Manchester United Voting Polls

2019-10-07 12:36:28
Vote on Stick with OGS, or twist? Vote Here


2019-08-07 09:40:36
Vote on Which of these options would you prefer? Vote Here


2019-07-27 13:27:44
Vote on Who do you prefer as Manchester United's next signing? Vote Here


2019-06-28 19:16:51
Vote on Do you think we would be in a better position as a team and club if moyes had been allowed see his contact out than we are now after giggs, lvg, jose, ole and the best part of 1 billion spent on players agents fees and coaches? Vote Here


2019-04-13 13:55:20
Vote on If Manchester United make no signings and retain all the players in the squad as it is now for next seasons campaign, do you think: Vote Here