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27 Jun 2023 14:13:33
Reports De Gea signed a new deal agreed with the club. The club then didn't sign the contract and offered Dave a new one on reduced terms.

Absolutely disgraceful way to treat a man who's been at the heart of the club for over a decade.


1.) 27 Jun 2023 14:57:06
Whatever his form of late he had been a top performer for us for many years, and in a few of those years we would have been mid table without him. Yet further evidence of the shocking running of the club.

2.) 27 Jun 2023 15:10:46
Yea I saw that too Mumbles, surely there is more to that than meets the eye if true?
Maybe they decided to change some details with him no longer guaranteed the No.1 spot but horrible if there was an offer and he signed it. I don't know if any if the ed's are privy to this or at least aware if this happened. It definitely seemed like the club had gone some way to remove the amateur tag, but this doesn't bode well. Personally, I'd let him go due to unforced errors and the number of times his poor distribution to other players, resulted in goals against us. However, that would be no way to treat any player never mind one of long standing.

3.) 27 Jun 2023 15:32:04
Mumbles - Yet another example of clear incompetence and indecision.

I fear there is no point in discussing anything until we have new ownership. They were right when they said business as usual like that would quell the unrest or offer some sort of reassurance.

The decision makers proving they are still just as useless as they’ve always been!

4.) 27 Jun 2023 15:34:49
Someone in the media reported it it must be true every last detail!

5.) 27 Jun 2023 15:52:57
No it’s not. He’s had months to decide to agree to these new terms or not. Then at virtually the last minute he decides he wants to stay because nobody else is stupid enough to offer better terms.

6.) 27 Jun 2023 15:54:35
This is what happens, random news snippets appear, spiral then become gospel.

7.) 27 Jun 2023 15:58:54
You all surely know this can’t and didn’t happen right?

8.) 27 Jun 2023 16:18:34
Why is it not true? If you rewind several weeks most reports at the time suggested De Gea had accepted terms of a new contract and expected it would be signed.

We all know something happened last week yet there was no definitive news as to why the new contract had not been announced.

It’s obvious something had happened, either by the Club or De Gea changing their mind.

The article broke in the Athletic who are usually reputable and well sourced, there is also a plethora of evidence to suggest the decision makers at the Club aren’t very good at their jobs and have treated other Utd players appallingly in the past.

On balance seems to me there are more reasons to believe the story than not?!

9.) 27 Jun 2023 16:37:48
Laurie Whitwell is incredibly reliable when it comes to Uniteds news. I also said "Reports".

I don't think there's a better placed journalist to get this type of story from the club.

10.) 27 Jun 2023 16:46:52

It seems not mate, welcome to a transfer window here, all bad things are believed 100%, all good things are definitely not true. Enjoy.

11.) 27 Jun 2023 17:08:01
its regarded that the club are pretty crap when it comes to contracts/ transfer dealings especially on the wage front, but they like ddg have a right to change their minds: after allddg has had plenty of time to sign an agreement previously and has also been well rewarded for his service in fact arguably with ludicrous sums since his failed rm fiasco. It'll come out eventually as to if and why.

12.) 27 Jun 2023 19:38:35
I don't believe that rumour 1 bit. I also don't think he's staying and maybe his camp are using it as an excuse for him to leave. Going Saudi 100% for better money than what's on the table. Fair play to him, just a shame he never got a farewell from ot, he's been a good servant to this club and over the years.

13.) 27 Jun 2023 21:10:03
If it is true I’m very happy about it, his performances the last six weeks were dreadful and if ETH has pulled the deal away then good on him, the club should get applauded! No time for sentiment that gets you nowhere! He needs to go, thank you and goodbye!

Let’s see!

14.) 27 Jun 2023 22:35:58
Chris - it’s not about if you think De Gea should be replaced and that’s a touch disrespectful for a player that’s been a brilliant servant to the Club for so many years, but yet more evidence of indecision, a lack of strategy and chaos behind the scenes.

If De Gea leaves the Club will need a new No1 GK. To find one with the quality needed to replace De Gea won’t come cheap. The Club also desperately needs at least one CF and another DM as Casemiro is the only DM in the entire squad. We all saw the drop in performance when he didn’t play last season.

In spite of this the Club we’re going to invest £55m of the summer budget in Mason Mount an attacking midfielder.

The transfer strategy is incoherent, Ill conceived and all over the place. They indiscriminately lurch from one transfer target to the next. They delay, procrastinate and waste time locked in back and forth negotiations. They seem to be able to negotiate only one deal at a time and everything moves at a snails pace. Let’s not forget we are supposedly trying to improve and bridge the gap to a team that’s just won a treble. Where’s the urgency and ambition to bridge that gap, manipulate the squad and give EtH the best chance to get players in and integrated into the squad during pre season and ready for the new campaign.

Not only that but nearly a month into the transfer window and the Club still hasn’t sold a single player. Bailly, Telles, Williams, Elanga, Maguire, Mctominay, Fred, VdB, Henderson all still all remain at the Club with no obvious movement anytime soon. Conversely Chelsea are on the verge of selling Kante, Koulibaly, Havertz, Kovacic, Ziyech, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and I’ve whilst pocketing a healthy return and freeing up money to comply with FFP.

15.) 27 Jun 2023 23:08:30
I heard that ETH is veatoing the new deal altogether and wants a new GK, good, as loyal as DDG has been he isn’t what we need going forward but looks like club v ETH on the matter.

16.) 28 Jun 2023 06:55:52
DLIB but you don’t have a clue what’s going on! Neither do I! We are after an attacking midfielder because ETH wants one . It doesn’t matter what you think we need to do, the manager will know what he’s got to spend and how he wants to spend it . We’d all love plenty of new signings but patience is needed . If it takes time to get ETH targets so be it as long as they don’t stray from those targets!

17.) 28 Jun 2023 10:58:20
No deal is agreed until all parties have signed on the dotted line.

Just like the player has an option to not sign the contract, the club can choose not to also.

Until the contract is signed by all parties, offers/ proposals from the club can change.

To say the club agreed and then changed their mind is inaccurate as the club haven't signed on the dotted line.

18.) 28 Jun 2023 11:30:18
Is this the same de gea who wanted madrid and only didn't get his move because of fax?

Give it a rest.

19.) 28 Jun 2023 11:41:04
Nobody knows what is going on behind the scenes.
DDG has been living on borrowed time for the past few seasons making mistake after mistake.
I couldn't care less if he's been loyal, if he isn't good enough and ETH want's him gone then get rid.
If the shoe was on the other foot and DDG wanted to leave to go to another club he would do it in a heart beat.
Their is no loyalty in football anymore.

20.) 28 Jun 2023 14:05:32
De Gea has been holding the team back for years.
Declining and messes up in big games.
Get rid.

{Ed014's Note - are you taking the piss, he’s been the sole reason you haven’t been mid table for years. Just because he can’t pass a ball! ?‍♂️

21.) 28 Jun 2023 18:04:13
Ed I don’t know what you’ve been watching but in the last 12 months he’s cost us huge moments in huge games . And not just down to his distribution, his shot stopping and concentration levels have fallen off a cliff!

{Ed014's Note - yes of course, conveniently forget all the previous seasons and just slag him off and get rid!

Let’s not forget your teams been piss poor too.

I know exactly what I’ve been watching ?‍♂️

22.) 28 Jun 2023 19:31:35
That’s why I referred to the last 12 months because we have shown signs of improvement as a team yet it’s glaring obvious he hasn’t, he’s on the decline rapidly and holding us back!

Yes a brilliant servant but time to go like others in the past! If you’re seriously suggesting we should be offering him a new contract and possibly even staying as our number one then you clearly have not watched ddg this season!

Sentiment gets you nowhere! It’s also fine for us fans to be appreciative of a fantastic servant to the club but also accept he needs to be moved on, you’d be the first to question the club’s ambition or planning if he were to stay and renew!

