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04 Jan 2021 20:54:57
Rojo to boca juniors? Not sure if accurate but Would make sense for him to finish his playing back in his natice argentina.




27 Jul 2020 10:12:15
Does jack grealish helping villa stay up make it easier or harder for a deal to be done to sign him up?


{Ed002's Note - It makes no difference.}



29 Jun 2019 17:16:16
Rashford close to signing a new deal.

Great news.


1.) 29 Jun 2019 18:07:02
Yeh fantastic.

2.) 29 Jun 2019 18:58:18
Good news he’s committing to a new deal altho if reported figures are true i'm not sure why he would get 250k a week plus at his age where do you go from there. Another massive contract for a young player that needs to prove he's worth half that. I guess i'm just a old f****r and despise the over paid nature of these young lads who have done nothing within the game. Personally if have said score 30+ goals this season we can talk about a wage increase.

3.) 29 Jun 2019 19:12:09
Who knows if that reported figure is true and who cares how we personally feel about how much he earns. The key point is that its all relative.

If sanchez is on what he's reported to be on then rashford has every claim to earn as much as he can. he's done more for this club in the 10 games he played under lvg than sanchez has ever done for us.

Martial and shaw just got new contracts and i assume a pay rise, rashford deserves it more than them.

Most posters on here in the last third of the season becried the lack of players who put the required effort in and have the desire to improve themselves. Rashford has both those qualities as well as technical abilities that few in his age range can match.

4.) 29 Jun 2019 19:34:56
Shouldn’t be on three times what Wan-Bissaka has paid. He’s equally as unproven over a sustained period of time.

5.) 29 Jun 2019 20:03:17
Great news if true he has every chance of being the focal point of this new young team we are building.

6.) 30 Jun 2019 09:59:16
This is clearly nonsense. It’s all gone to his head and he is holding the club to ransom for £300K a week isn’t he?



08 Jun 2019 12:13:05
A few reports coming out now that united are getting frustrated and are surprised by the fees involved in signing british young players.

Have they been living under a rock for the past 6 or 16 years?

I completely understand that they have certain valuations for players and if they are quoted over that then they should back away in most circumstances and move on to other targets.

But prices for young british homegrown players have always been at a premium whether its rio ferdiand, andy carroll or kyle walker and i would be baffled if this was surprising them.


1.) 08 Jun 2019 13:07:43
There’s no doubt a Manchester United tax is added to the value of any player we approach.

Daniel James being the perfect example. We are paying twice the fee Leeds were quoted only four months ago.

2.) 09 Jun 2019 02:52:55
Rooney Rio Andy Carroll sterling Walker

The list goes on homegrown cost a hell of a lot more.

3.) 09 Jun 2019 08:28:29
Except Rooney and Rio were worth every penny for our club!

4.) 09 Jun 2019 09:38:35
Very true Eric. As is Sterling for City.

Imagine what Scholes would be worth today 🤔.

5.) 09 Jun 2019 12:36:56
AT Wazza finally someone who really rates Scholes as high as me, if we had a player like Scholes in our current squad our defense wouldn't be as exposed as it has been the past years, he is what i would call MAESTRO. one of those players that don't get recognize in England but are truly hard to find.

6.) 09 Jun 2019 15:22:58
Remanutd he’s exactly the type of player we need. You see Rashford making so many runs but the ball moves sideways.

I remember a game we were losing, playing badly and Scholes was brought on. It was the end of his career. But he collected the ball four times and each time he passed the ball forward. He was so aggressive with his passing, fast and direct.



01 Apr 2019 13:13:09
So duncan castles reporting that herrera is off to psg.

Does anyone agree to the clubs stance not to fold to his wage demands?

Who does that leave as our second best midfielder at the club? Michael carrick?


1.) 01 Apr 2019 13:37:08
I agree with this stance but the club also need to stop giving into demands of someone like Sanchez who's on double what Herrera wants.

