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26 Jul 2019 23:15:46
Juve willing to offer dybala for lukaku.

Would snap there hands off.


{Ed004's Note - So would I. Would be a fantastic deal but I just cant see it happening}

1.) 26 Jul 2019 23:29:57
It's got to be sky talking nonsense again surely? Ask yourself, if you're Juventus, with Cristiano Ronaldo up front, why on earth would you want Lukaku? Even to play alongside Ronaldo, his passing, movement and technique just wouldn't be up to scratch. Maybe a rumour put out there to put pressure on Inter?

{Ed004's Note - Lukaku does like to run behind the opoosition back line which could create a lot of room for Ronaldo to opperate in. Still think Ronaldo is better coming off the wing rather than being a target man. Not sure Lukaku suits Sarri ball though}

2.) 26 Jul 2019 23:30:43
Reports from Italy that we have agreed a fee for Bruno fernandes as well honestly I'll be glad when this transfer windows over its just lie after lie.

3.) 26 Jul 2019 23:45:12
Lukaku his style of play tbf to him would tear the italian league up

I like lukaku I just don't think we suit the way he plays

But if it's TRUE and juve want to do a swap it's a no brainer on our side.

4.) 26 Jul 2019 23:53:24
Could also be a ploy to get spurs to increase their bid for Dybala? Silly season really is upon us. Ed how would you rate Dybala as a signing? (assuming he has any interest in joining us. )

{Ed004's Note - I would be very happy if we could pull off this deal. A front 3 of Dybala, Rasford and Martial has a lot of promise with good sub options in James and Greenwood. Hoping we still pursue the signings Ed 2 mentioned in Maguire and Bruno as well. Would give us some side}

5.) 27 Jul 2019 00:03:18
If we did the Dybala swap would that mean no bruno or David unless Pogba leaves?

{Ed004's Note - I would hope that Dybala is Lukakus replacement and Bruno is still Herreras upgrade}

6.) 27 Jul 2019 00:10:16
If we sign Maguire and bruno and get dybala for lukaku is there a better transfer window we have had? As well as keep pogba for at least another season.

We would have solved the defensive issues and improved our attacking threat massively.

{Ed004's Note - I cant think of any better. Still a massive amount to do to make that even a small bit of a reality}

7.) 27 Jul 2019 00:15:31
Agree with everything that’s been said here. Lukaku would dominate the Italian league and Dybala would suit our style of play a lot more than Lukaku. Seems like a no brained if there’s any truth to this. At the very least it should hopefully force inter into upping their offer a little.

8.) 27 Jul 2019 01:20:18
Dybala is one of a few top talents in Europe that up until the signing of Ronaldo I couldn’t imagine leaving their existing club.

If and that’s is a big IF, he is an option as part of the sale of Lukaku, I sincerely hope we don’t the unique opportunity.

9.) 27 Jul 2019 08:17:49
Dybala and Bruno both play their best football in the No.10 position floating between the midfield and the forward line.

I don't think you will get the best out of BOTH of them could f you play them in the same side as one will have to be pushed into a different position for the other one to play in their best position.

10.) 27 Jul 2019 09:13:39
I’m sceltical about the Dybala offer but it would be a deal that would interest Woodward with the Adidas connection. He’s commercially more appealing than Fernandes. Sad state of affairs really but it’s the way our club is run.
Can’t see it coming off to be honest though.

11.) 27 Jul 2019 09:59:42
I love the idea of this. But, we already have 4 players (Pogba, Parreira, Mata, lingard and Gomes) who's best position is as a 10.

If this were true, it would hopefully force the club into action and cash in, on some of the above players so that the money could be invested in weaker areas of the team. like RW, CB, DM and LB.

12.) 27 Jul 2019 15:32:47
Bruno and Dybala won’t operate in the same team together without a truly world class DM behind them. We’d need Kanye to let those two operate in their best positions at the same time.

Dybala is not a RW or an AM, he plays best as a CF and it’s no coincidence his form has dipped and he’s become unhappy since he’s been pushed out of position.

I’m not doubting Dybala’s ability because he is a great goal scorer but unless he plays CF for us I just don’t see such a transfer working. It would be another square peg in a round hole on huge wages. If there is any truth in this I hope our head isn’t turned and we stick to our original plan.

Cash for Lukaku to buy a specialist RW.

13.) 27 Jul 2019 17:00:40
Can Kanye West play in that position.

14.) 27 Jul 2019 16:14:59
Wazza, we’ve got enough on our hands with Pogba and Lingard, let alone Kanye 😂.

