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24 Jun 2020 11:35:51
Just wandering is Henderson allowed play against us tonight.


{Ed002's Note - No.}

1.) 24 Jun 2020 17:03:04
Cheers ed.

2.) 24 Jun 2020 17:52:36
Don’t wander too far, you’ll miss the game 😉.

3.) 24 Jun 2020 20:04:35
Haha good one.




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03 May 2021 16:43:07
Was the game rescheduled yet. I'm all for peaceful protest but there's always a few there that have no interest in football just want to do damage. Ps was that you Gds2 falling off the goalpost.


1.) 03 May 2021 17:08:11
The best time seemed to be today or tomorrow. Looks hectic after that. Maybe we'll get our first fixture to be played after the official season end, although other clubs directly involved in the top 4 run-in might argue that Liverpool would be at an advantage knowing results in advance.

2.) 03 May 2021 17:55:09

Wasn’t there mate, glad it happened though.

The Liverpool v West Brom game will be moved to the day we play Leicester and the game will be played on that weekend, it’s the only way. It won’t be after the season ends, and if it was it wouldn’t be the first one, the Bournemouth game after the bomb scare was played after the end of the season.

{Ed001's Note - I want to know who it was with the rose wine? Now that is defo one of the Keane's prawn sandwich brigade, apparently it is a better accompaniment to the seafood.}

3.) 03 May 2021 18:29:00
I was there and glad I was. Your always going to have a few idiots especially the one who vandalised one of the cameras in the ground. He was smashed out of his head and picking fights with kids who were wearing shirts before it had even started

4.) 03 May 2021 18:48:49
You always get a few people who attach themselves to any protest as they see it as a opportunity to have a fight and smash stuff up.

Rarely do they ever have any genuine connection to the cause. They are just sad tiny little men who are angry with the world and just want to lash out.

Sadly I've been at several peaceful protests when these sort of people turn up, normally smashed out of their heads, and they start trying to start problems.

I wasn't there yesterday, but I wouldn't be too surprised if this was the case.



12 Apr 2021 14:54:57
I'm sure if ole doesn't feed his son. Rashford will look after him.


{Ed077's Note - 🤣🤣🤣👏👏

1.) 12 Apr 2021 15:10:06
lol Leahy :)

2.) 12 Apr 2021 15:30:59
Haha, cork sense of humour.

3.) 12 Apr 2021 16:57:04
Another one for the embarrassing quotes book for ole.

4.) 12 Apr 2021 20:08:28
I thought it was funny and made sense. It’s quite a common saying, “if my son did that he wouldn’t get any dinner”, nobody would be commenting on it if Jose didn’t make such a big deal. Ole was joking he wouldn’t actually not feed his kid, who’s not a child anyway. I love that our manager has a sense of humour, some others maybe need to find one.

{Ed077's Note - maybe it's not as common a saying for some?? I thought it wasn't a serious comment from Ole and find it funny that Jose got wound up by it, of pretended to be...

5.) 12 Apr 2021 20:31:53
Is this the reason why Luke Shaw is fitter now?

6.) 12 Apr 2021 23:30:19

Yes he definitely pretended to be, we are used to it by now, pretend something else is the main issue when your team was poor is Jose’s MO. They got what they deserved yesterday and I loved it.

{Ed077's Note - I enjoyed the game overall despite the poor refereeing.

7.) 13 Apr 2021 09:15:47
Yes the poor refereeing is standard in every game, it’s getting ridiculous now to be honest, you kind of have to realise it will happen and enjoy it anyway. The funny thing is when VAR was brought in the main gripe from people was what would people talk about if all the decisions were correct and there was no controversy!

8.) 13 Apr 2021 10:34:27
I think Jose was trying to deflect the attention away from his cheating player and sinking ship of a club.

9.) 14 Apr 2021 09:28:19
there is no accounting for taste in humour.

10.) 14 Apr 2021 10:17:23
Ole was having a humorous dig, like others have said he can't go in hard and call Son a cheat as his own players have gone down softly on more than one occasion. In fact the penalty Bruno "won" against Granada is certainly something most fans would complain about if given against us.

So he made a joke to highlight it and hopefully that means Ref's might be a little less harsh on us in the coming games.