{Ed014's Note - I’m saying have a bit of respect and of course I watched your shit show of a season and he wasn’t alone in being piss poor and holding you back, most of the team were doing that.

Remember I wasn’t talking to you in my original reply.

23.) 28 Jun 2023 20:13:00
Sorry Ed, I’m definitely appreciative of his fantastic service but aware the game has changed and he’s beginning to be found out!

{Ed014's Note - agree mate but the guy I replied to was totally scathing which for me was very harsh.

He was the difference between yourselves and pretty much mid table territory so many times.

If he’s going then fine, if he’s back up then fine but he’s no longer No1 material sadly.



13 Jun 2023 13:19:45
Reports from Italy that we've reached a deal with Kim Min-jae and it will go through on the 1st July when his clause is activated.


1.) 13 Jun 2023 13:45:37
Hopefully this means that the wheels are in motion for HM to be moved on too.

2.) 13 Jun 2023 13:56:28
A great start to the window if true, Hoijlund next hopefully.

3.) 13 Jun 2023 16:13:03
Is Hoijlund what we need?
He's got potential but he's nowhere near the finished article and we will probably have to pay around 40-45 million pounds for him.
9 goals in Serie A isn't exactly a great total.
Wouldn't you rather pay an extra 40 million pounds on Harry Kane who guarantees your 25 gools a season?

4.) 13 Jun 2023 17:21:02
He stated 20 games, subbed on in 12 simo, 9 goals 1 assist. Looks a good player from little I've seen, and seems to be getting attention from quite a few clubs.

Only Levy knows if he will sell Kane to Man Utd. I doubt he will strengthen Man Utd and weaken Tottenham, but sure Kane will leave for free next year. I don't think Kane would be £80m to us. I think Levy would have to WIN, so he would want £100m plus to appease the fans.

We also can't be too unhappy with Levy, no chance Fergy would have sold our star striker to a rival.

5.) 13 Jun 2023 17:49:48
We need 2 strikers, I don’t want to miss the boat on yet another potential.

6.) 13 Jun 2023 18:23:20
Seems to me we’ll see the young Danish striker and Greenwood as our additional strikers next season.

7.) 13 Jun 2023 18:28:57
I’d take Hoijlund over Kane. Controversial I know, but I want us to dominate and compete long term and I don’t think Kane is the answer. We are 12 months too late for him.

8.) 13 Jun 2023 19:22:13
Kane with Hoijland makes sense if you can afford it. The trick will be moving Kane on at the right time.

Then in the future identifying the right repllacement at the right time and bringing them in.

Ideally we want to be in the position where we have top quality starters and our incomings are the next Kane etc.

We have nothing top so is we can afford to bring in the Man, and the Next Man then we should.

9.) 13 Jun 2023 19:31:22
He's got to be better than wehorst or martial. Nowhere as expensive as kane, ramos or osimhen and likely a lot lower wages also. I'd take a punt on him as he looks suited to English football. Looks like greenwood will be back next season aswell. Might divide some but having greenwood back will be good, he's going to be hungry and he's well rested, wouldn't be surprised to see him bag 20-30 and we will all be singing his name.

On a side note we need to get rashy a proper song/ chant he deserves a good one.

10.) 13 Jun 2023 20:40:44
Those who say good to have Greenwood back better be ready for the relentless away crowds that will never let him forget this. I imagine a few of his own fans might boo him at OT even. But in the end, time is a healer.

11.) 13 Jun 2023 21:07:03
Dodgy no doubt he will get stick, buy remember Beckham was the most hated man in the country after the wc 98 and he probably had his best season with us after and we won a treble, he played a massive part in that.

12.) 13 Jun 2023 21:37:00
Not sure we can compare Beckham to Greenwood in this particular instance!

Still not sure how we can bring him back in to be honest. What does it say to our women’s side and all the female members of staff working for us. Because let’s be honest, he hasn’t been found guilty in a court of law through whatever reason, but we’ve all heard the recording and we know what we heard.

I know firmly where I stand in relation to whether he actually did what he was accused of. It’s a firm no from me.

13.) 13 Jun 2023 21:41:30
Hoijlund and Greenwood this year, add Ferguson next year or two after developing at BHA. Strikers sorted for next decade. Move on to other areas. £40m outlay and recoup most of that on Martial if he can be moved on.

14.) 14 Jun 2023 06:26:00
I expect us to go for ramos we seem to always go shopping in Portugal.

15.) 14 Jun 2023 07:45:04
The sancho exit exit and greenwood coming back tend to fit. Assuming a striker comes on board and looking at who we have sancho maybe becomes surplus to requirements. Being a part time option at his cost will favor moving him rather than keeping him.

16.) 14 Jun 2023 07:51:14
Who cares what some people in an away crowd say or do? If Greenwood doesn’t, I think we can handle it. If he’s ready, and the club want him back, and comes back with the right attitude, he’s a ready made No. 9 in our ranks and the best finisher in the club by a country mile.

17.) 14 Jun 2023 07:46:52
I expect to see Greenwood in the pre season tour as part of the squad.

18.) 14 Jun 2023 09:20:58
I'm not sure where I stand on Greenwood. Even if charges were dropped, we heard some pretty damning stuff. On the other hand, there's always more behind the scenes that we aren't aware of unless it all gets dragged out in court, and without that context it's hard to know what really happened. I know my wife and I have both said things which, if heard without context, in an isolated recording, would sound pretty damning.

I understand why some women at the club might be uncomfortable around him, absolutely, but you can't punish someone for something they may not have done, just because other people may feel uncomfortable around them. Lots of us have to work around people who make us feel uncomfortable for one reason or another, but unless they have provably done something actionable, you just have to accept it.

If he does return to the squad, I'm not sure where I see him fitting in. He's been used wide more than as a number 9, and while I do see him transitioning to number 9, it's too soon to rely on him there. However, out wide he'd be competing with Sancho, Antony and possibly Amad and/ or Pellestri. If we let Sancho go, then Greenwood can compete with Antony for now, but what happens in a year or two when he transitions to number 9? Unless Amad/ Pellestri make significant strides, we'd be back looking for a RW to compete with and back up Antony. I'd rather see us keep Sancho as a rotation option for both flanks, with Garnacho and Amad for additonal depth on the left and right respectively.

19.) 14 Jun 2023 09:45:46
I must be going mad. Hoijlund over Kane lol.
Kane has at least 3 maybe 4 years left at the top and guarantees 20-25 goals every season alreaady proven, it's just a no brainer.
There is no argument on the Kane subject, he would be perfect for us.

20.) 14 Jun 2023 10:29:04
Can’t disagree on the Kane thing. If we can get him I’d be delighted. He’s a class act.

21.) 14 Jun 2023 10:30:07
I'm one of the Kane advocates on here, but it feels like it's slipping away, if it was ever on.
Trouble is, all we can go on is media headlines and social media, just like we are with the ownership debacle. No-one knows anything, and perception quickly spirals in either direction without any real cause.
I doubt many have seen much of Hojlund (including me) other than a few fancy YouTube showreels. It would be nice to get an upcoming striker.
It does feel as if Utd are gearing towards keeping Greenwood and slowly integrating him into things with an initial loan so they can gauge things. Then slowly bring him on in cameo appearances with his young family cheering happily in the wings until he's a first teamer again.

22.) 14 Jun 2023 10:57:36
I want Kane and Hoijlund tbh and would pick Kane first but I just don’t think we will get him this summer.

23.) 14 Jun 2023 12:37:06
I would like kane, it's just it will take up massive chunk of the budget, where as we could use that money to sign 2 or 3 players. We won't get any money back for him when he leaves and we will be back to square 1.

24.) 14 Jun 2023 13:30:59
I still think we should have pushed harder for Sesko in January. He'd have been really useful for the second half of the season, offering everything Weghorst does, but with goals too. He'd also make a great backup/ rotation option behind a more experienced striker for the coming season, with plenty of potential to develop into our first choice striker in a few years.

