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09 Jun 2023 20:06:26
American Friday will close in another few hours and with that the supposed "qatari deadline". I think its safe to say that Jim "Rat" Glazer has successfully seduced the other Glazers and will end up screwing Manchester United.

United Addict

1.) 10 Jun 2023 01:55:38
Chin up mate. 2 of the top 3 teams in the world for sale at the same time “unprecedented “ overpriced both of us so not lot of takers.

2.) 10 Jun 2023 05:35:31
Reports said that the self imposed deadline was removed and the deal will stay on the table.

The truth is this process has gone on far too long and needs to be concluded for the sake of the club.

Unfortunately when have the Glazers ever done anything for the sake of the club. That is why any deal needs to see the back of them immediately or in the extreme short term.

3.) 10 Jun 2023 09:42:11
Would be a good deal if Ratcliffe can get it over the line, fingers crossed. Mainly just to see the meltdown from people who have absolutely no idea.

4.) 10 Jun 2023 15:25:46
Hey look whos back. GtS weren't you the one who got banned??. Meltdown was it? Create your own page if you have an allergy reading what other posters feel like writing and obviously you are a know it all.

5.) 10 Jun 2023 15:59:48

What makes you think the Rats deal is a good one? What makes you think continued Glazer involvement is good?
Do you care about the future of the club?

6.) 13 Jun 2023 06:12:25

What makes you think the future of the club is in better hands if sheikh Jasem takes over compared to SJR. Plenty of clubs with foreign owners in the PL who have made a mess of things.

The future of the club will depend on who is the most capable in terms of putting a plan together and a structure to support it imo.

If you go by the PSG example, They have spend money like drunk sailors and won nothing but the French league and internally the club is a mess so that's the other side of the coin.

When the sale goes through the glazers will have very little say going forward and a minority investor.



30 Aug 2022 20:31:42
Hey Ed002, if you are around- With Dubravka almost confirmed, do you think this is our business done or are we still looking to get more players in in the remaining 2 days? I won't ask you for details of who or where or how much, a simple yes or no would suffice. Thanks for all the updates.

United Addict

{Ed002's Note - I have answered this.}



30 May 2022 15:28:32
Hi Ed002, have Man Utd made any contact for Neves? I remember you said that we would be interested but with all the news about DeJong etc, Neves has gone missing. Any update? Thanks!

United Addict

{Ed002's Note - Ruben Neves (DM/CM) Wolves would look to get as close to €50M as they can should circumstances dictate Neves is sold, and they may be more accepting of that now. Mr Mourinho is a huge fan and has tried to take him to three different clubs in the past - and he would, I am sure be interested in taking him to Roma but their focus right now is elsewhere. He has always been seen as an option to replace Matic at Manchester United, but they have other priorities to deal with first and preferred options - although Wolves might see an offer. His agent has been actively offering him around and has spoken with Juventus who are looking to offload players but none that I would expect Wolves to be interested in. The Spurs coach would like him as an upgrade to Sissoko (who has now left) and Ndombele but it is likely both would need to leave as they have added another addition in midfield as well - if Winks were sold an offer is possible.. Chelsea have a preference for another player. Arsenal have been very interested but could be out of the picture if they do not achieve Champions League football. The player wants to move to Barcelona, but it would need players in exchange or them to remove wages from the accounts - but they should not be ruled out - and I expect they may push.}

1.) 30 May 2022 15:45:20
Thank you Ed002. Appreciate the detailed information.

2.) 30 May 2022 18:39:34
Ed, would De Jong to United enable Barcelona to move for Neves?

{Ed002's Note - Sure but they are completely unrelated.}

3.) 31 May 2022 14:22:27
Seems like De Jong is determined to stay in Catalonia.

4.) 02 Jun 2022 09:54:02
I would take neves over de jong and saves us from going after a player who does not want to move. I also think neves is proven pl player and not sure how de jong will handle the pace of the pl and physicality. Might turn out to be another tulip.



08 Nov 2021 07:29:25
Hearing reports of a player revolt against Ole now. Paper talk or reality? Anyone from Manchester, what's the word on the streets?

United Addict

1.) 08 Nov 2021 08:14:08
See my post on banter.