2.) 01 Apr 2019 14:11:32
Is that his wages freed up to pay DDG what he wants?

3.) 01 Apr 2019 14:33:48
I agree. We need to commit 30m plus for a squad player approaching 30. Nah. Rock on free up the wages for a better player.

4.) 01 Apr 2019 15:03:43
Ken why let herrera go the likely scenario would be we would have to spend minimum of 50m to replace him with inflated fees. Plus wages on top there's plenty on more than him that should be shown the door before him. can't fathom how jones got a new deal and herrera didnt.

5.) 01 Apr 2019 15:12:01
why are we giving the likes of Jones and young new contracts but herrera letting go.

ddg still has another season but still its a joke. you keep your best players.

other than arsenal who have also a reputation to losing players this doesn't happen anywhere else.

6.) 01 Apr 2019 15:32:14
We aren't 'letting him go', this great player who everyone loves and loves the club is holding us to ransom over his wages, he isn't half as good as he thinks he is and could easily be replaced. Thanks for the good times Ander, but you are never going to be in a premier league winning first team.

7.) 01 Apr 2019 16:07:54
so is DDG holding us to ransom?

8.) 01 Apr 2019 16:10:47
I'm in two minds. Its a lot of money for a 30 year old that could be better spent. But then its another signing we'll need to make to replace him which maybe lessons what we can commit on other signings.

9.) 01 Apr 2019 16:29:40
Reports saying Utd won't offer more than £170k pw. Probably £50k too much being offered already for me.

10.) 01 Apr 2019 16:51:19
I agree with the club on this one. 170k a week sounds more than reasonable. If ander wants more that's his perogative.

11.) 01 Apr 2019 17:56:24

Yes, but he’s our best player and we would struggle to replace him with someone of the same quality so he will probably get what he wants, I don’t think anyone is under any illusion that De Gea hasn’t already tried to leave once, he’s just bloody good so we let him off.

12.) 01 Apr 2019 20:23:13
Why would PSG want him Rabiot cannot make there side he’s about 2 levels above Herrera,

13.) 01 Apr 2019 20:31:26
They maybe see something you don't?

14.) 02 Apr 2019 04:32:02
So just out of curiosity, who would you guys replace Herrera with who is an improvement and who also will cost less than 200k a week in wages?

15.) 02 Apr 2019 05:51:26
Personally I would break the bank for Saul Niguez.
He can take the midfield as well as the whole team to next level.
He can pick intricate forward passes like Pogba. Does excellent work off the ball.
And he is just 24. Well worth the investment.

{Ed001's Note - and he can cover almost every position on the pitch as well. I do not understand why no one has already broken the bank for him. It is not like he has just emerged, I can remember suggesting him as one of the players I would want Liverpool to sign when he was 17. So he has been about and looking top class for a long time.}

16.) 02 Apr 2019 06:36:31
Agree Ed. Not many consistent top quality midfielders around.
There are rumours linking him to City which is a real worry.

17.) 02 Apr 2019 13:34:18
Herrera is one of our better players, and there is no chance we will get a replacement of the same standard on less than 200k wages plus a hefty transfer fee. We can't afford to not give him the contract he wants, as doing so will cost us more than giving it to him.

18.) 02 Apr 2019 13:42:40
There is no point in giving 200k wage for a 29 year old who can pass only side ways. He may not even be a regular in the coming seasons.
And then we have problems with salary cap out.
So overall, it is a huge risk.
If we continue this, Next Smalling will ask for 200k a week contract.

19.) 02 Apr 2019 23:31:43
Who know. people who worry for extra expenses needed to replace him, need to think may be if Rabiot coming our way in free. in our wage budget? None of us know. But if Ole is taking this decision, then he must have calculated this. Now we can expect 2 new CM to come in.