Sadly he's not available now unless we pay far more than we should be paying for a high potential understudy (although it looks like we might be paying over the odds for one anyway in Hoijlund, and I'm not convinced he's as good as Sesko) .

25.) 14 Jun 2023 13:31:52
In and ideal world we sign Kane and another striker such as Højlund.

I disagree that Kane will score between 80 and 100 goals for us over the next 3-4 years. The guy is 30, and has had injury issues in the past.

How many goals did Wayne Rooney score for us between the ages of 30-34?

What about Robin van Persie?

In fact how many EPL strikers can anyone name who have scored 80-100 goals between the ages of 30 to 34?

The only one I'd have guessed at would be Shearer, just checked he score 68 goals between the ages of 30 and 34.

So to say you would guarantee that Kane would score 20-25 goals over the next 4 years means you are literally guaranteeing something that has never even been close to being done before.

Kane would be great for the next 2 years, but we would need a replacement before then.

Which is fine if either we have money to burn to pay the 100m that Spurs will demand, or unless we somehow get him for 60-70m.

26.) 14 Jun 2023 14:30:46
Not the injury card again lol. :p
I think he'd certainly reach Shearer's record if he joined us or Chelsea, but he can still do that at Spurs. Time after time he's been convinced by a new manager to stay with them and fulfil his goals (see what I did there), only to be in a far worse place at the end of the season than he started in terms of being in a winning team. Yet he continues to score at an incredible rate, so if that Shearer record is more important to him than winning something else then maybe he's at the right place. I'm sure any new Spurs manager would want to keep him, but from the outside looking in it certainly looks like Spurs need a complete overhaul over keeping one player.

27.) 14 Jun 2023 15:00:46
If kane doesn't push for it, it won't happen. Simple.

What have you heard from kane and his camp? If he doesn't want to rock the boat. And fair play if he wants to be a loyal Spurs legend, than accept it and move on. By all means give Levy your best offer and a time limit. But don't make Kane a saga. Levy will take us on a merry dance.

28.) 14 Jun 2023 17:48:31
Yes, Kane is good enough for Real Madrid, but isn't good enough for Manchester United. ?.

29.) 15 Jun 2023 04:42:43
I haven't seen anyone say Kane isn't good enough. You'll have to point out who said it and where?

30.) 15 Jun 2023 08:55:53
You haven't directly say those words, but you basically did, finding reasons not to sign him, be it for his injury record, or because of the fact that other players haven't scored 80 goals, or 20 per season between 30-34 y. o.

So, why would Real Madrid want him then? Or Bayern?

If he is good enough, he will score, same as Benzema, Leva and any other quality player. His advantage is that he isn't just a goalscorer, he is also a good playmaker, which gives us an extra option.

Im not talking about Levy here and I wouldn't let it drag out, but if it were to happen, Kane would be a great signing for us.

31.) 15 Jun 2023 12:40:30
It would be nice for a change, if we could buy a young guy at a reasonable price, who then turns out to be great and triples his value.

Dortmund seem to be masters of this and clean out a lot of clubs with stupid transfer fees.

Makes life a lot easier too as we don't get into these long protracted deals, where we eventually pay the asking price which are eye watering.

Unless kane comes out and wants a move we should not bother getting entangled into another brain damage deal.



07 Jun 2023 13:42:10
The Shiek has submitted one last bid for the club with a deadline for Friday. That's when they will potentially walk away.

On the flip side of that, reports that Sir Jim amd Ineos are at the finish line already having been dealing with Raine and the banks to finalise the deal. This last attempt from Qatar is to save a bit face and show the world they walked away as opposed to being outbid by Sir Jim.

It looks like the end is nigh.


1.) 07 Jun 2023 13:55:34
Should just offer the £6bn they wanted and plaster whatever tbh, extra half bil here and there to the Qataris is prob not that much so hopefully this bid is what the glazers want. Tell ya know tho if sir Jim details come out and it’s not what we want there will be Jim out protests before he can sit down.

2.) 07 Jun 2023 14:20:36
There's the kicker WRD. If Qatar are planning with all this investment in the infrastructure and playing staff to the tune of billions, why would you penny pinch on your initial investment?

These guys don't lose out of things they want. Maybe they weren't as committed as we thought?

Good point about Ratcliffe. The devil is in the details and we're in the dark about what he proposes to do. Keeping the Galzers on in some capacity won't go down well but it may be the only play that sees them selling.

He's obviously a smart man, he should know what the debt represents so that should be looked at immediately, but the banks he's looking for assistance from are the same ones we have the loan with. Maybe he'll service the interest payments a bit longer?

If he is to be our new owner then I think he'll get his chance to unveil his masterplan. If its the Glazer model 2.0, I think you could be on the nose with your assumption about protests.

3.) 07 Jun 2023 14:46:34
1 year ago if Ratcliffe had offered this deal what would you all have thought?

4.) 07 Jun 2023 14:47:34
Mumbles they’re including all that chat as PR for their bid.

Ratcliffe hasn’t disclosed anything about investment or pledges because they don’t have too. It’s not part of the bidding process.

I personally think this offer is the Qatari way of saving face because Ineos and SJR are likely to win the race.

5.) 07 Jun 2023 14:59:00
Ports, if this was a year ago I'd think we'd be all dancing like Fred Astair.

I agree Caolan, I think it might be done and dusted in favour of Jimbo.

6.) 07 Jun 2023 15:02:26
So at the end of it all we are exactly where we started. Glazers stay and just add one more to the family. If the rat had the money, he would have put the money like the Qataris and fought fair. That wouldn't have left the Glazers with any choice but to sell to the highest bidder. Jim Glazer just gave Malcom and Avram a lifeline to stay on. He doest have my support, not that it matters. Manchester United will continue to service the debts and continue the way we are. Before we know it, we are Nice.

Eds please let my posts come on. A few have been blocked in the past few weeks when there haven't been much crap in them.

7.) 07 Jun 2023 16:00:37
Latest Qatar bid is still short of Ratcliffe's bid apparently and way short of Glazers £6b valuation.

A child of 4 could tell you the Glazers want £6b. Whether the club is worth that or not is irrelevant. If Qatar want us - pay the £6b. If not we are left with the Rat and the Glazers. And saying you will build a new stadium etc is pointless. In fact its antagonising for Glazers (as much as I hate them) as its like saying 'Ive got £7-8b overall to invest but yeah I am only giving you £5.2b not the £6b you asked for'.

For anyone supporting Chelsea season ticket holder Ratcliffe's bid all I can say to you is I hope you enjoy the European Super League games lol.

Qatar will regroup and just buy someone else - most likely London or West Ham as London clubs at less than half the price and no stadium etc to build.

So United will be another club behind too lol.

Say hello to Ratcliffe = say goodbye to anything good for the next decade+.

8.) 07 Jun 2023 16:48:25
How does anyone know how much the new bid is for? It was sent directly from the bidder to the Glazers. It may be short of the valuation, but it may still be a lot closer.

The Qatari’s have been mentioned as possible buyers of United for a number of years, and now they have the chance to make it happen. They don’t need to own the club, they aren’t short of money, but they want to so that they can say that they own the ‘biggest’ club in the world.

If unsuccessful they may go and buyer a club that is seen to be smaller than United, that they can then put a lot of money into, but it doesn’t seem to be what they want to do.

£5 billion, £6 billion…. Means little to the people with the wealth that they have. Personally I think that they would pay whatever it takes to own United but they don’t want to look stupid either. Maybe this bid is nearer to the £6 billion and will be near enough to get the Glazers to sell, maybe it won’t. It is all guess work as to what the Glazers want as they have basically said f all the whole time.

I hope it is successful and they go away, but who knows. If they have any sense taking an offer of somewhere between £5.5 billion and £6 billion should be seen by them as an unbelievable bit of business and they should sail off into the sunset. They are unlikely to make that much more going the SJR route apart from dragging it out for a few more years, doesn’t make sense to me but I’m not them and we don’t actually know what they want.

