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17 Nov 2023 18:08:39
Something that worries me a bit at the moment. Stems from a reply from Ed002 on the other page, where he mentions ETH will be aware he probably won't be here next season.

Hopefully ETH's professionalism will come through, but can't help thinking it doesn't bode well for the rest of the season. If he knows, it's probably fair to say the players do too.


1.) 17 Nov 2023 19:11:42
If it’s correct, sooner the better he is gone for all concerned, I think they will know that too, because 100% they need champs league and atm that’s quite a way away.

2.) 17 Nov 2023 20:56:17
I think a lot of people including players am on ngat others are thinking Thier time may at United be coming to a close.

3.) 17 Nov 2023 21:00:36
Is it quite a way away Rangersred? We are 5 points off fourth place after one of our worst starts to a season in decades.

There are 26 games remaining and we haven't really got out of second gear. I'm not saying we are a top four team based on current form, but let's get some perspective.

In regards to ETH it would be a shame to see him go. He never really had a chance and I don't think there are any out there available I would want to see him replaced with. Especially if the Potter rumours are true.

4.) 17 Nov 2023 21:07:38
4/ 5 points, not quite a way at all! In fact to keep in the pack with our injuries is excellent imo! Don’t listen to the media, our injury record this season is phenomenal and has clearly had a detrimental effect on performances! To still be there or thereabouts is huge positive!

5.) 17 Nov 2023 23:47:06
I agree, Chris. But with the weak mentality in a fair portion of our players, I do worry a little that they'll act to form. No real concerns about ETH. I think his professionalism is there for all to see.

6.) 18 Nov 2023 00:09:09
Alot of players need to go before eth. If he had decent support we wouldn't be 6th we would be up around top.

7.) 18 Nov 2023 09:03:01
Ten hag will be utd manager next season, who on earth would they get if he left? Seems nonsense to sack him, everyone and his dog wants him sacked. With everything that's going on behind the scenes his been extremely professional. Jose and Co would have had a meltdown by now.

8.) 18 Nov 2023 09:12:05

Which page are you reffering to. I wpuld be disappointed and its a mistake imo.

9.) 18 Nov 2023 09:37:51
Discussion page Ahmad.

10.) 18 Nov 2023 10:24:59
Very possibly Nagelsman -short term contract with Germany - was the flavour of the month there a short time ago, according to the media don't miss out on this guy everybody loved him.

11.) 18 Nov 2023 10:29:52
It's something that so many people have been dismissive of but the instability hanging over the club due to the sale process will have 100% effected everyone at the club and their performances both on and off the pitch. It's completely normal.

I was speaking to my ex-manager yesterday from the school I was working at last year. She was saying how since the headteacher handed hi notice in at the start of the school year that it's affecting everyone at the school. How the confusion over the leadership and the direction the school will head when a new headteacher is appointed has everyone nervous and unsure.

It's completely normal that impending change impacts people and their performances at work.

For our club that cloud has been hanging over everyone for a year now.

As for EtH I would be disappointed if the new ownership situation led to his departure. In my opinion he's been our best manager post SAF and has handled everything very well. However, I also appreciate that if he isn't the right man for the new direction the club will be heading in then I'd rather his departure be sooner and on good terms than drawn out and messy.

Hopefully he has the character and mentality to want to do his best regardless of the situation. While it's probable that the new people will want a different manager it's not guaranteed.

If I remember correctly EtH was the manager Rangnick supported and thought was the best option. This was around the same time that he was suggesting Paul Mitchell would be a good person for the club to bring in. With the pair spotted at a few youth games together.

Hopefully that means Paul Mitchell holds EtH in the same high esteem as Rangnick. If he is to be the one to come in as DoF then I would hope he'd give EtH a chance.

However, we also have to respect that the club will be run under a new structure, and that will likely impact the managers position/ role at the club. Most likely taking some powers/ control away from the manager. Reducing their control over some aspects of the club. There is every chance that EtH decides that he isn't happy with that and doesn't want to stay under the new structure. Which is also completely understandable.

So until the new people are in and everyone can sit down and talk everything through then unfortunately everything will be up in the air so to speak.

Everyone just needs to be as professional as they can and do their job to the best of their ability until things become clearer.

Those that cannot do that will most likely be the first out the door. As why would the new management team want to keep people who cannot act professionally.

If you're worried about your job, then you need to show how excellent you are at it, prove that you should keep you place. It's that simple.

Worst case scenario you still lose your job, but at least you've proven to any future employer how professional you are.