20.) 02 Apr 2019 23:40:58
Completely agreed ed1. The worst decision Ed wayward has made in my view is cancelling the transfer plans in the winter window before LVGs sacking. We were meant to have a meeting with Atleti with regards to Saul. For me Saul is the best all round CM in the world. If not for Kante, Saul would be the best midfielder IMO.




DSG's banter posts with other poster's replies to DSG's banter posts


15 Feb 2021 14:45:41
Just a couple points on yesterday.

1.) What was the rationale behind getting rid of Romelu Lukaku? I was under the impression that it was because his overall game and link up play wasnt up to standard. No one ever disputed his ability to put the ball in the back of the net but Ole wanted a more all round striker who gets involved in the game.

If that was the logic it makes the decision to rely on a 33 year old Cavani to play every game as his overall game has never been the best, he is an excellent penalty box striker but so is Lukaku. Just looks like we've swapped a striker in his prime for one whos best years are behind him.

2.) Fred is simply not good enough. It really is that simple, I get all the fanfare he gets for his energy and ball winning abilities but on the ball he genuinely plays against us. Unable to control the ball and the passing ability of a prime lee cattermole.

It shouldn't have to be an either or in midfield, I've watched fernandinho, fabinho, carrick, moussa dembele etc all be sound defensively and be excellent on the ball. The bar for midfield players at the club is so low its basically underground.

If its a choice of Fred starting 38 games next season or forcing a half arsed Paul Pogba to see his contract out against his will, i know what i'm picking and it isn't fred.


1.) 15 Feb 2021 15:10:10
Was Fred any worse than Bruno yesterday? I accept he’s not the most gifted but I thought a Bruno was a passenger for 89 minutes and 30 seconds.

2.) 15 Feb 2021 18:31:10
But in the other 30 seconds scored a goal nobody else looked likely to. Got us a point again.
I'd be happy with martial if he scored and assisted every week but was crap for the other 87 mins.
Bruno has not been as good with his passing recently but you try and play with negative and more negative players like Fred martial and awb in attack it must do his head in. Then you look back and see dumb and dumber in defence. You can see his frustration you can see he is forcing every pass just to make something happen.
Comparing bruno to fred is just so far wide of the mark its not funny imo.

3.) 15 Feb 2021 23:10:48
Lukaku left because he wanted to, he pretty much downed tools because he hated the social media and pundits criticism of him. He took particular exception to being called lazy.



01 Feb 2021 11:03:24
Didnt think we played too badly on saturday, certainly an upgrade on wednesday but that's not difficult, just a few points:

1.) Why is rashford being moved from his favoured position on the left wing to accomodate less productive players? If we had signed ronaldo, neymar or mbappe and they categorically said they want to play on the left, then yes fair enough i understand moving rashford but martial is having an awful season and pogba is not really a left winger. they shouldn't be accomoated at the detriment of the team.

Play bruno in the 10, rashford on the left, our two best players in their two best positions, no need to over complicate it Ole.

2.) Are we sure Fred is actually brazilian? Has someone actually verified this? Because if so, how did we manage to sign the only professional brazilian football player who can't control a footbal consistentlyl and can not pass a football accurately.

He truly is a baffling player to watch.


1.) 01 Feb 2021 12:47:26
Shaw and Rashford combine very well together so for me they both start on the left. When Marrial plays ledt, the lack of understanding with Shaw is very noticeable.

Bruno is playing where he wants but right now he isn't playing well at all, his drop off is very worrying.

I think we have a good squad and an excellent team but right now, too many are playing poorly. Maguire is looking solid, Pogna is currently playing well, Shaw has been excellent, but beyond that I'm struggling to find a playerin form.

2.) 01 Feb 2021 13:42:47
Bruno had a drop off late last season as well, don’t think you can really blame any player for dropping a level at the moment though, there is practically zero recovery time, we are managing to use the squad well in general but without Bruno we struggle, it’s a shame VDB hasn’t proved good enough back up.