9.) 07 Jun 2023 18:01:04
It's hard to be patient. But you will know the fate of the club when the deal - if there is one - is announced and not before. Any paper talk is just that, paper talk. Because the company is public I think we will get to find out the exact price per share too.

10.) 07 Jun 2023 20:27:53
Brendan the reports from the Middle East (or at least the only one I’ve seen) stated a bid of just shy of £6 billion, but a billion is pledged investment. Take away the debt (included in offer I think) and they’re giving the glazers £4billion.

SJR as it stands seems to have the better offer on the table. I think the Qatari deadline of Friday is their way of pulling out and saving face because they can say they made an amazing offer that wasn’t accepted.

11.) 07 Jun 2023 20:52:36
These are just reports though, no one knows for sure.

It looks more likely that SJR will win, unless the glazers decide to stay on, but until it is all confirmed then no one knows.

So bored of it all now though.

12.) 07 Jun 2023 21:06:22
If they don't accept this bid from jassim they don't care about the club, someone has offered them massive money and will take the club to the next level.

13.) 07 Jun 2023 21:16:02
Danny they don’t care about the club. How it’s been run proves that.

Brendan, I agree we don’t know for sure amounts etc. we do know that if the valuations were met by the Qatari’s that bid would’ve been accepted. this needs to be done and concluded soon.

14.) 07 Jun 2023 21:39:09
Pointless discussion as no one knows what in these bids. The you tuber goldridge or goldbridge sprouts all kind of stuff without knowing a thing.

Very reputable journalist, who I would think have a better network have been wrong all along on this deal with what they have reported. let's wait and see. any bidder who takes control out of the glazers hands is a plus for the club imo even if takes two or 3 more years to get them completely out.

whoever is the majority shareholder appoints the board pretty much and controls things even if glazers have a seat on it they will have little say.

15.) 07 Jun 2023 23:20:18
There's no reason for anyone to save face here. It will be really sad the new owners are basically the old owners and more of the same. Jim's desperation to win the club that he's making a deal with the glazers! That said, I do believe it's difficult for the glazers to say no to an all cash deal.

16.) 08 Jun 2023 07:02:44
Continuity Glazer offer from the Rat, is unacceptable, protests will continue with any Glazer involvement at all. The club will remain toxic to its fans. That simple. How long before fans boycott sponsors that pander to the Glazer infested club? A divisive situation. It must be Qatar now.

17.) 08 Jun 2023 08:09:18

What have the protest up to date achieved? Nada. Attendance is what it is every year, Sponsors are coming in an out and business as usual.

Football clubs with exception of few outside the UK are all pretty much businesses owned by private equity or Uber wealthy people. Your view of a binary world is not realistic and as owners they will decide what's best for them.

As a lifetime united supporter, the Glazers being cut off from decision making is the most relevant outcome if this takeover happens and will benefit the club. I suspect that's what is being negotiated and taking time.

18.) 08 Jun 2023 09:51:50
I’m hearing that the Qatar contingent should just pay the 6 billion asking price…. why should they pay that and get ripped off? Doesn’t matter how wealthy you are, doesn’t mean it gives someone the licence to rip you off, because quite clearly the club isn’t worth that. It’s another case where the Glazers don’t give a flying s**t about the football club, if they did they’d accept the Qatar offer and clear the clubs debts. Am I happy with the club in Qatar ownership…. no. But I want us to push on and become the biggest club in the world once more, and unfortunately that requires enormous investment. I love the concept of SJR owning the club. But 1……he hasn’t got the financial clout it seems, and 2……. it involves the Glazers remaining involved with the club. I don’t want those leeches anywhere near us.

19.) 08 Jun 2023 09:56:54
Ahmad certainly you have little to no understanding of how a large business works. Glazers holding 20% of the shares by no means undermines their indulgence in the club. They will still take out the dividends, present in the board etc. I don't say that i have knowledge of the type of shares they would hold but they would be priority and usually such shareholders hold veto powers too.

As for decision making, ask a Nice fan how good the decision making has been there.

20.) 08 Jun 2023 10:10:46
Tbf fireman it’s worth whatever the Glazers decease it’s worth and it’s up to the bidders to entice the glazers to sell. Hence why SJR bid values the club at the £6bn they want. If Qatar have unlimited wealth and don’t want to be seen as losing and always get what they want they would bid want the glazers want, especially after 4 other bids clearly wasn’t enough.

21.) 08 Jun 2023 10:37:12
WRD…. who’s to say they won’t eventually get to the 6. Everyone knows in business you don’t automatically dive in and pay the asking price straight away.

22.) 08 Jun 2023 13:02:35
United Addict

I recommend you go look at financial statements. The dividends are a rounding error and nothing burger that people that bring up to vent when in comparison to our operating cost, wages, transfers cost/ player selection, debt service cost, selection of managers etc etc etc lack of a plan and how they operate things.

Frankly people are quite Naive to take issue with owners taking a dividend out of a business they own.

We have spent pretty much the same amount as city have on players with a higher wage bill and not much to show for it.

No one can argue we were miles ahead of them 15 years ago the difference is they have put a great structure in place in terms of running that club and whether they broke FFP rules along the way, I will let the lawyers/ hearings be the judge of that.

Not relevant to get into what I do for a living and don't have anything to prove. Only thing I say is my employer is 30 times the size of SJR and we fish in a bigger pond and personally have a very good understanding of numbers and how boards operate. I sit on a few and made my first board at 37.

I am not going to cry foul if SJR takes over and will wait and see what changes.

I don't support the club to constantly look at all the negatives and don't obsess over it. I prefer to look at things in terms is this a step forward or backwards. glazers with 20% or whatever it maybe will not control the board or have veto power and its the first step of getting them out.

No sophisticated investor will put any capital into anything if a minority investor has equal or overriding votes.

Generally there are some protections for minority shareholders in terms of drags, fav exits if you want to get them completely out and on the flip side there can also be some protections for the incoming investor too in terms min yield/ return and claw back provisions that allows further dilution of the existing shareholders if the min return thresholds are not met.

In summary so many details in these things to negotiate and why 90% of the stuff being said is just speculation and click bait.

23.) 08 Jun 2023 14:12:41
Redman, can you explain how it's continuity glazers if Ratcliffe buys the club?

I was of the understand that the shares held by glazers would be downgraded and they would have no say going forward. And over time Ratcliffe would buy them out a premium.

24.) 08 Jun 2023 20:20:31

Whilst the Glazers hold one share, take dividends, expect to make more money from club activity it is unacceptable. We must not let this toxicity continue, it must end with the leeches walking away.

You don’t seriously think they are staying for any reason other than to make more money from the club? Makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.

25.) 08 Jun 2023 22:46:36
I think we may all have to accept that it is likely either SJR or the Glazers staying. Just doesn’t feel like the Qataris will win this one. I suppose it depends if they are willing to meet the £6 billion price, but even if they did I wouldn’t put it past the glazers to either up the price again or choose SJR so that they can hang around.

I want the Glazers gone, so if that means SJR buying the club and them hanging around for a few more years before definitely leaving then it’s better than them staying longer. I would rather them go now, whether that was an SJR 100% buyout or the Qatari’s, but it’s looking unlikely unfortunately.

The Qatari offer has 24 hours apparently, but I don’t see anything changing tomorrow. Can’t imagine the glazers wanting to dance to their tune and can see them being stubborn and keeping it going longer.

