the established world class keeper for several years who suffers from Maguire and not the opposite.

15 Feb 2021 02:13:38
Utd road.

Maguire is an abysmal defender. At one point DDG wad world class. Maguire has never been nor will he ever be world class.

Perhaps DDG has finally succumbed to playing behind a shoddy defence after all these years.

Henderson does deserve a run in the team. To defend Maguire and place the blame the blame on DDG for his poor performances is ridiculous. He reminds of a bouncer in a nightclub the way he man handles the opposition at set pieces.

Let's face it. Leicester pulled our pants down and pushed a pineapple so far up a d then laughed all the way to the bank.

15 Feb 2021 06:02:46
Sign a proper defender and not this oompa loompa and watch how the team does! We shouldn't we have signed Maguire. I can't believe we got rid of Smalling who was a bad defender but was still twice the player Maguire is.

Imagine ww had rhe chance to go for Dias and we thought he waa expensive and ended up wasting 100 mil on Maguire.

I want to know what they take at United.

15 Feb 2021 06:47:11
People always point out the 2018 World Cup as the turning point in De Gea's career, and say that he has been poor from then on.
But from what I can recall, DDG has never in his entire international career looked assured, settled and top goalkeeper for Spain. However he had always recovered his form when playing for us.

Now I don't know if people remember but after the 2018 WC, there was a big change in our defence. We added Maguire for a world record fee. From then on DDG has not looked his old shelf, and our defence had a never looked calm and assured. Is it a coincidence? Did DDG bring down Maguire's game (which I personally think has very rarely been anything better than average) or has Maguire brought down DDG's game (which at one point was the best in the league/ world)?

15 Feb 2021 08:15:32
Utd road let's hope everton buy him then pal.

15 Feb 2021 08:27:40
Ive sair it befor3 since Maguire joined DeGea has strted to making mistakes.

When you u have a dodgy defence infront of u then you are bound to make mistakes.

15 Feb 2021 08:56:26
Maguire plays too deep and close to the keeper.

The keeper has been a reliability.

Maguire hasn't been much better.

Ones a bigger issue than the other.

The fact Lindelof has cost us multiple goals and is weak AF is also a bigger issue.

So jump on Maguire? He's not great but the best defender we have.

15 Feb 2021 10:50:20
Utd Road,

Bailly is the best defender we have. He changed the dynamics of the team when he plays. The problem is OGS loves the axis of lindelof and Maguire.

15 Feb 2021 11:47:38
Our defending is just comical. None of our CB's fill me with any confidence.


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