15.) 27 Jul 2019 23:40:39
Damn autocorrect, always happens mid-rant 😂.



31 Jan 2019 12:49:03
martial has signed. now for dave and herrera.


1.) 31 Jan 2019 16:37:53
And release the rest.

2.) 31 Jan 2019 17:22:20
Easy there Mort - we are not going to win much with just those 3 players. We need more :)

3.) 01 Feb 2019 12:38:36
Its the start of a good 5 a side.



13 Jan 2019 00:52:32
So we're are considering Southgate.

Please NO.

England overacheived but the teams we played we should have beat.

In my opinion Southgate is not the manager we need ole should be made manager if Southgate is in the running.


1.) 13 Jan 2019 09:08:36
It’s nonsense. This shortlist is suddenly becoming very long if the press are to believed. I’m sure Southgate also realises he is in totally the right job at the right time. He’s building something very special with England.

2.) 13 Jan 2019 09:14:35
Sky peddling stories hopefully, I’d be majorly disappointed if he was named our manager, would be a MASSIVE step backwards.

3.) 13 Jan 2019 09:49:09
Definitely just the papers pushing nonsense stories. Some where else reported that we could also go in for Diego Simeone with his contract being up in 18 months.

4.) 13 Jan 2019 10:38:32
While I too have reservations over Southgate he does tick many of the boxes. Primarily promoting youth and playing offensive football. He has also shown an ability to get players into the right mind-set as seen with England last summer.

Due to the nature of Ole's appointment we will have to endure 4-5 months of press speculation over who will be the next manager. Like with us being linked to 100,000,000 players every year, we will now be linked to just about every manager under the sun. It doesn't sell papers or get clicks if they just keep repeating the obvious. Pochettino is the most likely candidate.

On that point I found Pochettino's most recent interview very interesting. Cheering when Ole scored the winner in the 99 UCL final, saying to him Sir Alex IS football.

Now they could be brushed away as him being asked loaded questions during the interview as we play Spurs today it makes sense to ask him questions about us. However, he didn't need to be that honest or open. I would go as far as saying if Mourinho had said similar comments about another side while our manager it would have been construed as "flirting" with that team, especially if that team was without a permanent manager.

Either way they make interesting reading/ listening.

5.) 13 Jan 2019 12:10:41
Who broke it? Sky.
Next thing we know is suddenly there's a surge of money on Sky Bet as all the chumps rush to take advantage.
Hardly coincidental.

For the record I would ask Southgate if he would want an interview. Sound him out and put him in the file for future consideration for the manager after this one. Assuming the one who gets the job this summer lasts 3-5 years we'll be looking again at some point.

6.) 13 Jan 2019 11:59:31
Good post shappy agree completely at the Poch point. Seems to be batting his eyes at us and entertaining the questions. Could simply have said he doesn’t want to talk about united. Very interesting. I think he’s interested tbh.

7.) 13 Jan 2019 14:48:55
I wouldn't touch Simeone with a barge pole. His football style is awful and he is definitely not what we need.

8.) 13 Jan 2019 15:48:02
The world cup adventure is a total myth, yes it appeared to be togetherness and played some good football, but the teams played. come on. half the fans could coach England to the semi final with that group

Tunisia - W
Panama - W
Belgium - L
Colombia - D (W on Pens)
Sweden - W
Croatia - L
Belgium - L.

9.) 13 Jan 2019 16:22:18
Yes England played against some teams at that world cup that would struggle in league two. No ones hailing Southgate as some tactical genius that's the love child of Menotti and Michels. But for the first time in over a decade there was a positive atmosphere around the England camp. Not the usual yeah were so great we expect to win but just relaxed and positive. He's cleared out some of the same old faces and looks to play positive pacy football with some of our players at the front of it. He's worth putting in the discussion and I'd have him ahead of the likes of allegri or simeone.

10.) 13 Jan 2019 21:08:08
That makes no sense. He could not even justifiably sit in the same. e car as Allegri or Simione. They are both brilliant managers and experts at using their resources. Southgate is good on atmospherics but otherwise nothing proved.

11.) 14 Jan 2019 07:19:25
There’s no way Southgate is appointed over Solskjaer now. I wouldn’t worry.

12.) 14 Jan 2019 08:27:26
Bringing in Southgate will probably revive all the "the players are not good enough, we must sell 8 and buy 9 new players" discussions on this site. They have been abcent the last weeks, even Jones/ Smalling are not mentioned as often as they used to be.