Hopefully Bruno will find his form again, we know what he can do when he’s playing well, can’t expect it from him in every game, other players have to step up, unfortunately they haven’t.

3.) 01 Feb 2021 14:51:43
DSG - I completely agree with point 1 mate.

I think your a bit harsh on Fred to be honest. In my opinion he’s absolutely vital to our team. His mobility and tenacity is crucial and allows us to win the ball back. He’s our only player capable of getting around the pitch quickly and putting the opposition under pressure. I also think he speeds our play up. He moves the ball quickly and keeps it simple. I agree he can be frustrating in possession at times but I think he’s improved tremendously in the past 12 months. I think he’s one of our most important players. Some may argue that’s what’s wrong with the team but I think he’s a very underrated player.

AJH I agree with that pal. Martial has been poor all year, certainly in relation to goals. Greenwood has struggled to replicate the form of his brilliant first season and Cavani has been in and out to be fair.

Rashford and Fernandes have been carrying the team from an attacking perspective but they are both going through a difficult period at the moment whilst Martial and Greenwood are still not playing well enough on a consistent basis.

Pogba has stepped up which has helped but we need to get Rashford and Fernandes back to their best.

4.) 01 Feb 2021 19:00:56
Yet to see DVB get a decent run at all. He's been put in here and there, hardly fair on the fella. Not able to say that he is not good enough as of yet.



18 Jan 2021 11:46:53
I think the reaction on here has been pretty fair about yesterdays result and performance.

Poor in the first half, liverpool pressed us really well and we all know our players at the back and in midfield aren't suited to playing out of the back under pressure.

After the city game, we beat leeds and sheffield united to make that a good point in hindsight.

After leicester, we beat wolves, villa and burnley to make that an acceptable point in hindsight.

After liverpool, we have fulham and sheffield united, win those two and it makes this a good point away at anfield in my opinion.

Just on bruno, people are making excuses for him being tired, in reality its just the type of player he is, he gives the ball away for fun. A stat from yesterday. he gave the ball away (18) more times than he completed passes (17). Against the lesser teams where we dominate that's fine and brunos a huge part of the reason we have such a better record, his risk taking is vital in breaking down teams wh sit back. What a quality signing he has been in that regard.

But i think there's scope to tell him to calm down in big games where the margins are thinner and ball retention is much more important because against the better sides you won't get it back for a while.


1.) 18 Jan 2021 12:12:00
The type of player Bruno is means that he passes into space more often than he passes into feet. Yesterday, we played a more reserved tactical game. Which meant we had less runners, while in the first half our timing of our runs particularly was poor. Leading to a lot of offside decisions.

The facts say that Bruno has ran 40k more than any other United player, and only 4 players in the entire league have covered more ground than him. They also suggest that over the past 4 games he is covering around 1k less than his season average, while his number of high intensity sprints are down, as is has passing success rate. All of which indicate that he is both physically and mentally tired. He needs a rest.

2.) 18 Jan 2021 12:21:31
Good post mate.

3.) 18 Jan 2021 12:46:54
Or 3 points from 9 which is rubbish. which ever way you want to look at it really.

4.) 18 Jan 2021 12:50:04
That comes down to the manager Shappy and Solksjaer doesn't pay any heed to keeping fresh Bruno or any other key players. Many a time this season Solksjaer could have substituted Bruno with 10, 15, 20 minutes remaining and it wouldn't have made a difference to the result. But he didn't and Bruno being Bruno, he still continued to tear around the pitch right up to the final whistle.

We have two very talented players in VdB and Mata who could be used to give Bruno a rest but they don't get a look in. Again, this is down to the manager who seems clueless as to what to do with these two.

Just for example, what about a 433 with VdB and Mata as no 8's? VdB moving the ball through midfield linking with Mata to feed the forwards? Plenty of creativity there and with Matic or one of McFred behind, there is plenty of security as well.