2.) 08 Nov 2021 09:32:50
Lots ofcontrasting media chatter about whether United will sack Ole or give him more time, but the balance is now tipping towards the former.

My take is that United know he needs to go, but have no replacement lined up yet, so they need to keep their cards close to their chest.

As soon as they get something sorted out, he will go: has to, given poor coaching, favouritism, senior players unhappy etc.

Rogers the favourite: undoubtedly a good coach, but question marks hang over him.

I’d bring in Laurent Blanc on a temporary basis and either keep him on if he does a good job, or give him another job in United when Pochettino or Ten Haag are viable.

3.) 09 Nov 2021 12:43:37
More worrying. Rumours Woodward is to be offered a consultancy role. In what. abysmal recruitment?



25 Oct 2021 20:38:57
Contact with Conte initiated.

United Addict

1.) 25 Oct 2021 22:36:54
I don't think so.

From F Romano: Conte is ready to accept whenever United make contact. Still none, as of yet.

2.) 25 Oct 2021 23:19:21
You just know they useless tools that run the club will stick with the incompetent one.

3.) 25 Oct 2021 23:32:02
Let’s hope it stays that way.

4.) 26 Oct 2021 08:42:28
twenty, why?

Do you want Ole to get completely destroyed before he leaves?




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15 Sep 2023 16:23:13
I think our medical team needs new instruments and medical devices. Two of the 4 new recruits came with injuries. What were the checks?

United Addict

1.) 15 Sep 2023 17:06:25
The ability to open a door.

2.) 15 Sep 2023 17:26:42
Think they knew they were carrying injuries, but they were only short term.

Having said that are we able to cobble together a squad for tomorrow, might be worth taking your boots along, you might get a game.

3.) 15 Sep 2023 21:23:38
You can pass a medical while injured, you can even sign a player after a medical has highlighted a problem.

Ultimately it comes down to risk Vs reward.

If the player has a minor injury that will keep them out for a few weeks with little chance of complications or long term issues then surely you sign them anyway?

I mean the club will have spent months maybe even years scouting the player, whittling it down to the best player they think is available. They line up a 4 or 5 year contract for the player, sometimes even with a one year further extension built in to the deal.

Would you really go to all that effort only to then not bother signing them for a short term niggle of an injury and then try and sign a player you feel in inferior instead?

For me the one player we signed who we never should have was Hargreaves, the long term prognosis wasn't clear, they knew he'd had to play a whole season with pain killing injections. That would have all come up during the medical. Yet still they signed him. Only to find out weeks later that the options were either another year of pain killing injections or surgery and a year out. The club went with the former and after two years of playing with the issue Hargreaves knees were so bad the the pre-eminent knee surgeon in the world said they were the worst knees he had ever seen in a professional athlete.

That was a a deal that we should never have done.

4.) 15 Sep 2023 23:17:46
SAF was a stubborn SOB. He had to have Hargreaves come hell or high water. Bad error. Have we ever signed a player from a German club who worked out?

Didn't City sign Gudogan despite numerous injuries? Of course their recruitment system and squad depth so good they can afford to slowly integrate players into their system even if they cost an arm and a leg.

5.) 16 Sep 2023 01:26:16
Pep knows some good doctors Shaw.

6.) 16 Sep 2023 12:54:21
Good question Shawthing. In reverse order of players Utd have signed from German clubs in the last decade:
Sabitzer (loan)
Sancho (£85m)
Mkhitaryan (£42m)
Schweinsteiger (£9m)
Shinji Kagawa (£16m)

We then need to go right back to 07/ 08 to the next one, the forementioned Hargreaves (£25m) who I liked as a player but yeah terrible injuries blighted his Utd stay.

Other than Kagawa we haven't had much success. I'd say we could quite happily have coped without any of them lol. To be fair Sabitzer was useful.



26 Aug 2023 19:34:14
AJH, is there an option to change my options on the predictions? I don't see Moyes being the first out now ??.

United Addict

1.) 26 Aug 2023 19:41:39
West Ham for the title ?.



11 Aug 2023 19:37:47
Manchester City do not have a strong squad. Starting 11 is excellent but besides Grealish i don't see anybody on the bench that could come in to change the game. Unless Pep conducts some business i don't see them winning the league this year. There would also be a question of hunger. Would the players be motivated after winning the treble?