Jose was just typical Jose, expecting to have to field difficult questions about his teams performance and how he is doing managing the side, he saw an opportunity to say something outlandish and draw attention away from a pathetic performance from his side.

It's worked to a tee, with everyone discussing the comments about the game rather than what was possibly one of the worst Spurs performances in recent times against us.



05 Apr 2021 09:45:41
A good 3 points yesterday. Played well in patches. Bissouma had a good game. Would they take Fred and matic in a straight swap😉.


1.) 05 Apr 2021 11:50:55
Thought Bissouma style was very like Yaya Toure at times.



07 Mar 2021 15:33:51
Martial starting up front. That's alli have to say.


1.) 07 Mar 2021 18:25:20
MOM Good win.

2.) 07 Mar 2021 18:29:08
I felt the same when I saw hin in the team sheet Leahy. He turned up and played pretty well all game I thought. The guy is so frustrating, but fair play he did well today.

{Ed077's Note - MOTM for me.

3.) 07 Mar 2021 18:33:26
Mctom probably for me, he was immense today.

{Ed077's Note - and Fred was very poor IMO. Ran around a lot but didn't actually do much to influence the game. We need to upgrade on him now

4.) 07 Mar 2021 18:41:00
Shaw for me but martial played a lot better than he had done most of the season. Amazing what a difference a little bit of effort makes.

5.) 07 Mar 2021 18:42:46
Ya martial had a good game today. But 1 good game in 20 doesn't justify himself.
I'd still sell him first day of the transfer window
Shaw had a good game and Henderson did very well.

6.) 07 Mar 2021 18:56:51
missed 2 clear chances and he was ok that was about it.

He was decent to how he has been playing but shaw was motm.

7.) 07 Mar 2021 18:59:02
Relying on Fred is a crime for this club true. Martial was excellent. Shame he can’t be bothered 50% of the time. Hopefully this ignites spark within him.

8.) 07 Mar 2021 19:53:22
Henderson did well, aside a few dodgy clearances, and one match winning distribution.
Martial, put in a shift for once, should have scored when one on one with the keeper, and that header was a shocker, maybe the competition with Cavani has sparked some competitiveness in him, but that was more of the Martial we know he can be.
Shaw starting to push Bruno for player of the season if he carries on like this.
Man City did look leggy after about 40min, poor in front of goal, Sterling should of had two, Dias hitting the post could have changed the game if it was an inch to the left, but football is a game of small margins.
All we can hope for is a Liverpool style collapse from them and the title is ours.



27 Feb 2021 19:20:05
The referees and var are losing it. Did anyone see the goal disallowed for Brighton. An absolute shambles. The ref didn't know the rules of football and whoever is over var should be sacked.


1.) 28 Feb 2021 03:13:58

I’m not sure he didn’t know the rules of football, he made a mistake allowing the quick free kick and then panicked, just a human making a mistake like the 2 players who missed penalties.

Once he had blown the whistle again VAR didn’t have a choice but to disallow it.

2.) 28 Feb 2021 10:16:43
Referees are human. They make mistakes. Shouldnt happen but just like the players do so do they. I would guess that they make far less mistakes than players.

Players routinely cheat and the game is so fast nowadays that even with VAR they need eyes in the back of their head. Can we cut them some slack. Nobody died.

3.) 28 Feb 2021 10:51:05
For me the biggest issue of the lack of clarity from PGMOL and referees in general.

It appears that rather than being a tool used to come to the correct outcome, more often than not they use it to try and back up the on field referee.

It's obvious when you see the length of time they take to make reviews. 10-20 seconds when they don't feel the need to over turn the Ref's decision. But when there is a case that the Ref or on field officials have got something wrong they take 5 minutes to review then often come up with some unknown rule or a different interpretation of a rule to try and back the on field officials. Only when they cannot do they over rule the original decision.

It's like the thought process is "how can we find a way to prove the on field official got it right" rather than objectively deciding whether a mistake has been made.

I think VAR can and should be a good thing for football, vastly improving the number of correct decisions and reducing the miscarriages of justice.

The problem is we have a terrible bunch of referees who are not open to being held accountable for their mistakes.