13.) 14 Jan 2019 09:02:19
Pochetino clearly looks like the best candidate right now, if he'll come. Southgate worth considering, but certainly should not be at the top of the list. If OGS can keep the positive performances coming, he should be ahead of Southgate.

14.) 15 Jan 2019 04:53:55
I just don't see in what world, in any way can people think Gareth Southgate is even close to being a candidate for the Man Utd job.
Maybe it's because i'm Scottish and didn't get swept up in the football coming home nonsense in the world cup where England beat (and only just on occasion) really poor teams and lost to anyone with any quality they played. There was no evidence of smart tactical changes or a great gameplan basically Harry Kane scored from a few set pieces that's it. The stars aligned for a run deep into the competition but none of that was due to the manager IMO. People will be calling for Tim Sherwood next.



19 Nov 2018 17:08:04
so if rumors are true and the following of

dave the save


all either not wanted or don't want to be here are true where does this leave us,

we can't just go out and buy 11 players in one window.

i might be over reacting but it doesn't look good atm.


1.) 19 Nov 2018 18:11:07
Barring one or two that looks like just what we need. A clear plan, a clear out and significant investment.

2.) 19 Nov 2018 18:54:33
Things would look a whole lot better if we sold the majority of those players imo bolger.
I think you forgot darmian too mate. 😂
Ideally from that list ddg rash and martial stay. The rest won't be missed a great deal in reality they either don't play a lot or don't overly impress when they do or in the case of valencia mata and herrera there is no real significant improvement in them at this stage of their career.

3.) 19 Nov 2018 19:14:02
wouldnt have any sleepless nights if
All these left.

4.) 19 Nov 2018 21:28:37
We have probably never sold or signed anywhere close to that many first team players in a window. 50% of them will still be here next September.

5.) 19 Nov 2018 21:33:45
Also Darmian. Good post Bolger, you've simply illustrated just how much work needs to be done. It won't be easy shifting this lot either because of their wages.

6.) 20 Nov 2018 09:43:58
Also Young missed off.

Id only keep about 6 out of all of them.

7.) 20 Nov 2018 10:41:50
Also we may have to play the free transfer market. Aaron Ramsey for example should at least be looked at.

8.) 20 Nov 2018 11:52:45
It's obvious isn't it?

It leaves us with a starting 11 of:

Romero, Dalot, Lindelof, Tuanzebe, Shaw, Matic, Fred, McTominay, Lingard, Lukaku and Young.

In a 433. Plus anyone we can sign, although we might not be able to convince many to sign if they see that many players jumping ship.

9.) 20 Nov 2018 16:17:22
Oh my word shappy all those players leaving and you still can't fit fellaini into your team. Maybe you should have the job above jose😂😂.

10.) 20 Nov 2018 23:50:30
Ken, Fallaini is on the bench waiting for the 70th minutes when we are a goal down.

11.) 20 Nov 2018 23:55:40
Don’t know why people are always quick to write Mata off our books. I know he’s past the point of improving but he still offers creativity where we currently lack it, gives 100% and consistently performs when played (which is hard to say of any United player at the minute) .

Would happily keep him as a squad player.

12.) 21 Nov 2018 09:40:43
Id keep Mata and Herrera. Good squad players. De Gea, martial, rashford are all must keeps. Pogba if he wanted to stay but if he doesn't move him on. The rest can go.

13.) 21 Nov 2018 13:14:17
Thats fair mort i'd agree with that.



26 Oct 2018 11:31:39
so martial apprently rejects a contract renewal why is anyones guess,

but if dave the save goes for a free we are screwed.

obviously its just rumours but we have to sign him up ASAP.


1.) 26 Oct 2018 15:21:40
I have a good guess why. Because since signing for Utd his career has gone backwards, he has been messed around, plays well one week dropped the next. See's players playing worse than him picked because of their name and simply has had enough.

He has played the past few games, how about his treatment the past few years?

Yes he has been a passenger quite often, but who hasn't been in an attacking sense (or any sense for that matter)? Martial has it all, apart from a look of desire on his face when he plays and he can be wasteful in possession (more to do with others not being up to it) . But Sanchez played week in week out, Lukaku plays week in week out and have been far inferior overall. Rashford isn't fit to lace his boots but if the manager had to pick between them he would pick Rashford every time.

Martial has been wasted, he is not half the player he could be and if he signs a contract with Jose in charge he is a mug. Shame as I want our best players to stay, but that is why he hasn't signed yet imo.