United Addict

1.) 11 Aug 2023 23:09:47
I have had that view all along. Mentioned kdb starting to break down last year and i think he already picked up an injury, an injury to rodri or halaand and they will surprise people with their struggles.

villa vs nc and chlsea vs liverpool both very good games and a glimpse of some of the tougher teams in the league.

2.) 11 Aug 2023 23:30:41
Doku and Paqeuta incoming for them I think.

3.) 12 Aug 2023 00:11:43
Smacks of wishful thinking by opposition fans to me. Kovacic will do a job for them, Gvardial.

4.) 12 Aug 2023 00:30:15
They do seem a bit weaker, but look what difference a quality striker makes. that's what we lack, someone who can finish those half chances.

5.) 12 Aug 2023 00:57:38
Don’t have a strong squad, who are you kidding? Won the treble, lost a couple, signed a couple and have Cole Palmer coming through. Their squad is as good as last season, their season will depend on their motivation after winning the lot but Pep looks like he’s an hungry as ever. Until he leaves City will continue to dominate, we just need to be ready to challenge.

6.) 12 Aug 2023 09:01:42
Yep very wishful thinking here, maybe even delusional. They’ll still likely bring a couple more in. Pep looks as Pep does last night.

KDB is not without his injuries. But he started just 75% of their games last season and they still won the treble. He’s there when it matters.

Haaland missed games last season. They have players who can step in, and they won the league two years in a row without a striker.

If City aren’t the team to beat, who is? This is similar to when everyone wrote off Usain Bolt, and he came out and did what he does best.

They’re already top and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they stay in that position all season. For the sake of English football it would be nice to see someone else win it. I’m fairly sure nobody has ever won the PL 4 times in a row either. If they achieve that, after the treble, they have to go down as the greatest PL side ever. Pains me to say it, but it’s very possible.

7.) 12 Aug 2023 09:03:33
Giggs, they brought Guardiol on a position where they were strong enough already and they brought Kovacic, who is, in my opinion, not as good as Gundogan was. And they lost Mahrez, who they haven't replaced yet. We are yet to see how good will Palmer be and how much will he play.

8.) 12 Aug 2023 09:27:54
Sent reply early last night and couldn't be bothered to repost.

Its often churned out that teams lose motivation, 9 of the 10 previous treble winners in europe won their subsequent title.

Nothing about Pep strikes me as a man who rest on his laurels or demand less than total commitment from hsi players. Amd at 2-0 at half time he was clearly not a happy chap with his team.

Gvardiol is a wonderful player and he will improve that team. Kovacic will do a job. They have a number of youngsters coming throigh that get to slip into a dominant team and the have talents like Foden who have yet to cement their place.

They are also putting in bids for other players, big money bids not makeweights.

I think people are guilty of looking to find evidence of Cities demise rsther than assessing them neutrally, right now this team is head and shoulders above anyone else in Europe and come the business end of the season they will be there again. I don't see anyone challenging them in EPL, ECL like all knockout tournaments requires a bit of luck but on paper not sure anyone is at Cities level, although Real and Bayern are possibly making moves which will increase their chances at least.

9.) 12 Aug 2023 10:00:12
Kovacic is no Gundogan and adding another cb to an already big crop of cb's is a bit off weird one. I think Kovacic has 5 PL goals to his name in 3 or 4 seasons.

I am sure they will bring players in but if anyone thinks its like fantasy league and you can replace a KDB, Rodri because you signed someone, good luck.

They click/ tick because if Rodri, Silva, KDB and Halaand is the beneficiary. No argument, they won the league with no striker because of those 3 guys and Gundogan. Rodri is the most influential player in that team, almost like the glue that holds everything together.

Not Wishful thinking, they finish 3rd Imo behind us. Depending on how we do the rest of the window I have us 1st or 2nd. We are a lot closer than most people are giving us credit, which i am sure suits eth and the team.

Maybe an away win at spurs and draw or win at arsenal will convince people.

I am really curious to see Chelsea and what they are like if they sign Calcedo and some of the other guys they are talking about. No European football and one game a week and 600/ 700 million spend.