26.) 09 Jun 2023 13:02:47
Morning guys- having finally read all the content of this post, reluctantly so as its not my area of expertise, (I haven't got one ) it seemingly obvious that the glazers hold all the trump cards and will/ can play only to thier own advantage.
If SJR gets the nod, its mooted that they retain a smaller stake so they will still be an influence on the way the club runs, transfers, revenue, ads shares and dividends. We are no further forward as the debt will still be there in one way or another and there is no guarantee or implied comment thus far that the stadium, training facilities will improve.
The only guarantee is that they will receive billions for doing very little.
If the quatari bid is successful as seems the candidates of choice the future looks initially brighter but again that is not confirmed and guaranteed. The glazers will no doubt again benefit financially form this sale but have no further ego stroking from being shareholders.
The last scenario is that they have strung us along all the while by choosing phrasing carefully and hoovering up dividends and owning our club with no initial outlay.
so 1st option, negative and no immedite improvement, 2nd unknown, unlikely and potential rapid improvement and 3rd slowly degrading the man utd club, ethos and progression as they have done throughout their tenure.
This will not end well if 1 0r 3 come to fruition but there is nothing that we as fans can do.

27.) 09 Jun 2023 23:23:55
The issue is, the shares the glazers will retain are of huge value in having a say in the running of the club.

28.) 10 Jun 2023 10:11:09

Your comments about the dividends being a “rounding error” are frankly sounding like a paid Glazer puppet argument. City owners don’t take any dividends, the Glazers do and every pound takes it away from the club. Manchester was a true working class City, with the club somewhere they could go to. Look back at what Busby said about the people coming to watch, how important they were. That was me and my family, my friends and colleagues. Now the Glazers look at it as an income stream, what they have forced on the club in interest, fees and the dividends is well over £1Bn, utterly disgusting. How many ordinary peoples ticket and season ticket money went to pay those dividends, people, working people’s hard earned money. It is money that disappears to the US, all legally but it isn’t reinvested in the club. Don’t try to dismiss it, it just sounds like a Glazer apologist.

The Glazers introduced the automatic cup scheme to make season ticket holders buy cup tickets whether they could go to the game or not. This was despicable because you had no choice. Yet it keeps the income stream to pay those dividends you call a rounding error. Those tickets at £50 each are not a rounding error to ordinary people.

You asked what protests have done, well one game was called off wasn’t it? Whilst I don’t condone that, I suspect continued Glazer involvement will see protests continue, even increase and they will go at Ratcliffe for doing it and wouldn’t surprise me to see it move on to sponsors. I have never had any involvement at all with protests but if the Rat wins and Glazers remain I may think about joining.

Continuity Glazer leaves the club in a toxic place, I would be appalled at that.



07 Jan 2023 18:27:10
Wout Weghorst is supposedly coming on loan for 6 months. I only remember him briefly at Burnley.

He'll add some physicality up front that's for sure.




14 Jun 2022 15:04:41
We've offered Eriksen a contract. Seems like a no brainer really. He would be definitely knocking on the door of the starting 11.


1.) 14 Jun 2022 15:12:28
Seems like a way to stop progression of young players to me pointless signing if we make it.

2.) 14 Jun 2022 15:31:53
Pointless? He's exactly what we need.

3.) 14 Jun 2022 15:33:57
There are no young players. If it is true its a good move. Even if we get de jong, he isn't playing every game.

4.) 14 Jun 2022 15:41:30
It's just another rumour.

However mayybe one 2 year deal, it might not be a bad idea, especially if mejbri gets a loan move away.

I'd imagine he will return to Spurs.

5.) 14 Jun 2022 15:45:18
Garner, hannibal, even dylan levitt, eriksen is an attacking mid we have donny and bruno who play there with hannibal, shoretire, amad, possibly garnacho who could all cover the small amout of games 1 of those 2 won't play.

It would be pointless signing a 30 year old with a heart issue for that spot rather than using the above players.

6.) 14 Jun 2022 15:45:31
Quality player on a free who has PL experience coming into a squad who have struggled to break sides down over the past few seasons. Seems a no brainer. I'll be happy if we sign him.

Also gives us an option at set pieces which is an added bonus.

7.) 14 Jun 2022 15:54:22
What a great signing he would be for any team.
Not only a great player still, he is an inspirational figure and a player everybody in our squad can look up to and learn from.
Well versed in the type of play eth would like to implement so his knowledge and experience on the training field alone yet alone on the pitch would prove invaluable he would make a super signing.
Fill a big hole in what is really a very inexperienced squad lacking snr pros.
It's a yes from me.
But he will have good offers I'm not so sure he and conte got on too well.
Fingers crossed.

8.) 14 Jun 2022 15:54:24
Funny end of the season plenty of pepole screaming to play the youngsters, wanting to throw them to the wolves.

Now your all advocating buying a 30 year old to cover about 10 games a season rather than easing a young player in comical lads.

9.) 14 Jun 2022 16:12:14
Paul scholes was the last good mid fielder that came out of the Man utd academy so i am not too confident about any of the mentioned. Eriksen is a no brainer for me.

10.) 14 Jun 2022 16:56:30
Hasnt everyone offered Erikson a contract. He has stated his love for Spurs and preference for CL, I think it is inevitable he goes back there.

11.) 14 Jun 2022 17:28:06
I'd imagine so grim. Not sure what his relationship with conte is like I'm sure spurs would be favourites given the history.

12.) 14 Jun 2022 17:41:18
Poor lads been through enough, don’t send him here ?.

13.) 14 Jun 2022 19:12:35
Best one I’ve heard that, we have Donny so we don’t need Eriksen. Listen to yourself.

14.) 14 Jun 2022 20:50:05
Grim he actually said cl won't be a decision maker for him. I think he wants to go somewhere to play more than anything.

15.) 14 Jun 2022 22:32:36
Said he would prefer CL but not essential. That sounds like if someone offers me stupid money I would go to a Europa league side, but I have options.
He could end up back at Ajax, didn't realise Blind also plays with an ICD.

16.) 14 Jun 2022 23:19:03
Eriksen is a great player and would walk into our team. I appreciate the point about preventing players such as Mejbri stepping up though we will be playing 60 games next season hopefully so plenty of opportunities for the youth to break through. Garner, Mejbri and perhaps Ganarcho should get plenty of games next season.

Lots of more seasoned pros moving on too so doesn't do any harm having a senior international with league-winning experience around the place!

17.) 15 Jun 2022 05:53:04
Eriksen would be a great signing that probably won't happen.
The fact he's ex-Ajax makes him more suited to ETH than othe players.
For his set pieces alone he's an upgrade.
For me the player that I'd personally drop is Bruno, and play Eriksen in his place instead. Bruno has bad for a while with no serious competition to his position.
I don't really see Donny as a Bruno replacement but more of him as a box to box player that can do a bit of everything.

18.) 15 Jun 2022 06:41:19
Man's got a weak heart, don't make him play with Fred.

19.) 15 Jun 2022 09:01:58
I like this signing of it happens. We’ve lost Pogba and Matic. So we need a strong No6 like FDJ, I’m sure Garner is coming in to replace Matic, and Eriksen will save us 80m on SMS.




Mumbles's banter posts with other poster's replies to Mumbles's banter posts


06 Oct 2023 15:32:48
RIP Kathy Ferguson.

No matter the age, losing a loved one, family member is always a tragic time.

They seemed like they had a very special bond. Wasn't easy for a protestant marrying a Catholic back then, but it didn't stop them at all.

In 2002 when her husband woke up from a nap she told him he wasn't retiring. He managed us for another 11 years winning multiple trophies. We owe a lot to that woman.

But a bond that was so strong that when Kathy's sister passed away Alex saw her looking out the window one day and realised how lovely she was, he decided it was time for him to retire. A workaholic, someone ingrained in the fabric of Manchester United took one look at his wife and left it all behind for her.

I hope the last 10 years they had together was what they deserved.


1.) 06 Oct 2023 15:37:57
Yes very Sad indeed, condolences Mr Ferguson, the pain must be unbearable.

2.) 06 Oct 2023 15:51:49
Sad news indeed.

3.) 06 Oct 2023 16:49:28
Very sad news, sir Alex must be feeling awful at present time. Losing your wife at any time is beyond words. rip Kathy.