2.) 26 Oct 2018 17:20:53
Martial wants out Sanchez does pogba does ddg does .
What's going on?

3.) 26 Oct 2018 22:22:01
The brutal truth, I fear, is they are not queuing up to leave the club so much as to leave the manager. I think I would do the same if I were in their shoes.

4.) 28 Oct 2018 09:46:36
A player leaves and we are quote “screwed”!

No player or manager for that matter is above the club or too important to the club. We all want DDG to stay but if he doesn’t the club will replace him. Apart from DDG we have generally too many inconsistent players who seem flakey and want things all their own way. For years since SAF left we have lacked leadership on and off the pitch meaning players think they can get away with stuff. It needs addressing, clarity on who is in charge, the players or the manager. Take the not turning up for sponsors situation, it just highlights what a spoilt bunch they are.

Right now we need a firm hand at the helm, whoever is manager. I don’t believe we should change manager right now, but if we did do you really think the players will be allowed to carry on as they are? A strong manager would kick some out and they might be the ones who fanboys like, cue more weeping and vitriol. Players can behave like this when they think the manager is not on strong ground, they would probably play for a new manager for 12 to 18 months until something happened they didn’t like and it all starts again, we would then be like Chelsea.

If certain players are queuing up to leave, the club needs to be firm with them, manage them, get rid as needed, a player can never be bigger than the club, even the king was put on the transfer list by Busby.

{Ed025's Note - some good points there red man..

5.) 29 Oct 2018 10:44:31
red man the fact that dave has saved us at least 15 points per season for the last 5 years tells me how important it is to keep him.

how many keepers did we go through when the big dane left.

you could argue if we had a stong defense/ team but we haven't and we rely on him in nearly every match to save our bacon.

the chelsea game is prime example, pulls of a class save to deny luiz but our lack of marking and desire aloud Barkley to level it.

6.) 29 Oct 2018 15:08:30
He didn't save from Luiz did he? It came off the post i think, bolger. But yes, i agree with your point totally that we should try and keep him but if he decides to move on, i am sure there are other good fish in the pond. Its imperative that we find a suitable replacement.

7.) 29 Oct 2018 16:21:38
yes you are right, he saved the follow up shot that hit the post.

8.) 31 Oct 2018 10:26:01
Every team with title aspirations needs a top goalie. And they're certainly not ten a penny. Dave is the best there is. It could take years to replace him, just as it did Schmeichel. I wouldn't be so blase as to think we could replace him just like that.

9.) 02 Nov 2018 01:11:55
Neutral observer her but i'd tend to agree with RedMan - which is prob going to mean half of you will automatically disagree with him :-) But look how Shaw has improved since Mourinho gave him a kick up the backside. From the outside looking in, i'd say you have too many players who aren't hungry for success. Milner isn't the best player floating around but i'd take him over quite a few of your midfielders atm. Which is not to say Mourinho is blameless.

10.) 03 Nov 2018 16:01:55
An outsider. In as much as players power is not ideal for any club, Mourinho has a big portion in the problem at United. As a Chelsea fan it's not new to us as he always divide opinion even in the dressing rooms, set the players up against himself and then turn around to play the victim.
That said, Man United have so many quality players to be struggling this season, afterall the same set of players were the closest to City last season. The worst and the likely scenario is selling very talented players that would come back to hurt United. When United win it's Mourinho but when the results are not going well then he barbs his players openly. Naturally player will get agitated.
He's not the kind of manager that United need at this time IMO.




bolger2's banter posts with other poster's replies to bolger2's banter posts


04 Dec 2019 21:28:48
Wounder if ole will get a shout out for his tactics today?

The plot to play down aurier side. was that just coincidence

Out beating jose.

Shout out to fred and rashford they were good tonight.


1.) 04 Dec 2019 21:45:18
Fred was great bar his part in their goal, great watching him pass the ball to the flanks. McTominay makes a huge difference though.

2.) 04 Dec 2019 21:50:41
Yeah other than there goal but young is also accountable for that.

3.) 04 Dec 2019 21:55:08
Young and Lingard were both the poor elements in the team in all fairness.

4.) 04 Dec 2019 21:57:36
Their goal was to class can't really blame anyone sublime skill.
Rash motm by a mile.
Really good game first I've enjoyed for a month or more.
We were the better team.
Well done ole got most calls right tonight.

5.) 04 Dec 2019 22:10:30
Ken, Fred was far too easily outmuscled by Dele. Not saying what Dele did wasn't great, but you'd expect a PL footballer to be able to hold his own against him.