10.) 12 Aug 2023 10:01:41
City will have Lost some great players but due to the quality of there recruitment in previous years they have replacements. Add to that the purchases this year and they will be okay.
It will be tougher this year after the treble, everyone else improving. Haaland will just step up and score 40 in the premier league!

11.) 12 Aug 2023 11:42:33
City will be absolutely fine. They played a decent side last night, played well within themselves and could have won by even more. They will bring a couple of players in and no doubt integrate them into the system.

People said they'd struggle to replace David Silva, Kompany, Aguero and they didn't. Gundogan and Mahrez are fantastic players but they're not as impactful as Silva, Kompany and Aguero were for City throughout their time there.

12.) 12 Aug 2023 13:31:23
We should frame this post for next May when they’ve walked the league again.

13.) 12 Aug 2023 16:28:04
Please do :) I picked us to finish third last year when most thought 5th or 6th.

Team looks fit and ready to go and has lots of goals in it. Just hoping no major injuries to key players.

We have this habit of criticizing our team and players and never good enough, Never spending enough etc etc It mainly because of our success under fergie and just one team to beat most years chelsea or arsenal.

League is so different now with the money being spent and so many teams will give you a difficult game on their day.

Westham might make 200 million pounds on two midfielders if
Paqueta goes and they barely escaped relegation last year.

We have really good players and a very good Manager so i am a believer.

14.) 12 Aug 2023 18:42:14
Ahmad whilst i completely disagree with you and think its on a par withbhell freezing over i do hope to god you are right????.



11 Aug 2023 19:37:47
Manchester City do not have a strong squad. Starting 11 is excellent but besides Grealish i don't see anybody on the bench that could come in to change the game. Unless Pep conducts some business i don't see them winning the league this year. There would also be a question of hunger. Would the players be motivated after winning the treble?

United Addict

1.) 11 Aug 2023 20:25:15
And just to make things worse, de Bruyne has hobbled off. Looks a few weeks.



11 Aug 2023 10:43:32
Its time! Are we ready though? I am not very sure. Are we again leaving it late to get in new signings. We will start the season without a striker even after spending 75m on one. I just hope we get the reinforcements done before we play Spurs.

United Addict

1.) 11 Aug 2023 11:46:52
We've made 3 key signings before the season started. Two of them have had several weeks training with the squad and playing pre-season games to get ready. That is a massive improvement on previous years.

It's a shame about Højlund's injury, but in hindsight maybe it's a blessing. If we can get a couple of wins before he comes into the side it will take a bit of the pressure off. It removes some of the hype around his signing, which for a 20 year old moving to a club the size of ours is probably a good thing.

Wolves are an interesting first game, on one hand they have had a nightmare pre-season, losing key players like Coady, Collins, Traore, Jimenez, Neves and Moutinho and not replacing any of them. Their manager has just left the club in protest. However, they have acted quickly to bring in a new manager and we might see a little new manager bounce with the players giving that extra 20% to try and impress the new manager. But as long as we match their work rate our quality should see us easily win this game.

Spurs will be an interesting game, they will be without Kane by the looks of it and while they aren't a one man team, Kane was probably around 50% of their side. How they adapt without him will be interesting. Do they even have another striker on the books? Could be a game with neither team having a striker on the pitch.

Any further reinforcements we sign are likely to be more about squad depth than actual first 11 players.

Amrabat as cover/ competition for Casemiro, or maybe another CB to replace 4th choice Maguire.

Amrabat would be good to have done and have a week or two training ahead of the Arsenal game. As I can see us playing Casemiro and Amrabat in the bigger games to give us a more stable midfield and better control of the game. It'd be good if we could have Højlund back by then as well as I think he'd be far more useful against teams that will leave space in behind than Sancho as his pace will be a threat and Sancho doesn't have that.

I'm feeling fairly relaxed and excited for this season. Certainly better than previous seasons.

2.) 11 Aug 2023 12:05:53
For a change we have conducted our business very professionally and not laughing stocks and gone about our business laser like. That amusement and laughter in this window goes to liverpool and Chelsea its like watching WWE lol

we will smash wolves and put a hiding on them. 4 or 5 i reckon.