4.) 06 Oct 2023 18:30:42
Well said mumbles. Very sad indeed ?.

5.) 06 Oct 2023 18:40:41
Lovely post, Mumbles ?.

6.) 06 Oct 2023 19:48:34
R. I. P Lady Ferguson, obviously a very strong capable woman who was Fergies rock. May she rest in peace.

7.) 06 Oct 2023 20:57:36
It is likely none of us knew Lady Ferguson, however, may she RIP. As we get older the brutal reality starts to get nearer. Right now I think of an old man, on his own, remembering his partner who has been with him for 57 years. I feel for him, he has known closeness for all those years, children, grandchildren, yet the rock who he built his life with has been ripped away so quickly, so brutally. SAF must feel bereft right now. As you get older you appreciate those close. SAF, my thoughts are with you as a person, not as the United legend, because at the end we are all people.



23 Sep 2023 22:08:18
Not an easy place to go but we done well. 3 points and a clean sheet is a good tonic for the last few results.

Superb goal from Bruno who put in a captains performance but I thought Hannibal was electric. Not without his faults but his attitude is incredible, he ran his socks and a warning to the rest of the squad that if you don't put in a shift, there's a hungry young lad their to take your place.

Good day at the office.




20 Sep 2023 22:05:16
Men against boys and that scoreline flattered to deceive.

Every team we play against look fitter, more agile, hungrier, quicker to the ball. Unless Amrabat and Mount can transform this team, it will be a long season.

Rashford is having his yearly 6 month break. Martinez looks like a shadow of the player he was and our aging midfield might as well have a walking trail through the middle of them.

I said at the end of the season that a new GK should be very far down the list of positions that need addressing. A wasted 50 million on Onana when Kim went for 30 million.

I counted 6 times Eriksen hoofed the ball blind hoping it would land at one of our players. Pep said something years ago "sign players who don't lose the ball" seems simple enough. Our inability to control games and let any opposition player stroll unchallenged to within 25 yards of our goal is why we've conceded 14 goals in 4 games.

Too many players not putting in the effort and it's a reoccurring theme with many of them. Funnily enough regullion was pretty good, probably because he hasn't been around long enough to get comfortable.

The players will put more effort into their instagram apologies than on the pitch. Could be a long season.


1.) 21 Sep 2023 09:38:33
Eriksen has been in rotten form for a while - something not quite right there. We’re not a team at the moment that is clear, and it feels like we are playing with 9 men every week with not the lack of quality, energyand work rate. Big few months this for ETH’s tenure and future.

This is not a particularly amazing Bayern side right now, but they sliced through us with ease. 4-3 was very flattering to us I’d agree, we were never in this match.

2.) 21 Sep 2023 09:59:26
Stuart Pearce comments:
“United are under the cosh because too many of their players have jacked it in. Rashford half running back and Casemiro half running back, ”
"Rashford was running like he has a fridge on his back”.
“Too many players who have given up the ghost and that is alarming. United are so off the pace and they are lucky that Bayern have not been more clinical. "

Pretty damning but spot on in my view.

3.) 21 Sep 2023 10:09:58
Bruno was shockingly bad!
His passing was awful, he got bullied off the ball so many times.
Never turns up in the big games and is constantly whinging and moaning. He drives me f**king mad!
Eriksen was as bad, constantly giving the ball away and getting caught holding on to the ball too long. He just doesn't have the legs anymore to play in he midfield.
When Eriksen finally went off he was replaced by Mctominay who's contribution to the game was slipping and falling over three times. Complete waste of time and space.
Rashford couldn't be arsed tracking the Bayern full back who was constantly making overlapping runs in the first half so Reguilon was always up against two players.
How we came away with the score line at 4-3 i will never know.
Lets just hope Amrabat and Mount are fit for Saturday which will give us a bit more steel and legs in that midfield.

4.) 21 Sep 2023 10:51:15
sim01975, Fernandes is not a good leader on the pitch when we’re up against it. He’s by far not our biggest problem but his attitude when things go south is a worry. We seriously lack any leadership on the pitch. Not one of them players can grab the game by the scruff of the neck, calm the players or organise after conceding.
His shot last night that is probably landed in Manchester, showed you everything about him.

We’re a mess at the minute with no signs of improvement. We’ve got a favourable run of games coming up with Burnley amd Palace twice. We must be getting 3 wins otherwise serious questions need to be asked of Ten Hag and his coaching team.

5.) 21 Sep 2023 10:51:58

Bruno not having a great game might have something to do with kimmich and Goretzka sitting in that midfield and one of them was sticking to him all game, conversely they did very little themselves.

Musaila was the difference and he can make many players look slow and silly and great young talent.

Kane did nothing and had a poor game imo. They hurt us down the wings and targeted our fullbacks all game with unmarked runners coming into the box. Second goal was a replica of goals we have conceded against arsenal and brighton.

I agree we need ambrabat, mainoo, mount back, they give us a lot more mobility and options.

6.) 21 Sep 2023 11:35:42
2toms - I completely agree but these were simple errors that could of easily been cut out.
The amount of times Bruno and Eriksen got the ball taken off them for dallying around was mind boggling and they weren't even under pressure. They had bags of time to just make a simple pass even if it meant passing it backwards.

Ahmad - I totally agree, he isn't a leader and should not be the captain, the problem is who do you give it to because at the moment i can't see one leader on that pitch.

7.) 21 Sep 2023 11:41:21
A fresh McTominay came on, lost the ball to Upmancano and slowly jogged after him while he ran 60 yards unopposed to the edge of our box.

These players only want to play when the ball is at their feet. Which is very surprising because the first big thing Ten Hag done was make them run 13k after the Brighton game last year.

How he can watch players not track back, not pick up runners and not want to get a hair transplant only to pull it out again I don't know.

8.) 21 Sep 2023 12:38:04
Good posts Mumbles.

9.) 21 Sep 2023 18:25:24
Mumbles the distance covered for both teams was pretty much the same last night.

Our problem is intensity, but I don’t get how intensity is an issue under the current manager, as he strikes me as an intense person with a very clear vision, strong values and a winning mentality.

As for McTominay, his efforts are very, very disappointing. I’ve always defended him from the point of view that he puts in 100% effort and it’s not his fault that he’s been relied upon so much.

Last night, and against Brighton where I think he completed just 15 passes from starting, was a real kick in the teeth to those that have defended him.

I don’t know if it’s just the current generation, but it seems the ‘prove then wrong’ mentality does not exist in these young men. You’d surely expect somebody who is deemed surplus to requirements - especially a stoic Scotsman - to go out there and fight tooth and nail to prove people wrong.

10.) 21 Sep 2023 18:59:57
Seriously would you work and give 110% if your boss did not want you!
Rashford friend is Sancho…
Bruno’s mate was De Gea
I dare say others were mates of McGuire
You treat people shabby you can’t expect them to help you when needed that’s just Human nature.

11.) 22 Sep 2023 13:46:43
Dam, you’re dam right I’d work 110% to price my manager wrong if I was a footballer. I’m more baffled that somebody would NOT do this?

You’re told that you’re surplus to requirements. You get given a start at Old Trafford and a cameo against Bayern at the Allianz Arena. Hell you I’d be giving every ounce I have to prove to everyone watching that my critics are wrong.

I can’t wrap my head around any alternative response to be honest with you. Jogging around the pitch only proves that the manager is right!

12.) 22 Sep 2023 17:26:18
Correct, Wazza. And if they do just jog around the pitch, then that's not the sort of player mentality we need at a club the size of Utd.



21 Sep 2023 09:05:16
Men against boys and that scoreline flattered to deceive.

Every team we play against look fitter, more agile, hungrier, quicker to the ball. Unless Amrabat and Mount can transform this team, it will be a long season.

Rashford is having his yearly 6 month break. Martinez looks like a shadow of the player he was and our aging midfield might as well have a walking trail through the middle of them.