6.) 04 Dec 2019 22:32:11
Their goal came from Scott misplacing a pass 30 yards from his own goal, there were mistakes after that but that was the big mistake.

7.) 04 Dec 2019 22:33:55

I thought Lingard caused them all sorts of problems with his movement tonight, I’d take him playing like that every week, he’s always been good against the better teams and struggled against the weaker teams, like the whole team at the moment really.

8.) 04 Dec 2019 22:38:33
There was 2 or 3 at fault for the goal but nobody seen that flick coming. Actually thought Fred was really good, offered protection and his use of the ball has improved so much these past few weeks. Mctominey bossed the middle of the park, added tempo and aggression to our play. As for Rashford, he was outstanding. To think he's already got 12 goals this season mostly from the wing in a team that's been playing so badly is a real credit to him. Shades of Ronaldo at times tonight!

9.) 04 Dec 2019 23:01:58

Lingard was poor tonight. He needs to go. He is simply not good enough.

{Ed0666's Note - I concur mate. Hasn’t fulfilled early potential and is more bothered about off field activities than on field ones. He’s a passenger at best.

10.) 04 Dec 2019 23:27:39
I have to confess that I did not expect us to win. I was fearing a three nil loss. The team played with aggression and at times no little skill so well done boys. That said Spurs didn't really turn up. Our next match will show how far we have come and how far we have to go.

11.) 04 Dec 2019 23:30:18
Lingard made the first goal with his pressing.

12.) 04 Dec 2019 23:51:26
ed0666 and not a very good one.

13.) 05 Dec 2019 02:32:51
Ole definitely deserves credit for the win today. But at the same time playing young could have backfired badly but for auerier deciding to cross like our fb's have done in recent times.

{Ed047's Note - Aurier has to be one of the worst RB’s I’ve ever seen

14.) 05 Dec 2019 04:38:30
Fred had one of his best games.
McTominay is just an energy machine.

Young just hoofed up the balls often instead of linking with other players.
Lingard was good with his pressing but poor with his touches.

15.) 05 Dec 2019 06:22:39
Props to Fred. An amazing game.
Lingard needs to go.

16.) 05 Dec 2019 10:21:01
Lingard did ok last night 😂😂.

17.) 05 Dec 2019 12:39:59
Happily confuseed about last nite as didn't expect the result or performances!
De gea couple of good saves, defense much better with young playing well and lindlehof constantly instructing the line to be held, midfield : Mctominay is developing into a definite when fit player who moves the ball well but also has a bit of grit to his game and fred had probably his best shift in a red shirt. The front 3 of rash, outstanding energy, james again tireless work and greenwood put in a good game made a very pleasant performance as well as result. The enigma is how so many players can be on/ off their game at once which is what we have seen for the best part of the year?
Overall summary- immense improvement must work harder to make this the norm.



09 Oct 2019 14:05:15
This player brings up debates like no other on here but with rumours of bale wanting to leave and madrid happy to let him go we should try to convince him to sign in january

We are in desperate need of some sort of attacking threat.

And someone who can score goals

He may have a dodgy ankle but If he can stay fit we couldn't possible use him go escape relegation.


1.) 09 Oct 2019 14:29:09

He has the wrong attitude. He chose to play golf instead of giving it up as per RM medical advise.

We don't need another overhyped, big wage injury prone player.

2.) 09 Oct 2019 15:09:09
I'm with hatter. His medical problems are his own fault. I've never seen the fascination with golf.

3.) 09 Oct 2019 15:53:06
Not even as a short term loan?

4.) 09 Oct 2019 16:22:20
Nope. Not even for free.

5.) 09 Oct 2019 16:58:48
The type of player he has been will likely mean his injuries will happen more and more often and keep him sidelined for longer each time.

Add to that he ignores the medical advice given to him, then he is unlikely to be able to be fit often enough to make a significant impact.

Also he is said to be a difficult person in the dressing room, very much a loner at Real Madrid, not interested in doing what is needed to fit into a squad and ignores medical advice. These don't paint a great picture of him as a person.

We have enough over paid, lazy players with bad attitudes. Best give this one a swerve.

6.) 09 Oct 2019 17:04:33
Guillem Balague: ""It is said that he likes golf more than football, and it is true that he does not live the profession with the intensity of others, either on or off the pitch. "

7.) 09 Oct 2019 17:15:47
I’m with Mort.