5.) 18 Jan 2021 12:55:36
DSG, Bruno's options were limited imo.
He only had Martial or Rashy to pass to. Both McT and Fred didn't have any intent to bomb forward nor did our Fullbacks.

The only time Shaw or AWB went forward, we created clear cut chances for Bruno and Pogba respectively.

If we are playing 2 holding midfielders, our Fullbacks should push higher.

6.) 18 Jan 2021 16:09:53
Sorry t bang this drum yet again, Bruno was atrocious yesterday, Rashford and Martial were poor, Bruno was worse. He’s been brilliant since he came but he’s been quiet for a few games and he seems to try too hard against the big teams. I’d hate to think he’s just a flat track bully.

7.) 18 Jan 2021 21:11:02

Yes agreed, thought Bruno was poor. He was trying to hit the Hail Mary pass every time. Rashford made poor decisions and Martial drifted through the game as he often does. The thing is it was obvious fairly early but no decision was forthcoming because it might have meant a change in shape or tactic would have been needed.

8.) 18 Jan 2021 22:07:29
Your obviously a huge fan of klopp what do you think he did to change the game and get the win?

9.) 18 Jan 2021 22:37:30

A huge fan, no, but he is a lot better manager than what we have. However, I think Klopps front three have not been playing well, Jota is injured, his two centre backs were midfield players. I think he was not able to change much. He was facing a team that put its team behind the ball, wasn’t trying to win and he was pragmatic. A draw was a decent result for them given circumstances. If they lost, psychologically it could have been a turning point, so they didn’t want that particularly now, yet I don’t think we realised that at all. They couldn’t hold as high a line because of the two missing CB, his only real option was Origi but it’s tough to break down such a deep defensive unit. We played them at a good time for us, yet ignored the chance.

10.) 18 Jan 2021 22:58:09
Redman that is the funniest post so far, .
So klopp didn't change it is that what your saying?
And a draw was a good result for Liverpool.

{Ed047's Note - Jesus you really are a absolute clown, read what he actually wrote, not what you want it to say! 🤦‍♂️

The reason I can call you a particular name is I’ve been around long enough to know a total one just from reading the pompous know it all tripe you consistently post.

11.) 18 Jan 2021 23:31:24
Ed 47 thst works both ways, I can see them a mile off as well .
You have been very vocal on united what will it take for you to change your mind .

Also klopp could off changed it, he could of changed the formation he could of moved henderson or fabinho out of cb . Williams could come on and play next to fabinho .

He could of changed the role of thiago, fantastic player but he changes how Liverpool play . They don't move the ball forward as quick with him, and that quick transition has been very effective for them .
Thiago could of also moved further up instead of playing the so called quarter back role, especially with united sitting deep .
Henderson said they had planned for an aggressive high press .
He could of abandoned that dropped of a bit and invited united out .
So no I don't agree with redman that there was nothing klopp could do to change it .
I also don't agree that it was a decent result for Liverpool, they haven't closed the gap on united and have lost ground on city.

12.) 19 Jan 2021 01:11:51
Oh wow Ed’s abusing posters 🤦🏼‍♂️ very silly.

{Ed047's Note - when some of you refrain from being such smart arse know it all’s and allow others an opinion that differs from yours without maybe being an asinine idiot then I won’t have to point it out any longer.

In your case you have certainly become better at this but sadly others continue. 🤷‍♂️



07 Jan 2021 10:40:45
Dont want to overreact too much to last night, we have been in very good form and have turned the corner after the farce in leipzig.

Was a fairly even game last night, city played slightly better in the first half then we got done on two set pieces, it can happen.

But a few points from last night:

1.) Harry Maguire, thought he played okay last night but to protect him we have to play two defensive midfielders, defensive full backs and we have to defend 10 yards deeper because he moves like a fridge. the least he can do is take charge at set pieces and not let the ball run past him. He did the exact same things against leipzig and doesn't seem to have learned.

