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04 May 2021 21:32:48
PSG losing their heads again. Di Maria sent off. couldn't happen to a nicer bloke not. Welcome back to Manchester you ain't no angel.

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05 May 2021 15:08:41
Cannot stand the guy, PSG are a horrible side and I love to see them lose.

29 Apr 2021 23:05:09
What a game of two halves, first half I thought we were very poor. Quality goal for the opener, but after that we were poor. I know the law says it was a penalty but it was very harsh on Pogba.

Second half I thought was one of it not our best under Ole. Bruno, Pogba and Cavani in particular. Cavani is everything an elite world class 9 should be, just oozes class. We should throw whatever it takes at him to keep him another year. I absolute love watching him play, his movement and space he picks up is incredible.

Pogba was top class also. I've been highly critical of him in the past, but played in the right system with better players around him he really is world class when he's on it. Some world class players can drag a team of inferior players single handedly, Steven Gerard comes to mind. Other like Pogba perform best when they have quality players around them. With the likes of Bruno, Cavani and Greenwood around him, he thrives. Shaw was also good again.

A lot of people hammer Maguire, and at times he really is poor, but I have to say I think he's improved this season and actually done fairly well over the course of the whole season. For me he needs a partner with pace alongside him, but he would be the one I'd stick with, and although we do need a CB, CM in my opinion is where we are most in need of improving.

A midfield two of Fred and McTominay will never take us back to the top of the PL or CL. Neither are good enough to be the long term CM for us. I'd look to move Fred on, keep McTominay as a rotational player. If we got two upgrades in the CM, along with Bruno and Pogba, we would have half a chance. I also think Martial needs to go, Rashford is very hit and miss for me but would keep him.

Would love to see the likes of Rice, Ndidi signed. If Cavani goes we need a top class CF, Kane or Haaland would be nice although probably unlikely.

Ole needs to win a trophy. We really should be looking to win the EL now and then hopefully next year we can push on for a title challenge.

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29 Apr 2021 23:55:33
Stand I think a lot of that is spot on.
Great 2nd half and for me I really enjoyed the way we played in the 2nd half.
Shaw has been our best player this season and despite the odd defensive lapse he has been 8 out of ten most weeks.
Pogba is playing well and was very unlucky for the pen he was trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately playing him off the left comes at the expense of rashfords goal threat he looks toothless on the right.
So its a bit of a conundrum. Playing as well as he is and as committed as he is he should be able to do that from midfield imo. I agree I think he can make very good players look great but can't make ordinary players look very good.
I'm with you on cavani i'd love to see him playing in front of a full OT. Players like him are few and far between. He will miss his share of chances but he gets more chances than most due to his movement.
I agree mostly that ole needs a trophy this squad needs a trophy. He will now get the semi failures off his back and can hammer it home with a trophy and he's a winner. I don't care that it's a minor trophy its a start. Then he is in a position to move forwards with confidence and will have imo earned the right to do that. My targets were clear at the start of the season 20 plus points on ly, get out of cl group to 1/ 4 final stage and win a cup. Wont quite get plus 20 but imo acceptable if plus 15. OK we failed in cl but winning the el compensates.
Greenwood for me is going to be our no 9 and has all the attributes to be a really top cf. If we can get cavani to stay another year there is no need to go after kane or haaland as Greenwood will develop greatly in that year as cavani will need minding.
Pogba and the club need to bring his situation to a conclusion and get clarity one way or the other. We need to entertain like we did tonight not just the goals but the speed of play and attacking intent and we need to compete for the biggest comps.
Winning the el would be the 1st steps and signs of improvement it would give ole some credibility and some credit in the bank and it imo earns him the right to try and build on solid foundations not faild endeavours.
Good post mate.

30 Apr 2021 01:07:46
They quite clearly came out after half time like a team that was focused and ready to perform.

They looked excellent. Movement. Passes picking players out. Fernandes was really in the mood, but so too Pogba, shaw, cavani, rash.

Pogba pen was harsh, but you can see why it was given. These things happen in the game, and the mentality of the team to not yield and to force their way through was pretty impressive.

