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05 Dec 2019 07:20:12
Yesterday's game shows what difference one good player can make, apart from one mistake McT was my MOTM just for showing up for the game :P (we didn't have to see Pereira in MF) .
Rashford stepping up this season is the best thing that can happen to our club, the only thing to worry now attack wise is the central striker position.
Martial is a no show when we need him the most, we desperately need a new striker who can share the responsibilities with him upfront.

Last but not the least, appreciating tireless running of Fred and James. What a signing James has been, thanks to whoever scouted him.

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05 Dec 2019 05:57:47
The Stretford end continuously chanted yesterday : "Who put the ball into the German net?
Ole, Ole, Ole Gunnar Solskjær"

The support for Ole inside Old Trafford is immense.

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05 Dec 2019 07:15:33
Who’d have thought it?

05 Dec 2019 00:57:07
Not being funny but the credit mctominnay gets at old trafford over fred is an absolute joke.

Mctominnay loses ball, Spurs score its freds fault.

Mctominay passes a 50 yard passback to de gea old trafford apploud. Fred tries to play a ball FORWARD which gets intercepted the old trafford faithfull boo.

Mctominnay is an arse with gazziniga of which the keeper did nothing the old trafford loved it.

Mctominnqy is poor. But because a united graduate it papers the cracks like ole.

Fred was class from the stands again today.
Never seen such a poor player in mctominnay or maguire in top sides. Fact.

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05 Dec 2019 01:55:53
Not heard one boo from the fans tonight, especially for Fred who was very good. He has a lot to prove though after having a very poor 18 months. McTominay is an academy graduate who has never let the team down and is and is therefore a fan favourite already, correctly imo.

He is far from poor. Did you watch the last 2 games without him? Also, you know if you say fact after an opinion it’s still just an opinion.

Get the feeling you’re a rival fan on a wind up as no united fan I know doesn’t rate McTominay.

05 Dec 2019 04:54:33
Seriously wilbot?
Have you even watched all of the previous matches of this campaign?
McTominay and Dan James have been the only shining players this season.

McT is an academy graduate whereas Fred is a 50 million signing from whom we are rightly expecting high standards.
Ole also mentioned that McT had just one training session prior to the match.

The lad is an example to the other over paid mercaneries. Unlike other, he gives everything on the pitch, chases lost causes and is growing into a leader.
Considering that he is only 22, we will be enjoying his peak years in the neaar future.

05 Dec 2019 06:40:45
That’s a pretty silly post. The point that Fred gets a rough ride Scott doesn’t has some truth but your rationale and emotional outburst is wide of the mark.

I did point out on another post that Young and Fred were being blamed for the goal when it was Scott who gave the ball away 30 yards from our goal. However, his contribution this year has been excellent, player of thE month more than once .

05 Dec 2019 11:07:06
I think the difference is Scott hasn't let us down, while Fred has only really played well in the last 10 games or so.

That said, all players make mistakes from time to time, even the best. McTominay gave the ball away for the Spurs goal last night. He also added drive and purpose to our midfield, and this was his first game back after a 3 week injury absence. So, he should be cut a little slack.

Fred was excellent, and I don't think he or Young were at fault for the Spurs goal. I see someone saying he needs to be stronger and stand his ground against Alli. I thought he did, the only thing he could have done differently was to thrown Alli to the ground and give away a penalty. He stood toe to toe with him then Alli used a phenomenal bit of skill with the flick that no one could have predicted or defended against.

Sometimes you just need to step back and say fair play, that was an excellent bit of skill.

04 Dec 2019 22:33:58
Stand by ole! Trust the process, we will be up and down all season, but we were by far the worst team on paper. Look at the team effort tonight though. With more signings ole can do it! We just need to be patient! Scott Mc back made a difference tonight, Fred was quality. Rashford was a menace! GGMU enjoyed the game best in a long while!

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04 Dec 2019 22:26:46
It is frustrating to watch the same players out in such effort against their boss and Liverpool and play carp against lesser teams. If we gave this effort in every game wedge top four. Looking like Liverpool, City and Leister will make up top three, with the battle for fourth left to be decided. If we could put a run together you would never know. Thought our passing was poor for large parts tonight, Maguire was particularly bad. Rashford and Fred were very good and McTominay was solid in the middle again.

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05 Dec 2019 11:39:26
Something fishy about it ok.

05 Dec 2019 14:47:28
What did Maguire do wrong?

I’m not sure effort is the whole problem, I do think they get up more for the big games, the main problem is when we are expected to control games and take the games to teams we don’t have the player to create and break that wall down. We also don’t score early enough in them games and that allows the opposition something to hold on to, start to time waste and slow everything down and we end up slowing down as a result. The effort is there for all to see and it is clear the players are playing for Ole. Ignoring the game where he played the under 18s we’ve lost 1 in 10 now I believe including games against Liverpool, Sheff United, Chelsea and Spurs so the form is improving and there is something to build on.

I think it was Tony who said the other day he’s enjoying the ride, this season was always going to be a rollercoaster, we are 4-5 top top players away from a challenge, so it is pointless getting angry after every game we don’t win, look at the bigger picture here as I think it is important.

We all know Ole probably isn’t the long term solution but the things he is doing now might just save the club from years of crap, bringing through some very promising kids and making 3 good signings so far. Rashford was unplayable at times tonight (something I was told the other week would never happen), the positives are there if you look for them, just like the negatives are there if you search for them after every game we don’t win.

04 Dec 2019 22:04:10
The match aside, how good was it to see Jim Rosenthal back on TV. I hope I look that good at 72.

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04 Dec 2019 22:32:51
He’s retired more times than Sinatra.

04 Dec 2019 21:38:35
Great win today and so needed. Ole got his tactics spot on so credit to him. Rashford was unplayable and I thought Fred was sublime. What a different player he looks with Scott Mctominay next to him. Shout out to greenwood who was incredibly disciplined and worked his socks off. Dare I say we looked better with him than martial up top. Our issue is we are inconsistent from game to game. However, I’m going to enjoy tonight as it was really enjoyable and so sweet to get one over Jose. Well done ole and the boys.

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04 Dec 2019 19:29:57
We need the same attitude and tempo as we had against Liverpool, tonight.

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04 Dec 2019 22:48:17
And we got it, so frustrating.

05 Dec 2019 06:50:18
We need this attitude for every game.
This Squad is not the best one but is way better than the current form.
Consistency is needed.


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