2.) Bruno and rashford are our best players so play them in their best posititons, don't move rashford to accomodate pogba Ole, stick to bruno in the 10, rashford on the left wing.

3.) All the complaints from Ole about more subs needed yet he only makes 2/ 5, one of which was a token one in the 90th min. Pretty bizarre when the likes of mason, donny, matic, telles, mata are on the bench.


1.) 07 Jan 2021 12:03:18
DSG, I think honestly it highlights where we are. Which is possibly best of the rest behind Pool and City and still another transfer window or 2 away from being up there. However, i am going to caveat that with my belief that we could still challenge for the title this year but question whether that is partly due to the year (similar to the Leicester season) . Sorry if that is a bit contradictory.
On your points:

1) Maguire is someone I was okay with them bringing in, however I think he needs someone next to him that makes up for his shortcomings and brings the best out of him. Sometimes the whole is bigger than the parts kind of thing (I don't care about what he cost now) . Last night I thought he was okay but what he was doing for the City first goal I don't know, he just switches off, or if it is not him switching off then his assessment of the threat is wrong and that would worry me even more. Does not seem to attack things and is not in the right place. It showed with Bailly next to him that the pair played much better.
I look at Ruben Diaz of City and after years of us talking about him think what if as he looks quality.

2) OGS tried the classic move of getting all the players he likes onto the pitch regardless of whether they fit. To be honest though Rashford should be able to cope. Would have prefered to see the energy of McTominy playing box to box than Pogba pushed forward in this game to be honest.

3) I feel like we have gone back to last season where we were not making changes until too late in the game. Someone mentioned on the match chat last night that it is indecision and they might be right, maybe he has so much belief in small group of players that he thinks they will come good (and this season we have had decent ends to games) . I hope that it changes as it will ruin players who should at the least be getting some game time to find form or bring a different aspect. I thought DVB was perfect for that game, skill and comfortable on the ball and could probe with Bruno to break them down.

We have to keep the faith as a fan group, support the team even if we discuss the issues that we see. Could still be our year!



03 Jan 2021 21:53:20
City go one point off top if they win their game in hand, best defensive record in the league, have lost the fewest games and in my opinion have the best player in the league and most of the squad have two league titles under their belt for experience and because of their actions most of their squad are probably immune to C.V. 19 now lol.

Flying under the radar?


1.) 03 Jan 2021 21:56:33
Them and scouse are the best 2 in the league.

2.) 03 Jan 2021 22:11:21

Yes I watched a lot of the game, City were very impressive. You missed they have a top level manager with experience of winning everything.

The thing with City is that I think their first priority is to win the Champions League, so will the league be their focus? Long way to go but they are able to put long winning runs together and win key games when it matters.

3.) 04 Jan 2021 00:26:34
City's achillies has been trying to win everything. They woukd be besr focusing in the league and CL rather than the league Cup and FA Cup. It cost them when Sours knocked them out of the CL in 2019.

4.) 04 Jan 2021 10:22:10
Wouldn't say they are flying under the radar, they haven't been great at times but most clubs have had the same problem this season which means they are still well in the race.

They have constantly been 2nd favourites or very close to being favourites with the bookies all season and I think they will probably win it, it's great to be up there challenging though.

5.) 04 Jan 2021 11:45:05
City and Liverpool have on paper the two best squads in the league, while they have both broken records winning titles over the past two seasons.

Both of them are much better placed to finish top of the league this season than we are. Better players, better recent success and better managers.

Every team is struggling for consistency this season, Liverpool have both conceded 7 goals in one game and scored 7 goals in another this season. Leicester, Everton, Spurs and Liverpool have all been top of the league for 2-3 weeks at different points this season. While even Arsenal had a one week spell in 1st place.

There is a slim chance that someone other than Liverpool or City can win the league this season. However, more often than not the best team wins the league. Yet injuries, or sheer number of games can derail either or both of them. Our best hope is staying close enough to take advantage of that if it happens.