12.) 18 Nov 2023 15:22:33
If we now comparing united to a school, at least we got the right headmaster in ETH, seems he good at that part! Sancho is still in detention as we speak and had his lunch time breaks taken away!

Doubt very much now RR holds ETH in high esteem anymore as it was ETH that would not work with him!

Whichever way it goes ETH is gone by the very latest end of the season, if not before which I certainly would not lose any sleep over neither will many of the current squad.

13.) 18 Nov 2023 17:10:50
Quite away. We not exactly falling down the table are we.

14.) 18 Nov 2023 19:04:45
But be realistic, look who we have played and even the ones we beat was scraping by, everytime we come up against half decent sides they beat us without too much trouble, which also means our hardest games are too come which to me is very concerning, but on the plus side will give SJR legitimate reason to get rid of the school teacher no not you Shappy the other one!

15.) 18 Nov 2023 21:05:43
I really really don't get the short term lack of patience with ETH. He has been fighting fires since he arrived and with one hand tied behind his back because of the inadequacy of those in charge of the club.

He has inherited a poor squad. Got rid of dead wood where he could and generally his signings have been good (Anthony is the only one who so far has flopped in my opinion)

He has not had a settled defence and that is the bedrock of any successful team.

Give him time at least another two years if he is backed properly and then judge.

16.) 18 Nov 2023 22:01:13
Rangersred, still not your turn with the family brain cell I see?.

17.) 19 Nov 2023 02:45:58
It’s him again Shaps, your stalker back for more.

18.) 19 Nov 2023 14:52:04
I know, utterly infatuated with me it seems.
Living rent free in their head.
I'm no doubt the last person they think of as they fall asleep and the first person they think about as they wake.



08 Jul 2021 19:34:01
Ed002, I see rumours surfacing about Saul to Liverpool. Can you cheer me up and tell me this is complete nonsense? Cheers.


{Ed002's Note - Saul Niguez (CM) Nobody will pay his release clause but Atletico could look to a very high fee for a player who has a contract that runs for years in order to get his €300k weekly wage off the books. Bayern Munich's first choice to add for midfield and his agent has spoken with several sides as Atletico want to make very significant savings on salaries and could be forced in to a corner by the player and his agent. But Bayern see his cash price at €60M (or €75M on terms) and wages of €300k as too high and will want to negotiate - they will almost certainly turn elsewhere. He is being offered to the usual suspects who have money - Manchester United (who would need to offload Pogba), Juventus, Manchester City, PSG, Chelsea as a Kovacic replacement - many of which are looking to add a player in his position but his wages are a major issue for most. Atletico have signed his replacement. I am not aware of any approach from Liverpool at this time but he would be an excellent choice but a lot more expensive than other options.}

1.) 08 Jul 2021 20:05:20
Hi Ed, do United retain any interest on their side as one of the few sides who could afford it (if Pogba were to go) or is it more from his representation offering him around?

{Ed002's Note - Sure but they are intent on keeping the hostage and no moving forward right now.}

2.) 08 Jul 2021 20:39:54
Club need to look at the options unless Pogba is willing to sign a new contract (unlikely and if he did it would be astronomical) . No player especially someone like Pogba will give 100% in the final year of contract through fear of injury stopping the next big payday.
Bite the bullet, either use him as part exchange for Verane or sell to PSG. Then bring in someone like Saul as a replacement or top quality holding midfielder.

3.) 09 Jul 2021 10:08:10
gotta say, a midfield of Bruno, Saul and Camavinga would be awesome. With donny, Fred, McT and Matic as backup. Replace Matic and Fred over the next 2 windows with Garner and Mejbri and we are set for 5 years.

4.) 09 Jul 2021 03:37:27
Question for Ed002, if you’re around. You mentioned that the club can’t profiteer from a sale of Pogba due to having extended his contract, but how exactly would things work if they swapped him for someone like Varane? Would we still have to declare the ‘value’ of the deal and then negotiate with his agent or would it just go through like any other swap?

{Ed002's Note - All transfers have a value - even if they are exchanges.}

5.) 09 Jul 2021 12:49:45
Isn’t that why Barcelona and jive did the Arthur - pjanic swap at ridiculous prices.

6.) 09 Jul 2021 13:09:08
Ultimately all players have a "asset value" If United extend Pogba's contract only to use that to get a player in exchange then United will have profited to the tune of the value of that player.

So if Varane is valued at 50m then technically United have profited 50m from extending Pogba's contract.

The whole point about profiteering is that by extending Pogba's contract you are denying him and his agent the chance to earn a huge signing on fee.

