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29 Nov 2023 20:35:04
I've defended Onana many times on here and still stand by much of what I've said, but I cannot defend that tonight - I would have saved Ziyech's second in a spud sack and straight jacket, that was just poor.

What a crazy game that was, I'm utterly flummoxed by the result - I hope none of our players are out walking dogs tonight.

I'm not entirely sure yet whether I'm more gutted or more relieved that we're likely not to progress beyond the group stage.

Mainoo man, what an absolute phenomenon he's going to be.

Roll on the weekend.

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30 Nov 2023 05:42:36
No one is going to feel that performance more than Onana. The guy will know in his heart that he had a poor campaign in the UCL this year. I hope he comes back strong from this, we need him. We have put our faith in him for a reason and he can still turn this around. I didn't want to dump DDG. But we made the change and now we have to back him. He gets more than 6 months to prove himself. He has been better in the EPl recently and I'm sure that he will be fighting hard to show his quality.

29 Nov 2023 20:22:06
I'm just going to say how proud I was of #s2-11 today. They played great. Scored 3, and it could so easily have been more. 2 pieces of bad luck at the end. It s beginning to feel that the outfield s developing in a positive way.

Every goalkeeper makes errors and particularly in very wet conditions, but today, and not for the first time, those errors have cost us the game and any chance of further European football this season. The rest of the squad are going to fly home feeling completely let down. The club is going to be regretting the financial consequences too. The big question is how can the manager, assuming he's trying to build a team to win titles, proceed with a frequently unreliable keeper upon whom he cannot rely at important moments.

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29 Nov 2023 21:20:14

There is a question there that must be on players minds. They would have been close to DDG who was dumped, he made occasional mistakes, so the replacement has to be something great. Tonight it must be in their minds that Onana has cost two goals and yet DDG was dumped so brutally. They almost certainly will wonder about the managers decision.

29 Nov 2023 23:34:49
Recall that time in pre season when he screamed at (I think it was) Maguire. Performances like the and you can add losing your authority to the loss of popularity you have already likely suffered.

29 Nov 2023 22:04:20
Ddg made occasional mistakes? As in every other week!

Onana poor for the second imo, the first not so much! Well planned free kick that we didn’t defend well as a wall and Bruno!

I also feel Bruno two cheap free kicks in stupid areas and I’m flabbergasted martial has had zero criticism for the second, just head it away, him ducking does onana no favours! Pathetic!

Some real positives for me, although we were excellent and dreadful rolled into one some good individual performances going forward, good goals and had decisions been better we’d of scored a lot more but that’s us unfortunately!

Did I expect us to win no, but again the manner in which we give up good match winning positions by conceding soft goals has cost us!

Brilliant game for the neutral!

30 Nov 2023 05:54:39

Who organised the wall for the first one?

30 Nov 2023 06:20:13
The first goal and second are on the keeper. He knows they can hit that shot given how he is setting up the wall. If you are going to get beat it has to be top right corner and so be it but not where he got beat.

He has been very poor in CL for us to be honest and I am/ was a fan of him. He was poor at Bayern and let that nothing goal in from Sane, then got cas sent off with poor pass error and lost us the game vs gala at home and yesterday this horror show.

Fundamentally he does some very strange things on shots that are low. He must be gutted.

Couple of take aways as I was watching the game, we have to learn to all sit tight in midfield and just get compact. Bruno and Scott venture forward too much imo when there is no need. I still don't know what mc does defensively and looks to be just free to roam around.

On a positive note we are playing better and Antony yesterday had his best united game for me and did things I have been screaming for him to do.

even with Onana playing like a donkey, we created a lot of scoring opportunities and still don't now how Pellistri missed and made some very poor decisions by not passing to open men and having slash at it instead.

To score 9 away goals in 3 games in the cl and get one point is hard to believe.

29 Nov 2023 19:46:36
Another difficult European pill to swallow but when your goalkeeper is hell bent on chucking as many goals in his own net as possible, it's an uphill task.

Fight all year to get into a competition to be let down so drastically by one player. Pep made a decision to replace his goalkeeper Bravo after 1 season, I think Ten Hag will need to do the same. Even for Icardi's offside goal he just drops on his back.

When all is said and done though we weren't progressing far into this competition. We're not the type of team who ups their game when we play tougher opposition, we're the opposite in that we generally fold.

Few positives there tonight, Mainoo looks like he's only a few more appearances away from being a starter, Shaw looked excellent again, another goal from Garnacho and Bruno.

On another day with a decent keeper we'd have strolled through that game. Onwards and upwards though, big game against Newcastle coming up. Dry our eyes and move on.

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29 Nov 2023 19:59:01
Mumbles not sure we would have strolled it, but I get you and agree.

29 Nov 2023 20:27:27
Time to give Bayindir a shot. I’m not even sure how good the lad is but Onana has dropped far too many clangers already this season. A spell on the bench might give him a kick up the backside.

29 Nov 2023 19:46:35
Our keeper has cost us time and time again this season. An Absolute joke some of the goals he's conceded and 2night is no different.