3.) 11 Aug 2023 12:19:07
Agree shappy re feeling relaxed: think its a mix of eth and the recruiting/ negotiating team that has a less amateurish feel tbh.
Still think there's a shout for a surprise signing of a starter, near the end of the window if we get the players out that's mooted.
On the fence with amrabat as I feel he had a good world cup but still have nightmares about veron and poborsky.
looking forward to monday night.

4.) 11 Aug 2023 12:51:10
Agree shappy although we seemed to start slowly the window seems well organised and key ETH targets attained! Good to see and I expect more ins and out to come.

5.) 11 Aug 2023 12:57:03
I believe we are closer than where we want to be than this time last season but I don't think we are close yet.

6.) 11 Aug 2023 12:57:10
Funky, I'm on the fence with Amrabat myself. He's had a bit of a mixed bag in Italy. Playing well in spells, but never really convincing that he's one of the best in the league. Fiorentina were prepared to sell him before he had a great world cup, and have since upped the asking price. So he's hardly considered a key player by them. He seems to fit into that good all round player who doesn't have a standout quality. He's not particularly strong or quick, he's got good technique without being exceptional like Modric, puts in a shift defensively but I'm not sure he's a great reader of the game (puts himself about to make tackles, but doesn't seem to read how to nick the ball away cleanly and quickly), he has a decent passing rangez but is no Pirlo. Good at most things, but like I said he doesn't have a standout trait.

However, maybe that sort of tactically flexible player who can do multiple roles in midfield to a good standard is what EtH needs. He has also worked with the player before so you would think he understands his strengths and has a reason behind signing him. I'll definitely back the manager on this one.

But Amrabat is one of those signings I'm hoping convinces me by his performances in the shirt and not a signing I'm particularly excited about before he signs.

I'm not sure there is a surprise signing left in the bank. Pretty sure it'll be Amrabat, CB and maybe a keeper.

7.) 11 Aug 2023 15:05:52
wishful thinking on my part but tbf didn't see casemeiro signing till it was done. been good window so far would love it if we could sell the players mentioned as been able to go, get the funds in and do a last day deal on tchmeini or whatever his name is. lol.




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03 Sep 2023 11:27:28
If they don't sell now, there's nobody coming back in with an increased offer surely. Protests aren't working i guess.

United Addict



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04 Jul 2023 15:01:14
Hahaha ahmad your obsession with Antony borders on crazy. It almost rivals the obsession i had with Rashford a couple of seasons ago. Are you actually comparing Diallos season to Antony? What league was Diallo playing in do you have the slightest idea? there's a reason he was sent out on loan and not kept in the first team.

Antony had a decent season, better than any of the other players who were tried on the right wing, including rashford. You need to understand that Antony is a young man in a new country and new league. Give him time to adjust. Do you know what de bruyne stats when he first came to england? Is he a bad player.

I will tell you the same thing that several posters told me when i was trashing Rashford week after week. YOU NEED TO CHILL.

United Addict



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24 Jun 2023 21:36:46
If we are in for him, certainly he is an option on Casemiro.

United Addict



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24 Jun 2023 12:28:44
Yes TopBomin, afterall we are the only top club around and he will wait around forever for us to sign him isn't it? ???.

United Addict



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21 Jun 2023 15:08:03
Havertz going for 65M, i think that sets the tone. I think Mount is a better player plus he is English so that will add to the cost.

United Addict




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16 Sep 2023 14:52:26
Dont go by Shappy's choices. He recommended Donny too.

United Addict



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10 Sep 2023 16:19:05
I think its fair to say it will be Mount from the right. Or does Sancho still have a say?

United Addict



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08 Sep 2023 15:29:38
Hey thanks Shaw. Now i see myself as a true supporter, some had me doubting myself given that i wasnt seeing everything hunky dory??. I am back! ??.

United Addict



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08 Sep 2023 09:31:02
Agreed Fizz. SAF saying anything against the Glazers would be similar situation to Sancho going against EtH.

United Addict



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08 Sep 2023 09:28:26
Scotmanc, red man has been a supporter of the club since before you were born so show some respect. You do enjoy having a go at everyone on this page. Should we all just stop posting? If everyone just agreed with you, it will be a very boring page.

United Addict