Thus the club will have to agree to pay a large sum to Pogba and his agent if he is to leave this summer either for cash or as part of a player exchange.

7.) 09 Jul 2021 22:16:03
Cheers for the reply, Ed002.

8.) 12 Jul 2021 19:47:14
Isn't Varane in a similar contract situation to Pogba. In which case a swap would seem reasonable regardless of the nominal price attached. The profiteering aspect would presumably apply either to both sides or to neither.

{Ed002's Note - Real Madrid want cash, not cast offs.}



04 Sep 2015 22:04:29
Creme de la menthe! Parlez-vous Norn Iron?

How to speak Norn Iron (very funny)


1.) 05 Sep 2015 14:34:03
Cheers Eds for the accompanying video. I've never felt sympathy for the French before, but God help them if we do the unthinkable, and actually bloody qualify.

2.) 05 Sep 2015 15:00:27
Stickin out stevie




Noucamp99's banter posts with other poster's replies to Noucamp99's banter posts


12 Oct 2023 14:11:50
See Harry's making noises about possibly leaving in January. Fair play to him. He knows when to start making demands, alright. Gets an assist, knows we've an injury-prone defence and suddenly he's started negotiations ?.


1.) 12 Oct 2023 14:26:31
Also find it wierd that he tracks his own personal win percentage and in his own words it is “ridiculously high”.

Of course he doesn't seem to have taken into account the quality of opposition he faced last year, his head is well and truly up his own arse.

2.) 12 Oct 2023 15:50:42
Nearly all the modern day players are delusional

Trent says he’s only been done by one player

They are a joke

The media and agents are massively at fault for this and club’s overpaying on transfer fees and wages

I know someone who was at Fleetwood before they were even a league team and he was on 5 grand a week

No wonder most clubs don’t make any money.

3.) 12 Oct 2023 17:04:13
Its a good thing if he goes both gor him and the club. Might trigger a proper cb signing in jan. We lose a 5th choice aging player and do what we should have done in the summer by signing one that i assume is for now and future.

4.) 12 Oct 2023 17:28:17
If they somehow manage to swindle 30-35 million out of another premier league side for Harry Maguire i would go for Marc Guehi.
Looks quality and still only 23.

5.) 12 Oct 2023 18:17:39
Harry comes on for 2 mins as a 3rd CB to sure up the defense against last minute hoof ball from lower league sides and thinks to himself, that's another win for my win percentage. The guy is totally delusional.

He was earning some credibility with some fans on the pitch last game, then he comes out with that nonsense. Why did you not go to westham then Harry? For me he is 6th choice CB, I am glad when he is there in a crisis, but would much rather a younger, up and coming developmental player as our 6th choice.

6.) 12 Oct 2023 20:22:55
Harry will have a great win percentage when he is played in the games we are expected to win. Still, would like to see him move to West Ham in January. I think we will shop for his replacement in Portugal.

7.) 13 Oct 2023 07:29:46
Maguire may be playing quite a few games including against Sheffield united. I would think priority for Varrane for the Copenhagen game and City game. The two week break for Varrane is good news. Lindelof was definitely playing through some form of injury in the last game.

8.) 13 Oct 2023 21:30:40
Lindelof and varane don’t work, both physically weak and soft, and get bullied!



20 Aug 2023 08:32:03
There's any number of things you could criticise about yesterday's performance. But for me, as I've mentioned before on here, it's the weak mentality that still permeates this squad.

Take them away from the loving embrace of OT, and they show time and time again that they're not mentally strong enough to go away from home and fight for a result.

It's got to the stage where I don't fancy us to get a result against anyone at their ground.


1.) 20 Aug 2023 09:39:54
Mentality seems to ba an issue as results home and away are very different against decent teams.
I think there's a bit more to it though as in actual ability .
There are a couple of sides who are just better than us and a host of sides of similar ability who we could easily beat or lose to.
We have a few players good on a good day but not consistent but lots of other teams have players like this aswell.
We may lose a number of games as there are quite a few teams who's ability isn't too far off ours.
Some of these teams were expensive to assemble and some not so expensive but the end result is similar and leaves us in a bunch of teams who can win or lose to one another .
Should we better given the financial cost of the team, yes but we are what we are and we will get some good results but we are very beatable for a number of sides aswell.



12 Aug 2023 11:22:34
Good luck to Harry. Would have loved to have seen him in a Utd shirt at OT, but not to be.
Glad to see him getting the chance to win the trophies that his talent deserves.
And hopefully Spurs will play Richarlison up front, because he's a snip of a midfielder in FF ?.