Personally I think City might nick it. Liverpool's style is physically taxing on their players and their squad isn't as deep as Cities. City have really missed Aguero this season and if they can get him back or bring in a top class striker in January then they look best placed to go on and win the league.

6.) 04 Jan 2021 13:30:59
Aguero coming back from injury is a huge boost for City.

My only fear for United is, if Europa league on Thursday/ Friday will take its toll on the league form on weekends.

7.) 04 Jan 2021 14:22:10
TrueRedDevil, it almost certainly will. I read a stat somewhere that said that the only team to have played in the Europa League and finish higher than 4th place in the EPL in the same season was Manchester United last season under Ole.

So clearly historically playing in the Europa League is tough on a team and makes it difficult to maintain a consistent challenge in the league.

The year Jose won us the Europa League (2017) the best he could manage was 6th in the league.

While I was never keen on Jose as United manager, I can't deny the guy is a world class manager.

That's why if it was me I would be playing our strongest 11 in the league and playing the squad players in the cups.

The issue with cup games is that it's not just about skill and quality. We see it every year, top sides (arguably the best in the competition) get knocked out of cups. For example, Liverpool are the best side in the country but a lesser side knocked them out the league cup this season.

A little bit of misfortune, injuries to key players, a bad draw from the hat, or a loss of form at a key moment, and you're out. Luck plays a role in cup games, that's why when we have a difficult season I find it reckless to give too much focus to something that we could lose due to sheer bad luck.




DSG's rumour replies


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24 Jan 2021 11:18:38
You would need an avenger to play dm in a midfield with bruno and grealish to cover defensively.




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30 Dec 2020 15:43:02
Pogba to real madrid with varane in exchange, solves the pogba issue, solves the cb issue and solves the van de beek issue. if only it was that simple haha.




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14 Nov 2020 20:39:32
Considering we keep playing juan mata right wing and let him drift infield and link up with other attackers, it isn't outside the realm of possibilities that dybala could do a similar sort of role.




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19 Oct 2020 19:25:53
Who plays centre back then?

Back 3 of awb, lindolf and shaw or

Axel to play his first game back away at psg?

Jones and rojo not included in the squad, which is still a good thing even with hardly any fit centre backs lol.




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16 Oct 2020 12:16:03
It worked pretty well last season post lockdown.

I can't think of a single player who has played well in the league for us this season.





DSG's banter replies


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26 Feb 2021 09:25:41
Clearly trying to get his confidence up before the run in. Cavani hopefully back for chelsea.




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24 Feb 2021 15:22:03
£80m for Maguire
£90m for Pogba
£75m for Lukaku

Thats your spine right there. Shame none of them have really worked out as we would have hoped.

The defence for me is as much down to coaching as personel. If we were better at not turning over posession in silly areas and better coached at set pieces, our defensive record would look much better.




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24 Feb 2021 06:02:33
Jred, not particuarly if you consider rashford has got 9 goals and 6 assists this season, bruno 15 goals and 10 assists. Fair enough there will be some crossover where they've assisted each other but that's still over 50% of our goals coming from 2 individuals.

Of course certain teams rely on certain players but the extent of that reliance is important. Look at spurs as an example, they are so reliant on kane and son the rest of the team is basically redundant when it comes to attacking.

Dont have the statistics to hand but id hazard a guess the top teams in europe spread their goals around a bit more than us.




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24 Feb 2021 05:57:12
Makes our exit at the group stage even more dissapointing.

With our counter attacking threat and ability to defend deeper we could have done well in the knockout rounds of the champions league.

PSG, Munich and City are the only teams that look top quality at the moment.




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23 Feb 2021 19:41:16
Slightly inflated by 2/ 25 games having 16 goals in them

Spurs 6-1 and southampton 9-0.

But i agree with your conclusions ajh, definitely dodgy in defence, thankfully rashford and bruno are carrying the team in attack.