Very hard to have a steady back 4 with that clown behind you.

A quality keeper between the posts and that game and others both in the champions league and premiership were totally different outcomes.

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29 Nov 2023 20:18:01
The keepers dire mistakes in nearly every game lot of money for him as well when u already had a safe pair of hands at the club cracking game tho like a non league game end to end zero tactics neither team deserved to loose Garnacho and Bruno were mint Galatasaray as well had loads of good performances they're a god team to watch exciting going forward.

29 Nov 2023 23:49:41
Who was the safe pair of hands at the club? The guy that let one through his hands and lost us the FA cup final? Safe as houses.

29 Nov 2023 18:42:23
Surely time for Kobbie.

Amrabat is again looking out of his depth and now has a yellow card - no way should he be on for the second half.

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26 Nov 2023 19:58:55
Well l wanted Mainoo in the team and boy he didn't dissapoint, he is a class act, and will get better. The dog fight we expected was there to see, we rode our luck, but really fought hard and battled all over thd pitch. We are still giving up a lot of chances but, there are young players there to build a team around. Still need a CB or 2 and RB and someone to partner Mainoo.

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26 Nov 2023 20:25:13
He was so good redcon. It would be interesting to see him, bruno and hannibal together, I think they would be good together and offer so much energy.

26 Nov 2023 21:25:03
He was so composed. Looked like he was playing years. What's up with Rashford, he scores and didn't want to celebrate with fans until his teammates kinda pushed him over to them. That dude will never be happy.

26 Nov 2023 21:48:21
It’s even more obvious how good he is because none of our other players can keep the ball like he does, he’s classy, controlled, got bags of energy and can carry the ball, also can pick a pass, so happy to see him starting in a hostile atmosphere and he must start on Wednesday.

27 Nov 2023 01:45:05
Mainoo was superb. Man of the match for me. We do have a tendency to over hype young players without giving them room to and time to grow. I'm just excited to see him in there and playing so well in a hostile environment in a big televised game.

Once he came off, and back in the pitch at the end he just looked so relaxed and calm. Just a young boy but he looks ready to be a big part of the group. And he looks to me like an EtH 6, drops between the CBs very well. So composed with the ball, can carry it forward and turn in congested areas.

He's going to make mistakes, or have off games. He'll probably be used in and out of the team by EtH this year like Garnacho was last year. Much rather see him develop than watch mctominay or Fernandes play in there. He looks a proper player on first serious test.

26 Nov 2023 19:21:38
What a performance by mainoo, if only he had seen fit from the start of the season! Big big future ahead of him. And that goal by garnacho was up there for goal of the season. the performance wasn't great but we scored 3, kept a clean sheet, martial finally scored and rashy got a goal, pretty decent afternoon from what was set up to be a banana skin game.

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26 Nov 2023 19:04:49
Everyone happy? We were treated to the best goal this league has ever seen .

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23 Nov 2023 10:43:48
Surely Mainoo starts against Everton, l'd play Mainoo, McTominay and Amrabat in a midfield 3, its going to a be a dog fight there, need strength in the middle.

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26 Nov 2023 19:26:24
Started and arguably the best player on the pitch. He's got a long way to go yet in his career, but he looks like a future top player.

18 Nov 2023 14:01:53
Having watched that awful borefest last night, I wonder how many, if any, still think Southgate should ever be considered for the United seat.

Now, here's how I view the glaring differences between Gareth and Erik.
The England camp is usually full of people riding a wave of appreciation. They are playing for their country and will almost always put in the work - there's rarely an ego battle in the England camp. Cliques yes, but no ego wars.

Yesterday's team wasn't without some first-choice options - Pickford, Kane, Saka, Walker, Rice.
It wasn't without decent experienced pros who know Gareth's ways - Trippier, Rashford, Henderson, Maguire.
What it did lack is the level of quality shown when at least 9 of the starters are arguably first-choice - the drop off is pretty severe.
Is that the players not wanting to show up for their country or is it indicative of something else?

I fully believe that Southgate has been brutally exposed by this match more than any other - his success so far has been built on the quality of players with whom he would have achieved more if he was up to the standard required.
Southgate is England's weakest link and I do not want him anywhere near United.

Styles and systems aside, one thing that ten Hag has to deal with is the, almost-exclusively difficult, culture of ego-massaging that still has such an enormous impact upon the aims of the management team at OT.
Ten Hag isn't Fergie, nobody's stupid enough to presume otherwise, but he's leagues better than Southgate.

It is my opinion that anyone who thinks Southgate would be an upgrade on ten Hag should find another sport to follow because football is clearly way too complex for them.

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19 Nov 2023 11:15:10
England have already qualified, a mid season international that we didn’t need to win, why would the players put 100% in and risk injury? They got the win anyway but it’s nothing more important that an end of season game for a team that’s already won the league.

I wouldn’t want Southgate at United but judging him on 1 game is absolute madness. England have lost 2 of 72 euro and World Cup qualifiers so picking one game to batter Southgate with is odd imo.


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