1.) 12 Aug 2023 12:11:51
Would have been perfect fit for us in a footballing sense. But the danger was always Levi dragging it out and it never coming to fruition. Kane would never have forced a move and we would have missed out on other targets. Kane will probably return to the Premier League in a couple years, but by then Højlund could well be all we need. Well fingers crossed.

Hoping we go all out for Tchouameni, but cannot see it personally.

2.) 12 Aug 2023 12:14:18
I love the Kane to Bayern transfer. Really cool move. That being said, he’ll be back in the Prem within 2 years I’d bet.

3.) 12 Aug 2023 13:09:17
Of the Madrid CM, i think Ed suggested that Valverde may be the ine Madrid would most be most prepared to let leave. Always impressed me.

Hope the scousers don't get him.

4.) 12 Aug 2023 16:00:07
So the price for Kane was £86 million. I think if Utd has tried to hijack the deal they might have stood a chance of persuading Kane his future lay in Manchester. I think that premier league all time top scorer record would have been difficult for him to ignore.

I also think that with Kane Utd would have stood a chance of winning the league this year.

Hey ho, we will never know. I think he will always be one of those what if? non signings like Shearer and Ronaldinho.

As a foot note, I think Kane has been his own worse enemy by trying to do right by Spurs. He could and should have moved last summer to City and would have won everything and broke the record.

5.) 12 Aug 2023 16:39:00
I wonder if Kane will look back on his career and think "what if? ".

He should have left Spurs 2-3 years ago, his loyalty looks to have cost him winning anything in England and the leading all time top EPL scorer record. At least Alan Shearer has the record and a league title (albeit with Blackburn and not his beloved Newcastle) . His move to Newcastle made sense as well, it is his boyhood club and his dream was to play for them.

I'm sure Harry will win a few titles in Germany, if he doesn't then his move will be a massive failure. He should score a bucket load of goals in the Bundesliga as well. He also has a real shot of winning the UCL. Hopefully his time in Germany is successful, but I wonder if when all is said and done whether he'll rue not leaving Spurs sooner.

6.) 12 Aug 2023 16:46:47
Bayern got a great deal imo. Price for us or any other pl side would have been a lot higher I suspect and supposedly upwards of 500k in wages.

Madrid not an option given Mbappe plans and PSG has a host of their own issues with Neymar and Mbappe.

I think he has gone to a really good team on probably his last major contract and big pay day. Good luck to him always liked him, good character and a loss for the pl.

7.) 12 Aug 2023 17:18:32
I think it's a great move for him. Glad that the rest of Europe will get the chance to see more of him as well. Chance to really raise his already very good reputation.

8.) 12 Aug 2023 17:46:37
Kane 'not concerned' about language barrier following his move to Bayern Munich and plans to start English lessons next week.



09 Aug 2023 10:30:28
Betfair just suspended betting on Harry to West Ham.


1.) 09 Aug 2023 11:39:44
sky sports has a video of United training.

Maguire, Fred, mac and Martial all doing sprint drills in training with the rest of the squad.

2.) 09 Aug 2023 11:50:00
Deals around totally done so I’m assuming they have to keep training. Different to matches as much lower risk of injuries.

3.) 09 Aug 2023 12:13:49
Good luck to Harry, we had some good times, we had some bad times and then we just had some times.
Hopefully he will settle well at West Ham and end his career on a high.

4.) 09 Aug 2023 13:17:39
If HM is training with Martial, it’s safe to assume it will not be anything remotely intensive.

5.) 09 Aug 2023 20:14:14
I heard that HM fred DVDB and AM were in the sick bay playing pass the parcel so they did not injure themselves before their medicals.



14 Jun 2023 10:04:26
Just wanted to comment on the quality of some of the posts on here, recently. DLIB, Mumbles, Woggle, some fine writing and points of view put across, lads. Always enjoyable to read ?.


{Ed014's Note - no one likes a brown noser Nou! ?

1.) 14 Jun 2023 10:28:01
Makes a change from deciphering spelling errors and attacks on folk ??.

2.) 14 Jun 2023 11:46:00
It's getting too cozy around here.

"Break Glass In Case Of Emergency"

What's everyone's opinion on Rooney?

3.) 14 Jun 2023 12:09:39
Thanks for the name check Stevie ?.

4.) 14 Jun 2023 12:26:54
He’s a fair weather friend AJH.

5.) 14 Jun 2023 12:28:46
Rooney was great, and then he wasn’t.

I do miss the Rooney debates on here though.