I said at the end of the season that a new GK should be very far down the list of positions that need addressing. A wasted 50 million on Onana when Kim went for 30 million.

I counted 6 times Eriksen hoofed the ball blind hoping it would land at one of our players. Pep said something years ago "sign players who don't lose the ball" seems simple enough. Our inability to control games and let any opposition player stroll unchallenged to within 25 yards of our goal is why we've conceded 14 goals in 4 games.

Too many players not putting in the effort and it's a reoccurring theme with many of them. Funnily enough regullion was pretty good, probably because he hasn't been around long enough to get comfortable.

The players will put more effort into their instagram apologies than on the pitch. Could be a long season.




19 Aug 2023 12:30:10
Multiple sources now stating that it's highly likely that United will make a u-turn on their decision to reinstate Greenwood.

Best news all year if true.


1.) 19 Aug 2023 13:05:25
Awful news imo. I think the club would be making a mistake. Will they remove the statue to best and remove all of giggs memorabilia?
I would wish the lad well for the rest of his life. I hope he changes for the better and has learnt a lot. It will take a brave club to take him on but I genuinely hope he and his partner find happiness.

2.) 19 Aug 2023 13:23:10
I know he is innocent in the eyes of the law but if he was brought back it would be so toxic and an absolute circus

Send him on loan with an option to buy.

3.) 19 Aug 2023 13:54:53
I don't know what is going on, but I hope that the club isn't so weak as to flip flop on a decision they have made after months of deliberating due to public backlash.

That means they are either too weak to have the power of their convictions, or that they didn't seriously investigate and understand the gravity of the decision they were making.

Neither look good and highlight a level of incompetence. There will be public backlash no matter what decision they make. They have stated publicly that their decision will be made on a wide range of evidence that goes far beyond that which is in the public knowledge.

I hope this is just another one of those silly stories put out to get clicks but is based on absolutely nothing. Made up nonsense to gain attention. However, regardless of your point of view about the whole MG situation, the club changing their mind due to public opinion highlights a massive problem and incompetence right at the top of the club. So I sincerely hope this is a made up nonsense story.

4.) 19 Aug 2023 13:57:25
Good decision, let's hope other clubs follow suit.

5.) 19 Aug 2023 14:02:55
I would expect that the club will have done due diligence and that should include stakeholders of the club including leading players from men's and women's teams, sponsors, fan groups etc.
This is a tough call for the club as many point out legally there has been no conviction, unfortunately the club need to look at all things surrounding the incident.
I have stated my view before and as such will be happy if the current noise is true. however I appreciate the difficulty of the case for the club.

6.) 19 Aug 2023 14:45:08
What a waste of time. If this was the case they could have sent him out on loan. Crazy case of incompetence, if true.

7.) 19 Aug 2023 16:32:18
Greenwood has committed no crime and there are other footballers in the Premier League with, shall we say unedifying stories, playing for their clubs with little or no comment. Past players of our club have had public issues but are still supported so there are some double standards at play. This is multiplied because it is United. My original opinion was send him on loan, but the club should have made a decision long before this. There are going to be stories until publicly announced, both ways to see if the decision can be discovered, it’s what happens in the press.
If a senior figure in any business or entity is influenced by noise then they are incompetent. It could be argued the ridiculous time this has gone on is incompetent anyway.

I did not like the things we heard but are people denying him a job, a living. No one seems to be saying he can’t play football, they just don’t want it with us, some other club can deal with it, just let us go to the game and have the moral high ground, look down on a club that may let him play. One of those lesser clubs can have the stigma. Would I be comfortable with him in the shirt? No, but he has been with the club since 7 and there should be a duty of care. No doubt those screaming for him to be hung out to dry were also tweeting Be Kind, it’s ok when it suits.

I think if the club chuck him out, he will struggle to have a career. There are those who have committed horrendous crimes in the world, yet are considered rehabilitated, but now it’s close to home many want to deny that for him and he hasn’t even been convicted of anything.

The club have a tough decision and it looks like dithering to be honest, but if he stays it’s a tough situation for him and the club. As to those who say they will give up supporting the club, pathetic, ok don’t buy goods or go to the game or don’t wave your shirt but stop supporting is nonsense. Support through Thick and thin as they say regardless of what the club decide.

8.) 19 Aug 2023 16:59:04
Two wrongs don't make a right Red Man. But what we definitely agree on is that the club have handled this badly (surprise) and it should have been dealt with at the end of last season. Things would have died down by now regardless of the decision. The club has let public opinion fester, to the point where people have become almost territorial in their stance.

We also have another player coming under the spot light and who knows how that's going to pan out. It's all a bit of a mess off the pitch.

9.) 19 Aug 2023 19:53:50
United have been and are in a mess for over 10 years. this week abd tonight's performance has just confirmed united are a total mess. Didn't think the glazers could actually make this club this bad. but they have. Be surprised united finish anywhere near top 6 with the circus around the team.

10.) 19 Aug 2023 20:19:41
If you've listened to the audio or read a transcript of the audio and still think United have a duty of care to him and not a duty of care to the large number of fans who've been abused, you're morally bankrupt.

Would you be comfortable letting Mason date your sisters, daughters, grand daughters after hearing that audio? I highly doubt any of you would but are happy to welcome him back into the club because he kicks a ball well.

This reminds me of the arguments i used to have with RainFishTrombone re Ravel Morrison. He was a lad at the club since he was a kid, supremely talented but was getting more and more involved with serious crimes. Look how that turned out? Some people are not nice individuals regardless of how well they are on the pitch.

I honestly think some of you havnt heard the audio.

11.) 19 Aug 2023 22:11:48
Joelinton of Newcastle was caught and CHARGED drink driving in January, hang him out to dry too.

An absolute disgrace that the club has allowed public opinion, of a very limited few, dictate their decision.

As someone said, strip all records of our Ryan Giggs, he's on par by all accounts, albeit, not CHARGED, but that doesn't matter anymore, he has to be removed, to not do so is somewhat hypocritical.

12.) 19 Aug 2023 22:55:48
You mean the same public that essentially fund the club?
The same public opinion that wants the Glazers out?

You cannot live in the past. The modern day environment has changed incredibly and the club needs to move forward with it to survive. Like it or not this is the perfect opportunity to set a standard to the current and future players.

The fact remains he offended, there is not just hearsay, there is audio.

Move him on for both the clubs and his sake.

Has it been handled well? Hell no! It’s a farce

But whatever happens it should not dictate whether you support the club. Players and hierarchy will come and go but the club remains.

13.) 19 Aug 2023 23:29:52
So, Mumbles, what do you think she would like? Would it be better for her to kick out her husband? Make them move, with their child? I bet she would love that!

14.) 20 Aug 2023 00:10:00
Trololo, yeah, let's protect her by playing Mason and having every member of the the oppositions fans singing songs about him for as long as he's in the team. As long as he's picking up his 100k a week.

15.) 20 Aug 2023 00:31:44
I am still not getting into my thoughts on Greenwood and to be honest I won't ever because I won't know what I would need to know to speak confidently on the events.

I am able to express extreme disappointment at United handling of events since February.

Firstly I don't give them credit or in fact debit in terms of their reaction to the initial allegation. They had mo choice to take any other action. So they did what they had to.

However in February they knew they had to deal with it in full as the Cri, inalienable Justice system wasn't giving them a way out.

At this point the reality United had to speak to persons involved in events and stakeholders, and by this I mean persons connected to United with an interest in the outcome, such as sponsors, to get their thoughts.

That should have been concluded by May and the end of the season, I can understand why United tactically and eminently sensibly didn't want to deal without before. At make clear considering what information United would have access to and be able to gather this would not have been a lengthy fact finding mission, the delays in the Police investigation would be avenues not available to United.

Had Unjted finished this in May it would not be hanging like a spectre over the new season. I have little doubt it's affecting players and is a distraction now.