I think this back 4 is looking more and more settled. I have more confidence in them than I did in feb. But we need a CB. I don't trust any of the others to stay fit and push for a place.

If cavani goes, we need a top draw striker. We have flexible forwards, but not that striker that will make the difference. I don't see how we could get him, but Kane would be the one for me. Greenwood is exceptional, but is really excelling wide right now, let him develop there with added games upfront as cover.

Kane or sancho? No brainer for me.

30 Apr 2021 04:45:21
And to follow up on Ken's post, my preference is cavani stays and Greenwood given chance to take the 9 role. I also have a lot of belief on Greenwood.

But reason I like Kane is that he can also play in a pair with Greenwood, or play in 10 position and rest Fernandes. For a 9 he is very good at creating from a little deeper also.

I hope Cavani stays and plays. But if he goes, we need another 9 so we are not relying on Martial at 9.

29 Apr 2021 22:20:01
I’m buzzing, that was a great second half on the back of a poor first half. Yes, yes I know they had to make early subs but our energy, focus and desire with entirely different in the second half.

It’s both frustrating and exciting, so often we don’t do it but when we do it looks good. Personally, I’d play Pogba in the middle and Greenwood in the right. If Fred and Scott can’t be trusted on their own then we need to look to someone like Rice. Add a to CB and maybe we can play more freely.

Some of the football this year has been turgid but this team doesn’t like losing, it’s been draws that have killed us. Let’s finish this job and claim a trophy.

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29 Apr 2021 22:40:12
Fantastic performance 2nd half, to be honest the 1st half wasn’t that bad they just scored from their 2 shots, nothing more. Controlled the game, could have been even more than 6, Bruno was quality, Cavani’s movement is perfect and even a little cameo for our soon to be world class teenager, I’m buzzing but also a little disappointed that I wasn’t there, the same on Sunday, the game I enjoy most every season with the best atmosphere, not long now though and hopefully a European final to look forward to.

If we don’t go through from here then Ole is never getting past a semi that’s for sure.

29 Apr 2021 22:01:47
Liverpool fan in peace. Although we lock horns this weekend, well done for tonight guys. Hope you or Arsenal go all the way and win it. its about time we put local rivalries aside when we compete in Europe. Get some pride back in the English game.

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29 Apr 2021 21:58:28
What a result. well done to the lads for that second half performance. Be professional next week and we are in the final and ole has a chance at his first trophy 👍☺️. If you aren't smiling after that then you really do have issues🤣.

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29 Apr 2021 21:57:52
Entertaining enough?

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26 Apr 2021 19:28:37
“I thought it was quite the opposite second half for us. ”

Reacting to Solskjaer’s comments, Scholes added: “I get the impression he’s a little bit happy with that draw. ”

When asked whether the Man Utd boss should be happy, Scholes replied: “I don’t think he should be, not against a Leeds team without probably their best player in Raphinha.

“If it’s this time next year and United are going close for the league, it should be used as practice for a run-in where there’s big pressure. You need to go to these places and win games.

“They should be trying to take Manchester City all the way. All the way and as far as they possibly can now to put pressure on them. Use it as practice and as pressure to win those big games. Going there with a performance like that won’t be acceptable. ”

The thoughts of Paul Scholes.

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15 Apr 2021 19:08:30
Too strong a team for my liking.

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16 Apr 2021 06:49:15
A good performance though ED077. The players played with determination. They actually seemed fired up aswell.

However our finishing could have been better, but at least we are through. Hopefully we can beat Roma.

{Ed077's Note - Good performance? Professional? Yes, Maybe. But that was a dull, boring, dire game. Onto the semis now. Lets hope we go on and win the EL now.}

16 Apr 2021 11:24:23
Effective garbage. Better than ineffective garbage. They're is no way on God's earth i'd renew a season ticket as long as ole is manager or buy a ticket on a day trip.

16 Apr 2021 20:08:29
Just confirmed I’ll be renewing my season ticket and can’t wait to get back in there, it’s one of the main things I’m looking forward to, not long to wait now 🙌🏼.

20 Apr 2021 10:20:51
Don't be too hasty you might not get a refund if we're thrown out🤣🤣🤣.


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