6.) 14 Jun 2023 12:31:01
Thanks Noucamp that’s very kind thing to say made my day pal thank you!

7.) 14 Jun 2023 13:41:51
Rooney was a hooligan on the pitch. Every team needs a hooligan.

8.) 14 Jun 2023 13:55:48
Overweight Scouser.

9.) 14 Jun 2023 13:27:04
Credit where it's due lads. Not the only three, obviously (Tony ?) Shows the relatively decent health of the club, that a lot of toxicity has gone out of the arguments on here. Can't be a bad thing.
Ed014, I'm all about the peace and love, man ?.

{Ed014's Note - love it Nou! ?

10.) 14 Jun 2023 15:33:37
Good man Nou!

I always knew it was Ole who was bringing this page down.

11.) 14 Jun 2023 16:18:57
Mumbles ? I'm just waiting for the carnage on here if Ratcliffe gets the club!

12.) 14 Jun 2023 16:46:36
Probably won’t be waiting long then Nou. I can see the glazers liking the idea of hanging around a bit longer to see if the value of the club rises in the next few years.

13.) 14 Jun 2023 17:05:06
If Ratcliffe gets the club, I’d be genuinely worried that one particular poster might take up arms.

14.) 14 Jun 2023 18:28:16
Danny, Red Man's that old he can barely lift his own arms ?.

15.) 14 Jun 2023 18:31:56
Jaysus what you’d give for a prime rooney in this team.

16.) 14 Jun 2023 19:08:44
When he agitated for a move……that did it for me.

17.) 14 Jun 2023 20:01:12
Was that when we had david bellion and eric djemba-djemba in the side Fireman?

18.) 14 Jun 2023 20:16:36
True enough Steve ?.

19.) 14 Jun 2023 20:37:55
Stop it, now.

20.) 14 Jun 2023 21:28:14
He was brilliant from a ridiculously young age, but had no self control. Food, drink, smoking etc. This meant he didn’t get to the level he really should have. Shame really.

Towards the end we held on to him too long when he was no longer good enough.

I’d sign a 17 year old Rooney right now though.

21.) 14 Jun 2023 22:05:29
I am fairly armless Nou!

This is a turning point, a sliding doors moment, it really decides whether we will be second to City and likely Liverpool for years to come.

22.) 14 Jun 2023 23:24:18
Prime Rooney was all you could ask for in a footballer. Everywhere on the pitch and gave us countless moments of unbridled joy.

23.) 15 Jun 2023 06:34:28
Rooney absolute legend, makes a mockery of our current forwards effort and enthusiasm!




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17 Nov 2023 23:47:06
I agree, Chris. But with the weak mentality in a fair portion of our players, I do worry a little that they'll act to form. No real concerns about ETH. I think his professionalism is there for all to see.




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27 Oct 2023 13:24:09
Still like to see him back for a proper send-off.




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14 Sep 2023 19:14:47
I did like Kagawa. Just thought he was underwhelming compared to what I'd seen of him before. I much preferred Evil Kagawa ?.




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14 Sep 2023 17:06:04
Supposedly he was like this at Dortmund, too. Only our club would have signed him for that money without checking things like that first. Miki, Kagawa, Sancho. Dortmund must have had a right giggle at us over the last lot of years ?.




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06 Aug 2023 18:38:00
I agree we should be beating Wolves, but games against them are usually low-scoring, really tight affairs, even when they've been struggling. Sort of team we've been struggling to break down last season. It'll be a good game to show the level of improvement we're expecting, because it really should be a 2 or 3-0 win at least.





Noucamp99's banter replies


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28 Nov 2023 14:29:55
These two (? ) Rangers lads. None of them post on the Rangers page. Lot to say about Utd, though.




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14 Nov 2023 01:27:24
60%, Shaps ?.




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02 Nov 2023 17:53:19
Good post, Ork. I'm your new stalker, by the way ?.




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02 Nov 2023 17:52:05
I used to argue back with friends and colleagues of other persuasions. Now, I just shrug my shoulders and smile. It's got to that stage. I've said it previously, there's not one player in that team that I think I actually like as a player right now. Not even going to bother trying to defend them.




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02 Nov 2023 13:29:37
I would have understood if Hannibal had been subbed at half-time. It wasn't an unlucky yellow from a player who doesn't normally get carded. It was a yellow given amid a flurry of reckless challenges, from a young lad with a hot head and a reputation for throwing himself into challenges. There was an obvious risk of a red.

To be fair, a word in his ear at half-time and he seemed to calm his jets in the 2nd half. Mind you, he probably just lost the will after that insipid performance.