8.) 09 Oct 2019 23:10:33
Wow, the drama never stops. A sordid love triangle has emerged on the United page. Scoobydog is with Mort, while Mort is with Mad Hatter. Will Hatter find out, tune in next week for another exciting instalment 😂.



30 Sep 2019 22:40:40
I'm struggling to see how we are going to win games never mind score in them games.

It's actually worring how rubbish we are

We don't look like scoring what so ever.

We can't take corners and we can't cross a ball

People are laughing at the people "joking about relegation" but we are in relegation form

Someone tell me where we are getting the goals from

The run continues yet again we cannot score more than a goal

Not many positives to take from today. Mctominay had a good games

We should have risked playing pogba and rashford needed them today and was lingard on holiday?


1.) 01 Oct 2019 07:42:09
No idea which game you watched but Pogba played in the game I saw. Although I use the word ‘played’ somewhat loosely.

2.) 01 Oct 2019 08:57:57
not many positives you could take after that other than we didn't lose, young, lingard, pogba, fred were crap and rashford wasnt far behind. perreira plenty of effort but little end result that was probably the worse utd/ arsenal game I've ever seen at old trafford very little quality on show last night.

3.) 01 Oct 2019 10:58:37
Quality of football was poor from both sides.



18 Sep 2019 19:19:41
big shout out to max Taylor back in training today with the u23s.


1.) 19 Sep 2019 11:04:22
Great to see him back, hope he goes on to have a good career.



31 Aug 2019 16:53:24
Get your money on a bottom half finish. Our failure to replace what's gone will be the reason ole is sacked by xmas.

If anyone is still thinking this team can go on and beat teams and challenge for a top 4 position is living in a different universe.

We are a bunch of average Joe's

The chelsea game was a freak and it made us think we are better than we actually are.

We can't beat teams who are going to be fighting relegation. when it comes to playing the big boys were in for a battering.


1.) 31 Aug 2019 17:10:06
Get a grip. Seriously?

2.) 31 Aug 2019 17:10:29
Perhaps that is what is needed to persuade those in charge, that Woodward needs to go and a new regime needs to be implemented.

We look like a mid table team. we deserve to be there or even lower.

Only a complete regime change can remedy this. RIP it up and start again.

As someone else pointed out below, we are relegation fodder based on our results, sometimes a shock is what is needed to shake things up.

3.) 31 Aug 2019 17:29:44
Relegation fodder? Seriously?

4.) 31 Aug 2019 18:19:02
I think fodder is not the correct word but if the present run of poor results continues we will be bottom half not top half and retaining the present manager could well see confidence fall. In a world where Leicester won the league, we shouldn’t dismiss anything.

5.) 31 Aug 2019 18:43:49
My! I am not sure what the term is for communal depression but I'll be back when you have all completed a course of therapy and have hopefully recovered.

6.) 31 Aug 2019 19:47:01
Communal depression is watching United DW20
MAYBE the club should offer some free therapy as a thanks to us all buying into there lies.

7.) 31 Aug 2019 21:55:14
remember this pundits said forest are to good to go down.




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04 Dec 2019 15:19:29
if we lose our next 2 games should the manager be sacked?


{Ed047's Note - 100% NO



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28 Nov 2019 23:39:52
Depends what the money on offer is.




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19 Nov 2019 12:12:02
difference is he would walk into our starting 11,

he wouldn't be sure of starting at other clubs linked with him.




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13 Nov 2019 14:19:51
let them both leave if there attitude is like that now at the age they are.

they have to earn there place and both have not shown anyhting when they have played.




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08 Oct 2019 18:11:02
Dea gea was right though we can't even score.

We have a decent defence but that's what were relying on to get us points

The midfield and attack have to step up.

I'm still amused as to why we keep playing possession football. let the other teams have the ball then break.

We have speed up top but we are not using are best assets atm.





bolger2's banter replies


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05 Dec 2019 10:40:09
when you see us play like we did yesterday it makes you think.

its not all as bad as it seems.

is it experience in the games that are not against the big teams that's costing us, is it inconsistency or a lack of older players.

no doubt we have shot ourselves in the foot with all the draws and we have dropped i think 12 points from winning positions.

but against the big teams we have done very good.




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05 Dec 2019 09:24:30
😂😂😂😂 this is hilarious is someone 🐠🐠.




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04 Dec 2019 21:50:41
Yeah other than there goal but young is also accountable for that.




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04 Dec 2019 21:40:14
If your going to slag ole off when he gets it wrong at least credit when he gets it right.




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04 Dec 2019 15:58:02
we just need a new midfield.