I think several things need to change to get VAR and officiating working better in England.

Firstly, if its not broke don't fix it. I'm not sure why they took a system that works really well in rugby and felt the need to change it. All comms communications between officials should be open to the public. Let the fans know what is going on and why. The only reason to hide it is because they are worried about being embarrassed by it.

Secondly, all VAR screens should also where possible be broadcast in the stadium and should certainly be available on TV. Let the fans see what the VAR official is seeing and looking at.

Both of these two things solve the main issues, a lack of knowing what is happening which leads to fan frustration, while making it all open stops/ limits the ability for them to attempt to support the on field officials rather than objectively seeing if a mistake has been made.

Thirdly, we need a massive overhaul of who runs refereeing and how ref's are supported, trained and held accountable for their mistakes.

A refereeing blunder can and has been the difference between a club being relegated of surviving. In the real world if you made a mistake that cost a company the best part of 70-100m then you bet your bottom dollar there would be consequences and reviews etc.

I'm not sure how having a former referee in charge of the panel that reviews and judges current referees is sensible or progressive.

The reason VAR doesn't work in our country isn't because as a tool it can't work, but because we have unqualified workmen using it.

4.) 28 Feb 2021 12:10:10
There seems to be a lot of issues with interpreting the laws of the game when it relates to VAR and other technical aids that were designed to make the referees decision making more accurate,
Why is this?
1.It is new and both referees and officials are yet to have enough experience using this.
2.A lot of people seeing the results of the decisions are unhappy either because it affects the results that they would like or because it provides the referees with a get out if in the fans eyes they make the wrong decision.
3. The pundits and tv companies enjoy controversy and this is seen when they interview players and managers after games and ask the about the controversy surrounding decisions.
We are left with blame VAR or blame the match officials or both as the options. No one appears to be happy .

5.) 28 Feb 2021 12:15:32
It's simple. Blow the whistle you take the free kick. that's the rule.
Players taking penalties missing is way different.
Ref made the mistake and the goal should have stood and var should have said you blew the whistle that's the rule. That could be the difference of that team getting relegated. Big business at that end of the table.

6.) 28 Feb 2021 13:07:12
Let’s be honest we’d be fuming if it happened to us.

But Brighton had enough penalties to win the game so they need to be looking at themselves first.

{Ed077's Note - both points well made Wazza.

Also does it not prove how important it is to have reliable Penalty takers. People take scoring penalties for granted. Man Utd have Bruno who is really good at converting pens as well as Rashford who is too bad either. And don't forget Telles was on penalty duties for Porto as well }

7.) 28 Feb 2021 20:55:04

Because he panicked and blew the whistle again the goal was correctly ruled out. He just made a mistake and Brighton should be fuming like we would be, they had chances to win the game without taking a quick free kick with the keeper not ready though, that was my point.




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07 Jun 2021 16:55:03
That's where we make the mistakes. We wait till the price of a player goes through the roof. We could buy a player for 30 mil. Na let's wait till he is 75mil. We will pay u 300 grand a week and give u a 7 year contract.


{Ed077's Note - We have shown some level of interest in him..}



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22 Sep 2020 19:42:24
Gds 80 million for maguire.




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08 Aug 2020 16:28:11
The only way Bale would sign is if there was a golf course next door to the training ground.




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24 Jun 2020 20:04:35
Haha good one.




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24 Jun 2020 17:03:04
Cheers ed.





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12 Jun 2021 17:48:51
Ole has done nothing to convince. Made lots of mistakes. should have never got the job from day 1.




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09 Jun 2021 13:14:54
That's enough about Foster for me. It doesn't matter if your first second or third choice. You know your place. Bad attitude right there. If your a keeper all that should matter is being number 1.
I don't see Henderson being in the top 5 keepers in the world ever.




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06 Jun 2021 14:01:47
Tarkowski. In why. De gea is better than Henderson.




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27 May 2021 15:38:45
He will probably get a 5 year contract next week. Ole in for 5 more years. The board will give him a pay rise as well.




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27 May 2021 13:26:45
De gea hadn't saved a pen since April 2016. Why hadn't he the b@lls to sub him off.
I'm afraid ole has taken united as far as he can go.