So that was poor leadership. Not however as poor leadership as being surprised by the negative reaction. Have United not read the room, have they not understood the last five years of societal change in attitudes towards violence against women and girls in the UK. Have they not understood the power of social media and celebrity with a crusade. If they haven't its incredible, it's naive and it's incompetence from a leadership team of an organisation that is shockingly behind the times. Anyone with an ounce of savvy of the way the modern world works could have predicted this and knew it would come.

Then above is compounded by United seemingly dithering and dallying, releasing ingredients wishy washy media releases whose sole purposes appears to gaugethe reaction because the management team had no idea what the reaction would be. This is weak and pathetic and that is how Unjted appear because well they are.

And due to that reaction they are now rumoured to have changed course. United cannot come out if this well at all.

Sorry but it's very weak, extremely incompetent leadership as a whole.

Had United wanted Greenwood to stay there was basically one approach they could have used. No spin no BS no dithering that the media and the public would have accepted but its too late now for that because this has become a mess. With everyday this story carries on it snowballs, it's been a monumental FU. Arnold and the head of a media should go because If I was owner had they suggested this I would have torn them a new one.

16.) 20 Aug 2023 01:18:35
Mumbles. None of the fans have been abused. If those who are have in fact been abused (as alleged), which is to say the young woman and her parents, have decided to accept him back into the fold, then I really don't see why the club should pay any attention to the hypersensitivities of the partially informed general public.

17.) 20 Aug 2023 07:08:07
That is not why you don't want him here Mumbles. Don't pretend you care what fans would chant. You don't want him because of a different reason, and that is fine, but don't change it now that it is because of the fans.

If he is mentally strong enough (I am not saying he is or he is not) and can handle it for a year, the fans will get bored of it or will find other, new topics to chant about. I don't really care about what opposition fans will chant.

Well, she sure would like him to bring home that kind of money and still stay in Manchester, don't you think?

18.) 20 Aug 2023 08:12:50
Agree with every work Oakbark.

Utterly incompetent handling of the situation by senior management.

Needed to rip the plaster off quickly rather than slowly and painfully.

19.) 20 Aug 2023 09:53:26
Never heard the audio stuff but the way we have dragged this out is beyond any reason or competence.

I have no details but you would think whatever internal investigations they have done, they would have wrapped it up in a few months, presented their finding to the stakeholder and made an announcement and been ahead of the curve whatever way we were going. having to play defense 24/ 7 is poor planning and management.




Mumbles's rumour replies


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11 Nov 2023 17:04:47
Ports, I think they tapped up Ugarte (something they seem to be very prolific at), turned the players head and then tried to force Sporting into taking an offer below his release clause (€52 million) . PSG eventually agreed a deal and now Liverpool aren't on Sportings Christmas Card list.




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08 Nov 2023 18:00:21
Thanks Ed.




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08 Nov 2023 13:53:45
Hi Ed. Would Sir Jim look to change the manager if he took control of the football side of the club?


{Ed002's Note - I think those he puts in charge of running the footballing side of the club may well do at some point.}



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07 Oct 2023 13:23:41
They responded well last year. What's changed?

If Mitten is reporting this, it means its the English lads leaking this to him and with the likes of Maguire and Sancho on the outs, it wouldn't surprise me if it was coming from them.

As for what we watch each week, it's glaringly obvious that the players lack intensity from the start. We should almost start each game 1 down giving them something to chase.

The first team of Onana, Shaw (who has improved dramatically) Martinez, Varane, AWB (who's improved dramatically), Eriksen, Casemiro, Anthony, Bruno, Rashford and Hojlund along with the back up don't seem to have an issue with the manager, they're just out of form.

Although something isn't quite right at the club, I would stick with the manager over these players all day long.




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04 Sep 2023 17:13:54
Anyway you chop this up we're going to have to take a big loss on Sancho. His wages are reportedly in the region on £350,000 a week. That would be on par with the likes of Salah, Hallan and De Bruyne.

He has not shown any consistency since he's got here, he hasn't developed or improved at all and would struggle to get into most teams hoping to challenge for trophies.

His mentality mirrors how he plays on the pitch, weak. A team of professionals fighting to be in the first 11, if a manager is saying you aren't picked because you are not showing as much in training as the others then you should respond by working harder, not giving your fingers a work out on social media.

Pellestri was dead and buried at this club until Ten Hag liked what he saw. By all accounts he just put his head down and worked hard everyday. He surpassed the likes of Elanga for a spot on the bench and looks like he's surpassed Sancho too. It's a message to everyone at the club that we have standards.

Sanchos contract is until 2026 which means we're on the hook to pay him £55,000,000. If he is to leave then no club is as stupid as we are with contracts, he's going to want us to chip in with his wages.

Also take into account the fee we'll get will be minimal compared to outer initial outlay.

Saudi would help us a lot because of their wages but will he want to go there?

Anyone else will give us peanuts and expect us to pick up his wages too.

There is a few players still at the club that are on stupid wages who we couldn't give away.

This will take awhile to get the club on the right track, but our recent history of offering Mount, Casemiro and Varane big contracts means we'll probably never be a club that has its wages under control.





Mumbles's banter replies


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13 Dec 2023 13:09:55
The bar is set so low Eric that players like McTominay can score a few goals and that's enough to buy some fans support for the next year.

Lingard dined out on a purple patch for 2 years and had his defenders.

I know we can't make wholesale changes every year and we would probably agree that the majority of the squad aren't good enough, but the speed in which some of these fans flip flop between players is phenomenal.




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13 Dec 2023 10:44:20
He always puts a shift in. His desire and determination and work rate is incredible, unfortunately he's in a team that's struggling so he's trying to do everything which in turn is detrimental to his game.

A lot of you posters on here have memories of gold fishes. Every month there's a new player in the firing line. Bruno is a player that you build around. Surround him with better players and watch him excel.

He creates opportunities for his team mates but most of them have a hard time scoring.

De Gea got similar treatment. People just wanted him gone for a shiny new keeper to come in and look how that's gone. Onana diving to his left yesterday before the ball was even hit, absolutely woeful.

McTominay and Maguire should have been sold and still should be sold but you have posters talking about how Maguire is the real captain and McTominay should play up front.

Flip flopping every so often because someone has a decent few games.

Make a list of players that should be gone from that squad. If Bruno is in your top 10, then you need to give your head a wobble.

There would be new contracts to Maguire, McTominay and Martial if some of you had your way.




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12 Dec 2023 13:53:15
Bruno is the best choice for captain out of that bunch. There are no other alternatives.

He seems to have a target on his back recently but he'd be far far down the lost of players facing the exit doors.




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11 Dec 2023 13:29:07
McTominay is our top scorer because the rest of our forwards are having a torrid time in front of goal.

Why do we have to play a midfielder up front? What ever happened to being a goal scoring midfielder?

Most decent teams have midfielders that chip in with a few goals, and we want to make ours our striker?

Very short term mentality that allows average footballers an excuse to stick around.

McTominay has stepped up in recent games but don't view his United career through a keyhole and view it as a whole. He should be one of the players that's on his way out as he's not good enough.




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08 Dec 2023 11:57:54
Iv said it a few times Recon, Ten Hag didn't get where he is today by not knowing how to set a team up to play how he wants. It's on to the players to take his methods on board and unfortunately a lot of them can't.

I think the turning point this season will be when he starts dropping underperformers and playing players who deserve it. Rashford on his current form should be first name on the bench. He's dropped Varane in favour of an in form Maguire. Mainoo has slotted in ahead of the likes of Amrabat. Play players in form and reward them if they play well.

2 points more than we had last season although we've a difficult run of fixtures coming up. Shaw back is a huge boost for the backline, Mainoo back offers something we don't have in midfield, Martinez is back after Christmas.

Hopefully we've had our slump and can get a bit of momentum going forward now. There's glimpses of a team in there somewhere but they need to kick on now.